Joroto Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer Reviews – Joroto X1s, X2, X3, X5 Bikes

For someone who has been spinning and writing spinning bike reviews for years, it didn’t take me much to fall in love with the design, quality, and sturdiness of Joroto exercise bikes.

And I am sure you didn’t accidentally stumble on the Joroto spin bike reviews. You are here because Joroto indoor cycling bikes have become popular. And there are several good reasons for it that you will learn them below.

Joroto Fitness and Sports is a huge name in the fitness industry. They have been manufacturing treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machine, and exercise bikes for the last three decades.

Joroto Fitness is operating in 90 countries around the world with headquarter in Colorado. So, it’s not some unknown cheap brand to disappear off the face of the earth when you need a part replacement.

When buying a Joroto spin bike or any other fitness equipment from this brand, you will receive good customer services and warranty. Now that you know a little about the Joroto Fitness brand, let’s find out which Joroto Fitness spin bike is best for you.

This Joroto exercise bike review includes all the five Joroto spin cycles. Depending on the quality, features, and sturdiness we ranked the Joroto stationary bikes from number 1 to number 4.

If you can afford to buy Joroto exercise bike featured in the first place, don’t buy the one in the second or third place. They might look the same to you, but each Joroto Fitness and Sports indoor bike has different features.

Joroto Exercise Bikes Comparison

Comparison Table For The Joroto Indoor Cycling Bike Trainers X1, X2, X3, X5
JOROTO X5 Professional Stationary Exercise BikeOverpriced (YEB does not recommend it)Kouz, Maxkare, and Echelon EX15 (search our websites for these bikes)Belt-Drive
29.5″ to 39″330-Pound46-Lb4-Way
220 MM
X3 JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike TrainerOverpriced (YEB does not recommend it)Kouz, Maxkare, and Echelon EX15 (search our websites for these bikes)Belt-Drive
27.9″ to 36″300-Pound45-Lb4-Way
190 MM
XM30 Joroto Sports and Fitness Indoor BikeOverpriced (YEB does not recommend it)Kouz, Maxkare, and Echelon EX15 (search our websites for these bikes)Belt-Drive
29.5″ to 38.2″300-Pound30-Lb4-Way
184 MM
X2 Joroto Magnetic Indoor Cycling BikeOverpriced (YEB does not recommend it)Kouz, Maxkare, and Echelon EX15 (search our websites for these bikes)Belt-Drive
27.5″ to 36.2″280-Pound30-Lb4-Way
180 MM
X1 JOROTO Spin Bike With Electronic DisplayOverpriced (YEB does not recommend it)Kouz, Maxkare, and Echelon EX15 (search our websites for these bikes)Chain-Drive
25.6″ to 35.4″280-Pound35-Lb2-Way
180 MM

Overview: Joroto Fitness Indoor Cycling Bikes

To help you easily navigate through our ultimate guide to Joroto spin cycles for home and Joroto bike comparison, we created the tablet of content below.

1. JOROTO X5 Professional Stationary Exercise Bike

 out of stock
as of December 3, 2022 11:47 am

X5 is the best Joroto Fitness and Sports spin bike featuring compact, thick, sturdy and stable steel pipe frame that attracts every buyer’s attention.

This highly adjustable top Joroto exercise bike has 330 pounds weight capacity and from 4’9″ to 6’5″ user height capacity. Therefore, all members of your family can adjust the spin bike to get an intense stationary bike workout.

X5 Joroto spin bike features a truly user-friendly handlebar design that adjusts fore/aft, up and down. The multi-grip handlebar features an ergonomic design for all spinning positions.

The Joroto X5 indoor cycling bike trainer also comes with a breathable and comfortable cushioned seat. The seat and handlebar posts fit tightly in the frame so you don’t feel moving parts during the spinning workout.

X5 Joroto Fitness bike features a 56-pound pure steel flywheel. This weight is enough to provide a smooth and natural 360-degree pedal stroke throughout the spinning workout.

The resistance on X5 Joroto indoor cycling bike is leather which is more quiet and smoother compared to friction pads. It makes very little noise so you can do your indoor spinning workout without disturbing anyone in the house. What makes it even quieter and maintenance-free is the durable cover that protects the leather pads and the flywheel from excessive sweat.

