ECHANFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

Immediately after the ECHANFIT indoor cycling bikes were released, they managed to join the arena of the best budget spin bikes on the market. According to the consumers, they are durable, comfortable, extremely smooth, and very much affordable. All of which are characteristics that I personally look for.

Aside from making indoor spinning workout quieter, the ECHANFIT exercise bike offers a high-intensity cardio workout with 25W to 370W resistance adjustments. Additionally, the Echanfit spin bikes feature belt drive-system that allows a smooth and low maintenance workout.

Currently, there are 2 Echanfit indoor bikes available on Amazon featuring fast and free shipping. While the Echanfit cycles are good for novice and intermediate level indoor cyclists, we don’t recommend them for elite and advanced users because they nor have the durability, neither the options to satisfy a pro user.

So, if you are new to indoor cycling, keep reading this Echanfit spin bike reviews to understand what you are paying for. But if you are a pro spinning enthusiast, I suggest you choose one of these magnetic spin bikes instead. The top 5 in that list are very durable and can handle all user levels.

ECHANFIT Exercise Bikes Compared

Comparison Table For ECHANFIT Exercise Bikes
Bike NameVerdictCapacityFlywheelResistanceAdjustmentMonitorDrivetrainPedals
ECHANFIT Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike - 1901Good Value300 Pounds
5"3' - 6"6'
35 PoundsMagnetic
4-Way Seat
& 4-Way
Time, Speed, Distance, Heart Rate and CaloriesBelt Drive
Toe Caged
ECHANFIT Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike - 1902Good Value300 Pounds
5"3' - 6"6'
35 PoundsMagnetic
4-Way Seat
& 4-Way
Time, Speed, Distance, Heart Rate and CaloriesBelt Drive
Toe Caged

1. ECHANFIT Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike – 1901

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If you are looking to make a budget-purchase with quiet drive-system, you can have a look at this spin bike. Echanfit 1901 magnetic exercise bike is the top model by this brand that has already been listed in many best indoor cycle reviews.

This spin bike came out to the market mid-2019 and has already become one of our top-sellers. Thanks to its affordable price, Eddy Current resistance system, and drop handlebars. Additionally, this Echanfit magnetic spin bike is known for its durability and incredible features that bring the users a good experience of spinning exercise.

If your budget is under $400 and you are looking for a near to silent bike featuring magnetic resistance, belt drive, heavy flywheel, and with drop handlebars, the Echanfit magnetic indoor cycling bike is your best option.

This spin bike features a 35-pound flywheel that is capable of providing okay momentum. The low weight of the flywheel is great for high-cadence exercise but not so much for high-intensity exercise.

The manually adjustable magnetic resistance system is combined with a durable belt for an ideal home use indoor cycle experience. Unlike friction resistance chain drive bikes, the Echanfit magnetic belt drive indoor cycling bike is super quiet and has very little maintenance.

The belt doesn’t require lubing so you can save time, money and prevent the mess on your home gym floor. As I stated earlier in this Echanfit indoor cycle review, this model (1901) is one of the best value bikes and there are several features that contribute to it.

Although, adjustment is not one of those features. While this Echanfit exercise bike’s seat is vertically and horizontally adjustable, the handlebars adjust only up and down. Therefore, some users may not be able to comfortably and safely use the Echanfit 1901 spin bike.

This point brings us back to why it is better to buy the Maxkare Black indoor cycle instead of Echanfit CBK 1901 cycle. Maxkare offers full adjustment plus a better quality and more comfortable seat.

The seat of Echanfit exercise bike is not breathable or well-cushioned which means you may not get the needed support for longer rides. Still, some riders find it comfortable. So, I suggest you ride the bike for a while to see if it is comfortable before buying a gender-specific or narrower exercise bike seat.

As far as the computer is concerned, it is very basic which is common for this price. It is not Bluetooth or ANT/+ enabled and it is not backlit either but it does keep you on track with your time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories. This Echanfit magnetic exercise bike also has a media shelf for your device.

For heart rate tracking there are also pulse sensors on the handlebars which keep you aware of your heartbeat during the spinning workout. So, you don’t need to wear a chest strap as long as you hold the sensors.

Lastly, the pedals, the Echanfit magnetic cycle comes with regular toe caged pedals which means you can not use the bike with clipless cycling shoes. But thankfully this spin bike features the standard 9/16″ pedal thread. Therefore, you can easily replace the pedals because 90% of the SPD pedals available on the market are compatible with this bike.

