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The JOROTO X3 exercise bike is a one of a kind spin bike for the home that offers all the top features an indoor cycling enthusiast could ask for at an extremely competitive price. The X3 indoor bike is by JOROTO Fitness which needs no introduction in the world of budget indoor cycles.

Since its inception, JOROTO has not only been a key contributor to the evolution of the budget magnetic rowers and recumbents but has also been largely responsible for revolutionizing budget spin bikes in the US.

As far as the Joroto X3 indoor cycle goes, it is a durable and fully adjustable machine. And unlike the X2 models that we’ve already reviewed on this website, the JOROTO X3 is an indoor cycling bike equipped with a friction resistance system.

In terms of specs and features, this exercise bike by Joroto Fitness can be compared to the Schwinn IC3, except it is equipped with a less advanced fitness computer and the pedals are not SPD compatible.

But what really helps the Jorot X3 indoor bike to stand out from the crowd is the 45-pound balanced flywheel and the low-maintenance belt-drive system. On top of that, the Joroto Fitness X3 has an ergonomic frame shape and durable lever-adjustment system rather than knobs.

The Joroto X3 spin bike retails for less than $500 and includes free shipping in the U.S. It has a 1-year warranty on all the parts which is not bad compared to some brands such as Sunny Health and Fitness offers.

Important Note!
This is where I compare the Joroto X3 with other exercise bikes that cost around the same amount to make sure you get the best possible deal on the market. After searching the industry for spin bikes under $500, I was able to find one spin bike that can compete with the X3 and that is the Schwinn IC3.

The IC3 bike includes SPD pedals and a better computer that reads the RPM and connects with the telemetry wireless chest straps to calculate the heart rate. So, I would recommend that one if you like friction spin bikes. But I personally wouldn’t buy any of them, instead, I would buy the Joroto XM30 indoor cycle which was just released for the same price. It has magnetic resistance which is an important factor for an extra smooth and quiet indoor cycling workout.

To make it easy for you to navigate through this ultimate JOROTO X3 indoor cycling bike review, I have created the table of content below.

Technical Information:

Joroto X3 Indoor Cycle Specs:

  • Height: 46.8″
  • Width: 20.8″
  • Length: 50.4″
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Foot Levelers: Yes
  • Bike Weight: 121-Pound
  • Max User Weight: 300 Pounds
  • User Inseam: 27.9″ to 36″
  • Shipping Weight: 135 Pounds
  • Power Requirements: Batteries (included)
  • Water Bottle Holder: N/A

The JOROTO X3 exercise bike is made for at-home use with heavy thick and strong parts which means it can easily handle up to 2 hours of daily use. So, if more than one person in your family wants to exercise, the X3 Joroto spin bike is a good choice.

Compared to other types of cardio machines that feature compact dimensions and large transport wheels, the JOROTO X3 indoor cycling bike has a 45-lb flywheel and a thickened frame. These characteristics make the X3 bike a bit bulkier and heavier. So, it takes a little more space, but it is still easy to store and move from one place to another place in the house, thanks to its durable frame.

The heavy-duty steel frame and 120-pound total weight indicate how sturdy the X3 JOROTO exercise bike is. Unlike cheap indoor cycling bikes, this JOROTO exercise bike has heavy stabilizers to prevent rocking during exercise.

Additionally, the JOROTO Fitness X3 exercise bike has 4 adjustable foot levelers. They will help protect the floor and keep the bike stable on uneven surfaces.

But that is just a tiny part what this JOROTO spin bike has to offer. The Joroto X3 is semi-commercial-grade which means it is more durable than many cheap home use spin bikes.

You can buy the X3 Joroto indoor bike for at-home use or use in a light commercial setting such as office, hotel, etc. And as far as the inseam capacity goes, this JOROTO Fitness exercise bike adjusts for most users.

Joroto X3 Bike Monitor:

X3 spin bike monitor
  • Joroto X3 monitor displays the time, cal, speed, and distance.
  • The monitor is not compatible with wireless HR straps.
  • Joroto X3 monitor is not backlit.
  • X3 Joroto is NOT equipped with watt tracking, preset workouts, or Bluetooth, ANT/+ connectivity.
  • This workout data monitor is battery-powered, and to save energy it automatically shuts off after a few minutes of inactivity.