But that’s not all! Joroto X5 stationary bike features a very quiet and maintenance-free belt drive system. The Poly-V belt with Kevlar cord is designed for a smooth, incredibility quiet ride with realistic road feel. Also, unlike chain-drive spin bikes, it doesn’t require lubricating.

Bottom line!

Joroto Fitness X5 exercise bike features a relatively basic digital monitor. It’s not backlit so it’s hard to see the stats in the dark. But it allows you to track your spinning workout progress. The monitor provides the time, RPM, speed, distance, and calories burned, to keep you motivated and on pace.

The X5 Joroto spin bike pedals have anti-skid surface, adjustable straps, and high strength aluminum alloy structure. However, they are not SPD cycling shoes compatible.

So, if you want to do an intense and safe spinning workout, you might need to replace the pedals. The link for dual-sided compatible SPD pedals is listed in the accessory section down below.

Another really nice feature is the adjustable rubber foot levelers. On each corner below the frame, there is a leveler that can be adjusted to minimize the vibration and protect the floor from scratches. What I don’t like about the Joroto X5 indoor cycling bike is the wide q-factor (220MM) and the lack of a water bottle holder.

X5 Joroto spin bike costs more than the other two but it’s well worth it if the wide q-factor is not important for you. It comes with a more durable frame, heavier flywheel, and tablet holder. Being the best spin bike by Joroto Fitness, the X5 also comes with a free and adjustable tablet stand.

So, you can keep your device on the bike while cycling. The tablet mount is not included in the same shipping box with the bike. You will receive it in another parcel and perhaps not on the same day with the bike.

Joroto X5 Professional Indoor Cycling Bike – Specs

  • Q-Factor: 220 MM
    Drive Mechanism: Belt
    Warranty: 1-Year
    Pedals: Toe cage only
    Inseam Capacity: 29.5″ to 39″
    Resistance type: Leather pad (friction)
    Chest Strap: Not Compatible
    Dimensions: H 48” X W 21” X L 50”
    Item weight: 136 lbs
    Weight capacity: 330-Lbs
    Flywheel: 46-Lb
    Power Source: Batteries, included
  • Pros:
    Durable frame
    Adjustable seat and handlebar
    Leather friction resistance
    Tablet holder
    Heavy flywheel
  • Cons:
    No bottle holder and wide q-factor
    Dark LCD monitor

2. Joroto X3 Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer

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as of December 3, 2022 11:47 am

Joroto X3 Spinning workout bike is available in 3 nice colors and retails for less than $600. X3 is the second-best indoor bike by Joroto fitness after the X5, which is featured in the first place in this Joroto stationary exercise bike review.

You don’t need to be an expert to figure out how sturdy the X3 Joroto spin cycle bike is. A glance to the thick steel pipe frame and giant flywheel gives you a pretty good idea of what you are getting for less than $600.

Unlike many other cheap materials, the steel pipe doesn’t rust, it’s not easy to wear and doesn’t have a limited use-life. It’s 2mm thick, featuring corrosion resistance paint and high hardness. This type of steel is up to 2-4 times stronger and thicker compared to some other spin bikes in this price range.

Joroto indoor spin bike X3 features a silent car-grade belt drive mechanism. It’s non-skidding, wear and tear-resistant and up to 10 times more durable than a regular belt you find on cheap spin bikes. The belt doesn’t stretch so you won’t have to adjust the tension every day.

Featuring a 45-pound flywheel, the X3 Joroto portable exercise bike offers a very smooth and consistent spin bike workout for all fitness levels. It has adjustable felt pads resistance that you can also use as an emergency brake.

Bottom line!

What I like a lot about X3 Joroto indoor exercise bike is the adjustment. The seat and the handlebar are both vertically and horizontally adjustable. So, pretty much every member of your family can adjust this Joroto Fitness spinning bicycle to their height. It can accommodate users from 27.9″ to 36″ inseam height.

The original seat has a narrow racing style. But if you want a wider seat, you can send Joroto a message on Amazon and ask them to send a wide seat instead. They are both cushioned and breathable, we recommend the racing saddle as they don’t create friction and chafing.

This compact exercise bike by Joroto Fitness features an LCD monitor that tracks time, speed, distance, and calories. Some users claim their X3 bikes also tracks RPM but we haven’t been able to receive confirmation from the company.

Other good features of Joroto X3 spin bike for the home include transport wheels, adjustable foot levelers, and durable crank arms. Last but not least, the X3 Joroto stationary bike shipping is free within the United States.

