Jeekee Recumbent Exercise Bike Review: See Value & Performance

In this article I will be exploring the JEEKEE recumbent exercise bike to tell you my experience. I’m just like you – I get the importance of staying in shape and the thrill of bagging a great deal. Before you make that commitment to invest your hard-earned cash in a recumbent exercise bike, you’d naturally want to uncover all the nitty-gritty, right? That’s where I come in.

Let’s embark on a comprehensive journey through this budget-friendly recumbent exercise bike. We’ll leave no stone unturned, delving into every facet that holds significance for you. From the machine’s magnetic resistance system that promises a smooth and effective workout to a user-centric design catering to a wide spectrum of users, we’ve got it all on the agenda.

But there’s more. We’re going to plunge into the fascinating world of design choices – those little details that often slip under the radar but can make or break an exercise bike. I’ll divulge the intricacies of how JEEKEE has painstakingly fashioned a recumbent bike that isn’t just cost-effective but also user-friendly, comfortable, and, above all, capable of delivering a decent low impact workout experience.

And for my fellow bargain hunters, here’s a tidbit to get your heart racing: the JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike is an absolute steal when it dips below the $200 mark! But bear in mind, I’m not here to sugarcoat things – I’m all about laying out the facts. So, if you’re ready, let’s dive headfirst into this exhilarating journey to uncover whether this recumbent exercise bike is the fitness companion you’ve been yearning for. I promise, you’re in for a riveting ride!

Resistance8 Level manually/knob adjustable magnetic
Flywheel10 Lbs fixed flywheel
Display3×2″ Black and white without backlit
MetricsTime, Speed, Distance, Calories, Odometer, Pulse, Scan and reset
Power Source2 AAA batteries (included)
Warranty1 Year on all parts
Seat1.5″ thick (13 inch by 12 inches)
Backrest1.5-inch thick (unadjustable/fixed)
User Height4.9″ to 6.5″ (27″ to 39″ inseam)
User Weight300 Lbs
Bike Dimensions53.5″ L x 19.3″ W x 39″ H
Bike Weight60 Lbs
AssemblyEasy, tools included
Bottle HolderNot available
Media ShelfYes available
Package Weight66 Lbs
Package Dimensions36″ x 20″ x 12.5″
Crank SystemSingle piece
SpeakersNot available
Cooling FanNot available
USB charging portNot available

Resistance: Outdated but Smooth and Quiet


The heart of any recumbent exercise bike lies in its resistance system. JEEKEE’s recumbent exercise bike doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It utilizes 8 neodymium magnets, a standout feature that sets it apart from many of its rivals. Neodymium magnets are known for their excellent magnetic properties, ensuring a uniform resistance that is both consistent and long-lasting.

This uniform resistance plays a significant role in providing users with efficient workouts. Whether you’re an elderly individual, someone recovering from an injury, or simply seeking a low-impact exercise option, the JEEKEE bike’s resistance system caters to your needs. It’s especially beneficial for individuals with knee and waist injuries, offering a smoother and gentler cycling experience.

The dual belt system used in this recumbent exercise bike further contributes to the smooth and quiet operation. It’s not like chain transmission that break frequently or make annoying noise. You can pedal without causing a disturbance in the surrounding environment. This is particularly essential for home settings where peace and quiet are valued, and it’s an area where the JEEKEE recumbent bike excels.

That said, one thing that I did NOT like about JEEKEE recumbent exercise bike’s resistance is its lack of a motorised system. Every time I needed to change the intensity of the workout, I had to manually lean forward and twist the knob to change resistance. In this regard, I really liked the Nautilus R618 because that recumbent has a motorised resistance built-in controls on the handgrips so I could just push the button to change intensity.

Seat and Backrest Comfort: Impact on User Experience


One key design choice that directly impacts the user experience is the use of a mix mesh, foam and gel cushion for the seat and backrest. These three things ensure a comfortable rides but also make the bike more enjoyable, which is particularly valuable for individuals who aren’t sued exercising seated or have prostate issues. The choice of adding foam cushion by Jeekeer contributes to the overall comfort of this recumbent exercise bike.

However, the backrest and seat are pretty flat without any curve to minimise the pressure on certain point. Also, it’s only 1.5″ thick which is okay for a lightweight riders but if you are on the heavier end, it’s not enough especially for longer cardio workouts.

