Keiser M3iX Review, Pros and Cons

Keiser m3ix indoor cycle

The Keiser M3ix is a groundbreaking new entry into the indoor cycling and Spinning bikes market. The M3ix is the first to feature a pivoting handlebar.

Keiser M3iX spin bike, known as the most state-of-the-art and cutting-edge model of Keiser spin bikes. The company proved that they are really working hard to take indoor cycling to another level in the coming years.

The award-winning indoor cycling manufacturer, Keiser M series engineered the Keiser M3iX exercise bike with new design and features. With the M3ix bike, you can say goodbye to the half body cycling workout and start the full body spinning workout using your upper and lower body at the same time.

Unlike the previous model of Keiser spin bikes, the Keiser M3iX has the unique Pivoting Patented Xbars which allows you to do mountain biking and hill-climbing without leaving the comfort of your room.

In other words, Keiser M3ix cycle lets you experience the normal straightforward flat road biking and also experience cycling up and down the mountain or climbing hills or even mimic turning around the corners and do balance training without leaving your house.

But what is really unique about the Keiser M3iX spin bike handlebars is the resistance levels. There are 7 resistance levels on Pivoting X-bars that allow intense and easy upper body workout. You can adjust the resistance during the ride without stopping or getting off the bike.

But who is this unique and wonderful Keiser indoor cycle for! The M3iX spin bike is for both professional cyclists, a novice with less balance and those who prefer a full-body workout. If you want your arms, abs, shoulder and back to look as good as your legs, the Keiser M3ix cycling bike is for you.

If you are not confident to cycle on the road, especially on the hills or roads with many corners, M3iX is a top-rated indoor cycle to consider for exercising and practicing.

Keiser M3ix was designed for road bikers and mountain cyclists who want to stay indoors and exercise, yet, experience outdoor cycling. So, when the cyclists, mountain bikers, and hill climbers can’t pedal outdoor because the weather is rough, the roads are bad or they don’t have time to go out, the M3iX spin cycle will come to help in the comfort of your home when watching TV.

Aside from the mentioned circumstances, sometimes the traditional straight leaning position indoor cycling is not enough to keep you long on the bike as you might need more variety. The X-Bar allows you to bend to the sides and add variety for both riders and instructors to give extra motivation.

Using the Keiser M3iX you can do upper and lower body exercise rather than just lower body workout which is what you would do on any other indoor cycles. Therefore, cycling on the M3ix bike by Keiser, you can burn more calories and rich your fitness goals quicker.

Also, with the M3ix Keiser exercise bike, you can do four exercises instead of one. Mountain biking, hill climbing, balance training, and flat road biking. So, basically, this indoor cycle was built for multi-purpose exercising.

Keiser Indoor Bikes Comparisons

The Keiser M3ix handlebars are only parts of the unique features of this indoor cycle. Everything else including Bluetooth wireless computer, a sleek style, a super smooth ride, and a whisper-quiet operation, they are all the same as the pervious model, the Keiser M3i.

In terms of price, the M3ix is the most expensive among all the four Keiser M Series indoor bikes. It retails at $2500 with additional cost for assembly. If you can afford to pay the Keiser M3iX price, you will not regret the decision. There are a very few spinning bikes with pivoting feature such as the Bowflex Velocore and Keiser M3ix that would offer a similar full-body low-impact cardiovascular indoor cycle exercise.

There are a ton of more great details to learn about the M3ix Keiser bike. So, I could not put them all here and had to divide them into several categories down below. In this Keiser M3iX review, you will learn them all.

If you are not convinced already to buy the Keiser M3ix bike, by the end of this review you will be able to decide if Keiser M3iX indoor cycle suits your needs or not. To help you easily navigate through our Keiser M3ix indoor cycling bike review, we have created the table of content below:

Keiser M3iX Indoor Cycling Bike Technical Info:


Keiser M3iX cycle info
  • Height: 45″
  • Width: 26″
  • Length: 49″
  • Bike Weight: 96 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 300 Pounds
  • User Height: Min 5″ – Max 6.2″
  • Shipping Weight: 120 Pounds


M3ix X-Bar pivot
  • Keiser M3ix handlebars are pivoting.
  • M3ix handlebars have seven resistance levels.
  • The handlebars bend to the sides to mimic the real road cycling curves.
  • They are lightweight and durable aircraft aluminum.
  • Keiser M3ix pivoting handlebars are vertically adjustable.