The pedals are toe cage only which means you can’t clip in your spinning shoes. And that’s very common for exercise bikes under $600. When buying Joroto X3 spin bike, we recommend additional SPD compatible pedals, a tablet holder and a water bottle holder. The links for these accessories are listed down below.

Joroto Fitness X3 Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer – Specs

  • Q-Factor: 190 MM
    Drive Mechanism: Belt
    Warranty: 1-Year
    Pedals: Toe cage only
    Inseam Capacity: 27.9″ to 36″
    Resistance type: Felt pad (friction)
    Chest Strap: Not Compatible
    Dimensions: H 46.8” X W 20.8” X L 50.4”
    Item weight: 121 lbs
    Weight capacity: 300-Lbs
    Flywheel: 45-Lb
    Power Source: Batteries, included
  • Pros:
    Easy assembly
    Heavy chromed flywheel
    Thick sturdy steel frame
    Ergonomic design
    Available in several colors
    Adjustable seat and handle
    Car-grade belt-drive
  • Cons:
    No water bottle holder
    Doesn’t seem to track RPM
    No tablet holder

3. Joroto XM30 Indoor Exercise Bike

 out of stock
as of December 3, 2022 11:47 am

The JOROTO XM30 Indoor Cycle is very basic in terms of computer, but it has an excellent construction, drive-system and resistance technology. Additionally, this Joroto exercise bike has quite a few useful features such as two media shelves and one large convenient bottle holder.

On top of featuring durable thickened metal parts and frame, the XM30 Jorot Fitness stationary bike has 7 quality magnets and a 30-pound flywheel that provide sufficient resistance for high-intensity spinning workouts.

The bike comes with a belt-drive, which gives you a smoother ride compared to the chain drive indoor cycles. When the belt drive is combined with magnetic resistance, the operation is smooth drive and you will barely need to do maintenance (no lubing, frequent adjusting or changing brake pads).

In terms of the design and adjustment, the Joroto bike is quite comfortable and you will have a fully adjustable seat and handlebar with multi-grips to use. This means that you can comfortably set up the bike for your height, lean forward and get out of the saddle to stand and climb those mountains with rhythm.

Under the stabilizers, there are adjustable levelers for you to give a great workout without rocking. The bike is also incredibly smooth and there is virtually no noise when you are working out indoors.

Bottom line!

Joroto Fitness XM30 exercise bike doesn’t have an impressive LCD monitor. It is not backlit and can’t track the HR, RPM or watts but it does track your speed, time, calories, and distance. It is not a dealbreaker because pretty much all spin bike in this price range come with the same fitness computer.

Even though this Jorot exercise bike lack in wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and ANT/+), the bike does have enough space for you to add a tablet and steam your own spin bike workout programs to keep things interesting for you and keep you motivated to shed off those extra pounds.

In fact, one of the features that most indoor cycling bikes don’t have but the Jorot bike XM30 has is the convenient bottle holder on the handlebars and two device holders.

As far as the capacity is concerned, the bike can accommodate people from 28″ to 38″ inseam and up to 300 pounds. This is very impressive compared to other magnetic spin bikes on the market.

In terms of pricing, the XM30 Joroto Sports and Fitness bike is quite affordable and thanks to the value it provides, we highly recommend the bike for all fitness levels, especially novice and mid-level indoor cycling enthusiasts.

As I earlier mentioned in this Joroto indoor bike reviews, the assembly is fairly easy. And you don’t necessarily need to have an expert assemble the bike as long as you feel confident using some tools which are also included.

Our main concern is the lack of RPM reading and SPD pedals which is common among 99% of indoor cycling bikes under $500. The only spin bike that features the SPD pedals and the RPM reading under $500 is the Schwinn IC3, but unfortunately, that bike is not magnetic.