A few other noteworthy features of this indoor cycling bike Echanfit include four adjustable base leveling feet to eliminate wobbling, a water bottle holder and two wheels for easy transportation.

Note: Echanfit indoor cycling bike has a sturdy frame but it is not for commercial use. Therefore, it can not support more than 2 hours of daily use for riders up to 300 pounds.

If you are wondering why this Echanfit spin bike is featured first instead of second in this review, here are the reasons. This is the only model from this brand that is equipped drop-handlebars, stainless steel marked seat and handlebar posts, and a fitness computer.

2. ECHANFIT Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike – 1902

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The Echanfit indoor exercise bike 1902 is a fairly new exercise bike, available since mid-2019. It’s an indoor cycling bike designed for novice indoor cyclists who like doing light cardio spin workouts at home.

In this Echanfit magnetic indoor cycle review, I have listed the CBK 1902 second and as one of the best budget exercise bikes by Echanfit featuring silent and service-free magnetic resistance combined with the belt.

There is currently (August 2019) only one other indoor cycling bike on the market that can compete with the Echanfit 1902 magnetic cycle in this price range and that is the Maxkare Gray.

Since they have the same price, I personally prefer the Maxkare Gray indoor cycle for two main reasons. The CBK 1902 exercise bike by Echanfit is equipped with a 19-pound flywheel and a non-breathable seat while the Maxkare Gray has a 35-pound flywheel and a soft breathable seat.

If these are not a factor for you, I believe you will enjoy using the Echanfit indoor cycling exercise as it has a very quiet drive system. The Echanfit Efitment spin bike is made to provide a comfortable and quiet ride at an affordable price. Geared for personal use, the CBK 1902 Echanfit bike has magnetic resistance adjustable via a dial.

The resistance is enough to provide a good cardio workout for novice users. Featuring a parallel frame, 4-way seat and 2-way handlebar adjustments guarantee a good fit for most users that fall between 5″1′ to 6″8′ height.

Unlike other a few other spin cycles bikes in the same price tag on the market, the Echanfit Active Series magnetic exercise bike has a light and fast flywheel (19-lb). While it is great for high cadence, it is not ideal for high-intensity workouts.

Unfortunately, the CBK 1902 magnetic indoor cycling bike by Echanfit lacks in flywheel sweat protection cover. Therefore, the flywheel and the bearings are exposed to the outside elements which can cause maintenance if you are not careful.

Overall with this budget spin bike by Echanfit, the riders up to 290 pounds can enjoy a long and satisfying workout thanks to the silent resistance, belt drive mechanism, and fast flywheel design.

Aside from the resistance type and belt drivetrain, another feature that I like the most about this Echanfit indoor spin bike is the device holder. It allows you to keep your device with you on the bike and watch movies, follow your social media, read your emails and stay entertained during the workout.

Unlike the Echanfit 1901, this Echanfit CBK spin bike doesn’t have an LCD display. So, you can not track the Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, or Heart Rate unless you decide to buy a bike computer separately.

Last but not least, this good indoor exercise bike by Echanfit has two large transport wheels and 4 adjustable base levelers to prevent the bike from rocking during an intense workout.

Things to Know About ECHANFIT Spin Bikes:

ECHANFIT Indoor Cycle Pros:


Indoor cycling bike resistance is generally divided into two categories, friction (leather or felt-pad) and magnetic (magnets). Of course, the best type of resistance is the magnetic system which is what you get with two of the Achanfit indoor cycles.

They provide quick, easy and reliable changes to the resistance level. Magnetic resistance is generated by single or multiple magnets through a magnetic field providing infinite levels of resistance.

The closer the magnet is to the flywheel, the greater the pedal resistance will be. Unlike bikes with traditional tension systems (friction), bikes with magnetic resistance never come in contact with the flywheel, resulting in a nearly silent, stable and virtually low maintenance experience.

Echanfit Spin Bike Drive System

Earlier in this Echanfit exercise bike reviews, I mentioned both of these bikes are fixed-wheel and bidirectional. What it means is that the flywheel and the pedals move together.

The disadvantage to this system is that in case of emergency, you will need to wait for the flywheel to stop turning before you can get off the bike. The advantage is that you can pedal forward and reverse to simulate more leg muscles and do a better spinning workout.

Fixed-gear is not a deal-breaker in this case because usually spin bikes that cost above $900 feature freewheel system. Currently, the only spin bike with freewheel drivetrain (like outdoor bicycles) under $1000 is the Concept 2 BikeErg.

Echanfit Cycles Warranty

There are a few things to know when buying Echanfit exercise bikes. One of these things is that Echanfit still does not have direct contact information or a website, at least not that we know of.

