Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Bike Review – Should You Buy It?

Keiser M3 Plus spin bike is the result of years of research and the second model of the Keiser M series spin bikes.  Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle has been one of the most famous indoor bikes in the market among the professional indoor cyclists for years.

The Keiser brand has established a strong reputation for state of the art cutting edge the U.S. made indoor cycling equipment over the last decade which is incomparable in the fitness industry. And the Keiser M3 Plus proves it all.

2022 Update – Keiser M3+ Model Discontinued

Keiser has announced that they have discontinued the Keiser M3+ and Keiser M3ix indoor bikes. The Keiser M3i and Keiser M3 are the only models currently being manufactured by Keiser. The Keiser M3i is the successor to the Keiser M3+, and was released in 2015.

The Keiser M3+ was Keiser’s top of the line model, and was released in 2014 and was replaced by the Keiser M3i model. The most high-end model, the Keiser M3ix was the highest-priced the brand, and was released in 2018 but was also discontinued.

Both models were popular among indoor cyclists, but the Keiser M3ix was generally considered to be the better of the two.

The Keiser M3, on the other hand, was the very first model in the Keiser M Series and it’s still being manufactured. It has always been the cheapest of all Keiser M Series bikes.

Quick Answer: Keiser M3+ Plus Details

  1. How to connect to fitness Apps on virtual environment/online
  2. Keiser M3 plus vs M3 Comparison
  3. Keiser M3 plus spinning bike overview
  4. M3 plus computer/console
  5. Drive system
  6. Handlebar adjustment
  7. Seat adjustment
  8. Magnetic resistance
  9. Flywheel weight
  10. Maintenance and frame
  11. Pedals, Q-Factor, and fork arms
  12. M3+ exercise bike warranty
  13. Keiser M3+ accessories
  14. Wireless technology
  15. M3 plus assembly
  16. Summary

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Apps and Specs:

The Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle doesn’t have Bluetooth or ANT/+ connection capability. However, There is an upgrade kit that can be purchased which will add the Bluetooth computer and the more accurate magnet assembly.  But there is a very tight window of M3 Plus bikes that can be upgraded, and you might be lucky.

So, contact Keiser support in order to find out for a fact if your Keiser M3 Plus is compatible with the upgraded kit. With Bluetooth, you can save your data on the web and ride with other cyclists in a virtual environment platforms such as Bkool and few other cycling Apps.

Note: Even if you manage to get the Bluetooth upgraded kit for the Keiser M3 Plus spin bike, you still won’t be able to ride with pretty much none of the popular cycling training/racing Apps. Therefore, we suggest you go with one of the following solutions: Wahoo Sensors or Power Meter pedals, you can read more about them in the tabs below.

Q-Factor: 197 mm equals to 7.75 inches
Drive Mechanism: Belt
Warranty: 5 Yrs on Frame and 3 Yrs on mechanical parts
Resistance type: Magnetic
Resistance level: 24-Levels
Resistance handle: Lever/shaft
Displays the current gear level: Yes
Water Bottle Holder: Yes
Tablet Holder: No
Fixed Gear:  Yes
Transport Wheels: Yes
Foot levelers: Yes, 4 points
Chest Strap: Compatible but not included
Dimensions: H 45” X W 26” X L 49”
Item weight: 85 lbs
Weight capacity: 300-Lbs
Flywheel: 8-Lbs
Programs: None
Bluetooth: No
ANT/+: No
Data storage: Yes, on the Apps
Compatible Apps: None
Console: Backlit, displays the Time, Current Gear level, Distance, Speed, Odometer, RPM, Watts, Heart Rate, and Calories
Pedals: Keiser’s new revolutionary design Toe cage and spd pedals
Power Source: 2-AA batteries included
Handlebar Adjustment: Horizontal & Vertical
Seat Adjustment: Vertical & Horizontal
Protection Mat: Not included
Assembly: Required, moderate
User Height: Min 4.10″/ Max 6.7″

Keiser M3 Plus vs M3 (Improvements):

While many good features such as belt drive mechanism, magnetic resistance, and SPD pedals are designed just like the Keiser M3, there are some major improvements on the Keiser M3 plus indoor cycle compared the older version, the Keiser M3.