JOROTO Fitness & Sport XM30 Cycling Bike – Specs

  • Q-Factor: 184 MM
    Drive Mechanism: Belt
    Warranty: 1-Year
    Pedals: Toe cage only
    Inseam Capacity: 29.5″ to 38.2″
    Resistance type: Magnetic
    Chest Strap: Not Compatible
    Dimensions: H 42.5” X W 20” X L 43”
    Item weight: 110 lbs
    Weight capacity: 300-Lbs
    Flywheel: 30-Lb
    Power Source: Batteries, included
  • Pros:
    Thickened frame and widened stabilizers
    Triangle whole design and dual load-bearing tubes
    Adjustable seat and handlebar
    Magnetic resistance and excellent q-factor
    Two device holders
    Convenient bottle holder
  • Cons:
    Dark LCD monitor (no RPM or HR)
    No SPD elements

4. JOROTO X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

 in stock
2 new from $399.99
3 used from $303.35
Free shipping
as of December 3, 2022 11:47 am

Came out in Funerary 2019, the Joroto X2 is already turning into a best seller belt drive exercise bike for home gyms. While all the Joroto indoor cycling bikes are impressive, the X2 is our favorite.

The Jorot X2 magnetic indoor cycle is smooth and offers a quiet cycling workout, thanks to the magnetic resistance technology, high-quality bearing, and belt drivetrain.

You already know that magnets combined with belt provide super quiet and consistent operation. But what is even nicer about this combination is the low-maintenance requirement.

Unlike friction resistance which is what you would find on all the other Joroto indoor cycling bike, the magnetic resistance system is non-touch. That means you don’t need to change brake pads every few years.

And the belt, unlike the chain, does not need lubing which often create a mess, not to mention the chain maintenance expenses. Thankfully, with Joroto X2 magnetic exercise bike, you will nor have to deal with lubing neither with the annoying noise.

Additionally, the Joroto magnetic indoor cycle offers a 30 pounds solid steel flywheel for stability, with aluminum cover to provide you smooth and consistent riding.

Bottom Line!

One of the features that I like a lot about the Joroto magnetic indoor cycling bike is its handlebar design. The X2 has a multi-use holder that can support the tablet, phones, water bottle, and other personal accessories.

So, with peace of mind, you can place your device safely on the handlebars to watch a spinning workout video without having to spend another $50 for a tablet holder.

The seat and handlebar are both 4-way adjustable to fit all users with different heights. This means everyone in your family can use the bike without hurting their back. The Joroto magnetic indoor cycle trainer can accommodate users with minimum 27.5″ and maximum 36.2″.

Joroto has disclosed the q-factor for the X2 magnetic indoor cycle but it is 180 mm which is really good. Other features of the magnetic Joroto bike includes a steel toe-caged pedals with adjustable straps and a very basic non-backlit monitor.

The Joroto X2 monitor runs on batteries (included) displaying your time, speed, distance, and calories burned. This bike does not track RPM, heart rate, or watts and it doesn’t have ANT/+ Bluetooth connectivity.

Joroto magnetic indoor exercise bike’s computer is very basic and nothing special but it will allow you to see your results to keep you motivated and on pace. It is not backlit so in the low-light condition you will need to turn on the light to see the stats.

Overall the X2 Joroto magnetic spin bike offers a smooth and nearly silent ride, which is why this bike is very suitable for indoor exercise. You can do an intense spin workout early morning or late evening without disturbing the families or roommate and avoid maintenance headaches.

Joroto Magnetic Indoor Cycle X2 – Specs

  • Specifications:
    Q-Factor: 180 MM
    Drive Mechanism: Belt
    Pedals: Regular toe caged (9/16″ standard pedal thread)
    Inseam Capacity: 27.5″ to 36.2″
    Warranty: 1-Year
    Resistance type: Magnetic
    Chest Strap: Not Compatible
    Dimensions: H 42.5” X W 19.7” X L 42.9”
    Item weight: 94 lbs
    Weight capacity: 280-Lbs
    Flywheel: 30-Lb
    Power Source: Batteries, included
  • Pros:
    Silent and virtually maintenance-free magnetic resistance
    Quiet and low-maintenance durable belt drivetrain
    Fully adjustable handlebars.
    Comfortable and fully adjustable seat.
    Great value for the price
    Good tablet holder
    Two water bottle holders
    Relatively good warranty
    Heavy flywheel and narrow q-factor
  • Cons:
    Small and dark monitor makes it hard to see the progress
    Toe caged pedals, not compatible with clipless cycling shoes

5. JOROTO X1s Spin Bike With Electronic Display

 out of stock
as of December 3, 2022 11:47 am

The Joroto stationary spin bike X1 has a good spot in the arena of the budget spinning bikes market. With its friction pad tension control, this Joroto spin exercise bike allows you to adjust the resistance to the exact level you desire.

