Flywheel At-Home Spin Bike Review

Featuring the exact same tech and physical specs, there are two Flywheel’s at-Home bikes that you can opt for. One includes a built-in tablet (monitor) while the other one doesn’t have a tablet (monitor) but it syncs with your devices (IOS, Android, Chromecast and Roku systems).

Before we start, I am going to point out a few new cool customizations that were brought in the Flywheel’s at-home spin bike. Unlike the Studio Flywheel bikes, the Home version of the Flywheel indoor bike features a belt-drive system that has fewer breakdowns and it is very quiet.

You will also have safe pin adjusted seat/handlebars and the resistance knob is higher on the frame and easier to reach. The Flywheel Fly Anywhere bike also has two weight bars (2-lb and 4-lb) located in front of the bike used in the “Method 45” rides to allow a full-body workout.

These high-quality full commercial-grade Flywheel Sports bikes can withstand weights of up to 330 pounds and are equipped with a frame that has been designed and tested in the US under extremely high standards for commercial use.

The Fly Anywhere indoor cycling bike is equipped with an interactive and smart console that you would rarely find on other bikes. The computer is equipped with a bright, full-color 15.6-inch touchscreen that features wifi, Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity. So, you can easily connect the bike to the compatible apps and track your workouts.

Designed and targeted for elite cyclists, the Flywheel Fly Anywhere spin bike features accurate power measurement and delivers superior results. Additionally, Flywheel’s new at-home Spin bike is designed with a standard q-factor (185mm) and features “Look Delta” pedals for a safe an efficient ride.

The eddy current system with easy to reach knob controller provides multi-levels to tailor workouts with consistent, smooth resistance. Before I go more in-depth into this Fly Anywhere Bike review, I will shortly mention two last features that I like a lot about the Flywheel’s at-home indoor cycling bike.

These two aspects include a high gear ratio (1:11) which creates a fast and more realistic and natural riding experience and the wide range of wireless connectivity. The Flywheel’s at-home indoor bike (with and the one without the tablet) are equipped with the ANT+, wifi, and Bluetooth connection capabilities. And they work with all major operating systems (ios, Android, etc).

Important: This Bike is Discounted
You don’t need to necessarily have a paid “Flywheel App” subscription to be able to use the Flywheel Fly Anywhere bike. You can connect the Flywheel Fly Anywhere indoor cycling bike to the “Flywheel app” and still see your metrics on Free Ride Mode. But if you want to track your daily progress, access archive classes or attend on-demand live classes, you will need a subscription.

Prices for the Fly Anywhere spin bike without tablet starts at $1950, along with a monthly class subscription fee of $39 (optional), while the one with a built-in screen costs $2280 plus the same monthly subscription expense (optional). Both of these Flywheel’s at-home spinning bikes can be purchased on Amazon for $50 less than other stores.

Obviously, for a Fly Anywhere indoor cycle, you invest relatively more than what you would do for a Sunny indoor cycling bike, but you also, get a health club level smart bike that has more advanced technology and features than most spin bikes on the market.

To make the navigation easier through this Flywheel’s at-home bike review, I have made the table of content below. Click on the parts that you want to learn about or read the whole Flywheel review for a better understanding of this spin bike.

Flywheel Indoor Bike Technical Information:

Flywheel Sports Specifications:

  • Dimensions W/ Tablet: 62″L x 20.5″W x 59″H
  • Dimensions W/O Tablet: 56″L x 20.5″W x 47″H
  • Bike Weight W/ Tablet: 125-Lb
  • Bike Weight W/O Tablet: 120-Lb
  • Max User Weight: 330-Lb
  • Supported User Height: 5’1″ to 7’0″
  • Shipping Weight: 140-Lb
  • Stretch Pads: Yes
  • Power Source: Standard Power Plug (no batteries required)
  • Floor Adjustment levelers: Yes
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes, Dual

With a shrouded commercial frame and heavy-duty three-piece crank arm, this indoor cycle is built for durability and safety. Featuring direct-drive and top of the line data tracking accuracy, this complete stationary bike offers the convenience of never needing to switch bikes, clean, or bother with mounting and dismounting every-time you ride indoors.

The Flywheel has been a name you can trust, and this Fly Anywhere spinning bike is no different. As for the specs of Flywheel’s at-home bike exercise bike, I love every bit of it. It is compact, has wheels for transportation, base levelers to minimize bike jostling, and stretch pads for warm-ups.

