Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL Stationary Recumbent Bike Review

If someone wants to purchase a piece of exercise equipment (specifically recumbent bikes in this case), they typically want to make sure that it is worth the money they are spending on it. Even the cheaper bikes (and we use this term loosely, as recumbent exercise bikes can still cost a fair bit even on the cheaper end of the line) you will want some degree of quality from them. And that is what we are here to find out. We’re looking through a variety of different recumbent bikes in order to see which ones are worth looking at and investing and which ones are not. Today’s examination shall be covering the Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike. We’re going to see what all this bike offers in regards to its resistance, electronics, comfort and other features before comparing to the price typically needed. Then at the end, we shall give our honest opinion on whether or not this would be a good purchase, or if you would be better served going elsewhere. So with all of that out of the way, let’s get into our review of the Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike!

We’ve mentioned price a couple of times now, so it only makes sense to start there. The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike can usually be found at a price that sits right around $500. Again, this is a pretty cheap price in comparison to some of the recumbent bikes out there. What you also want to see with such a price is a good warranty package. Manufacturers like Nautilus set the ideal standard with this, but you still get some sort of warranties here. There are 5 years on the frame and 1 year on the parts and electronics. No labour warranty is included. This is not the worst package you’ll ever see, but it certainly can’t be tossed around as being a “good” set of warranties. But we could complain about the warranties all day, so let’s move on. The shipping process should only take 1-2 weeks, but this can depend on factors like human error and the pandemic. Once it does arrive, the assembly process is not a hard one. The instructions are clear, you will have all the materials and tools that you need to put it together and everything shouldn’t take more than an hour at most. Even those who aren’t particularly skilled at this process should find it a straightforward one.

One of the most important aspects of modern bikes are the electronics that come with them. The same is true for the Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike. It comes with an LCD screen with a backlight in order to make it easier to see. You can track statistics like your speed, time, distance, calories, RPM, pulse and watts on it. These can be swapped between English and metric measurements, which is always a fun time. The X-Class 450SL recumbent bike is also compatible with wireless technologies, with it able to track heart rate through a chest strap, although it doesn’t actually come with one. Speaking of Bluetooth and wireless connections, this monitor can also connect to outside apps like the myCloudFitness app. This is great for longer-term fitness tracking goals. If all of that isn’t enough, there are still 24 preset workout programs to pick from. There are programs for weight loss, hill climbing, heart rate intervals, challenge modes and more. They provide plenty of workout variation and are another bonus to this bike. While it might not be one of those fancy monitors that will have you biking along in the Swiss Alps, it is a pretty good monitor for the price range. It’s better than the monitor you’d find on the Sportstech ES600, but doesn’t quite match up to the Schwinn 270.

The resistance of a bike is another of the key elements that you’ll want to consider. After all, this is often what makes you able to actually get fit. The case is no different with the Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike. Fortunately, the resistance system here should prove to be a good one. You’ll find a motorized magnetic resistance system on the X-Class 450SL, which means that you’ll need to find a power source in order to adjust the resistance. Speaking of that resistance, there are 24 different levels, which is a definite positive. You can easily adjust your workouts and fine-tune them to whatever the goal happens to be at the time. The drive of the 450SL is a belt one, which combines with the magnetic resistance to make a pretty quiet and smooth process. We don’t know the exact weight of the flywheel, but it seems like it should be around 18-22 lbs based on the weight of the rest of the bike (more on that in a moment). We also don’t know the exact Q-Factor. For those who don’t know what a Q-Factor is, it is the distance between the pedals. If the Q-Factor is too wide, it can get uncomfortable. If the Q-Factor is too narrow, then you risk injury and additional discomfort. What we do know is that the X-Class 450SL recumbent bike has a 3-piece crank that holds the pedals together, which is a definite positive. These types of cranks are always superior to the glorified bars that are basically the 1-piece cranks.

Most people want to know how large of a machine they are getting. After all, these exercise recumbent bikes can get quite large. This is a pretty heavy steel frame, but it isn’t the most giant machine to run everyone out of house and home. The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike has a footprint that measures out to be 60.5 inches (154 cm) long, 34.5 inches (88 cm) wide and 47.5 (121H cm) inches tall. Meanwhile it weighs a nice 108 lbs (49 kg). However, it can hold a nice maximum weight of 325 lbs (147.4 kg). The weight of the 450SL recumbent bike makes up somewhat for the mediocre stabilizers on the back of the bike to make sure that you aren’t bouncing around during the more intense workouts. There are transport wheels on the front of the bike in order to help with transportation around the home.

We’ll finish off with the rest of the physical elements included in the Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike, starting with the handlebars. There is only one pair of handlebars on this bike, which is a bit unusual for one of these stationary bikes. Normally there is one attached to the console of the bike and one along the side of the seat. Bikes like the AMZ-587R and SF-RB4850 recumbent bikes are just 2 examples of that setup. This time there are arm rests along the side of the bike, significantly higher than usual. There pulse sensors on the handlebars if you want to get some pulse measures without using a chest strap. The seat of the bike is padded quite a lot, although it still isn’t the most comfortable. The backrest is made of a mesh material that allows for some good breathability. The seat is on a rail that allows for some adjustability, allowing people between the heights of 5’0” (153 cm) and 6’3” (190 cm) to fit comfortably. It isn’t the most comfortable seat ever, but it does the job and won’t make you too uncomfortable over time. The pedals are nothing special either. They have an adjustable strap in order to allow you to keep your feet firmly in place during the exercise sessions. But otherwise they don’t do anything particularly special to stand out. Finally, there are the little bonus features that come with the 450SL recumbent bike. There’s a tablet holder on the console of the bike, while there is also a water bottle holder below. Otherwise not too much. Nice additions, but nothing that will bend reality or make everyone out there impressed.


  • Motorized magnetic resistance system and belt drive make quiet and smooth experience
  • 24 different resistance levels to choose from
  • 24 different preset programs available on the monitor
  • Monitor has wireless connections to both chest straps and apps like myCloudFitness
  • Bonus accessories like the water bottle holder and tablet holder
  • Good variety of statistics that can be seen in metric and English measurements
  • Large weight allows for no shaking back and forth during workouts
  • Transport wheels allow for easy transport around the home
  • Mesh backrest allows for breathability all around you
  • 3-piece cranks are always superior to 1-piece ones


  • Not the most comfortable seat of all time
  • Mediocre warranty package is being generous
  • Tablet placed on the tablet holder will cover the monitor screen
  • No front handlebars to grab onto and change positions

My Final Verdict

The Fitness Reality X-Class 450SL recumbent bike is not the worst machine you could go for. It is fairly cheap, but there are still better alternatives that carry better warranties are more reliable features. The Schwinn 230 is one of those recumbent exercise bikes that is actually cheaper than this and contains many of the same features. You also get the guarantee of getting a machine from one of the most reliable names in the field of exercise bikes.


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