Whether you’re experienced in spinning workout or just discovering the benefits of indoor cycling exercise, the Joroto X1 home exercise bike guarantees you a smooth, comfortable and intense workout.

Among the advantages of the X1 Joroto exercise bike, its easy-to-read LCD screen, heavy flywheel, and sturdy frame help it stand out from the crowd. Joroto spin bike X1 features a 35pound spin bike flywheel which helps to provide a smooth close-to-real road cycling feel.

Additionally, this home exercise bike by Joroto is designed with a nice built-in tablet holder to keep you entertained. And it’s breathable cushioned saddle is bound to deliver comfortable and stable performance.

While the seat is fully adjustable, the handlebars are only vertically adjustable which is the downside of this cheap spin bike by Joroto. Lack of adjustment prevents proper spin bike set up for various heights.

Being the cheapest Joroto exercise bike, it features a chain-drive, which requires more maintenance and makes more noise than belt-drive spin bikes. The pedals are toe cage only which is very common for cheap stationary bikes under $500.

Bottom line!

The X1 exercise bike from Joroto Fitness includes a relatively good spin bike computer. It can track the RPM, distance, speed, time, and calories which is not bad for the price.

X1 Joroto spin bikes for home use can support up to 280 pounds user weight. And the seat adjusts to accommodate users from 25.6″ to 35.4″ inseam length. Other features of this Joroto exercise bike with screen includes transport wheels and foot levelers.

JOROTO X1S exercise bike indoor cycle trainer is one of the best budget exercise bikes featuring a sturdy and solid frame. But it doesn’t have the features of Joroto Fitness X3 and X5. Many users don’t like the bulky design and the 2-way adjustable handlebars.

But if that’s not a factor, buying Joroto spin bike will provide a basic cardio workout for you and your loved ones. Note: If you are an elite or intermediate level cyclist, we recommend the bikes listed first and second in these Joroto stationary bike reviews.

JOROTO X1 Exercise Bike Indoor Trainer – Specs

  • Q-Factor: 180 MM
    Drive Mechanism: Chain – belt version is also available now
    Pedals: Toe cage only
    Inseam Capacity: 25.6″ to 35.4″
    Warranty: 1-Year
    Resistance type: Felt pad (friction)
    Chest Strap: Not Compatible
    Dimensions: H 42.5” X W 19.7” X L 42.9”
    Item weight: 100 lbs
    Weight capacity: 280-Lbs
    Flywheel: 35-Lb
    Power Source: Batteries, included
  • Pros:
    Affordable price
    Good tablet holder
    Heavy flywheel
    Sturdy frame
  • Cons:
    Only up/down adjustable handlebars
    Chain drive
    No bottle holder

Joroto Fitness Indoor Bikes

Things to know about Joroto exercise bikes:



All Joroto spinner spin bikes feature a computer to keep you motivated throughout your indoor cycling exercise. However, these indoor cycling bike monitors are not backlit. So, it’s difficult to see them in the dark.

They are also not Bluetooth or ANT/+ compatible so you can’t join online cycling apps or connect wireless chest straps. One of the solutions for connecting online is listed down below.


Joroto stationary bikes require very little assembly. The only parts that you need to assemble are the stabilizers, monitor, pedals, seat, and handlebars.

Tools for the assembly of Joroto Fitness professional spin bike are included. Watching the video at the bottom of the page about Joroto home cycling bike assembly will give you a good idea of how much work it requires.

Joroto indoor cycling bike reviews

Joroto exercising bikes weren’t released long ago, yet they boost 75+ customer reviews. 100% of those consumers who purchased the Joroto X5 and X3 rated the bikes 5 stars. It’s an excellent sign of quality that is hard to find for exercise bikes under $1000.

However, those who bought the X1 seem not as happy with their purchase. Because only 73% of them rated the X1 Joroto stationary cycling bike 5 stars. The Joroto indoor bike reviews by consumers indicate the high quality of these bikes.

Ergonomic elegant design

The X3 and X5 top rated exercise bikes by Joroto Fitness feature user-friendly and ergonomic design. They look beautiful, especially the Joroto X5 and X3.

The handlebars and seats of these two Joroto spin bikes adjust to fit most user heights. You can have a correct bike fit to eliminate joint and back pain during exercise bike workouts.


After going through detailed quality check each Joroto indoor stationary bike is packaged properly. When buying a Joroto Fitness spin bike, you will receive the bike in one sturdy package.

