How to Measure Inseam For Exercise Bikes

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as purchasing an indoor bike or rowing machine with the wrong inseam length. As far as comfort and functionality go, the inseam length is an important factor. As such, it is imperative (if not obligatory) to ensure that an exercise bike or rower’s inseam measurement complements your leg length before concluding the transaction.

With the right inseam length, you can ascertain maximum comfort and minimize your injury risk to the bare minimum. That said, here’s a simple yet detailed guide that will help you pick the right fitness equipment that is on par with your inseam measurement.

What Does “INSEAM” Mean?

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You will find it extremely difficult to gauge your inseam measurement if you don’t know what the term means. Hence, you need to get your facts and details right. To put it simply, inseam refers to the measurement of the “pants” that detail the distance between the inner thigh to the bottom of the foot or the end of the leg opening.

As earlier mentioned, the inseam measurement determines the fit and comfort of your fitness equipment. The measurement is especially applicable to bikes and rowers where it determines the overall range of motion and the user’s proximity to the pedals.

The Relevance of Inseam for Spin Bikes

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If you purchase a spin bike where the seat position is too short for you, you will find it difficult or impossible to maintain the standard leg extension required when cycling. Thus, you may find yourself slouching, which is bad for your back and overall posture.

In the same vein, if your leg length is shorter than your bike’s inseam measurement, you may struggle to maintain proper form, leading to increased injury risk and unwarranted strain or fatigue.

On the whole, if your leg length is shorter or longer than your machine’s max and minimum inseam length, you will be subjected to an extremely uncomfortable ride that is detrimental to your health and performance output. Hence, you will do well to consider the inseam range when buying your preferred spin bike.

How to adjust and setup your spin bike for your inseam

The Relevance of Inseam for Recumbent Bikes

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Recumbent bikes, spin bikes, and upright bikes have nearly the same mechanism of operation. However, the former exclusively offers a reclining cycle position while the latter offers both standing and seating cycle positions. When using a recumbent bike, you can adjust your seat forward or backward to suit your height.

Nonetheless, the bike’s adjustability settings mean nothing if it doesn’t tally with your inseam length. So if your inseam length doesn’t conform to your bike’s measurements, you’d be setting yourself up for injury and an uncomfortable ride.

The Relevance of Inseam for Rowing Machines

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Unlike spin and recumbent bikes, rowers have a simpler configuration. This is because rowing machines present zero minimum inseam range. But here’s the thing, if the rower’s slide rail is shorter than your leg length, you may lose your range of motion which can negatively affect your performance outcome. Ultimately, it is better to be safe than sorry, so you should compare your inseam length to the machine’s configuration before clicking the order button!

The Easiest yet Accurate Way to Measure your Inseam Length

Follow these fail-proof steps to measure your inseam before buying a spin bike or any other stationary exercise bike:

  • Find a large enough wall or a closed door and stand with your back against it. Stand ramrod straight.
  • Get a measuring tape beforehand and remove your shoes.
  • Place a book or spirit level between your legs, slide it up until it makes contact with your groin. Ensure that it is firmly in place.
  • Then step away from the wall or door and measure the height from the floor to the marked location.
  • Repeat the process three times and calculate the average. And that’s it; your inseam is ready to find a fitness machine that matches!


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