But what really stands out is the fully shrouded black frame. Not only it makes the bike look badass but also keeps the sweat and humidity off the bike at all time. Therefore, the Fly Anywhere stationary bike last longer, it is easier to clean and less maintenance. Thanks to the wide rear and front frame stabilizers, the Fly Anywhere exercise bike remains solid and steady during intense workouts.

The frame, featuring off-set V-shape design, can accommodate all user heights from below average to above average and anyone in between. So, everyone in your family or facility can benefit a good cardio workout from the Flywheel’s at-Home spin bike.

Monitor, Apps, Connectivity:

  • There are two Flywheel bikes, one with the tablet and one without it.
  • Flywheel bike tablet is a 15.6-inch touchscreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, zoom, and scrolling capabilities.
  • The Fly Anywhere spin bike provides the current, average and total of the Watt, RPM, Speed, Torq (Resistance), Time, and Heart Rate via Bluetooth straps.
  • Flywheel Home bike use your RPM and Torq to calculate your watt.
  • It has Bluetooth, ANT+, and Wifi connectivity but transmits the workout data through Bluetooth and wifi (not ANT+).
  • Flywheel at-home spin bike also has a charging USB port on the device tray. It is exclusively for charging devices, not to download/upload workouts.
  • Fly Anywhere indoor cycle is compatible with the Strava and the popular Flywheel Sports Spinning Apps (content can be streamed only in the US). It is not compatible with the Zwift, Sufferfest, Trainer Road, Studio Sweat, etc.
  • Subscription to the Flywheel Sports application gives you access to lots of workouts including crosstraining, off and on the bike workouts.
  • When buying the Flywheel’s at-home bike, you receive 2 months free access to all the content. After two months, the subscription is required if you want to access the contents.
  • “The subscription has a monthly fee of $39 plus applicable tax. You can also purchase a one-year subscription for $468 plus applicable tax and receive the 13th month for free. You’ll receive access to our growing library of live and on-demand Stadium Cycling and Precision Training classes”
  • A few of the most popular rides you can pick are the; Beat, Power, and Method.
  • “Method” is the traditional HIIT ride, mixing sprints and climbs with recovery periods.
  • “Power” is a more intense version of Method—but with longer sprints, steeper hill climbs, and shorter recovery times.
  • And “Beats” is a rhythm-based ride incorporating choreography.

Both of the Flywheel’s at-home indoor bikes have the same connectivity (Bluetooth, Wifi, ANT+) and provide the same cycling feedback. The only difference is that one model comes already with a tablet while the other one comes without the tablet. So, you would need to use your own device (phone, tablet, or TV) as a monitor.

The Flywheel Fly Anywhere bike has some rare to find smart features. Every bike is equipped with the Fly Intelligence Engine, which tracks the rider’s performance data to provide preferences and make spin class suggestion’s based on the rider’s unique needs and past experiences.

Therefore, if you’ve ridden with one instructor and taken a few “Beat” classes, it might encourage you to try the more aggressive “Power” classes with new instructors.

On top of that, the bike’s smart technology customizes your experience from the beginning. For instance, when you get on for your fist spinning session, you will be asked to answer a few questions and then you will get ride/class suggestions.

From there you can bookmark your favorite options, schedule yourself into upcoming spin classes, and check out profiles of other indoor cyclists in the class. These suggestions are not the same for everyone because every rider performs differently during the exercise.

As for the connectivity, the FlywheelSport bike has Bluetooth, wifi, and ANT+. The bike transmits the stats via Bluetooth and wifi. For now, the App compatibility is limited to only the Flywheel Sports App and the Strava App but in the future, they might partner with other popular spinning apps as well. Currently, in August 2019, you can not pair the Flywheel home bike with the Zwift and many other fitness apps.

In order to connect your IOS or Android devices with the Flywheel cycle, you don’t need converters because this bike supports major operating systems. Overall the wireless connection and data accuracy of Flywheel’s at-home bike is excellent.

Q-Factor and Pedals:

  • Flywheel Home bike pedals are single-sided Look Delta compatible.
  • The Flywheel Fly Anywhere indoor cycling bike Q -factor is 185 MM.
  • FlywheelSports Home Bike has the three-piece crankset and 9/16″ pedal thread.
  • The Flywheel Home spin bike purchase doesn’t include the Look Delta shoes or the cleats.
  • Pedals are not compatible with the SPD-SL or SPD cleats. They work perfectly with this type of Look Delta cleats and Spinning shoes.