Therefore, if you need to order parts under warranty, you will have to contact the seller on Amazon, which in most cases, they responded promptly but since they don’t have a dedicated customer service line, it is possible that they ignore the costumers’ first email/s.

As for the length of the warranty, you can rest assure, Echanift offers one of the top deals for their budget spin bikes. The company offers 24 months of warranty and 1 month of refund for each Echanfit cycle.

Except for the MaxKare indoor cycles that feature a better warranty, it is safe to say that no other spin bike brands offer such generous warranty for this price tag. It is one of the most noteworthy advantages of Echanfit indoor cycling bikes.

Height and Weight Capacity:

When buying an indoor cycling bike, it is often difficult to find one that can fit shot, average and tall members of the family. But thankfully that’s not the case with the Echanfit magnetic spin bikes.

These indoor cycling bikes can accommodate users from 5″1′ up to 6″8′ tall which is pretty unique in its price class. Additionally, the Echanfit spinning bikes are durable and can support up to 300 pounds of user weight.

Echanfit Magnetic Indoor Cycle Value

If you search around, whether online or in the store, you will see that there is a huge difference in the indoor cycling bike price class. This is down mostly to the adjustment, drive system and computerized features.

The exercise bikes range from home use to professional and many in between, but again, don’t buy the first one you see because it’s all shiny, you need to buy within your price range, once you find the one that works best for your needs.

As far as the exercise Echanfit Active Series spin bikes are concerned, they are some of the best value in their price category. Currently, the only spin bikes that beat the price and features of Echanfit spin bikes are the MaxKare spin bikes.

Tablet Holders

Being able to keep your phone, tablet, and other devices on the exercise bike is an advantage that most budget indoor cycling bikes don’t have. So, you have to buy the tablet holder separately and spend another $30 – $50.

But when buying an Echanfit indoor bike, you can save on this piece of indoor cycling accessories because both of these indoor cycle models include large table supports. They are convenient for watching movies and classes during indoor cycling exercise.

Wheels and Levelers

No matter where you place a spin bike in the house, there will be times that you will have to move the machine from one place to another. That’s when a quality pair of transport wheels come handy.

Fortunately, both Echanfit Active Series cycling bikes feature tall, flexible and durable wheels that will make bike movement in the house a breeze for everyone in the house.

Another feature that usually gets overlooked is the base levelers which helps adjust the exercise bike on uneven floors. The Echanfit indoor cycling bikes have adjustable bases. So, you can have a stable and solid workout without scratching the floor.

ECHANFIT Indoor Cycle Cons:

Two-Way Adjustable Handlebars

One of the key aspects of a good spin bike is full adjustment options to allow the rider to set up the bike correctly for their height. A good spin bike should allow you to adjust the seat and the handlebars up, down, forward, and back.

Unfortunately, the Echanfit indoor cycling spin bikes don’t allow fore/aft adjustment on the handlebars which means there is a possibility some users can’t find a good bike fit.

In this price class, there are two fantastic spin bikes (Joroto X2 and MaxKare Black) that feature magnetic resistance and full adjustment options. If the drop handlebars is not a factor, I strongly, suggest you consider the mentioned magnetic spin bikes.

Basic Computers

Indoor cycling bike computer plays an important rule in keeping you encouraged and top of your fitness goals. But unfortunately, most spin bikes, especially the budget indoor cycles don’t have great fitness monitors.

The same issue exists in the budget EChanfit magnetic indoor cycles. While they are equipped with the monitors, they are not backlit and can’t track the RPM or Watts and they don’t have bright backlit displays.

No SPD Pedals

There are typically two types of spin bike pedals, the regular toe cage, and the dual-sided SPD pedals. The best ones are the dual-sided SPD pedals because they allow you to exercise with specific spinning shoes as well as regular gym shoes.

Indoor cycling exercise bikes by Echanfit, unfortunately, don’t have SPD pedals. They have the basic toe caged pedals that allow cycling with regular gym shoes.

So, if you need to use the proper clipless spinning shoes, you will have to spend around $40 to buy a pair SPD pedals for spinning workout. Note, considering the price tag of the Echanfit spin bikes, the lack of SPD indoor cycle pedals are normal.

Light Flywheels

Flywheel weight is a very important factor when the spin bike has low gear-ratio which is the case with the Echanfit magnetic exercise bikes. They weigh less than 20 pounds which is nowhere close to what the competitors offer.