The shape of the handlebars ( Handlebars are easier on the rider’s back).
Handlebar adjustment (M3+ handlebars are horizontally and vertically adjustable).
Seat post  (M3+ has an improved plunger system for safer adjustment).
Flywheel guard (M3+ a complete red guard all around the flywheel).

Keiser M3 Plus spin bike has curved and bent handlebars with a slightly different design from the traditional spinning bike handlebars. And this design makes it easier to workout for the riders of the V-shape M series exercise bikes. The curve on the front-end of the handlebars helps the rider to be in a more comfortable position with less pressure on the back.

The handlebars on the Keiser M3 Plus professional spinning bike are 4-way adjustable (vertical & horizontal) unlike the older version (Keiser M3). The biggest flaw on the Keiser M3 was the lack of adjustability for the short and tall riders, and this has now been solved on the Keiser M3 Plus bike.

Another improvement on the Keiser M3 Plus indoor bike is the guard around the flywheel. On the Keiser M3, the flywheel guard didn’t cover all-around wheel.

So, the flywheel wasn’t completely protected but on the M3 Plus, the metal guard covers all around the flywheel for better protection. To find out more about the differences of Keiser M3 Plus and other Keiser bikes, read our detailed Keiser indoor cycles comparison table.

Keiser M3+ Indoor Bike Alternatives

Keiser M3 Plus is a good indoor bike. However, it’s expensive and discontinued. So, there are better alternatives on the market for the price.

These alternative exercise bikes include the Nordictrack S22i, Peloton bike original, and Diamondback 1260 indoor cycles. Each of these bikes offer a different set of features that may be more appealing to you than what Keiser M3+ has to offer.

For example, Nordictrack S22i offers incline and decline system, Peloton bike original has a larger display screen, and Diamondback 1260 indoor cycle offers a longer warranty and cost almost $1000 less then the Keiser M3 + bike.

Keiser M3+ is still a great bike, but the Keiser M3+ lacks some of the features that are included with other bikes in its price range. For example, the Keiser M3+ does not have a built-in touchscreen or the ability to stream classes.

Additionally, the Keiser M3+ has a smaller flywheel than some of its competitors. As a result, it may not provide as much of a challenge for experienced riders.

Overall, the Keiser M3+ is a good indoor bike. However, there are better alternatives on the market for the price. Here is comparison chart of Keiser M3+ alternatives.

Bike NameScreenResistanceInclineFan
Peloton Original Indoor CycleSwivel 22-inchAutomatic magneticNoNo
Diamondback 1260 Studio CycleBasic MonitorManual magneticNoNo
Nordictrack S22i Studio CycleSwivel 22-inchAutomatic magneticYesYes
Keiser M3+ Alternative Bikes

Keiser M3 Plus indoor exercise bike Console:

Keiser m3 plus review
1 – Backlight Sensor
2 – Cadence (RPM)
3 – Power Output Watts
4 – Heart Rate
5 – Elapsed Time
6 – Current Gear
7 – Trip Distance

In this Keiser M3 Plus review you will learn everything there is to learn about this bike.

Just like other Keiser M series spin bikes, you get a digital display with a light sensor at the top of the console that turns on the back-lit when the room is dark.

If the room light is good enough to read the number without the back-lit,
then it stays off. It’s a good feature for increasing the battery life.

The LCD display is not touchscreen and doesn’t have any button, as soon as you start pedaling, you will be able to see the values of your workout.

Below is the list of the information you can see on the Keiser M3 Plus spin bike LCD:

  • Revolutions Per Minute (RPM)
    Meaning how fast you pedal per minute. You can read the manual to see the max RPM you can do because there is a limit for your safety.
  • Watts
    This tells you how much power you are generating, it’s an important feature, especially in the spin classes. Every few seconds the display alternates between showing watts and calories burned. Every time for 2 seconds you see the calories and for 6 seconds you see the watts.
  • Heart Rate
    The handlebars don’t have pulse sensors. In order to see the heart rate, you need to be wearing polar strap which is not included with the bike. If you see an O, it means you are either not wearing a strap or your strap is not compatible.
  • Elapsed Time
    You will see the total time of your exercise.
  • Gear
    The current resistance level you are spinning is shown here. Keiser M3 and M3 Plus have 24 levels of resistance.
  • Odometer
    When you start pedaling for few seconds, it shows the distance of your workout since you bought the bike. After few seconds it starts showing the distance result of your current exercise.
  • How to reset the computer
  • Two ways to reset the computer: you can move up and down the gear shifter twice or leave the Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle for 60 seconds.
  • 60 Seconds
    If you stop pedaling for 60 seconds, the workout data will be automatically reset to zero. It’s one of the drawbacks of Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle, especially if you need to answer a call or open the door for a minute.
  • Average workout calculation
    To view averages of RPM, watts, and heart rate at any point in the workout, stop pedaling for three seconds. This will flash your averages until you start moving again or until the computer goes to sleep after 60 seconds.
  • Resetting ride averages, elapsed time and distance
    To reset your averages during the workout, stop pedaling for three seconds and the averages will start to flash, while they are flashing move the gear shifter from bottom to the top twice quickly. This will reset your workout information back to zero.
  • Keiser M3 LCD battery and how to replace it
    To test the computer batteries and see if they are charged, pedal until the computer “wakes up”. If the battery is low, a “LO-BA” will display at the bottom of the display. To replace the batteries unscrew the back of the computer housing, remove the old AA batteries and replace with a set of two new AA batteries.

What we don’t like about the integrated computer in Keiser M3 Plus indoor exercise bike

The lack of App connectivity. You can’t upload your workout data on any platform. If you want to keep track of your exercise, you have to take a picture or write it down. This shortcoming is resolved in the later versions of Keiser spin bikes such as Keiser M3i and Keiser M3iX.

The distance traveled is displayed in odometer in default settings. It’s somewhere between the kilometer and the mile and it can’t be switched to mile or kilometer.

Keiser M3 plus Drive system:

Keiser M3 features belt drive which gives this spin bike a very smooth ride. Belt drive also makes the bike very quiet and it’s almost maintenance free, unlike the chain drive that breaks more often, needs adjustment and lubrication quite often. The Keiser M3 Plus features a single belt drive which requires zero adjustments. The belt transfers the power from a big pulley to the little pullies and then it turns the flywheel. This revolutionary mechanism is the reason you won’t get an up-and-down pedal motion but a real road feel cycling despite the light-weighted flywheel.

Handlebars of Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycling:

Handlebars are what makes the Keiser M3 Plus better than the M3. The shape is better ergonomically designed for less stress on the back and joints and it’s 4-way adjustable. You can adjust the handlebars up&down fore/aft to fit the user in a different arm and leg length. You can have a firm grip on the handles in 4 cycling positions.
#1. Overhand front position
#2. Hook or middle position
#3. Extended position
#4. Time trailing position

Due to the V-shape of the frame 45 degrees up and down handlebar movement, it was very important for Keiser to bring this change if they wanted to compete in the market.

If you move the handlebar down, it gets too close to you because it doesn’t go straight down, it comes towards the rider. That’s when you adjust the handles horizontally, the same when you move the handles up for taller users. If you move the handlebars up, it gets far from you because it doesn’t go up straight, it goes up to a 45-degree angle. In this situation, you simply adjust the handlebar horizontally and bring it closer to you.

Keiser M3 Plus Seat Adjustment:

The seat is easy to replace and very comfortable for a spin bike. You can adjust the seat for your height by loosening the levelers located at the back of the seat. Another difference between M3 Plus and M3 is the seat post. Keiser M3 Plus seat post is featured with multiple holes and you can use it as a plunger system to pull back the knob and release it. If your preferred seat position is in between two holes, you can tighten up the knob just like the traditional spin bikes.

Basically, what they did was making the adjustment easier and safer for the rider.

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Resistance:

It has 24 level magnetic resistance which makes this bike near to silent and smooth and with the highest range of resistance among the spin bikes. Most spin bikes come with less than 20 resistance levels.

Keiser M series features Eddy Current magnetic which means nothing comes in contact with the flywheel. When you add resistance and bring tension on the bike, the two opposing magnets hover on both sides of the flywheel to give resistance. So, the more tension you give to the bike the more surface of the flywheel gets covered by the magnets.  There is about two quarter sized magnets on either side of the flywheel.