Before I tell you the cons of Joroto X3 bike computer, you need to keep in mind that many indoor cycling bikes in this price point, don’t even come with a monitor to start with. But thankfully, the Joroto X3 indoor bike does include a monitor.

The X3 console is not compatible with wireless heart rate chest straps. It also doesn’t have pulse sensors on the handlebars. So, if you want to stay within certain heart rate training zones as you workout, you will need to buy an HR reader wristwatch or a Bluetooth chest strap to connect with your phone/tablet.

The X3 monitor is not also blue backlit which makes it difficult to see and track your spinning workout stats in the low-light condition. Unfortunately, the monitor communicates with the speed sensor via wire (not wirelessly). And the wire runs along the frame which can create extra maintenance if you are not careful.

Note: While this Joroto spin bike tracks many important cycling feedbacks, it does not track the watts and the RPM. It also doesn’t have internal memory, Bluetooth or ANT/+ connectivity. Therefore, you can’t save your daily workouts on the monitor or on the spinning Apps.

However, there is an easy solution that enables you to save workout progress on the apps and also compete with other cyclists online. This simple solution includes a Wahoo sensor (search our website for spin bike computer to learn more about the Wahoo sensors).

Pedals and Q-factor:

Joroto x3 indoor bike pedals
  • Joroto X3 spin bike has single-sided toe cage pedals (no SPD elements).
  • This bike has the standard 9/16″ pedals thread size.
  • Pedal straps are adjustable for a safer exercise.
  • The X3 Q-factor is 190MM which is good.

Joroto X3 cycling exercise bike features thick and solid crank arms and toe cage pedals. Unfortunately, the pedals are not SPD compatible which means if you want to use cycling shoes, you need to replace the pedals.

Thankfully, the Joroto Fitness indoor cycle has the standard 9/16″ pedal thread size. So, you can replace the pedals with pretty much any of clipless spin bike pedals (search our website for the best SPD pedals for spin bikes).

The Q-factor, one of the most important features when buying indoor cycling bikes is proudly disclosed and it is 190mm which is considered ergonomic and really good compared to many other top home indoor bikes in the same price class.

In case you are new to indoor cycling, the q factor is the horizontal distance between the two pedals. Wide q factors tend to keep riders’ feet too far apart which can cause injuries if you have narrow hips.

X3 Exercise Bike Flywheel:

Joroto X3 flywheel
  • Joroto Fitness X3 flywheel weighs 45 pounds.
  • The flywheel and the resistance system have a sweat protection guard.
  • X3 bike has a fixed-wheel system.
  • The Joroto X3 flywheel is bidirectional.

The X3 indoor bike flywheel is well built with its weight at 44 pounds. This heavy-duty 45-pound flywheel provides a smooth ride with a large range of challenges to meet the needs of most riders.

Just like any other indoor cycling exercise bike under $500, the X3 Joroto indoor cycling bike is fixed-wheel (fixe-gear). Meaning the flywheel moves and stops with the pedals which has an advantage and disadvantage.

Fixed-gear (bidirectional) flywheel advantage is that you can pedal forward and reverse with resistance and engage different leg muscle groups. The disadvantage is that you can not take a break or immediately jump off the bike until the flywheel stops spinning.

Freewheel bikes are more expensive. They work similarly to road bicycles. Meaning even after you stop pedaling, the flywheel still turns. So, you can jump off the bike in case of an emergency or take a short break whenever you want, without having to wait for the flywheel to stop.

X3 Resistance System:

X3 Joroto resistance
  • JOROTO X3 bike has leather friction resistance system.
  • The leather is quieter and smoother than felt-pad brakes.
  • This Joroto stationary exercise bike features knob adjustment.
  • Resistance system along with part of the flywheel has a sweat protection cover.
  • X3’s resistance knob also functions as an emergency brake.

The X3 stationary exercise bike from Joroto Fitness has an unlimited resistance system. While it is not as quiet as a magnetic resistance bike, it does provide more (infinite) resistance.

Unlike magnetic bikes, it doesn’t have certain levels of resistance. Each knob turn provides a challenging workout to suit the needs of indoor cyclists and mimic uphill real road riding.

When buying Joroto X3 indoor cycling bike, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the braking system. They are made of good material popular for heat-tolerance and providing a quiet and smooth ride.

