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The L NOW D501 Pro indoor cycling bike is the top-level model by this brand designed to be efficient, smooth and durable for at home, office and gym use.

This L-Now D501 is a front-drive designed indoor cycling bike which makes it a fairly compact spin bike with a sleek, modern look and pro design.

The L-Now D501 retails for around $1600 and sometimes even less depending on the offers which we will talk more in-depth about it in this L Now indoor cycling bike – magnetic resistance commercial standard (D501) Review.

The L-Now D501 indoor cycling bike is covered by a 1-year warranty on the frame, with 1-year coverage on all parts. It is not a generous warranty compared to some bikes at this price point.

But considering the fact that the L Now indoor cycling bikes are the highest rated spin bikes on the market provides peace of mind for those who invest in this brand.

The short warranty is not a poor quality sign when it comes to L-Now indoor cycles. This brand likes to play safe and gives only 1-year warranty no matter how durable, cheap or expensive their equipment is.

The Pooboo Pro D501 indoor bike has magnetic resistance, which is silent and smooth. It is capable of providing a challenging resistance via manually adjustable resistance knob located on the frame for easy and efficient changes.

Like other models in this series, the L-Now D501 spin bike is designed with the belt-driven technology. Combines with fast and maintenance-free sealed bearings to eliminate noise and friction for almost silent operation, which is what you want for in-home use.

Featuring a 35-pound precision-balanced flywheel and commercial quality construction can take up to 440 pounds of user weight which points to an extremely durable and reliable drive system.

Featuring full standard commercial quality, the Pooboo D501 cycle is one step above the spin bikes that are made for home use only. This L Now indoor bike can minimum take up to three hours of daily use.

So, if you are looking for a spin bike to use with your family, the L Now D501 bike is a good choice. And if you go with the L Now stationary bike D501, you can save up to $300 over similar bikes from different brands.

On top of everything else mentioned above, this L Now Pro indoor cycling bike D501 comes with suspension that make the bike extremely low-impact and more comfortable.

And if that is not enough, the L NOW Pro indoor cycling bike D501 commercial standard comes with the heavy-duty crank system and SPD compatible pedals to allow you ride the bike with cycling shoes for extra comfort and safety.

To find out all the details, pros and cons, keep reading this L-Now indoor cycling bike review. And if you still have a question regarding our L Now D501 review, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through email or comment section below.

LD501 Comparison!

This is where I usually update to tell you if LD-501 is a good value. Unfortunately, as of now (October 2020), this spin bike is no longer a good value for $1300. For this price, we strongly recommend you to consider the Schwinn IC4 or Evolution Pro II. They have a better built-in monitor, clip-in pedals, fully semi-commercial construction, and even more importantly, they come from reliable brands that stands with its bike

Now that you know where we stand for this L-now exercise bike, if you are still interested, here is a more in-depth review of the LD501 indoor bike. Currently, there are two L Now indoor cycling bikes (LD501 and D501) that look almost identical except for the three important difference that some people might overlook them. These differences are regarding the dumbbell holders, handlebars and the LCD monitor.

The LD-501 features two dumbbells integrated behind the seat, built-in bottle holders on the handlebars and comes with a computer while D501 doesn’t have an LCD monitor, dumbbells or the convenient bottle holders.

They are both priced the same, so I would recommend the LD501 Pro indoor cycling bike because of its handlebars and monitor. Unfortunately, only the D501 is currently available to buy, I will leave a link to the LD 501 bike as soon as it is available.

To make it easy for you to navigate through my L NOW Pro Indoor Cycling Bike D501 review, I have created the table content below. Click on the part that you want to learn about or read this detailed D501 review thoroughly to better understand what you are paying for.

Technical Information:

Pro D501 Specs:

  • Height: 48″
  • Width: 21″
  • Length: 50″
  • Bike Weight: 136 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 440 Pounds
  • Inseam Capacity: 27″ to 39″
  • Shipping Weight: 145 Pounds
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Adjustable Base Levelers: Yes
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes,
  • Power Requirement: Not required

The L NOW Pro indoor cycling bike D501 is a relatively big and heavy bike compared to home use spin bikes. And it also has two well built durable ball bearing transport wheels. So, it is easy to move the bike and store it after use in case you don’t have a permanent place for the bike.

