How to Stay Entertained While Cycling Indoors

Indoor cycling is a lot of fun, and an exercise bike is an excellent tool for improving your fitness, optimizing your cardiovascular engine, and also burning lots of calories. We have seen a considerable rise in the use of indoor trainers over the past few years, and so many more people are now riding indoors.

Indoor training isn’t always tough sometimes. We need to keep a steady endurance pace and just get those moderate base miles in the tank. Unfortunately, these sessions can involve us sitting on the bike for a long time.

Even 20 minutes on the bike can feel like a very long time, and cycling isn’t the tricky bit. It’s just the sheer boredom. In this article, we’re going to tell you how to beat boredom and stay on the exercise bike longer and boost your mental game.

Watch Series and Films While Spinning

What to watch on Netflex when cycling indoors

Sitting on the trainer for long periods of time is challenging, so why don’t you put the TV on and catch up with some of your best TV Shows? We believe it’s a great idea to watch TV and a fantastic distraction from getting too bored.

When I pick things to watch, I’m always looking at programs that will keep me gripped to the screen and just pass the time quickly. Shows like Breaking Bad, Squid Game, and Ozark are outstanding Netflix programs to pass the time while cycling at home.

A great tip and something I personally do when it comes to my indoor cycling is to pick a series and make a rule that you are only going to watch that when you’re training on the bike. It makes me want to get back on the bike and train more, and I have something to look forward to instead of just thinking that’s a long training session coming up.

Listen to Music, Podcasts, and Audio Books

Best Music Playlists for Indoor Cycling on Spotify

You might find films and TV a little bit too distracting, and if so, you have the option of podcasts and audiobooks. I am a huge fan of true crime podcasts and can spend hours just listening about solved crime cases. Then there’s music, with applications such as Spotify and Apple Music, the computer generated playlists are going to introduce you to new music and keep you distracted.

Audiobooks are another option. Listening to your favorite authors is distracting, but you can also spend some time learning. Some people even take to learning new languages while training indoors on their spin bike.

Connect to Zwift and Other Cycling Applications

best indoor cycling apps

If you’re lucky enough to own a smart cycling trainer or a smart stationary bike with HD Screens and connectivity to applications, then we’re about to tell you an incredible way to beat boredom.


I use Zwift when it comes to my indoor cycling training, and I think it is excellent. You ride in a virtual world with many other cyclists. There’s plenty to look at, and some of the routes in the virtual world are incredible. One of my favorites is the Uber Pretzel. It takes me five hours to fully ride it and is very distracting. You can even use your mountain bike and go on off road courses where you have to steer. There are some some spin bikes that are fully compatible with Zwift which makes the cycling workout even more entertained as they automatically change resistance for uphills and downhills.


If you’re looking for something a little different, you have applications such as the iFit app for spin bikes. It has an incredible feature that very few people know about. The iFit application has google maps integration, and this means you can plonk yourself on pretty much any road in the world and cycle on it like it is on street view. It’s incredible to think that we have the technology to do this. It can be a little jumpy at times but is very distracting, and hours can go by of just you enjoying the sights and keeping the tempo pace right.


We can’t finish talking about applications until we have spoken about the legendary Peloton application. If you are looking for incredible instructors, some insane interval training, and some of the best music playlists ever, you need to download the Peloton application. The on-demand classes are fantastic. No matter your fitness level, you can reduce boredom with the high intensity classes and enjoy riding again. I can’t promise easy pedaling, but I can promise a lot of fun, especially if you have a Peloton Plus bike.

Social Aspect

All these applications give you a social aspect. Other people will be riding with you on Zwift, and in those on-Demand classes, you will have others on the leaderboard. Having some company, especially friends, will help you stay motivated.

Spice up the training by creating a cycling routine

best indoor cycling workouts

Just say you don’t want to use an application but do want to distract yourself from getting too bored. You can spice up your training by spicing up your indoor cycling workout. Many people just jump on the bike and sit there, and because they have nothing to focus on, they tend to get bored.

There are many ways to spice up your spin bike exercise training. One of my favorite ways is to create an indoor cycling routine. Something I absolutely love to do is something I call the 5/1. It’s 5 minutes sitting down pedaling and 1 minute standing up. I will do my spinning workout session and consistently repeat this routine. What it does firstly is distract you from just sitting there getting bored. Secondly, it makes you focus on the short term and not the long term. Time flies by for me when I’m doing this.

Read a Book While Cycling at Home

Turbo Trainer Utility Tables

There’s a vast amount of different accessories when it comes to indoor cycling and stationary bikes. One of these is a reading platform that can sit in front of the bike, and it lets you rest a magazine or a book on. If you’re doing intervals, it might be challenging, but having a book in front of you is ideal if you are on an exercise bike and just running through light to a moderate session.

Cycle with Friends in Gym or at Home

spin bike class preparation

This one is a little bit more difficult to do but cycling with friends can be a great way of killing boredom. With proper preparation, you can meet up at a gym or cycling studios, sit on indoor bikes next to each other, and pedal away, chatting and listening to music. You might also want to have a little competition and see who can cycle faster or be on the higher power settings for longer.


Sometimes the hardest thing to do when indoor cycling is just staying involved and not getting too bored. Indoor cycling is challenging. There’s so much going on when you’re outside on the road bike, and you will be very distracted. On stationary bikes, you have the same four walls, and you will need to find a way to get creative and keep your mind busy.


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