M3iX handlebars are designed for not just flat road indoor biking exercise but to enable the riders to take their cycling to the next level. The Keiser M3iX comes with unique pivoting patented X-Bars with 7 resistance levels. The levels can be adjusted through a rod below the handlebars which is easy to reach.

The pivoting handlebars are built to lean on the sides when the body weight is on them. An by leaning on one side or another you can mimic riding around the corner, and by getting off the seat you can mimic the hill climbing or mountain biking.

The handlebars let you bend to the sides to mimic the real street cycling. This feature is great for those who want to start riding outdoors but don’t have confidence or balance for the road curves.

With Keiser M3iX you can independently move your upper body and lower body for a better core, upper torso, and arm exercise. And guess what? When you use your upper and lower body, you burn more calories.

Thanks to the Keiser cardiovascular engineers, you can now work out your entire body on the Keiser M3iX spin bike. Something that hadn’t been seen before on any other indoor cycling bike.

Another good feature of the cardio training M3ix indoor cycle is the motivational aspects of it. You won’t get bored, because you can have fun, pedal hard and do the curvy roads while exercising inside your room.

Additionally, it’s also good for spin class instructors, there is more variety in their exercise than just the traditional indoor cycling. There are four cycling positions that you can exercise on the Keiser M3ix cycle. They include the Overhand front position, Hook or middle position, Extended position and the Time trailing position.

The materials of the M3ix handlebars are lightweight aluminum for easy adjustment on the go. As far as the shape of handlebars goes, they are just like the first model of Keiser M Series, the Keiser M3 bike.

M3ix cycle has the traditional spin bike handlebars shape. The only disadvantage of Keiser M3iX indoor cycle handlebars is the lack of horizontal adjustment. But considering the pivoting design, it would have been impossible to make the handlebars up and down fore/aft adjustable.

Bottom line you no longer have to wait until you have hours free to go out and arrive in the mountain. You no longer have to wait for the weather to get better or friends to join you. The Keiser M3iX indoor cycle unique handlebars makes it possible for you to feel the hill-climbing, mountain riding and flat road biking from inside your living room.


M3ix seat
  • Keiser M3ix seat is four-way adjustable.
  • It has an ergonomic racing style shape.
  • The seat features the lever adjustment.

M3iX spin bike has a 4-way adjustable seat. It has the levelers to adjust the seat which is much easier and more durable than turning knobs.

The Keiser M3ix seat has a high adjustment range so everyone in the family should be able to comfortably fit the bike. Being able to properly set up spin bike is important. Because good bike set up can prevent unnecessary stress on your joints.

What I like about the M3ix seat is the soft cushioning and the ergonomic design. It is a narrow racing-style seat that helps to reduce chafing.

Most consumers find the M3iX indoor cycle’s seat very comfortable during cycling. So, you probably wouldn’t need to buy seat gel. But we highly suggest using cycling shorts.

Computer Features:

  • M3ix monitor is compatible with Polar heart rate monitors.
  • Keiser M3ix computer has 4.0 Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • The monitor has an automatic backlit digital display.
  • M3ix console can be set for interval training.
  • Keiser M3iX LCD is powered by dual AA batteries.
  • The monitor tracks RPM, Watts, HR, Gear level, Distance, Time, and Calories.

The Keiser M3ix bike has one of the best spin bikes computers on the entire market. The M3ix computer has a smart sensor that turns on the backlit only when the room is dark.

Keiser M3ix Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your devices (phone, tablet, TV etc) to the bike and join the cycling apps online. You will find out more about the Keiser m3ix cycling apps down below.

The M3ix computer tracks all your spinning workout data to help you easily improve and workout more effectively. You can track your distance, heart rate, time, calories, battery level, speed, RPM and Watts. To learn more about these stats, keep reading this Keiser M3ix review.