Additionally, this L-Now exercise bike commercial standard D501 features built-in 4 point heavy duty levelers. You can adjust them to have a solid and more comfortable workout on different types of floors. The levelers also prevent scratches on the floor.

Weighing 136 pounds, this L Now spin bike has a heavy duty steel frame with dual coat paint to prevent rust and corrosion. The 440 pounds user weight capacity proves the sturdiness of this L-Now exercise bike.

In terms of inseam capacity, the L Now indoor cycling bike (D501) can accommodate pretty much all users. Thanks to D501’s high range of seat and handlebars adjustment, the riders from 4’10” to 6’7″ can use the bike.

There are also two easy to reach water bottle holders on the handlebar to stay hydrated during the ride. When buying this Pooboo D501 indoor cycling bike, keep in mind that it comes in one box and you might need help bringing the bike in the house. You will read more about shipping and assembly down below.

L Now LD501 Monitor:

LD501 monitor
  • The D501 does not come with the monitor but the LD501 does. So, disregard this part if you buy the D501 model.
  • L Now LD501 exercise bike comes with a non-backlit monitor.
  • It runs on batteries (included).
  • You can tack the time, RPM, calories, distance, speed, and heart rate.
  • L Now LC501 cycle uses pulse sensors to read the HR (not compatible w/ chest straps).
  • This monitor does not have Bluetooth or ANT/+ connectivity.
  • The monitor doesn’t include internal memory, preset workout, or watt/power tracking capacity.

The L Now LD501 cycle includes a non-backlit console. It is a pretty basic choice with intuitive functionality and a sleek design equipped with RPM tracking.

The Pooboo spin bike LD501 displays the Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, and Cadence (RPM). But it does not track the Watts. To monitor your heart rate, you will need to place your hands on the pulse sensors.

But the time, distance, and calorie goals can be set to countdown. There is also the Quickstart button that will reset all values to count up from zero. Note that the LD501 exercise bike by L now monitor doesn’t have the Bluetooth or ANT/+ connectivity.

So, if you want interactive workouts and real-time tracking with Bluetooth connectivity on cycling apps, you will need to either buy a pair of pedals-based bike power meter (expensive) or a Wahoo sensor (cheap).

If you decide to buy Power Pedals, you can use your tablet/phone instead of the bike’s monitor. The pedals have Bluetooth and ANT/+ connectivity and can provide all your cycling information, including Watts and RPM right on your tablet/phone and other smart devices.

The Wahoo sensors are a cheap alternative if you want to save your daily workout and connect the bike to cycling apps. Read our spin bike computer options to learn more about the Wahoo sensors.

Pedal and Q-Factor:

LNow D501 pedals
  • D-501 Q-factor size is not disclosed.
  • It has aluminum alloy dual sided pedals with toe cage and SPD compatible side.
  • Pooboo D501 indoor bike has a three-piece cold-forged steel crank arms.
  • 9/16″ Pedal thread size.

When buying the Pooboo indoor cycling stationary bike D501, you will receive spd compatible pedals. But since the bike uses the standard 9/16 thread, you can easily replace them with your favorite MTB/road bike’s SPD or SPD-SL pedals.

In case you are new to the cycling world, the SPD pedals allow you to use specific cycling shoes for a safer, more efficient and comfortable ride. Often, you have to buy these pedals separately but thankfully the L Now D501 comes equipped with them so you can save $50-$100 on pedals.

With regard to the q factor, we weren’t able to locate the exact size for this bike. We will update our D501 magnetic resistance commercial standard review when we receive more information regarding this aspect.

Here is a short description of q-factor in case you are new to indoor cycling; Lateral distance between the two pedal is called q-factor. When there is too much distance between the pedals (wide q factors), your ankles, knees, and hips can not stay aligned together. And that can bring excessive pressure on your lower body joints, especially knees.