Some of the spin bike brands such as Maxkar offer flywheels weighing in at about 40 pounds which keeps things smooth and stable. Heavier flywheels, help you enjoy the smooth, natural motion of the outdoor cycling.


The lateral distance between the two pedals is referred to as q-factor. Indoor cycling bikes with narrower q-factor tend to keep the feet in a natural position aligned with knees and hips while the wide q-factors add excessive pressure on the ankle and knee joints.

Unfortunately, the Echanfit fitness hasn’t disclosed the q-factor sizes for the Echanfit indoor cycling exercise bike 1901 and 1902. Usually, brands don’t disclose this information because their bikes feature wide q-factors. Hopefully, it is not the case with Echanfit indoor cycling bike magnetic exercise bikes.

Final Word on the ECHANFIT Indoor Cycles

Echanfit is a new fitness equipment company that builds home indoor cycling trainers for novice and intermediate level trainees but not for commercial use and pro cyclists.

This indoor cycling brand is known for budget and cheap spin bikes under $400, however, by the time you are reading this Echanfit exercise bike review, there is a possibility the Echanfit releases more advanced spin bikes.

Both models of Echanfit spin bikes, the 1901 and 1002 have silent magnetic resistance, 4-way adjustable seat and both units have a tablet holder, high weight capacity, plus belt drivetrain.

These good value Echanfit spin bikes are near to silent and low-maintenance too, so you can literally workout any time of the day without disturbing the rest of the family or neighbor.

Note that while these Echanfit exercise spin bikes look might look the same for some users, they have a few different features. For instance, the Echanfit 1901 indoor cycling bike has pro-multi-grip drop handlebars while the Echanfit 1092 comes with very basic handlebars.

There are also a few other difference between these two Echanfit cycles. If you make careful comparisons when reading the Echanfit magnetic resistance exercise bike review, you can easily find all the differences and find a bike with just the right combination of resistance, durability, and price for your need.

However, after reading this Echanfit spin bike reviews, if you still have any question or want us to compare these bikes with other indoor cycles on the market, feel free to leave a comment or send us an email via our “About page”.

8.5Expert Score
ECHANFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

Featuring magnetic resistance, affordable prices, belt drive system, muti-grip handlebars, and high range of weight/height capacity makes these Echanfit spin bikes stand out from the crows. While they may not be the best choices for pro cyclists, the Echanfit indoor cycling bikes are top options for novice riders who look for affordable spin bikes.


Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at

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  1. How big of a deal is the lighter flywheel on this bike? I’m trying to decide what to get and really want a magnetic resistance bike. I really like the price of this one, but the lighter flywheel worries me, as well as one review I read said the magnets never seem to really make the resistance tight enough to simulate a good hill climb.

    • Hi Bryan, as I mentioned in the “Echanfit Cons” section, the weight of the flywheel is important for cycles with low gear ratio (like Echanift bikes), and it is even more important when the magnets are not strong enough because as you said they can’t create a challenging resistance to properly simulate a good hill climb.

      With all this being said, you can’t beat the price of Echanfit spin bikes. For $260 there is no other indoor cycle that offers the combination of drop handlebars, belt-system, and magnetic resistance.

      However, if you can afford to spend $40 more, I highly suggest the Maxkare Black spin bike. It has a heavier flywheel, stronger magnets, and even more importantly, it has fully adjustable handlebars.

  2. Recently bought CBK 1901B lost brochure Please send to Ronald Trazenfeld 11377 S.W.84th Street Miami, Fla 33173

    Recently purchased 1901B lost instructions that came with please send to !1377 S.W.11377
    S.W.84th Street Miami Fla.3317

    • Hello Ronald, thanks for stopping by, unfortunately, we don’t have the manuals for these bikes, the sellers on
      Amazon do. Please get in touch with them via Amazon and let them know you need additional instructions.

      Good luck

      YEB Team

  3. Compare Enchanfit 1901p to Sole SB700? Why should I pay more for the Sole SB 700?

    • Hello David, thanks for stopping by

      Currently, in 2020 the SB700 is considered $200 overpriced at $700! With that said, SB700 is a more durable spin bike with a better warranty than Echanift. It doesn’t have the magnetic resistance (it comes friction resistance) but instead, it has a heavier flywheel, commercial quality (light), RPM reading, and a really good tablet holder. The question is if it offers enough to justify the extra $400? I honestly don’t think so, especially considering the new HMC indoor bike (you can find in this spin bike review). For $350, this beast is probably the best value indoor bike on the market featuring a 44-lb flywheel, magnetic resistance, AND an RPM reading monitor.

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