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The JLL IC300 PRO indoor cycling exercise bike is the premium model in JLL indoor cycling series with a low-maintenance transmission and silent resistance.

With JLL IC300 Pro indoor bike you get a larger easier to read RPM monitor as well belt drive transmission which tends to offer a smooth spinning workout.

But what really stands out about the JLL IC300 spin bike is its magnetic resistance system combined with a 20-kg flywheel. The combination of these features is a relatively new thing on budget indoor cycles.

Thanks to 20-kg heavy flywheel, you can feel a smooth and consistent pedal stroke. Additionally, the JLL IC300 Pro bike includes a 12-month home use warranty which indicates quality and gives peace of mind for your investment.

On top of all these features, the JLL IC300 Pro indoor cycle is also equipped with a breathable center cutout 4-way adjustable seat to safely and comfortably fit users with different heights (suitable inseam: Min 28 Max 37″ ) while keeping you cool during summer indoor rides.

Priced below £300, this JLL indoor exercise bike is among the best value magnetic spin bike on the market. There are more details, including some cons that you need to know before buying the JLL IC300 indoor cycling exercise bike. Therefore, I am going to cover each aspect in more detail in this JLL IC300 Pro review down below.

Important Note:
This where we regularly update and compare the JLL IC300 with other options within the same price range on the market. And in this part, we tell you if the JLL bike is a good value or not. As far as the JLL IC300 magnetic indoor cycle is concerned, it is still the best-value cycling bike for that price. At least for now (November 2019).

However, if you have a smaller budget, I suggest you check out the Dripex. I personally don’t like it because it has friction resistance and no RPM reading but for the price, it is a good value bike. You can read more about the Dripex in our review of the best spin bike in the UK.

Technical Information:

JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Cycle Specification:

  • Height: 112 cm
  • Width: 51 cm
  • Length: 131 cm
  • Bike Weight: 45 Kg
  • Shipping Weight: 49 Kg
  • Max User Weight: 130 Kg
  • Height Capacity: 160 cm to 190 cm (Min inseam 70cm Max inseam 104cm)
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Base Leveling Feet: Yes, 4
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes, 1
  • Power Requirement: Battery (included)

The 45 kg frame and wide base supports, plus the weight of the user help this indoor cycling bike provide a solid workout. The IC300 Pro magnetic spin bike designed with durable construction that can support all types of spinning workouts.

There are 4 horizontal adjustment knobs under the front and rear stabilizer to keep the bike stable on different surfaces. So, the bike always provides you safe riding even if your home gym floor is not leveled. Additionally, the JLL magnetic IC300 exercise bike features a durable powder coating which is rust and scratch-resistant.

For relocating the bike after each spinning workout, the front base is equipped with two transport wheels. As for dimensions, compared to a few other bikes this model has a slightly larger footprint which gives the bike the ability to accommodate taller users.

JLL IC300 Cycle Computer:

  • JLL Fitness magnetic bike includes a good computer for the price.
  • It tracks the RPM, time, speed, distance, scan and calories burned.
  • Using the buttons below the screen you can set time and calorie goal and recovery time.
  • The JLL Fitness spin bike does not track the watts.
  • It has no wireless connectivity (Bluetooth or ANT/+).
  • It runs on batteries and does not have backlit.
  • IC300 exercise bike comes without a tablet holder.

The computer included with this JLL Fitness spin bike, displays your time, speed, scan, RPM, distance, and calories burned. It enables you to see your results to stay motivated and on pace.

It is not a high-tech computer which is common for the price point but compared to the computers on similar bikes, it is much better featuring a larger LCD monitor and the RPM tracks.

Unfortunately, with this monitor, you can’t save stats or ride on cycling apps online. It also lacks in backlit so you will need to keep the room light on in low-light condition if you want to see your workout progress.

It also doesn’t include a media shelf which means if you want to keep your device on the bike, you will need to buy a tablet holder separately which costs $20-$50.

Pedals and Q-factor:

  • JLL Fitness IC300 magnetic indoor cycling bike features adjustable caged foot pedals.
  • They are not SPD cycling shoes compatible.
  • But thankfully the bike has the standard 9/16″ pedal thread so the spd replacements are widely available.
  • The q-factor is 150 mm.

JLL Fitness magnetic bike has durable steel toe-caged pedals. They are designed with adjustable straps and buckle to fit different size feet and keep them in place safely.

Thankfully the thread of the pedal is standard which means they have the 9/16″ thread size. Therefore, you can replace them with regular SPD pedals widely available on the market.