Revolution per minute “spin bike RPM” tells you how fast you pedal. It is an important cycling metric. Especially when following online spinning workouts. Because the instructor gives specific RPMs. Also, make sure to read the Keiser M3ix manual to see the max RPM you can do because there is a limit for your safety.

This tells you how much power you are generating on each stroke and in total at the end the spinning routine. It is an important feature, especially when following spin classes. Every few seconds the instructor alternates the watts and calories burned. The more power you produce, the more calories you burn. The Keiser M3ix displays the calories for 2 seconds and displays the watts for 6 seconds. Spinning

Heart Rate:
Unlike inaccurate handlebars pulse sensors, the Keiser M3ix cycle tracks your heart rate using wireless straps. It is accurate and easier to track your fitness zones. The Bluetooth HR straps should connect automatically with the bike. Note that the M3ix chest strap is not included.

I personally love this feature of Keiser spin bikes. You can see the current resistance level on the display. So, it takes the guess-work away. Also, it is very useful when following spinning videos because the instructors give specific gears often.

When you start pedaling for a few seconds, it shows the distance of your workout since you bought the bike. After a few seconds, it starts showing the distance result of your current exercise. Keiser M3ix allows you to switch the odometer to the mile. See the M3ix manual for further instruction.

How to reset the computer:
Two way to reset the computer. You can move up and down the gear shifter twice or leave the Keiser M3ix indoor cycle for 60 seconds.

60 Second:
If you stop pedaling for 60 seconds, the workout data will be automatically reset to zero on the display. Although you will still have your workout data in your App.

Average workout calculation:
To view averages of RPM, watts, and heart rate at any point in the workout, stop pedaling for three seconds. This will flash your averages until you start moving again or until the computer goes to sleep after 60 seconds.

Resetting ride averages, elapsed time and distance:
To reset your averages during the workout, stop pedaling for three seconds and the averages will start to flash, while they are flashing move the gear shifter from bottom to top two times quickly. This will reset your workout information back to zero.

How to check and replace the batteries:
To test the computer batteries and see if they are charged, pedal until the computer “wakes up”. If the battery is low, a “LO-BA” will show at the bottom of the display. To replace the batteries unscrew the back of the computer housing and remove the old AA batteries and replace them with a set of two new AA batteries.

Interval training:
To initiate an interval, starting from a high gear drop the shifter handle to gear 1 for 1/4 of a second and lift it up to a higher gear immediately. “inL #” will display confirming the interval has started. Repeat the above steps to end the interval. When the interval ends the computer will display “inL End” and the averages for that interval will blink.

Keiser M3ix Apps:

  • M3ix Compatible Apps:
  • Bkool (Available in the ios and Android)
  • Keiser M3 Series Pro apps (Available in the iOS and Android)
  • GOInd (available in the App Store)
  • Impowered BeTested (available at Google Play)
  • Impowered BeTrained (available at Google Play)
  • M3ix Incompatible Apps:
  • Zwift, Trainer Road, The Sufferfest, CycleCast, Aaptiv, Studio Sweat On-Demand, and Peloton.

If you have been reading this Keiser M3ix exercise bike review, you know that the M3iX has Bluetooth technology. But what you may not know is the Keiser bikes compatible apps.

The fact that the M3ix cycle allows you to connect your device to the bike and save your workout data online is awesome. It is not something you would get on every exercise bike.

This indoor cycle allows you to socialize while burning calories and getting in shape. Connect your tablet or phone to your M3iX, create a profile on one of the apps and join the cycling groups.

Share your workout data with other indoor cyclists, see their results and compete for higher goals. You can also do live competitions online. You also no longer have to worry about losing your daily workout values because as soon as you turn on your device the data will be uploaded to your online account.

Keiser M3iX spin bike has Standard Bluetooth 4.0 Connection capability but it does not have WiFi or ANT/+ connectivity. So, if your devices aren’t Bluetooth enabled, you can’t connect them with the bike.

Bluetooth should be enough to allow you to pair up the bike with most of the training/racing Apps. However, for some reason, a few popular cycling Apps are not compatible with this high-end Keiser spin bike.

I believe Keiser Fitness is trying to fix the issue. But I am not sure when you are going to be able to ride your New Keiser M3ix indoor bike with apps such as the zwift.

