Keiser M3 vs M3 Plus and Keiser M3i vs M3iX Review

Discover the similarities and differences between Keiser M3 vs M3 Plus and M3i vs M3iX through our ultimate Keiser M Series indoor cycle review. We will go through all the details to help you find out which Keiser spin bike is the best for your needs and budget.

Keiser Indoor Bikes Comparison

Keiser M3 Series Indoor Bikes Comparison
Keiser M3 Indoor CycleNoOnly Vertically AdjustableNo8-LB + Belt Drive24-Level Manual Magnetic ResistanceNot CompatibleNo media tray
Keiser M3+ Indoor CycleYesVertically & Horizontally AdjustableNo8-LB + Belt Drive24-Level Manual Magnetic ResistanceNot CompatibleNo media tray
Keiser M3i Indoor CycleNoVertically & Horizontally AdjustableYes8-LB + Belt Drive24-Level Manual Magnetic ResistanceCompatibleIncluded media tray
Keiser M3ix Indoor CycleYesOnly Vertically Adjustable (Pivoting)Yes8-LB + Belt Drive24-Level Manual Magnetic ResistanceCompatibleNo media tray

The M Series of spin bikes by Keiser is built for comfort and convenience indoor cardiovascular exercising. With over 300.000 bikes sold, Keiser is a worldwide leader in the indoor cycling industry that has been innovating revolutionary stationary bikes for years.

Keiser M3 vs M3 Plus and M3i vs M3iX Review

Depending on which model you choose, the range of prices changes from $1300 all the way to $2500. All the four models were built on the same frame and shape for the same purpose (cardiovascular). However, each model offers different features, and we will explain them all in our Keiser M3 vs M3 Plus and M3i vs M3iX review.

The M3 was the first model of this Keiser spin bikes series, a symbol of simplicity and strength. However, the bike had flaws and lacked in some important features. Following the Keiser M3 and the success they had in the market, they made the new model, Keiser M3 Plus.

As everyone expected, with the Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle they resolved the engineering flaw but the bike was still lacking in necessary features (Data storage and App connectivity).

Although, a year later Keiser Cardiovascular department engineers developed the Keiser M3i. This model has been named the best indoor cycle in the whole market, especially in spinning classes, due to the App and projector connectivity features. The Keiser M3i indoor cycle is equipped with Bluetooth, so the riders can save the workout values on one of the compatible apps online.

In 2016 Keiser released a new addition to its M Series bikes, the M3iX. This indoor cycle has pivoting handlebars, it offers multiple types of exercises rather than just flat road biking. Although, this cycle lacks in adjustability.

Differences between Keiser M3 and M3 Plus M Series

Keiser M3 vs Keiser M3 Plus Spin Bikes:

Keiser M3 vs M3 plus and Keiser M3i vs M3iX review

In this part of the review, we will cover every little difference between M3 and M3 Plus (you can read the similarities at the very bottom of the review).

Adjustable Handlebars and shape:

Keiser M3 features 2-way/up&down adjustable handlebars. However, the M3 Plus has 4-way adjustable handlebars. On the V-shape frames, 4-way adjustable handlebar is a very important feature because they don’t move straight up and down. The handlebars move at 45-degree angles when you adjust them. It means when you move them up, it gets far from you and you need to be able to adjust it horizontally and bring it close.

The same principles apply when you move them down: they get too close to you. Basically, if you are not average height and you are either short or tall, you cannot adjust the M3 cycle in an ideal position to be comfortable. This was the biggest engineering flaw in the M3 which was resolved in the M3 Plus.

To make the handlebars fore/aft up and down adjustable, the Keiser engineers had to change the shape of the handlebars. It looks a bit different from the traditional spin bikes but the riders are happy with it.

Flywheel Guard:

Keiser M3 has the flywheel guard but it doesn’t cover all around it. It’s a crucial feature because the flywheel is one of the most important parts of a spin bike and should be always protected. The M3+ is designed with a flywheel guard that covers all around the flywheel.

The color:

M3 was originally built with a classic gray color which was nice but not as attractive as black and red combined with steel color. So, there are more color choices on the M3 Plus.