One of the main Flywheel Home bikes’ selling points is the industry-leading 185mm Q-Factor that makes you feel like you’re on a real bike, increasing safety, comfort, and efficiency in every pedal stroke.

In case you are new to indoor cycling, the Q-Factor is the distance between your feet when sitting on the bike. Too much distance between the pedals tends to keep your feet too wide.

And that means your hips, knees, and feet can not stay aligned which bring stress on your joints. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about this problem when buying the Flywheel Fly Anywhere cycle. Because it has a bio-mechanically correct standard Q-factor.

As for the pedals, they are excellent for indoor cycling featuring a wide surface (unlike SPD pedals) that provide a comfortable and high-power transfer. Scroll up to see my recommendation for Spinning shoes and types of cleats for Flywheel’s at-home indoor cycling bike.

Weight of Flywheel:

  • Flywheel Home exercise bike features a 9.7 pounds flywheel.
  • It is evenly-weighted and provides a realistic road bike experience.
  • Thanks to the lightweight flywheel, the bearings last way longer than the bearings under the pressure of heavy flywheels.

After a chat with the Flywheel, we were able to receive the exact weight of the flywheel which is 9.7 pounds (heavier than Keiser M3i and Life Fitness ICG bikes). Never mind the flywheel weight, it has the momentum and speed of real road bike, thanks to the combination of magnetic resistance and high gear ratio (1:11).

Designed with the rear-drive, this Flywheel Home spin bike is easy to clean and has less maintenance due to being away from sweat zone. The flywheel is also anodized and painted black which provides an attractive, minimum-maintenance, highly durable exterior.

Finally, the full guard around the flywheel. It protects the flywheel in case it gets hit to an object during transportation inside the house and also keeps the curious fingers away from sharp edges.

Flywheel Sports Resistance:

  • Home bike by Flywheel Sports features manual magnetic resistance, not the electro-magnetic resistance.
  • Therefore, fitness apps can not automatically control the resistance.
  • Flywheel Home Bike has multiple resistance levels/increments.
  • The current resistance level is displayed on the tablet.
  • Resistance knob is located higher than Flywheel Studio models for convenient resistance change.

Home spin bike by Flywheel Sports comes with the knob adjustment manual-magnetic resistance (not electro-magnetic resistance). Therefore, an Application (software) can not control the resistance.

So, don’t be surprised when you find out the app does not automatically change the resistance based on the type of terrain (uphill/downhill). Currently, the only spin bike that allows software such as Zwift app to change the resistance is the ATOM by WATTBIKE.

On another note: I don’t like the ATOM Wattbikes because they are loud and they have low resistance force. While it has the combination of two resistance (air brake and magnetic brake), you can not replicate the desired power output. ATOM bikes can create only up to 1200W which is good for high cadence but not so great for strength high-intensity workouts.

Thankfully the Eddy Current System on this Flywheel Sport Home exercise bike can provide an extremely high watt to tailor workouts with consistent, smooth strong resistance. It is also completely silent and virtually maintenance-free which is exactly what you need for an at-home spinning workout.

Flywheel Cycle Handlebars and Seat:

  • Home Bike by Flywheel Sports features a 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars for the finest of spin bike tuning.
  • The seat and handlebars feature pin-adjustment system for quick, safe and easy adjustment.
  • Materials of the seat and handlebar posts are anodized aluminum with soft PVC cover.
  • Flywheel home indoor cycle has a high-quality performance unisex seat.
  • As visible in the pictures, the Flywheel’s at-home bike also has dual water bottle holders which is very much needed for serious spin workouts.
  • Handlebars and seat are marked so if someone changes the adjustments, you can easily adjust it back to your preferred setting.

Pro performance handlebar and seat feature the pin for adjustment which is way easy, safe, and steady. Some of the features that distinguish the Flywheel Home indoor cycle from the other models are the marked, aluminum seat and handlebars posts.

Due to the lightweight nature of the aluminum, they are easier to move and adjust. The Flywheel Home exercise bike also comes with the pro handlebars that allow you to target different muscle groups for more workout variety.

And to personalize workouts to meet specific individualized goals and workout needs. Overall featuring the offset frame and 4-way adjustment allows you to set up the Flywheel-Sport spin bike as relaxed or aggressive as your training dictates.

Drivetrain and Gear Ratio:

  • Flywheel drivetrain gear ratio is about 1:11
  • The Home cycle by Flywheel Sports is equipped with the belt.
  • This bike is built with the fix-gear (fix-wheel) bidirectional drivetrain.