Magnetic resistance does not come in contact with flywheel, therefore, there are no worn-out parts. The other types of resistance are friction and brake pads and they both make noise and need maintenance.

Resistance shaft

Keiser m3 plus review

Another good feature of Keiser M3 Plus is the gear shaft and the current gear number on the LCD. Most spin bikes have a knob for resistance adjustment and it’s difficult for the rider to go back to their last resistance level.

The Keiser M3 plus bike comes with a well-thought shaft design right in front of the rider at the bottom of the handlebars for easy resistance changing.

The gear level is displayed at the bottom left corner of the LCD which is also a very unique and useful feature.You can also use the gear shaft for the emergency brake. To do so, you need to move the shaft all the way up and hold it there. By doing so you bring more tension to stop the flywheel from turning.

Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle flywheel weight:

Keiser indoor bikes prove that the heavy flywheel isn’t the main factor for a smooth pedal motion. All the Keiser M Series bikes have 8-Lb flywheels and still, they manage to give you the most natural road feeling in indoor cycling that you can get. The reason behind this is the belt, magnetic resistance and both the big and small pullies.

Keiser M3 Plus indoor cycle is not freewheeling which means that when the flywheel turns, the crank arms and the pedals are turning too. If you pedal forward, the flywheel turns forward too. If you pedal backward, the flywheel turns backward. This spin bike gives you a 360-degree pedal stroke which makes the motion more fluid rather than up and down.

Keiser M3 Plus frame and maintenance:

Keiser indoor bikes are designed for commercial use, meaning they are built to be used by multiple people in the spin calls and clubs for hours daily. So, there is no doubt that Keiser M3 Plus indoor bike has one of the best heavy-duty steel frames among the spin bikes in the entire market. This 85-lb solid frame can take up to 300 Lbs weight.

The perfectly designed dimension of this spinning bike helps to keep the bike and the rider steady even during the most energetic and intense exercises. The painted and the aluminum parts are very durable against the sweat.


The main material used in the frame of Keiser M3 Plus bike is heavy-duty aluminum and steel. By looking at this indoor exercise bike for one minute you can see the simple and strong design that attracts even those who don’t do spinning. The frame requires little to no maintenance. Another good thing about the V-shape frame is the easy mounting and dismounting. It’s more like a step through rather than lifting and crossing your leg over the frame.

The base has four leveler “feet”, providing maximum stability on uneven surfaces. For better protection of your floor, you can also purchase a mat to use undernet the bike.

It’s an 85-lb indoor bike with two silicon transport wheels which makes it easy to move around in the house or gym and it doesn’t take much space. If you need to move the bike from one place to another, go to the front of the bike and pull the handles toward you and push down. When the rear base of the bike is lifted up you can carry it.

Read the list of the parts you need to check daily, weekly and monthly:

  • Wipe off the sweat after each session
  • Check and re-torque crank arms and pedals, weekly for the 1st month
  • Clean with warm water and a soft towel, weekly
  • Check computer for low battery life, weekly (pedal until the computer “wakes up”. If the battery is low, a “LO-BA” will be displayed)
  • Check and re-torque crank arms, pedals and mainframe nut, monthly
  • Wax those areas most in contact with sweat, monthly
  • Lubricate adjustment handle threads, monthly

Pedals and crank arms:

Keiser m3 plus review

Keiser spin bikes feature combo design with broad pedals that can accommodate any shoe size. One side of the pedal is for cycling shoes and the other side has toe cage with an adjustable strap for normal athletic shoes as well. You can easily adjust the tension of the SPD if you use the cycling shoes. Both sides are engineered to keep your feet firm in all ranges of exercises.

Keiser cranks are curved which has advantages and disadvantages. The pedal axles are solid and durable that can support up to 300 Lbs of weight for pedaling on and off the saddle while doing intense training. The new Keiser M Series pedals are the best in the market for their well-thought design and durability.

The advantages:

  • Due to the curve on the cranks, you can wear normal athletic shoes and bulky athletic shoes without hitting the crank arms.
  • People with wider hips feel more comfortable on the bike due to the angle.