There is also a small protection guard above the resistance to make sure the breaking leather remains dry. Overall, it is consistent, durable and quieter than felt-pad friction resistance bikes. But it is NOT as quiet as magnetic bikes (search for the best magnetic spin bikes on our website to see the top magnetic options).

Drive System:

Joroto-X3 indoor cycle belt drive
  • Joroto X3 cycling exercise bike is belt-driven.
  • It is quiet and requires little maintenance.
  • X3 bike features press down rollers for belt adjustment which makes the ride smooth and low-maintenance.
  • X3 Joroto spin bike is equipped with a high-quality belt box to minimize noise and maintenance.

If you have been reading this X3 Joroto indoor cycling bike review, you already know this spin bike is belt-driven. But let’s see why it is better than chain drive bikes.

Belt system doesn’t have hundreds of tiny rings and pieces like a chain do. Therefore, it breaks harder and lasts longer. But that is not the only benefit of belt-driven spin bikes.

Featuring belt makes the bike quieter and eliminates the need for oiling. And if the belt is high quality and combined with the press down rollers, like the one on the X3 bike, it doesn’t stretch. So, you don’t need to deal with adjustment tools every week.

On top of that, the Joroto spin bike X3 comes with an ergonomically designed high-quality belt box that provides better protection during riding and sound-proof effect. Which makes it more suitable for at-home and apartment use.

Handlebars and Seat:

Joroto X3 Seat and Handlebars
  • X3 indoor bike offers multi-seat and handlebar adjustments.
  • Joroto X3 seat is 4-way adjustable.
  • The seat is cushioned and comfortable.
  • It has the standard seat clamp size so the replacements are available widely.
  • The handlebar also has up/down and fore/aft adjustment.
  • X3 features cam and lever locking mechanism which is better than the knob system.

Designed for comfort, the Joroto indoor cycling stationary exercise bike X3 features an adjustable seat and handlebars that move fore and aft as well as up and down so most users can acquire a safe custom fit.

And the full adjustment is the main reason this Joroto X3 stationary exercise bike can accommodate users from 27.9″ to 36″ inseam height. The only problem as far as the handlebar design goes is the lack of built-in water bottle holders on the handlebars. So, to stay hydrated during the exercise you will need to buy a bottle holder separately which can cost around $20.

Featuring the cam and lever locking system is relatively easier to adjust compared to the knob adjustment system. They also tighten nicely, so you don’t need to worry about the bike jostling during your indoor cycling workout.

The seat is soft and breathable with a curve in the center to keep you cool during summer rides. So, when you buy the Joroto X3 belt-drive exercise bike, you don’t necessarily need a seat cover or seat replacement.

Joroto X3 Price and Warranty:

  • JOROTO X3 price is around $500.
  • JOROTO Fitness residential warranty includes:
  • 1-year on all parts and frame.
  • To order parts under warranty, you can contact the seller through
  • They provide helpful and prompt customer services which are rare to find nowadays.

Depending on where you buy the Joroto X3 indoor cycling bike the price might vary. On Amazon U.S, you can purchase the Joroto X3 indoor cycle for under $500.

On Amazon U.S. you may also find the Joroto X3 exercise bike on offers sometimes, but that doesn’t happen often since there is a high demand for the Joroto Sport and Fitness spin bikes.

As far as the warranty goes, this quality piece of equipment features a good warranty. Built to last, the X3 includes a 1-year warranty that covers the frame and the parts.

Note: It is one year warranty for the entire bike which is better than what Sunny Health and Fitness offers (90-days) but not as good as what brands like Sole Fitness or BodyCraft offer (you can search for BodyCraft and Sole spin bikes on this website).

Shipping and Assembly:

  • The Joroto X3 manual and assembly tools are included.
  • Joroto X3 assembly is very easy.
  • Joroto X3 shipping is free.
  • This bike ships in one box that weighs around 125-pound.
  • Expert assembly is available to order on Amazon but not included.

The Joroto X3 exercise bike home use standard comes with free shipping and in one big heavy box. Therefore, we suggest you ask the carrier to help bring the bike inside or unbox the bike outside and bring inside in tow pieces.

Aside from the bike, there are the Joroto X3 assembly tools and manuals in the box. So, you wouldn’t need to buy, borrow or use other tools for assembly of Joroto X3 spin bike.

The X3 stationary exercise bike comes about 80% assembled, which is great in many ways. The remaining assembly is relatively straight-forward but still might take you about an hour.