Seat post:

The seat post on the M3 cycle doesn’t have safety holes, you can adjust it by loosening and tightening the knob. It means if you don’t tighten the knob hard, it falls down.

The M3 Plus seat post has multiple holes and you can adjust it easily by using the knob as a plunging system. Pull back and let it go into the hole. You can also adjust the seat between two holes and tighten the knob. If the seat falls, it goes directly into the hole instead of going all the way down.

Differences between Keiser M3 Plus and Keiser M3i Bikes

Keiser M3 Plus vs Keiser M3i indoor cycles:

Keiser M3 vs M3 plus and Keiser M3i vs M3ix

The M3 Plus was the second model of M Series bikes and still, it is considered one of the best spin bikes in the entire indoor cycling industry. However, it was lacking in some very necessary features such as workout data storage and App connectivity. Despite its greatness, this bike wasn’t really complete because you didn’t have the option to save your workout data or interact with other cyclists online. That’s when Keiser introduced the Bluetooth connectivity.

The M3i was the first spin bike with Bluetooth to enable the rider to connect to the online world and save his workout data there. Read more below in our Keiser M3 Plus vs M3i cycle review.


Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle doesn’t have Bluetooth but the Keiser M3i does.
On the Keiser M3 Plus, you don’t have the option to save your workout data or interact with online apps. After 60 seconds of not pedaling on M3 Plus the display shuts down and all the workout data will be erased. So, basically, if you have to get off the cycle to use the toilet or open the door for someone, you will lose all the data of your workout. This is a huge issue especially for the professional cyclist who wants to keep track of their workout, compare every week their progress and see the calories burned.

On the other hand, on Keiser M3i the rider no longer has the data storage problem because it features Bluetooth. It allows the rider to connect their devices to the bike, create an online profile on one of the compatible apps and save their data. It’s also a very good feature for spinning class instructors as they can monitor the performances of all the cyclists on a big screen. Gym owners can also purchase the bike with a projector that allows them to see on an even bigger screen.


On M3i indoor cycle, you get the sexy blood red and jet black combined with steel color. However, on M3 Plus you get the Classic Grey, the Crimson red and Carbon black combined with steel color. They all have the same resistance to rust and corrosion. Many riders believe the new coat on M3i is sexier and more elegant but it’s a personal choice and you are the one who needs to make it.


Keiser M3 and M3 Plus have the same dual side SPD pedals but the Keiser M3i has the innovative re-designed pedals. The Keiser innovative pedals are the best in the market for durability, comfort, and adjustability.


Both bikes have 4-way adjustable handlebars but they have a different shape. In order to add the media tray on M3i, they had to bend the handlebars a bit more than the M3 Plus. However, the shape might seem unusual to you but after a few sessions, you will get used to it. You can still have the main grips on the handles.

Difference Between Keiser M3i and M3iX Indoor Bikes

Keiser M3i vs Keiser M3iX Spin Bikes:

Keiser M3 vs M3 Plus and M3i vs M3iX

Just when you thought the Keiser M3i was the best spin bike, the engineers of Keiser M3 Series have worked hard to prove you wrong. M3i is still one of the best Keiser spin bikes but recently they have released the best Keiser exercise bike.

Keiser M3, M3 Plus, and M3i were designed to give you flat road cycling feeling inside your living room. Surprisingly, Keiser just released a new bike called M3iX. It’s built to allow you to do multi-cycling exercise, not just the straight flat road. Keiser M3iX, in fact, allows you to do mountain biking, hill climbing and also do the straight flat road cycling. It’s built on the same frame as all the M Series bikes although, it has different handlebars.


M3iX has pivoting handlebars with 7 resistance levels to help you workout also your core, shoulders, arms and burn more calories. You can now bend to the sides and mimic cycling around the corners as well. You can easily reach the adjustment knob located right below the handlebars and change the tension.

Overall the pivoting handlebars are a great feature. However, it would have been much better if the entire bike swayed/bent when turning the corner, not just the upper body. The other problem with the M3iX is the handlebar adjustability. You can adjust the handles only up and down. So, ideally, it’s difficult to adjust the bike for short and tall riders.