Keiser spin bikes Warranty Terms:

  • 10 Years frame
  • 3 Years cylinders, displays, processor boxes
  • 2 Years compressor and dryer, cables, pulleys, and bearings
  • 1 Year Chrome
  • 90 Days pint, upholstery, seat belts, hand grips, and other rubber and plastic products.

Not covered under warranty 

  • Loss caused by accident, abuse, improper use or neglect.
  • Improper maintenance.
  • Improper assembly by the purchaser.
  • Failure to follow instructions as stated in any of the manuals provided with the Keiser M3 Plus.

Keiser M3 Plus Bike Accessories:


  • Water bottle holder is included with the bike, it fits both small and bigger bottle
  • One set of AA batteries are included for the LCD Display


  • Assembly tools
  • Floor protection mat
  • Media tray (phone/tablet holder)


Keiser M3 Plus and M3 don’t have Bluetooth so you can’t save your workout data on the bike or online. It’s the only drawback on Keiser M3 Plus, especially because this bike is a bit expensive.


Keiser M series indoor cycles come half assembled and the major parts that you need to put together are the frame on the base, flywheel, handlebar, and Console. It takes about 2 hours to do it properly. Make sure to follow the manual step by step to put it together correctly because if you fail to follow the instructions, the warranty doesn’t cover the future damages.
Tools you will need for assembly of Keiser M3 spin bike

Torque wrench (Minimum 45 Nm / 35 ft-lb) 16mm, or 5/8” crowfoot
4” extension5mm Allen Wrench
15mm open-end wrench6mm Allen Wrench
16mm, or 5/8” open-end wrenchPaste or spray wax (used to clean after assembly)
#2 Phillips screwdriverClean cloth
15mm crowfootLPS #3 Heavy Duty Rust Inhibitor w/straw
2 - 10mm Wrenches

M3+ Cycle Pros:

  • Belt drive
  • Full red guard all around the flywheel for better protection
  • 24-level magnetic resistance
  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • 4-way adjustable handlebars
  • Seat post with plunge system and safety holes
  • Minimum maintenance requirement
  • Has a smooth and fluid motion
  • Displays Watts
  • 10 years frame warranty and 3 years brakes and electronics
  • Durable and steady during intense workouts
  • Resistance changes smoothly
  • Dual side spd pedals
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to move around
  • 300 Lbs user weight capacity
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • The gear shaft rather than the knob
  • Good customer services
  • Great user reviews

M3+ Cycle Cons:

  • Lacks in Bluetooth connectivity
  • The console resets all the workout values after 60 seconds of inactivity
  • The distance is shown in Odometer and unlike for M3i it can’t be switched to mile or kilometer
  • No preset program

Keiser M3 Plus Summary:

Looking at the price, heavy duty quality and the features we believe it’s a good value for the money. At the time of writing this Keiser M3 Plus review, this indoor bike is $200 cheaper than M3i. However, it might change by the time you are reading the M3+ Plus indoor cycling bike review.

Bottom line we recommend the Keiser M3 Plus to anyone who is committed to get in shape, lose weight and do some hardcore indoor cycling and take their indoor cycling to the next level.

9.8 Total Score

Keiser M3 Plus is one of the best high-end commercial quality spin bikes in the entire market. We love the warranty policy, smooth and whisper quiet operation, up&down fore/aft adjustable seat and handlebars, single belt drive, 24 magnetic resistance levels, dual-sided SPD pedals, and curved crank arms. It weighs less than 90-lbs which makes it easy to move around in the house. We highly recommend this bike for all levels of athletes. The only flaw we can find in our Keiser M3 Plus review is the lack of Bluetooth and data storage on the console. If that's not an issue for you and the budget is not your concern, Keiser M3+ is your best choice in its range of price.

Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle
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  1. Good Keiser M3+ review here, Bike Trainer! Could you tell us what training apps we can use the Keiser M3 spin bike with? I love the Keiser bikes and trained on them in our gym few time but never had one!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Rex,
      Thanks, we are glad to help and sorry for the late response.
      Good question, we recently updated all the Keiser spin bike reviews and added which cycling Apps are compatible and incompatible with these heavy-duty U.S. Made indoor cycles.

      Keiser Spin Bike are the best option for indoor cycling.

      Good Luck

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