Assembly manual is very easy to follow as long as you pay attention to detail and have little mechanical common sense. It is recommended to do the assembly with 2 people.

The parts that you need to assembly are leg stabilizers, pedals, seat, handlebars and computer. The flywheel, drive mechanism and crank arms come pre-assembled.

Joroto X3 Exercise Bike Pros:

Fully customizable:
If you are not able to adjust the seat and handlebars both vertically and horizontally, there is a chance you will not fit the bike for a low-impact safe and comfortable ride. Thankfully, the Jorot X3 exercise bike is completely adjustable. The rider can move the seat and handlebars in 4-directions (fore/aft up/down) to set up the bike correctly for their heights.

  • With 45 pounds precision machine balanced heavy flywheel the Joroto X3 spin bike provides a smooth ride and effectively mimics the feel of a road bike.
  • Leather resistance system which is better than the felt-pad brakes.
  • Durable protection guard keeps the sweat off the resistance pad and flywheel.
  • Manual and tools are included with Joroto X3 for easy assembly.
  • 300 Pounds max user weight capacity.
  • Excellent consumer reviews across the web.
  • Joroto X3 spin bike features quality components and sturdy frame.
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats allow for long workout sessions with limited fatigue.
  • Belt driven system to ensure low-maintenance smooth performance.
  • Built-in display unit makes it possible to plan, track and monitor your performance.

Joroto X3 Exercise Bike Cons:

For this price tag, I was hoping the X3 Joroto indoor bike comes with dual-sided SPD compatible pedals. But unfortunately, the pedals are toe-caged. So, if you want to use proper clipless spinning shoes, you will need to replace the pedals. A pair of dual-sided Shimano compatible pedals cost around $40. (Search our website for spin bike pedals and shoes).

Frictions resistance
It creates noise and requires more maintenance than magnetic resistance spin bikes. Because it comes in direct contact with the flywheel and wears out after a while. With that being said, sometimes serious outdoor bikers and those who take their indoor exercise routine seriously prefer friction resistance because it offers unlimited resistance for high-intensity workouts. (Lookup our website for the best magnetic spin bikes if you prefer quiet rides)

  • No Bluetooth or ANT/+ connectivity.
  • The monitor does not track the RPM and the watts.
  • No media shelf to keep your phone/tablet on the bike (can be purchased separately)

Last word on the Joroto X3 indoor cycling bike

Whether or not you buy the JOROTO X3 exercise bike comes down to a rather obvious factor which is always the money. If you want a bike that you know many people in your house will be using, then buy a Keiser, preferably Keiser M3i. You can always rely on well into the future and never have to worry about it breaking down no matter how hard you push it.

But if your budget is less than $500 and not more than two people will use do spinning indoor, then the JOROTO X3 indoor cycling bike is very well suited for you. Indoor cycling enthusiasts who have a tight budget will not be disappointed with the JOROTO X3 spin bike.

With its 40-pound flywheel and rock-solid construction, this exercise bike is capable of providing a smooth high-intensity workout. Additionally, the Joroto X3 is an extremely high-quality bike compared to many other indoor bikes in its price class.

My final recommendation is that as mentioned in the “noise” section above, it may be worth buying the JOROTO XM30 model, simply for the silent magnetic resistance feature. However, if you have used friction resistance spin bike and know for sure the noise is not an issue for you, then go with the X3 model.

9.5 Total Score

The Joroto X3 exercise bike represents another durable and high-quality bike from fitness equipment seller, Joroto Sports and Fitness. If you’ve been browsing the Joroto X3 indoor cycling bike online the first thing you’ll notice is its extremely affordable price of $500 which makes it a great value for the money. Thanks to Joroto X3 spin bike's affordable price, it has sold many bikes across the US as the ride experience, reliability and quality of the bike have proven to be a solid investment for users of all fitness levels. If you’re a serious indoor cycling enthusiast who wants a machine that you can push to your limits and not have any doubts about maxing out its capabilities, the Joroto X3 indoor cycle is well worth taking a closer look. However, if you want a spin bike for the apartment, I suggest you buy one of the Joroto magnetic spin bikes reviewed on this website. Thanks to the combination of blet-drive and magnetic system, those indoor cycles provide nearly silent operation.

JOROTO X3 Indoor Cycling Bike Review
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