It would have been great if they also added some sort of gel paddings like those that are used on 3G recumbent but for the price I understand it’s not common to except all those. I did use the Home and Row recumbent exercise seat cover and it helped a lot. If you feel uncomfortable, I suggest you also get a seat cushion which is sold separately.

10-lb Flywheel: Balancing Performance


The 10-lb flywheel in the JEEKEE recumbent exercise bike plays a crucial role in providing a balanced and efficient cycling experience. The weight of the flywheel influences the bike’s resistance, smoothness, and overall stability during your workouts.

A 10-lb flywheel is a common choice for recumbent exercise bikes in this price range. It strikes a good balance between providing enough resistance for a challenging workout and ensuring that the bike remains stable and smooth during use. This is particularly important for individuals who may have mobility or balance concerns.

Whether you’re a senior individual, someone recovering from an injury, or just starting your fitness journey, the 10-lb flywheel offers sufficient resistance without making the pedaling motion overly strenuous.

Crank and Pedals: Single Piece but Adjustable


In the realm of budget recumbent exercise bikes, a single piece crank system is a standard choice. It’s a system that is suitable for most users and aligns with the goals of providing a decent workout. Many recumbent exercise bikes under $300 price category feature similar crank system.

That said, of course it would have been better if the Jeekeer recumbent machine had a three piece crank system so in case bearing needs changing, it would be easier to replace. For this recumbent bike unfortunately you have to disassemble the whole drive to be able to replace a bearing or the crank itself if someday a bearing breaks.

What sets the JEEKEE recumbent bike apart from its competitors is the overall pedal build quality that complements. They are made of durable plastic and grippy rubber. Plus, they are self adjusting/leveling so it’s easier to put your shoes in the cage and you don’t need to use your hands.

Furthermore, its pedals straps can be adjusted to 6 different levels. I tried my shoes which are 9 at 3rd level so I think if you were shoes up to size 12, you should be able to fit the pedals. The choice of materials, engineering, and construction all contribute to the bike’s stability and durability.

Display: Basic but Acceptable for the Price

When you’re checking out an indoor recumbent exercise bike like the JEEKEE, you’ll want to pay close attention to the display – it’s a big deal. So, let’s chat about the display on this bike, compare it to what you’ll find with other options, and see how it can impact your exercise experience.

The JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike features a pretty straightforward 3×2 inch LCD monitor. It does the job by showing you essential workout stats like time, speed, distance, calories burned, and an odometer. One thing to note, though, is that this display doesn’t come with a built-in light, and it’s fixed in place, so you can’t change its angle. I tried to tweak it for a better view, but no luck there. The lack of backlight can be a bit annoying if you’re in a dimly lit room. Personally, I also wish they had thrown in some built-in games or programs to keep things interesting.

Now, here’s the workaround for the display issue: there’s a nifty tablet holder where you can pop in your tablet or phone while you work out. The only catch is that it sits right above the display, so when you put your tablet on it, you won’t be able to see your stats on the screen.

Now, when it comes to connectivity, here’s the lowdown. The JEEKEE bike doesn’t have Bluetooth, ANT/+, or Wi-Fi, which means you can’t link it to your heart rate monitor or any fancy cycling apps. Also, there’s no memory built in, so you’ll have to manually jot down your workout data if you want to keep track of your progress.

In a nutshell, when you’re considering the JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike’s display, think about what you really want. If you’re cool with a simple setup and don’t mind a few quirks, this bike might be a good match. But if you’re after more bells and whistles and connectivity options, you might want to explore other choices like Schwinn recumbents out there.

Adjustability: Versatility for All Users

In this part of my review for the JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike, let’s delve into the adjustability features and how they worked for me. So, the thing with this bike is how it accommodates different body types and heights, and I’ll compare it to similar models and let you know how these design choices affected my experience.

What really stood out for me with the JEEKEE recumbent bike is its incredible adjustability, especially considering the price. This bike’s frame is designed to cater to a wide range of people, including folks like me who are between 4’9″ and 6’5″ in height, with inseam lengths ranging from 27″ to 39″.