For extra safety and to prevent injuries, the L Now D501 stationary bike features cold-forged steel crank arms. Unlike cheap bikes, with the D501 you will never have to worry about the crank arm getting snapped when you are off the seat.

L-Now D501 Flywheel:

D501 flywheel
  • The D501 bike’s flywheel weighs 35 pounds.
  • This bike features precision balanced flywheel.
  • L-Now D501’s design incorporates guards that ward off sweat from flywheel and magnets.
  • It is a fixed-gear bidirectional flywheel.

A 35 pounds flywheel combined with magnetic resistance can really provide a smooth and 360 consistent pedal stoke. Fixed-gear drive mechanism allows you to pedal forward and reverse simulating different muscle groups on the legs.

The L Now D501 flywheel is capable of providing high inertia smooth ride almost similar to outdoor biking. To minimize the noise and to eliminate the need for dealing with broken bearings, the flywheel of this bike turns on high quality sealed bearings.

The flywheel itself is made of high-quality materials. It is resistance to stains and rust which prolongs the life of the flywheel and makes the flywheel maintenance easy.

In general, when the flywheel is located in front of the bike, I criticize because it is below the sweat zone. But with L Now D501 cycle I don’t see a problem. Because there is a leak-proof welded metal guard that stops the sweat from reaching the flywheel, bearings, and magnets.

D501 Resistance System:

Pooboo D-501 magnetic resistance
  • L Now bike has magnetic resistance system.
  • It has a micro-adjust resistance knob with emergency safety stop.
  • Resistance knob does not have numbers.

If you have been reading this L Now D501 indoor bike review, you already know the D501 comes with a magnetic resistance system. But you may not know the pros of the magnetic system.

The magnetic, Eddy Current resistance controlled via micro-adjust Knob reacts instantly to the increase and decrease of the user’s demand without causing friction or noise.

Unlike felt pad and leather pad friction resistance bikes, the L Now D501 magnetic resistance does not come in contact with the flywheel. It simply gets close and far from the flywheel in order to add or cut resistance.

Therefore, the operation is silent so you can do your indoor cycling workout early morning or evenings when your partner and neighbors are resting. The only problem that I can see with D501 L Now cycle is that the bike does not show the current resistance level on the bike monitor. So, you will need to use the bike for a bit to learn how many knob turn is your average, max, etc.


L-Now pooboo D501 bike drivetrain
  • L Now Pro D501 has a direct single belt-driven system.
  • The belt is reinforced high-quality.
  • It doesn’t require oiling and frequent adjustment.

Every L Now Pro Indoor Cycle D501 reviews on the web say this bike is extremely quiet and here is the reason. This indoor exercise bike by L Now features the whisper-quiet technology which is the combination of belt, magnetic resistance, and sealed bearings.

The result of all these high-quality well-thought engineering is the smooth, near to silent and maintenance-free ride that you would enjoy the D501 spin bike.

Additionally, the belt drivetrain does not require oiling as the chain does and since there is no oil involved, there is very little to clean.

Note: These days even spin bikes under $150 feature belt drive but what most bikes lack in, is the quality of the belt. They use cheap belts which tend to stretch after a couple of months of use.

Again, when you buy the L Now Pro indoor cycling bike D501, you don’t need to worry about this common issue. Because the company uses the maintenance-free high-grade reinforced belts.

Handlebars and Seat:

LD-501 seat and handlebars
  • L Now Pro cycle has 4-way adjustable handlebars.
  • The L Now Pro D501 seat also features infinite fore and aft adjustments with scale.
  • This spin bike features durable and lightweight corrosion resistance seat and handlebars posts.
  • Pro D501 multi-grip handlebars include Aero, Cross, and Bull-Horn grip positions.
  • The LD501 (not the D501) bike includes an integrated dumbbell holder and dual 2-lb dumbbells to combine lower and upper body workouts.

Searching on the web, I can tell you that the riders really appreciate the attention to biomechanics in the seat and adjustable handlebars. The L Now Pro D501 handlebars adjust horizontally and vertically to provide a safe comfortable position for the riders.