Reading Flywheel’s at-home bike reviews across the web, you might come across incorrect information regarding this bike’s drivetrain, the weight of the flywheel and the gear ratio. Hopefully, this part of Flywheel Home Bike review will resolve the misconceptions.

Flywheel Home stationary cycle comes with one of the top drive-mechanism which includes magnetic resistance, fast flywheel, high gear-ratio, and belt transmission. This type of drivetrain emulates the exact performance and experience of your outdoor bike. But, more importantly, the combination of high gear-ratio and magnetic resistance eliminates the need for a heavy flywheel which often causes extra maintenance.

The only problem with the drive-mechanism of this indoor bike is its fixed-gear system. While you can pedal forward and backward with resistance and stimulate different muscle groups, you can not coast or stop abruptly. You will need to wait for the flywheel to stop turning and then you can jump off or take a few second brakes.

For those who are new to indoor cycling, there are mainly two types of drivetrain; freewheel and the fixed-wheel also known as fixed-gear which is what this Flywheel Home indoor cycle has. Currently, there are only a few spin bike models that are equipped with the “Freewheel” system and they have high-price tags. These spin bikes operate like a road bike, meaning even after you stop pedaling, the flywheel keeps turning.

Featuring 1:11 gear ratio, the Flywheel Home indoor cycle provides a smooth and fast ride. In case you are wondering what 1:11 is, here is a short explanation.

The bike has a big belt ring and a small belt pulley connected to the flywheel. For each turn of the big belt ring, the flywheel turns 11 times. And that is one of the reasons how this bike manages to create a low inertia start and 360-degree consistent pedal stroke without a heavy flywheel.

Flywheel Home Bike Price and Warranty:

  • Flywheel Home spin bike price starts at around $1950 (without tablet) $2240 (with tablet).
  • But it might be different by the time you are reading this Flywheel indoor cycling bike review.
  • Flywheel Home Bike warranty includes:
  • Includes 1 year of original equipment manufacturer warranty.
  • The company provides repairment and replacements for all the parts during the year.
  • For more information, you can send emails to “” or visit the “” to fill the form and ask your questions.
  • This fitness brand provides one of the industry’s best customer support. They are polite, prompt, knowledgable, and helpful.

The Flywheel at-home spin bike is more expensive than many indoor bikes in the market. But considering all the high-tech features and advanced mechanical parts, this bike is a good value for the money.

Coming from one of the leading commercial spin bike brands, this Flywheel’s Home cycle is indestructible, especially for at-home use. Note: They Flywheel Sports provide one of the top customer services in the entire industry.

So, If you have any question or need to order parts for the Home bike, don’t hesitate to contact them. I have approached them a few times as a potential buyer and every time I immediately received my answers. Note: Purchasing the Flywheel Fly bike on Amazon, you will be saving around $50.

Flywheel Bike Assembly and Shipping:

  • Flywheel Home Bike is delivered fully assembled, except for the optional tablet.
  • If you purchase the Flywheel Home bike with the optional built-in display, you are eligible for free local assembly through Amazon by selecting the free expert assembly option. Your bike’s tablet will then installed through Amazon.
  • Home bike Flywheel shipping weight is around 130 pounds and it comes in one box. This spin bike does not ship out of the US.
  • A few basic tools, as well as the Flywheel Home bike manual, are included.

You can buy the Flywheel indoor cycling bike from Amazon directly with free shipping. The delivery time can take longer sometimes depending on where you are based.

As I mentioned before in this Flywheel spin bike review, you don’t to assembly anything. The bike comes fully assembled unless there is a change in how the company handles assembly by the time you are reading my Flywheel bike review.

The only part that requires assembly is the optional tablet and tablet holder. When buying the Flywheel Home bike, you can order the free expert assembly for the tablet holder on Amazon.

All in all, if you can afford to spend the money, this Flywheel cycling bike is a great buy that is an exceptional companion for anyone looking to lose weight, get fit or practice for outdoor rides.

Flywheel Home Bike Pros:

This spin bike is designed with commercial grade quality parts and a solid steel frame, so it’s very reliable, durable and sturdy overall. Which is why these machines aren’t cheap by any means, you get what you pay for and that is a quality indoor cycling bike that is built to last.

Free Pro Assembly:
Aside from the actual top of the line design and high-tech computer of this exercise bike, a big pro is that you buy this Flywheel Home spin bike directly from the manufacturer on Amazon which includes full expert assembly. These Flywheel spin bikes are assembled by the same expert installers that they provide for the health clubs.