Handlebars shape:

The handlebars of the M3iX indoor cycle are more similar to the traditional handlebars (exactly the same as M3 bike). Keiser M3i has different handlebars because of the presence of the media tray.

Media Tray:

M3i has the rack so you can have your device in front of you on the bike but the Keiser M3iX is lacking this feature and you have to leave your device away.


Keiser M3i spin bike weighs 85 lbs while the M3ix weighs 96 lbs. It’s 11-lbs heavier than all the Keiser M Series bikes due to the pivoting handlebars.

Other M Series Keiser Cycle Differences

  • Odometer
    It’s somewhere between kilometers and miles, that’s what you can see on the display of M3 Plus and you can NOT change it to mile or kilometer. However, on Keiser M3i you have the option to set up a bike ID and change the distance to either kilometer or miles.
  • Interval Training 
    It’s a kind of exercise that involves a series of low to high-intensity workouts. You can do it on all the Keiser bikes, however, you can only set up the display for interval training on M3i and M3ix.
  • Media Tray
    With M3 and M3 Plus you don’t have the rack to put your phone or tablet on the bike. It’s an important feature especially since we are becoming more dependent on our phones. Also indoor cyclists prefer to track the workout progress in front of them on the bigger and higher resolution screen of their device.

What Keiser M3, Keiser M3 Plus, Keiser M3i, and Keiser M3iX have in common?

  • Dimensions
  • V-Frame shape
  • 4-Way adjustable seat
  • 85-Lb weight except for M3iX that is 96-lb
  • The same warranty policy
  • Flywheel the same weight
  • 24 Levels of magnetic resistance
  • Transport wheels
  • The same console, except M3i and M3iX, they have Bluetooth and you can also change the distance to mile and kilometers on the console
  • Pedals, M3 and M3 Plus have the same pedals but the M3i and M3iX have the Keiser innovative re-designed pedals
  • Single Belt Drive
  • Curved Crank Arms
  • They all have stretch pads

Why cyclists, gym owners and spinning class instructors like Keiser indoor bikes?

  1. Because Keiser always works to provide the latest technology. They were the first to introduce the Bluetooth technology on the cycles so that the riders can interact online.
  2. Their groundbreaking rear-wheel design keeps the drive system away from a salty watery fluid, sweat.
  3. V-shape heavy-duty stainless steel frame, coated with a multi-phase process to prevent rust and corrosion.
  4. Lightweight and easy portability. Keiser builds their spin bikes 30-80 lbs lighter than many competitors.
  5. Console. On Keiser LCD you can see all the information required: RPM, watts, HR, elapsed time, current gear level and distance. There aren’t many spin bikes with these features.
  6. Single belt drive. Keiser was the first to build the single belt drive instead of the chain drive or multiple belts.
  7. Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance. Keiser has 24 levels of magnetic resistance. You can change the gear with a shaft rather than a knob and the current gear is shown on the display, unlike most bikes that you have to guess and turn the knob.
  8. Innovative pedals. Keiser re-designed the pedals for the most comfort, life lasting durability and easy adjustability.
  9. Keiser builds their products in the USA with USA standards. They offer the longest warranty policy which proves how much they trust their machines.
  10. Simplicity, strength and the sexy look.

What all the Keiser M Series cycles are missing

  • Preset programs
    Not only Keiser but all the indoor spin bikes lack in preset programs. It’s something that hopefully will be available in the coming years. Until then you can watch the multiple cycling videos online.
  •  User profile/Internal Memory
    The same for user profile, none of the indoor cycles currently in the market have this necessary feature. A user profile enables the rider to insert his name, age, height and weight on the machine and save the everyday workout data.

About Keiser

Keiser, a world-famous indoor fitness equipment manufacturer, stands out from the crowd for being one of the few fitness manufacturers that makes it their mission to use the U.S. labor, engineerings, and materials to ensure the American quality for their products. Keiser has three major lines of fitness equipment production:

The Keiser Strength, which includes 30 different pieces of equipment from Abdominal machine to Stretch corner. The Keiser Cardio, which includes 6 different pieces equipment from Keiser M3 to Keiser M5i Strider Elliptical. The Keiser Functional Training, which includes 4 innovative pieces of equipment from the Six Pack machine to Triple Trainer.