The Joroto X1S shipping box dimensions are 9.6 X 33.1 X 41.7 inches while the X3 and X5 shipping box dimensions are 10 X 33.1 X 42 inches. The Joroto exercise bike shipping weights vary based on the model.

The Joroto X5 indoor cycling bike trainer weighs 147.7 pounds. The X3 Joroto indoor cycling bike weighs 130 pounds and X1 weighs 110 pounds. All of these best-rated Joroto exercise bikes feature free shipping.


Another good reason that makes the Joroto bikes some of the best value exercise bikes in the market is warranty. Unlike many other brands such as Sunny or L-Now with 3-months warranty, the Joroto Fitness offers 12 months free parts replacement. This includes all the parts and frame.

Additionally, Joroto offers good customer services for all their cycling bikes and other exercise equipment.


Joroto spin bikes cost very little compared to many other bikes with the same quality and sturdiness. There are some popular brands that retail spin bikes similar to Joroto X5 for up to $1500.

There is no doubt that the Joroto bikes are good value for money. As for where to buy Joroto exercise bikes, we suggest Amazon. There, you will find the Joroto exercise bikes’ cheapest price.

You will be buying directly from the Joroto company on Amazon. There you can also find many Joroto indoor spin bike reviews by consumers. This way you can better understand what real consumers say about these best home cycling bike.

Indoor cycling clothing and accessories

Spinning shorts

Let’s start with what happens if you do spinning exercise without proper shorts. Painful chafing, bruises, and bottom sore are what you can expect without wearing chamois cycling shorts.

Unlike loose regular shorts, the cycling shorts have paddings, hidden seams and they are skin tight. Therefore, they move with your body rather than rubbing against them. And that reduces chaffing and spare you loads of pain.

So, when buying a budget spin bike by Joroto, we strongly suggest investing another $20-$50 for a short. Here is the link to the best women’s cycling short and the best men’s cycling shorts.

Cycling shoes

When cycling, you want to make sure all the power transfers from your leg to the pedal. So, you can do a more effective spinning session and burn more calories.

But that’s not possible if you are wearing regular gym shoes with soft soles. Spinning shoes have hard soles that are designed to transfer all the power from your legs to the pedals.

That’s not the only reason to buy SPD cycling shoes though! Regular shoes are not as safe because they can slide off the pedal and give you a painful bump on the shin. So, if you are committed to reaching your fitness goal, buying a pair of spinning shoes is a must with Joroto affordable spin bikes.

SPD Pedals

Unfortunately, it’s very common for spin bikes under $1000 not to have spin bike SPD pedals (dual-sided). And the same for Joroto exercise bike pedals, they are only toe-cage.

Therefore, if you want to wear cycling shoes with Joroto spinning bikes listed in this review, you will have to buy separate spd pedals for spin bike. See the link to the best spin bikes pedals and how to clip into spin bike.

Gel seat for spin bike

When purchasing a Joroto exercise bike for spinning at home, you don’t need to buy a seat cover for spin bike, right away. After using your Joroto indoor cycling exercise bike for a few days, it’s easier to decide if you need a seat cushion.

Fortunately, these top indoor cycling bikes by Joroto feature cushioned and comfortable seats. So, there is a big chance you wouldn’t need a spin bike seat cushion.

Tablet/phone holder

To keep your phone or tablet on the spin bike during the workout you will need a media holder. Fortunately, the Joroto X5 top-rated stationary bike and the budget X1 have media holder.

But the X3 indoor spinning doesn’t have this accessory. So, if you want to keep your device on the erg spin bike, consider buying a tablet stand for the X3 belt-driven spin bike.

Water bottle holder

Benefits of spin bike are so many but if you don’t stay hydrated during spinning, the side effects can overcome the benefits.

Unfortunately, none of the Joroto Fitness spin bikes have a bottle holder. Therefore, we highly suggest you consider purchasing a water bottle holder when buying a Joroto exercise bike.

Spin bike DVDs

There are tons of videos on Youtube teaching how to use spin bike and how to set up spin bike. But you need to have internet and search for them on the web.

However, if you want to have them all in your computer so you can watch and adjust your spin bike without going online, we suggest you buy spinning DVDs. Additionally, they will provide hundreds of spinning workout so you can do fresh exercise every day.