  • Smooth, low-maintenance, and quiet belt drivetrain.
  • Flywheel Home spin bike can be used without the heavy subscription (on Free Ride Mode).
  • Full-cover shroud Off-set frame for minimum maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Powerfull magnetic resistance for a challenging, smooth and silent workout.
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum seat/handlebar posts and sliders.
  • USB device charger and built-in tablet/phone holder.
  • Ergonomic 4-way adjustable performance handlebar optimized with user comfort in mind.
  • Sports 4-Way seat adjustment for a perfect bike fitting and comfortable long rides.
  • Great customer support.
  • Convenient dual Integrated water bottle holders on the handlebar.
  • Accurate data measurement, including watt, resistance level, and RPM.
  • Strava and Flywheel App compatibility for workout tracking.
  • Bluetooth, wifi, and ANT+ connectivity.
  • Training intensity guide Coach By Color for user and instructor.
  • Look Delta pedals for a safe, efficient, and comfortable spinning exercise.
  • The high-gear ratio with a low-maintenance lightweight flywheel for natural road bike experience.
  • Two bar weights for upper body workout, stretch pads for warm-ups, wheels for easy transportation, and feet levelers for a steady indoor cycling workout.

Flywheel Home Bike Cons:

Limited App Compatibility:
One of the major drawbacks of this indoor cycle, considering the price tag, would be the limited app compatibility. This bike is equipped with ANT+, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, but it only pairs up with the Strava and Flywheel app. Also as I mentioned earlier in this Flywheel Home indoor cycle review, it does not transfer the metrics through ANT or ANT+ protocol.

Fixed-Gear System:
This bike combines a belt-drive, magnetic resistance, and even more importantly and high-gear ratio drive. But unfortunately, it does not have the free-wheel drive system to allow you to stop pushing and relieve your legs as you would do on a road bike.

  • Flywheel Home spin bike has no armrests for time trail spinning position.
  • The monthly/yearly subscription fee is slightly expensive.
  • Short warranty length for a commercial quality bike.

Last Word on the Flywheel Home Spin Bike:

The Flywheel is a leading brand in the industry, with all exercise machines designed, assembled and tested in the United States. They have extremely high standards and their home equipment is subject to the same standards as the studio commercial exercise bikes.

Flywheel Home indoor cycling bike combines reliability and advanced technology with a natural pedal stroke motion to give you the perfect spin bike for your home gym and spinning class facility.

Carrying on the tradition of Flywheel Sports durability, high tech data tracking accuracy and service, the Flywheel Home exercise bike is one of the best spin bikes for elite cyclists who don’t want to use their road bike to train indoor.

The Flywheel spin bike is designed for users who are looking for a professional and attractive indoor cycling bike with entertainment options, high-tech features, and advanced technology like ANT+, wifi, and Bluetooth compatibility.

This commercial-grade indoor cycle is ideal with in-home use with an extremely quiet drive technology for smooth operation that is also safe on joints. While this spin bike has a high price tag, it has advanced workout mode options that allow users to get in a great workout that is both challenging and fun.

The riders can even use the Bluetooth chest straps to monitor heart rate and set fitness goals. The adjustable magnetic system offers sufficient resistance to provide strength and cardio workout for all fitness levels. And, Flywheel’s standard q factor allows the exerciser’s knees, ankle, and hips to align naturally similar to professional road bikes.

Thanks to the fully covered frame and rear-drive-design, the Flywheel indoor bike is easy to clean and maintain – all to improve your ownership experience. Finally, for the riders, the Flywheel Home bike combines the benefits of upper and lower-body workouts.

9.8 Total Score

The focus of this flywheel spin bike is the high gear ratio, innovative Bluetooth, wifi, ANT+ connectivity, Watt/RPM tracking, ergonomic seat and handlebar adjustment. The Flywheel home exercise bike is designed in the US and built with commercial-grade quality that guarantees a smooth, extremely quiet and natural feeling pedal stroke with the high gear ratio. The cost of the Flywheel spin bike is an investment, but the large monitor, power meter and the smart technology that suggests the proper spinning classes depending on your performance are some of the most advanced features that can hardly be found these days. Additionally, the Flywheel Home indoor cycle has the full shrouded off-set frame which is designed to accommodate all riders and minimize the maintenance.

Flywheel Home Spin Bike
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