Keiser spin bike models are known for their unique features such as Bluetooth connection capability, near-to-silent performance, and sturdiness. The company has been providing commercial quality Keiser spin bikes for the last 10 years. Regardless of the model and the price, Keiser never tried to cut down on quality.

The presence of Keiser stationary bikes in the spinning classes and residential homes, fitting the bill for any elite cyclists or home gym, proves their superior quality. Within the Keiser exercise bike line, there are a few innovations that Keiser has introduced before any other brand.

Keiser indoor bike Bluetooth capability:

The first brand that decided to add wireless connection capability/Bluetooth to their spin bike was the Keiser. In 2014 Keiser decided it was time to enable indoor cyclists to connect their device to their spin bike and track their progress on the compatible Apps.

There are currently two models of Keiser stationary bike that features Bluetooth connectivity: the Keiser M3i and the Keiser M3iX, and they both allow you to exercise with other riders in the virtual environment. You can also use the Keiser compatible apps to save your daily data to compare your progress monthly.

The only downside to Keiser spin bike Bluetooth is that it’s not capable of transferring data to some of the popular cycling Apps. Note: Today many other fitness brands produce their spin bikes with Bluetooth capability.

Keiser pro spin cycle single belt:

Keiser was the first to make the indoor cycles with the single-belt drive. This feature made the Keiser indoor cycles very quiet and maintenance-free while offering a higher inertia workout. They also combined a small pully with a big pully to offer the same inertia and pedal stroke that heavy flywheels do.

The lightweight eight-pound flywheels make the Keiser exercise bikes easy to move and store. Note: All the Keiser spin bikes including the Keiser M3 and the Keiser M3+ were built with this drive mechanism.

Keiser spin bike resistance:

Keiser has single-handedly designed shaft/lever for resistance adjustment on their spin bikes. The system that makes workouts more comfortable and easier for indoor cyclists. Instead of using the knob/dial, Keiser designers added the gear lever and to display the current gear on the console to help you easily get to your previous gear.

Keiser spin bike pivoting handlebars:

They were the first brand that added the flexible handlebars to their spin bike Keiser M3iX. This stationary bike was the first of its kind to have adjustable resistance applied to its handlebars. This unique feature means you are no longer stuck with the only option of flat road cycling. You can now simulate the road corners, hill climbing, mountain riding, and more cycling workouts in the comfort of your home.

Keiser M3, Keiser M3i Plus indoor cycle, Keiser M3i and finally the Keiser M3iX have won many awards. Most commercial gyms and spinning classes continue to use these machines. Having a Keiser spin bike in your own home means committing to getting in shape and enjoying cutting-edge fitness with real impact. The Keiser stationary bikes are the example of high-quality machines that provide real and noticeable results at home. Try it out to get your first taste of headache-free cycling offered by this well-respected worldwide popular U.S.-based fitness brand.

If you are interested in purchasing a Keiser spin bike, read the entire Keiser spin bike review to find out the Keiser spin bike Apps, compatible Keiser heart rate monitor straps, Keiser spin bike trip distance, Keiser spin bike workouts and last but not least, find out why Keiser M3iX is the best spin bike

Last Word on Keiser M3 Series Indoor Cycles

The name Keiser represent quality. Keiser has been in the fitness industry for years innovating top of the line indoor cycling bikes. They have made 4 models of Keiser Spin Bikes that each one of them has received multiple awards for their sleek design, unique quality, detailed construction, and advanced features. To this day, there hasn’t been any other spinning bike brand that could beat Keiser indoor cycling bikes in price or quality.

So, if you can afford to buy Keiser indoor bikes, don’t hesitate. Buying these high quality made in the U.S. spin bikes, you also help to bring back the jobs in the country. Keiser uses U.S. engineering, materials, and labor, it’s one of the very few fitness equipment brands that made their products in the United States while they could go abroad and spend way less. Bottom line is that not only you invest in your health buying a spin bike by Keiser, you also help to keep the jobs.


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