Zwift with Joroto spin bikes

Unless you are investing $1500+ it’s difficult to get a spin bike monitor with Bluetooth, ANT+ and WiFi connectivity. The lack of wireless connectivity prevents you from joining cycling apps to do online rides such as Tour de France spin bike games.

But fortunately, there is an easy cheap solution to it. If you want a computer for spin bike to exercise online, you need to consider buying a Wahoo sensor. It’s a sensor that allows you to use your phone/tablet as a bike computer to connect Zwift and many other Apps. 

Exercise bike mate

Pretty much all exercise machines create vibration, which can cause a little noise and can scratch your shiny floor. But there is an easy solution to it.

To keep the floor in good condition and to make the spinning workout smoother, you will need a rubber, PVC or foam mat to use under your bike. They also increase the life of your Joroto indoor cycling bikes.

Joroto Exercise Bike Conclusion

joroto x1s x3 and x5-indoor-cycling-bike-review

Finding in-depth Joroto spin bike reviews can be a daunting task. There are many different Joroto exercise bike reviews, so how can you possibly know which one is up-to-date and covers all the specs?

To make the research process easier, we have written this detailed best Joroto Fitness exercise bikes review. Under each Joroto stationary bike review, we listed the most important specs for you.

So, you can easily see the important features to be able to narrow down your options for the ideal Joroto exercise bike. These fitness equipment bikes can help take your health up a notch and reach your fitness goals faster without dealing with maintenance every day.

The best Joroto cycling exercise bike such as the X5 is bound to provide years of indoor cycling exercise. While this spin bike costs only $800, it has all the features found in spin bike deals above $1000. The same goes for the X3 Joroto Fitness and Sports indoor bike. They are all high-quality indoor bikes at affordable prices.

The quality and type of home spin bike have grown over the recent years, therefore now you have a wide variety to choose from. So, if Joroto friction resistance is not what you want, you can always get yourself one of these top magnetic bikes.

Note: These Joroto indoor cycling bikes are often referred to with the following names on the web:

X5 “JOROTO Exercise Bike Indoor Cycle Trainer X5 Professional Workout Cycling Bicycle Exercise Stationary Bike Machine for Home Cycle”

X3 “JOROTO Exercise Bike Indoor Trainer – X3 Workout Cycling Bicycle Exercise Stationary Bike Machine for Home Cycle (Color: Red)”

XM30 “JOROTO Indoor Exercise Bikes Stationary – Cycling Bike with Belt Drive and Magnetic Resistance 300 lb Weight Capacity for Home Gym Workout (Model: XM30)

X2 “JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike with Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bikes Stationary”

X1 “X1s and JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer – Professional Exercise Bike Stationary Bike for Home Cardio Gym Workout (with Electronic Display)”

8Expert Score
Joroto Indoor Cycling Bikes

Joroto exercise bike indoor cycle trainers X5, X3, X2, X1, and XM30 are some of the sturdiest spin bikes on the market in 2021. They feature adjustable seats, adjustable handlebars, silent belt drive, ergonomic design and more. These Joroto indoor cycling bikes feel just like an outdoor road bike and are ideal for HIIT workouts and spinning-type workouts. They provide excellent indoor cardio workout and can be a perfect alternative for outdoor cycling during the winter when the weather is not ideal. Joroto X5 spin bike, as well as X3, are good options in terms of value for money. They provide a smooth, stable and fluid workout thanks to the combination of belt drive system, the heavy-duty flywheel, and the solid sturdy frame. The four-way adjustable leather padded seat and height adjustable handlebars can accommodate users of all heights. All five of these Joroto indoor cycling bikes features a basic display console to help you track your performance. The X1s and X5 come with a multimedia tray for your phone or tablet to help keep you entertained. To find out more in details, scroll up to see the in-depth review for each Joroto exercise bike listed in this buying guide.

  1. Hi, I purchased your bike from Amazon and I want to ask if you have the Pedals that allow me to spin with my cycling shoes, the shoes that click in? Thank you.

  2. Very few manufacturers serve short people under 5 feet tall or having inseams under 27”, preferring to add the next gadget rather than serve this discriminated class in their model upgrades. I commend Joroto for having a model that accommodates short people with inseams of 27” or less, but why is that limited to your most basic models? Can the X3 or X5 be modified to fit appropriately down to 26”? We are tired of being treated as second class or ignored altogether.


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