In the meantime, there are the two following solutions that allow you to join the best cycling apps with your beloved Keiser M3iX indoor cycle.

Solution 1: Wahoo sensor.
You can purchase a speed sensor and stick it to your shoes or pedal crank arms. Then you can download the FREE Wahoo App, move the crank arms to wake up the sensors, then turn on your device’s Bluetooth and there you will see the option to connect with the Wahoo sensors.

After connecting the sensor to your device download the cycling training app that you like and join the games, simple as that. The free Wahoo App is available on Google Play and Apple Store and allows you to track and save your daily progress on your account. 

It costs less than $80 and takes less than 5 minutes to stick them to your bike’s crank arms. Wahoo sensors feature Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT/+ connectivity. They can connect to pretty much all your Bluetooth-enabled Android and ios devices.

Solution 2: Power pedals.
There are many ANT+ and Bluetooth-enabled pedals that transfer Power/WATTS, Cadence/RMP, and Speed to your device. These pedals come with spd clips and install like any other pedal to your Keiser M3ix bike.

However, this option is more expensive. Some of the most popular high-tech pedals are Assioma DUO Power Meter, Garmin Vector 3 and Powertap P1 Pedals. They all have the 9/16 inches thread size which is compatible with Keiser M3ix cycle exercise bike.

Wahoo vs Power Meter Pedals:
A Wahoo sensor only transfers the Cadence while the Power meter Pedals transfer Watts, Cadence, Speed, Foot balance, MPH and even more workout details. Obviously, Power Meters are the better option but they also cost up to 15 times more than a set of Wahoo sensors

Keiser M3ix Indoor Cycle Drive Train

M3ix Drive System:

  • Keiser M3ix indoor bike is belt drive.
  • It has a car-grade poly-V single belt system.

This spin bike has proven to have a very smooth motion at all resistance levels. The operation is quiet with 360 pedal strokes to give the best road feeling to the rider. One of the main factors behind these great features is the drive system.

Keiser M3iX features a single belt drive that barely requires maintenance, adjustment or lubrication. Do your routine check every now and then and that’s all it requires. Many bikes feature chain drive and the worst part of the chain is that it makes noise, needs lubrication and maintenance often.

Keiser M3iX indoor cycle has a single belt, which means there aren’t too many moving parts. It has one belt, one big pulley, and two small pullies.

It’s simple and durable. By pedaling you turn the big pulley (attached to the crank arms), the big pulley sends the power to the small pullies then the flywheel takes the energy and turns it into a smooth 360 pedal motion.

Thanks to this simple but great engineering you will never have the up and down motion regardless of what level you exercise. The Keiser M3iX drive belt was basically inspired by the vehicle engine.

And what I like the most about the Keiser spin bike M3ix belt, is the Poly-V feature. It is not like the regular belts that you find on cheap spin bikes. It anti-slip ribs and does not stretch.

So, you never get a jerky motion and don’t need to deal with a stretched belt. With so much attention in detail, it is no wonder that you can not easily find a Keiser M3ix sale for.

Keiser indoor cycle resistance

Keiser M3ix Resistance:

  • Keiser M3ix has a smooth and silent 24 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • The M3iX has an easy to use gear lever/shaft (not turning knob).
  • The current resistance level is displayed on the monitor.

Featuring 24 levels of magnetic resistance, the M3ix by Keiser allows the rider to a greater challenge, unlike many bikes that have less than 20 gears.

The Eddy Current resistance system on the M3iX indoor exercise cycle provides a silent indoor cycling workout. Unlike friction resistance, the magnets don’t come in contact with the flywheel.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about changing brake pads every few months. When you add resistance and bring tension on the bike, the two opposing magnets hover on both sides of the flywheel to give resistance.

So, when you add more resistance, more surface of the flywheel gets covered by the magnets. There is about two quarter-sized magnets on either side of the flywheel.

With the friction resistance bikes, it’s different because they actually touch the flywheel to make it difficult for pedaling. And because the brake pads come in direct contact with the flywheel, they make noise and wear out and also they need maintenance often.

Another good feature of Keiser M3iX is the gear shaft and resistance shown on the monitor. Most spin bikes have a knob for resistance adjustment and they don’t display the current gear on the bike monitor.