But the adjustment is only part of what I like about the Pro L Now cycle. This bike offers several handgrips so you can change your wrist position regularly and relieve stress points on your hands. And also change the muscles you’re using in your arms, shoulders, and back.

This spin bike by Body Craft also comes with a relatively comfortable performance style seat. It is narrow and can minimize friction while offering a great deal of support.

Lastly, the adjustment levers combined with the lightweight posts. They are much easier to adjust the bike compared to heavy steel posts and time-consuming knob adjustment.

Note: Apart from the features mentioned above the LD501 (not D501) Pro cycle comes with integrated dumbbells. They are for cross-training exercise. Every few minutes of cycling, you can off the bike to do arm/upper body exercise and make the ride a full-body workout.

D501 Bike Price and Warranty:

  • L Now Pro indoor cycling bike price is around $1600 when buying from Amazon.
  • D501 Pro Home and Commercial Use Warranty:
  • 1-Year on Frame
  • 1-Year on Parts
  • There is no labor warranty for this bike

The Pro L Now D501 is made and warranted for commercial use, but also meant for home use indoor cycling with its flawless durable construction. This indoor cycling carries an okay warranty but it is not one of the most generous warranties on the market.

So, this warranty may not be satisfactory for some people which is understandable but looking at the 5-star ratings from the consumers provides comfort and tranquility for anyone who wants to invest and buy the L-Now Pro spin bike.

In case it is the first piece of fitness equipment you are buying from L Now, you should know that they are known for providing prompt and good customer services. Unfortunately, the only way to contact the seller is through Amazon message.

As far as the price goes, currently this bike retails for $1600 on Amazon. However, sometimes you might find the L Now D501 Pro exercise bike discounted and cheaper.

Where to buy L Now Pro indoor cycle D501? This brand doesn’t have a website yet, so currently, you can only purchase the Pro D501 from Amazon.

Shipping and Assembly:

  • L-Now Pro D501 shipping is free in the United States.
  • The L Now Pro assembly tools come with the bike.
  • A hard copy of Pro D501 L Now manual comes with the bike.
  • It comes partially assembled and it is fairly easy to assemble.
  • This Pooboo bike ships in one box that weighs 140 pounds.
  • Shipping box dimensions: 45″ L x 10″ W x 33″ H

One last thing I am going to talk about in this L Now indoor cycling bike w magnetic resistance commercial standard D501 construction review is the assembly and shipping. This bike comes partially assembled and pretty much anyone should be able to do the rest.

Because most significant assembly work is done for you, however, there are still a number of things to put together. You will have to assemble the front and rear stands, pedals, handlebars, monitor, and seat.

The L Now Indoor Cycle Pro D501 is fairly heavy, you might want to ask to deliver it inside your house and have someone to help you with the stabilizer assembly.

L-Now Pro Indoor Cycling Bike D501 Pros:

Tablet holder:
L Now Pro D501 indoor bike comes with a built-in tablet holder on the handlebars. Additionally, it has dual convenient bottle holder to keep you hydrated during the ride.

The D501 Pro indoor cycling bike by L now handlebars feature multiple position hand grips including extended grip and time trailing which add extra verity and puts you in a bio-mechanically correct position for all rides.

The D501 magnetic resistance commercial standard bike by L Now is equipped with dual-sided SPD compatible pedals. So, you have the option to exercise with the clipless cycling shoes or ride with regular gym shoes and do on and off the bike cross-training using the dumbbells.

Drive System
L NOW Pro indoor cycling bike D501 – exercise bike commercial standard combines quiet belt with magnetic resistance and high-quality bearings. Together, they make the L Now indoor cycling bike D501 indestructible and one of the quietest spin bikes on the market.

  • Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance designed to react to your demand and to provide extra-smooth low-maintenance performance
  • Micro-adjust resistance knob with emergency safety stop
  • Dual dumbbell integration on D501 model for a full body cross-training workout
  • Multi-Phase paint process & stainless steel hardware
  • Belt drive for a smooth, maintenance-free performance
  • Fore/Aft Saddle & Handlebar are infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit
  • The design incorporates guards that ward off sweat from the flywheel and bearings
  • Multiple position Handlebar includes integrated bottle holders
  • Shock absorbent suspension for a comfortable low-impact workout
  • Heavy-duty steel double coated commercial frame with a multi-phase process to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Cushioned high-performance low-friction comfortable saddle
  • 440 Pounds max user weight capacity

L-Now Pro Indoor Cycling Bike D501 Cons:

While the LD501 include a monitor, the D501 doesn’t include one. So, if you want to see your performance on bike, you will have to invest on bike a computer which you can search our website for the list of available spin bike computers.

Unfortunately, the Pooboo Indoor cycling bike D501 lacks in wireless (Bluetooth and ANT/+) connectivity. Therefore, you can’t connect the bike with spinning apps such as Zwift to track the workouts or ride and compete with other cyclists online.

Q Factor:
The size of the q factor for the L Now D501 indoor cycling bike is not disclosed.

Pooboo D501 exercise bike is covered by 1 year of warranty which is less than what most competitors offer.

The main reason, I personally wouldn’t buy this L-Now spin bike is its high price. Currently, D501 retails for $1500 and we believe it is at least $700 overpriced.

Final Word On L Now D501 Exercise Bike Commercial Standard:

L-Now magnetic resistance commercial standard D501

Pro D501 is overall a good value well-built exercise bike as L Now is known for their durable fitness equipment. The L NOW Pro indoor cycling bike D501 is designed with quiet sealed bearing, belt and magnetic technology to create an almost noise-less workout experience.

The frame is heavy duty steel with a multi-phase coat/Paint process that prevents rust and corrosion. Featuring top of the line bio-mechanically designed non-slip handlebars add extra comfort to your indoor rides.

This model’s pros are mainly focused around the commercial quality, sturdiness and ergonomically-sound design of the bike that add to the comfort and performance of the PooBoo L Now indoor cycling bike D501.

Bottom line is that the L Now stationary bike D501 is built for comfort and convenience with an ergonomically-handlebar design, and a maintenance-free belt and resistance system to eliminate noise and friction.

9.9 Total Score
Smooth and Silent

Another bike that has recently caught my attention is the L Now Indoor Cycling Bike - Magnetic Resistance Commercial Standard (D501). This particular spin bike has been on the market for a few months now and has already become very popular among indoor cycling enthusiasts. From top to bottom, D501 L Now exercise is built with comfort and performance in mind. This spin bike is designed for commercial use, meaning it can withstand hours of daily use. But if you can afford to buy it for home use, it will last for years and years. I recommend the L Now D501 for all riders include elite cyclists. Thanks to its magnetic resistance technology, heavy flywheel, and belt driven system, this exercise bike provides a challenging, yet very smooth and natural pedal stroke.

L Now D501 Indoor Cycle
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  1. Thank you for your the awesome review. I have already purchased pooboo D501 and it came with all acessories (monitor, dumballs, etc) I was afraid I will not receive them as you mentioned because it wasn’t LD501. The material is top notch and it made 2019.

  2. This is an awesome review, I just received this bike and assembled. However, I received the D501, but it came with the dumbbells and rack, as well as the cup holders. Also, there is an LCD, but it is very cheapy, but there was a flyer in the box to contact L Now and they will send out a new monitor, with bluetooth, all free. I haven’t written them about that yet because my biggest issue is that the Amazon ad said multiple times it supports a weight up to 440, yet my bike’s manual and the sticker on the back foot bar both say 135kg max, which is 297 pounds. Any confirmation on that with your bike or anyone else?

    • Hello Danielle, thanks for stopping by, and sorry if the response is a bit late

      The current model has 135kg max (297) confirmed by the manufacturer via Alibaba in China!


      YEB Team

  3. SO for 750.00 is the a great value? I can get that price right now.

    • Hello Dovetail, thanks for stopping by

      Yes, for $750, the L Now D501 is a great value indoor cycling bike and I highly recommend it for this price.


      YEB Team

  4. Thanks since he ic4 has a couple month wait and black Friday Amazon gave me 500 off I pulled the trigger on the D501 for 750.00.


  5. Is the belt poly v?

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