Now, the adjustable seat is a real key player in this adaptability game. With nine available positions, I found it super easy to set it to match my height and leg length perfectly. This kind of customization allowed me, and I’m sure it would for you too if you’re sharing it, to find that sweet spot in terms of riding position. It makes the JEEKEE bike a solid choice, especially if there are multiple users in your household.

When I compared it to many of its budget-friendly competitors, the JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike really stood out with its range of adjustability. But, I’ll be honest; I wished there was an option to tilt the backrest. Unfortunately, it’s fixed to the post, so you’re left either leaning backward or sitting slightly more upright with a gap of about 2 inches between the backrest and your back.

Oh, and one more thing, it would’ve been even better if the seat could be adjusted using a lever/handle rather than a knob. I noticed that every time I wanted to change the seat position after my wife used the bike, I had to dismount to make the adjustment, which was a bit of a hassle.

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Sturdiness: A Strong Foundation

In this part of my JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike review, let’s talk about the bike’s sturdiness, a crucial factor for safety and long-term durability. I’ll share my thoughts on the bike’s construction, stability, and how these design choices contribute to its overall strength.

The sturdiness of the JEEKEE Recumbent Exercise Bike is evident right from the start. The bike is built on a solid steel 53-inch long frame capable of supporting users weighing up to 300 lbs. This robust construction ensures that the bike remains stable and secure, even during intense seated workouts.

The bike’s sturdiness has a direct impact on the user experience by instilling confidence in its stability. When using it, I felt assured that the bike wouldn’t wobble or tip over, which is crucial, especially if you’re concerned about balance or safety.

Also, the JEEKEE bike’s compact dimensions, measuring 53 inches in length, 19 inches in width, and 39 inches in height, make it quite space-efficient compared to many other recumbent exercise bikes. This is a bonus, especially if you have limited room to spare in your home gym or living space.

One small drawback I noticed, though, is that the front transport wheels are a bit small and hard. They are not long soft silicon wheels which is easier to move and don’t leave trace on the floor. The bike also require a fair amount of tilting forward to move the bike. Additionally, unlike some other recumbent bikes like the Sole Fitness models, the JEEKEE bike lacks transport handles at the back, making it slightly less convenient to move around. However, due to its relatively light weight of 60 lbs, I was still able to move it on my own without any assistance.

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Warranty and Assembly: Peace of Mind

When it comes to the warranty, I initially got excited, thinking it might have a lifetime warranty based on what was stated in the Amazon description. However, I soon realized that might be too good to be true, especially at this price point. After checking the bike’s manual, it was clear that it actually comes with a 1-year part warranty.

As for my personal experience, I never had to contact support or use the bike’s warranty. However, I did notice that most people who encountered issues with the bike were able to resolve them with the company’s support. It seems they are responsive for now, but I can’t guarantee if that will hold true in the future, given that it’s not a well-known US-based brand like Schwinn or Precor.

When it comes to assembly, it was surprisingly easy and straightforward. The package includes an Allen key and a multi-use wrench. I did need to use pliers at one point, but apart from that, it was a breeze. The parts that require assembly are the seat, the central part of the frame (which has three bolts), the stabilizers, the bike’s console, and its pedals. Doing it solo, it took me around 30-50 minutes, but it’s not difficult at all.

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Exploring Comparable Alternatives: Extra Fitness SB260 and Circuit Fitness AMZ-587R

In my journey to find the right recumbent exercise bike, I came across the JEEKEE model, which often falls under the $200 mark. At that price point, I felt like I was getting a pretty good deal. However, when it’s listed at its original price of $350, I couldn’t honestly recommend it. But don’t worry, I’ve got a couple of exciting alternatives to share with you. One is the Extra Fitness SB260, typically priced at $350, and the other is the Circuit Fitness AMZ-587R.

Circuit Fitness AMZ-587R Recumbent Bike: The Best Alternative

As I write this JEEKEE recumbent exercise bike review, the Circuit Fitness AMZ-587R is currently discounted at $380, making it an excellent value for the money. It’s, in my opinion, the top alternative to consider if the JEEKEE recumbent isn’t your cup of tea. The AMZ-587R offers 15 preset programs, including 5 heart rate options, which really keeps your workouts engaging and less monotonous. It even has a handy USB port so you can charge your phone or tablet while pedaling away. What’s more, it comes with a tablet holder that doesn’t obstruct your view, unlike the JEEKEE’s shelf. Plus, there are a bottle holder and an accessory holder, two features you won’t find on the JEEKEE recumbent bike.