SPD compatible pedals cost around $40 allowing to ride the bike with clip-in cycling shoes for a safe and comfortable ride. The q-factor is 150 mm which is pretty unique for spin bikes in this price class.

In case you are new to cycling, the q-factor is the distance between the pedals. The narrower it is, the better it is because it can keep your feet aligned with your knees and hips and minimize stress on these joints.

JLL Indoor Cycle Flywheel:

  • JLL Fitness IC300 indoor cycling bike flywheel weighs 20-kg to deliver a natural ride.
  • The flywheel is fixed and bidirectional.
  • This indoor bike comes with a durable flywheel sweat protection guard.

This flywheel is considered a heavy one, weighing 20 kilograms, designed for a more natural ride and consistent momentum. It’s fixed and bi-directional, which means you can pedal in reverse.

The benefit of fixed-wheel (fixed-gear) is that you can double the number of workouts and by pedaling reverse stimulate different muscle groups. A disadvantage of fixed-gear is that you can not take a two-second break or immediately dismount the bike in case of an emergency because you need to wait until the flywheel stops turning.

Basically, the flywheel is connected with the pedals, so you will have to wait until the flywheel and pedals stop before you can get off the bike. There are a few indoor cycling bikes with a smart release (free-wheel) system. They work just like road bikes, meaning when you stop pedaling, their wheel keeps turning independently from the pedal. But free-wheel (free-gear) spin bikes cost more than $1000.

For the price, the JLL bike IC300 produces a good indoor cycling experience thanks to the combination of the magnetic system, belt and heavy flywheel resulting in extra stability and smoothness for the pedaling motion.

JLL IC300 Resistance:

  • JLL Fitness belt drive spin bike has magnetic resistance to provide a smooth responsive ride.
  • There are multiple strong magnets that can provide a high-cadence as well as high-intensity spin workout.
  • Resistance is manually adjustable using a knob.
  • It has the emergency push to stop function.

The main selling factor of this JLL Fitness indoor cycle is its silent magnetic resistance technology and quiet belt-driven system which makes it ideal for home cardio exercise.

Here is what you need to know about this model! Featuring a heavier flywheel compared to competitors, the IC300 Pro magnetic indoor cycling exercise bike works well for both, the high-speed workouts as well as high intensity challenging workouts.

As I mentioned earlier in this JLL Fitness IC300 indoor cycling bike review, this bike is equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system. So, the resistance is controlled manually (not electronically) which means you don’t need to find a socket to plug in the bike.

In addition to quiet operation, the JLL fitness magnetic IC300 exercise bike resistance is also virtually maintenance-free, unlike bikes with friction resistance. The resistance does not wear out and you won’t have to go through the hassle of changing the brake pad like you would for friction bikes.

However, unfortunately, the resistance knob doesn’t have levels specified on it. Therefore, you wouldn’t know the exact level or your previous resistance level. But after a while of riding this bike, you will better understand how much turning the knob generates the resistance adequate to your training.

Lastly, the resistance also serves as an emergency brake; by pressing it down you can immediately stop the flywheel, which may be necessary in case of emergency or if you want to alternate forward with reverse pedaling sessions.

Belt Drive Mechanism:

  • JLL Fitness IC300 features belt-drive design for a quiet and smooth workout.
  • This bike has the fixed-gear single belt direct drive mechanism.

In addition to the magnetic system, one of the aspects that I like about the JLL Fitness indoor cycle bike IC300 is the belt-driven transmission. In fact, it is the combination of the belt with magnetic resistance that makes this cycle stand out from the crowd.

Featuring a heavy-duty poly-v belt drivetrain comes with several advantages. For example, it doesn’t require lubing so you wouldn’t have to deal with the mess that oil could make on your floor.

The other benefits include low-maintenance because the belt is one piece, unlike chain with 100+ little pieces of rings, pins, and rollers. And last but not least, the belt does not generate as much vibration as the chain does, therefore, it is extremely quiet and smooth.

JLL IC300 is made for indoor cycling workout for all fitness levels therefore, it has durable and solid crank arms. It can support the riders in all cycling positions include out of the seat full-body high-intensity workouts.

IC300 Pro Handlebars and Seat:

  • JLL IC300 saddle is 4-way adjustable for a perfect bike fit and comfortable ride.
  • The seat is designed relatively narrow with a center cutout for low-friction and breathability.
  • The handlebars are 2-way adjustable with safety holes on the vertical post for a comfortable safe ride.