Therefore, it is difficult for riders to understand what is the current gear level. Specially when following spinning classes and videos. And they need to go back to their last gear, they have to turn the knob and guess.

Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with all this because the M3ix resistance is magnetic and it is displayed at the bottom left corner of the LCD.

You can use the gear shaft for the emergency brake as well. To do so, you need to move the shaft all the way up and hold it there. By doing so you bring more tension to stop the flywheel from turning.

M3ix Keiser Flywheel:

M3ix flywheel
  • Keiser M3ix flywheel weighs 8 pounds.
  • There is a safety guard around the flywheel.
  • The M3ix flywheel and drive mechanism is in the back away from the sweat zone.
  • M3ix indoor cycle has a fixed-flywheel drive.

Keiser M3iX spin bike features an 8 pounds steel flywheel. It’s proven that for spin bikes with magnetic resistance, single belt drive and the combination of big and small pullies, the flywheel weight is not a factor for smooth pedal motion.

A good example of that would be the four models of best seller Keiser indoor bikes. All the Keiser M Series bikes have 8-Lb flywheels and still manage to give you the most natural road feeling in indoor cycling that you can get.

The reason behind this is the belt, magnetic resistance which is what you need to consider when buying a spin bike. What I like the most about the Keiser M3ix flywheel is that it is away from the sweat zone.

This means the salty sweat won’t get into the bearing, drive system, magnets and on the flywheel. So while it reduces the maintenance, it also requires less cleaning.

Keiser M3iX commercial bike is made with safety in mind. There is a nice looking red guard around the flywheel to protect the flywheel and your shins.

M3ix bike is bidirectional so when you pedal backward, the flywheel turns backward. This great indoor cycle gives you a 360-degree pedal stroke which makes the motion more fluid rather than up and down.

The Keiser M3iX exercise bike is not freewheel. It means when the flywheel turns, the crank arms and the pedals turn too. So, you can not jump off the bike immediately unless you use the emergency brake and stop the flywheel.

There are some spin bikes such as Schwinn Performance Plus that feature freewheel smart release. Their flywheels keep turning even when the pedals are static, just like outdoor bikes.

Pedals and Q-Factor

M3ix indoor bike pedals
  • Keiser M3ix Q-Factor is 7.7″ (197 mm) .
  • M3ix pedals are dual sided SPD for cycling shoes.
  • And adjustable toe caged for athletic shoes.
  • It comes with the Keiser Revolutionary pedals.

Keiser M3iX features the new revolutionary re-designed pedals. They are engineered to be better and more comfortable than any other pedal in the market. You can exercise with both normal athletic shoes and cycling shoes, the pedals have SPD and toe cage. Read below what’s new on Keiser M3iX pedals:

Stronger bearings tested for static and dynamic loads experienced when rider gets on, off, and rides the bike. Easily accessible SPD tension adjustment. Flexible and strong axle design that evenly distributes stress load. Forged, Chrome steel axle, machined and heat-treated for maximum strength.

Re-angled SPD clip position provides greater clearance between the cage and the ground when using the SPD clips. It has ramped barbs that allow for secure foot placement without insertion difficulty. The curvature of the pedal matches typical shoe design, eliminating pressure points on the rider’s foot.

The Keiser M3iX spin bike also has curved cranks. so, you can wear normal athletic shoes and bulky athletic shoes without hitting the crank arms. People with wider hips feel more comfortable on the bike due to the angle.

As far as the q-factor goes, the Keiser stationary bike M3iX has a standard and acceptable q-factor width. Q-factor is the distance between the two pedals.

The narrow q-factors tend to keep the feet close to each other aligned with the knees and hips. Therefore, there is no unnecessary stress on the lower body.

Frame and Maintenance:

  • Dual coated V-Shaped Commercial grade Frame.
  • Keiser M3ix has two transport wheels.
  • Water bottle holder.
  • And adjustable foot levelers.
  • Keiser M3ix daily, weekly and monthly maintenance:
  • Wipe off the sweat after each session.
  • Check and re-torque crank arms and pedals, weekly for the 1st month.
  • Clean with warm water and soft towel, weekly.
  • Check computer for low battery life, weekly (pedal until the computer “wakes up”. If the battery is low, a “LO-BA” will be displayed).
  • Check and re-torque crank arms, pedals and mainframe nut, monthly.
  • Wax those areas most in contact with sweat, monthly.
  • Lubricate adjustment handle threads, month.