On top of all that, it boasts electronic magnetic resistance, which I found superior to the JEEKEE’s manual magnetic resistance because it adapts to your workouts seamlessly. The seat and backrest are noticeably more comfortable, with an extra inch of cushioning and ergonomic design that minimizes pressure on your lower back and prostate. This is a far cry from the flat seat and backrest of the JEEKEE recumbent exercise machine. And if you need to move it around, the AMZ-587R has a convenient transport handle at the back, making it a breeze to relocate compared to the JEEKEE recumbent bike.

XTERRA Fitness SB260 Recumbent Bike: A Worthy Alternative

If, for some reason, the Circuit Fitness AMZ-587R isn’t available when you’re seeking an alternative to the JEEKEE recumbent bike, the XTERRA SB260 recumbent bike is another strong contender. What sets the XTERRA SB260 apart is its spacious 3-inch backlit screen, offering 12 preset programs and electronic resistance. The bike features a more robust 3-piece cranks system, which is a significant improvement over the JEEKEE recumbent’s single-piece cranks.

In addition to these features, the XTERRA offers thicker seat and backrest cushions, along with a more user-friendly seat sliding adjustment compared to the JEEKEE’s knob system. The 13.5 lbs flywheel on the XTERRA delivers a smoother ride than the JEEKEE’s 10 lb flywheel, and it even includes a handy bottle holder that’s missing on the JEEKEE. As if that’s not enough, the XTERRA boasts four additional hand grips around the console, which the JEEKEE recumbent machine doesn’t offer.

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7.9Expert Score
Good Value When Discounted

The Jeekee recumbent exercise bike offers decent value when it’s on sale, but I’d hesitate at its original price. Consider alternatives like the Circuit Fitness AMZ-587R or XTERRA Fitness SB260 for more features and comfort. Your final choice should align with your fitness goals and budget.

  • Affordable Pricing: The Jeekee recumbent exercise bike often offers great value when it's on sale, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking to invest in home fitness equipment.
  • Adjustable Resistance: With its 8-level manually adjustable magnetic resistance, it allows users to customize their workout intensity according to their fitness level and goals.
  • Compact Design: The bike's dimensions (53.5" L x 19.3" W x 39" H) make it a space-efficient choice, suitable for smaller living spaces.
  • Easy Assembly: Putting the bike together is a breeze, and it comes with the necessary tools, making it accessible to users without advanced technical skills.
  • User Versatility: The Jeekee recumbent bike accommodates a wide range of user heights, from 4'9" to 6'5", with inseam lengths between 27" and 39", making it suitable for a diverse user demographic.
  • Simple Metrics Display: It provides basic workout metrics, including time, speed, distance, calories, odometer, pulse, and a scan feature, giving users essential information about their workouts.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Weighing in at 60 lbs, the bike is relatively easy to move, and it can be transported around the house without much hassle.
  • Media Shelf: The built-in media shelf is handy for placing tablets or books during your workouts, keeping you entertained and engaged while exercising.
  • Limited Warranty: The Jeekee recumbent bike offers only a 1-year warranty on all parts, which might not provide long-term peace of mind for some users.
  • Fixed Flywheel: The 10 lbs fixed flywheel might provide a less smooth ride compared to bikes with heavier flywheels. It also doesn't allow reverse pedaling.
  • Dark Display: The black and white display lacks backlighting, which could make it challenging to read workout metrics in low-light conditions.
  • No Program Options: This bike doesn't come with preset workout programs, which may limit variety in your exercise routine.
  • Unadjustable Backrest: The backrest is fixed and unadjustable, which could affect comfort during longer workouts for some users.
  • Limited User Extras: The bike lacks amenities like speakers, a cooling fan, and a USB charging port, which might be a downside for those seeking additional features.
  • No Bottle Holder: The absence of a bottle holder means you'll need to keep your water nearby during workouts or buy and install a bottle holder separately.
  • No Bluetooth or ANT: The lack of wireless connectivity means that you will not be able to connect the bike online or pair your heart rate monitor.


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