The seat is 4-way adjustable for a perfect bike setting and to provide a safe and comfortable ride for all your family members.

It is well padded and more comfortable than many other spin bikes in this price class. It is also relatively narrow which minimizes friction and chafing for riders with narrow hips.

Instead of regular dents, its vertical posts have several adjustment holes that keep the seat and handlebars tightly in place and prevent shaking or going down.

Unfortunately, the handlebars are not my favorite part of this bike. For the price, I was expecting a multi-grip handlebar design to offer variety for long spinning sessions. The lack of aero and drop handlebars multiple grip possibilities and doesn’t allow you to change arm positions in order to engage different upper muscles and prevent wrist and arm aches and fatigue.

In addition to this very basic and simple design, IC300 Pro lacks in fore/aft (horizontal) adjustment. And that can, in some cases, prevent the user from fitting the bike correctly.

IC300 Price and Warranty:

  • IC300 is sold on Amazon by JLL Fitness (not other third-party retailers).
  • The IC300 magnetic indoor cycle warranty includes;
  • Frame and all parts (excluding the wearing parts) are under a 12-month warranty.
  • You can forward any support and/or warranty inquiries to the:
  • Customer Service Team on 0800 6123 988 / 0121 328 7507 / +44 800 612 3988 / or alternatively email them on or”
  • Note: the warranty is valid only for home use (not for office or commercial use).
  • IC300 includes a 30-day money-back guarantee (return shipping cost on your).

Considering all the features including the high-quality seat, magnetic resistance, belt transmission, and warranty, the JLL Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike is a good value for the money.

For 300 Pounds you are buying what a fancy fitness equipment brand would have priced it at least 400. And the fact that JLL Fitness is covering this budget home cycle for 12-month is a clear indication of its quality and value.

It is definitely not a low-quality bike with nice features that would last a few months and then goes to recycle. As for the parts under warranty or any other information in that manner, you can contact the email address provided above.

Note the JLL Fitness warranty doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents subject to the terms of their limited warranty. Which is common among all fitness equipment brands.

If your order has been dispatched but has not arrived within the expected time period, or there is missing part/s, damaged or faulty goods, you can contact JLL Fitness’s customer service team.

The JLL Fitness offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their products. It’s simple, all you need to do is contact them, use your order number as proof of purchase and arrange the return of your product. Note: JLL IC300 return shipping cost will be deducted from your refund.

Shipping and assembly:

  • JLL Fitness indoor cycle bike comes mostly assembled.
  • The package includes all the needed installation tools and the manual.
  • JLL Fitness IC300 shipping is free in the United Kingdom.
  • This bike ships in one box that weighs around 49-kg.

The IC300 by JLL Fitness comes with the required installation tools and assembly instructions to make the assembly process a piece of cake. So, you wouldn’t necessarily need to spend another $80 for assembly.

Most of the bike comes already assembled. The flywheel, the drive belt, the crank assembly, and the resistance mechanism are already attached to the frame.

Therefore, in terms of assembly, all you need to do is attach the front and rear base bars to the main-frame, install the seat and handlebar posts and finally the console and the pedals.

This shouldn’t take more than 30-40 minutes. The JLL Fitness IC300 manual will guide you through the assembly steps and thankfully the tools required for it are all included.

Note: Please pay attention to the pedal assembling, the left pedal needs to be screwed in counter-clockwise. As for the maintenance, a periodic check for loose bolts and parts is recommended.

The transmission does not require any lubrication since it’s a belt and not a chain. Other than this, swipe it with the towel after each workout and keep the liquids away from the console unit.

JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Pros:

  • Narrow Q-factor for a natural and low-impact cycling experience.
  • Dual transportation wheels provide for easy moving and relocation. simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage.
  • Cushioned seat with ergonomic design, breathable and comfortable, keeping the rider cool and preventing overheat.
  • 20-Kg bidirectional solid steel flywheel for stability, it provides you smooth and consistent riding.
  • Low maintenance belt drive system which results in a virtually silent, smooth and stable cycling experience.
  • Thanks to the combination of durable belt, heavy flywheel, and magnetic resistance, the JLL IC300 magnetic spin bike is extremely smooth, quiet and needs very little maintenance. Unlike chain bikes, the belt is quiet and doesn’t need lubing, unlike friction bikes, the magnets are silent and don’t wear out.
  • Magnetic resistance system that provides a low-maintenance smooth responsive ride by increasing the magnetic field resistance.
  • Heavy-duty and high durability steel frame construction with up to 130-kg of weight capacity.
  • Adjustable pedal straps to ensure feet are secure in place keeping balance and comfort.
  • Adjustable leveling feet for stability of the machine to your floors.
  • Emergency braking system.
  • Bike computer tracks RPM, time, HR, distance, total distance, speed, and calories.
  • Tools and clear instructions for an easy assembly.

JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Cons:

  • Badly designed handlebars;
    his JLL IC300 indoor cycle bike comes with 2-way adjustable handlebars which makes it difficult for some riders to have a comfortable customized bike setting.JLL IC300 magnetic belt-driven indoor cycle bike does not have SPD elements on the pedals.
  • Dard console;
    The bike computer is not backlit making it difficult to see the stats in low-light conditions.
  • No tablet holder or a place to install one;
    IC300 indoor bike lacks in tablet and phone holder for streaming spinning videos or watching movies.
  • No wireless connectivity for workout tracking;
    Another downside of the JLL IC400 Pro indoor bike is the lack of wireless connectivity, which means that users can’t track their workouts or connect to fitness apps wirelessly. This can be a hassle for users who prefer to track their progress digitally or connect to popular apps like Zwift and Peloton for workout guidance and motivation.

Conclusion on JLL IC300 Pro Spin Bike

The JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is a mid-range spin bike with some rather impressive specs. JLL is obviously not a known name around the world as they are relatively new to the Fitness industry but looking at their price, features, and consumer reviews, it is obvious that they doing something right.

Especially with the current market that is really saturated with similarly priced spin bikes right now. And the question is, can the JLL IC300 Pro exercise bike compete in this market with so many options to choose from?

The short answer is YES, maybe not in the future but for 2019 the JLL IC300 Pro is still the only indoor cycling exercise bike with direct belt-driven, magnetic resistance, RPM reading, and 20-kg flywheel.

The JLL IC300 Pro indoor cycling bike doesn’t disappoint. With a heavy flywheel, solid frame, magnetic resistance, and breathable seat this model has definitely earned its way into the discussion for best spin bike in this price range.

The only downsides are that taller users may have a hard time fitting comfortable because it handlebars don’t adjust 4-way (horizontally and vertically) and there is no Bluetooth/app connectivity to save workouts.

It also doesn’t come with a media holder, so you can’t stream workouts from your phone or tablet unless you buy this spin bike accessory separately. Other than that, it has specs that are better than the most bikes in this price range. At roughly £280, it’s a very smart buy and quite possibly the best in its class.

Although, by the time you are reading this JLL IC300 review, there is a chance that better magnetic indoor cycling bikes are available in the UK for the price. So, I suggest you scroll up and read our “important note” section. Or leave a comment and ask us to do quick research for you to see if better options are available.

7Expert Score
JLL IC300 Pro Indoor Bike

While it’s a bit lightweight and basic if you have a tight budget and want an affordable magnetic cycling bike, JLL IC300 Pro definitely worth considering. Apart from the Eddy Current magnetic resistance technology, the JLL IC300 bike features a belt-driven system which makes this exercise bike one of the quietest budget bikes on the UK market.



Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at

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  1. This JLL IC300 Pro bike is now £379!

    Is it still the best value budget spin bike In U.K. with magnetic resistance?

    What does SPD mean in relation to pedals. Marked as a negative with this bike for not having it?

    Also, I have concerns about uncomfortable seat. Another negative against this bike.

    Padded comfortable seat is important.

    • Hello Chris, thanks for stopping by

      It’s still a good value but there this year this brand (JLL) released a better a value indoor cycle JLL IC400 Pro. For 100 more it has some really superior features including SPD pedals (great if someday you decide to use specific indoor cycling shoes), easy-reach dual-bottle holders, fully adjustable handelbars, tablet holder, and also it comes with a gel seat cover to reduce saddle pain.

      So, if you can afford to spend the extra, I highly recommend the IC400 over IC300.

      I hope it helps


      YEB Team

  2. The resistance stopped working on mine soon after purchase as did the computer. Any idea how to fix either problem?

    • Hello Jo, thanks for stopping by

      Did you try to open the resistance/flywheel sweat cover and see if there is loose bolts/rod and nuts? Because if the resistance assembly part is loose (especially the adjusting nut), you won’t get any resistance when turning the knob.

      As for the computer, if you have already changed the batteries and checked wires to make sure they are still connected, I believe you should contact the JLL. They are based in the UK and offer good customer support compared to many other brands.

  3. Reply
    stephen Giles young August 17, 2021 at 8:00 pm

    Can the bike connect to blue tooth

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