Keiser indoor bikes are top-rated and designed for commercial use, meaning they are built to be used by multiple riders in the spin classes and clubs daily. So, there is no doubt that Keiser M3iX indoor exercise cycle has one of the best heavy-duty steel frames among the spin bikes in the entire market.

Featuring a rear-flywheel design, on the back of the bike away from sweat makes the life of the paint and mechanism way longer compared to spin bikes with mechanism right in the sweating zone.

The perfectly designed dimension of this spinning bike helps keep the bike and the rider steady even during the most energetic and intense exercises. The painted and the aluminum parts are very durable against the sweat.

The main material used in the frame of Keiser M3i indoor bike is heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel. The new sexy dark black and shiny red colors, simplicity and strength design on Keiser M3iX can attract even those who don’t do spinning workouts.

One of the benefits of the V-shape frame is that it helps to easily get on and off the bike. Also, it keeps the sweat away which is why the Keiser M3iX frame requires little to no maintenance.

The base has four feet, providing maximum stability on uneven surfaces. For better protection of the floor, you can purchase a mat to use under the bike as well.

Warranty and Price:

  • Keiser M3iX price is under $2500.
  • M3ix cycle has 10 years warranty on frame.
  • 3 Years on cylinders, displays, processor boxes.
  • 2 Years on compressor and dryer, cables, pulleys, and bearings.
  • 1 Year on chrome.
  • And 90 days warranty on pint, upholstery, seat belts, hand grips, and other rubber and plastic products.
  • Not covered under the warranty if:
  • Loss caused by accident, abuse, improper use or neglect.
  • Improper maintenance.
  • Improper assembly by the purchaser.
  • Failure to follow instructions as stated in any of the manuals provided with the Keiser M3.

The Keiser M3ix price is more expensive than the Keiser M3 and the other Keiser M Series spin bikes. The Keiser M3iX sale for around $2500 which is a big investment.

But considering the fact that it has so many great features, the M3ix indoor cycling exercise bike worth every penny. From top to bottom, the Keiser M3i indoor cycle is a complete cardio bike.

Note that it is a commercial spin bike which means it has durable and sturdy materials meant to be used in the spin classes and gyms. The M3ix warranty is also pretty unique and reassuring.

10 Years on the frame and all-inclusive (excluding labor and wearable parts) 3 years warranty. 6 Months on wearable parts (T Handles, pedal cage, pedal strap & saddle upholstery). This generous warranty says a lot about the quality of the bike.

Assembly and Shipping:

  • Keiser M3ix shipping is free inside the United States.
  • Keiser M3ix assembly is required.
  • The tools for M3ix assembly are not included.

Keiser M3ix assembly is not to be taken lightly. Especially because Keiser’s warranty will not cover damages caused by improper assembly. Therefore, I suggest you to spend another $80 and buy an expert assembly for M3ix cycling bike on Amazon.

However, if you are good with the tools and can follow the Keiser M3ix manual step by step, you will be able to put the bike together properly. The Keiser M3iX indoor cycles come half assembled.

The major parts that you need to put together are the frame on the base, flywheel, pedals, rank arms, handlebar, and Console. It takes about 1-2 hours to do it properly.

With that being said, you will need to do a little more assemble with the M3i than most other cycles. Plus, you have to do assembly the bike with your own tools, because they aren’t supplied.

Here is a list of tools that you need: 4” Extension, 5mm Allen Wrench, 6mm Allen Wrench, 15mm open-end wrench, 16mm open-end wrench, Phillips screwdriver, 15mm crowfoot, and 2 – 10mm Wrenches.

The Keiser M3ix shipping costs will vary depending on where you purchase from and what type of delivery you prefer. However, some retailers, such as Amazon, will provide free shipping.

Needed Accessories and Clothing:

Heart Rate Chest Strap
Keiser indoor cycles are compatible with wireless heart rate straps (the Polar H1 and T31 WearLink models). But you need to purchase it separately.

Exercise Bike Mat
To protect your floor and to eliminate the bike vibration, we recommend an exercise equipment mat. The protective indoor cycling mat costs very little and can add to the life of your M3ix bike.

Cycling shorts
The indoor cycling seat causes painful thigh chafing. To prevent this unpleasant and uncomfortable experience, we suggest you buy a pair of padded cycling shorts for men and a pair of cycling short for women who use the bike in the house.

Intelligent projection system
This accessory is specifically for spin classes, the Keiser Intelligent Projection System utilizes the Bluetooth capabilities of the M3i indoor bike to display the real-time performance data on the screen.

Keiser M3ix Indoor Bike Pros:

The M3ix indoor bike computer has broken new ground in terms of accuracy testing of its Watt display. The Keiser M3ix is the first indoor bike to pass EN ISO 20957-1 certification by TUV Product Services, a European safety organization. With this certification, you can be sure that you are receiving accurate feedback on your workout within + 10%.

Pivoting handlebars:
Unique pivoting patented X-Bars for multi-purpose cycling (hill-climbing, mountain biking, balance training, and flat road cycling). The pivoting handlebars allow the rider to engage core, upper torso and arms and burn more calories.

  • M3ix is designed and manufactured in the USA with better standards than competitors.
  • Keiser’s new revolutionary design toe cage and spd pedals.
  • Maintenance-free Car-grade belt drive system.
  • 24 Levels of powerful magnetic resistance.
  • Bluetooth and Cycling Apps connectivity.
  • Keiser offers great customer service.
  • Wireless chest Strap connectivity.
  • Extremely quiet and smooth.
  • Commercial quality.
  • Generous warranty.

Keiser M3ix Indoor Bike Cons:

Handlebar adjustment:
The biggest con of the Keiser M3ix indoor bike is that its handlebars are only up and down adjustable. And that is why the M3ix can not accommodate users shorter than 5 feet or taller than 6’2″. If you don’t fall within this range, the Keiser M3ix is not for you because you can’t adjust the bike for your height. In this case the Keiser M3i is ideal for you. It can be adjusted for users up to 7 feet tall and 4’9″ short.

  • Doesn’t have preset programs, internal memory, ANT/+ or WiFi connectivity.
  • The bike doesn’t swing when turning corners, only the handlebars do.
  • The handlebars level isn’t displayed on the LCD.
  • Keiser M3ix doesn’t have a tablet holder.

Final Word on Keiser M3ix Indoor Cycle:

Keiser M3ix review

Everyday demands are getting higher and the competition is getting tougher. Companies like Keiser are working to improve their products beyond the consumer expectation.

The same goes for athletes, competing gets harder every year and that’s why many professional cyclists choose Keiser bikes. Keiser constantly adopts the new technology and implement it on their machines to help the exerciser overcome the challenges.

The latest creation of Keiser, the M3iX is a beautifully designed bike with unique handlebars. It is a multi-purpose cycling bike that offers comfort, full-body workout and also a sexy appeal.

The pivoting X-bars are great features on this bike. They add variety to the workout for the riders and spin classes. You can do more than a flat road biking with this indoor cycle. However, it would have been better if the whole bike leaned when turning corners.

The Bluetooth technology allows the user to track and download the workout values. Overall, Keiser M3iX is a good value heavy-duty spin bike made in the United States with commercial quality.

But if your budget is tight, I recommend you to go with Keiser M3i. And if you want something even less expensive but still top of the range quality,  I recommend M3 Plus because it’s one of the best spin bikes in the entire market and it also costs less than $2000.

9.5Expert Score
Keiser M3ix Indoor Cycle

Keiser m3ix is a heavy duty bike made from stainless steel and aluminum with rear flywheel. Features Revolutionary pedals, single belt, 24 magnetic resistance levels, and pivoting X-bars with 7 resistance level. Like all the M series bikes it’s lightweight and easy to transport. It’s power train and handlebars tested for more than 30 million cycles. However, there aren’t many consumer reviews on the web but looking at the bike and features you can bet it will give you years of solid cycling.

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