Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Review: What a Great Machine

Dedicated under-desk exercise equipment is slowly making their way into our homes. Most of us still prefer to sit and work with no distraction and do our exercises after. However, if you can get used to it, a complete dedicated desk-elliptical offers the benefits of a healthy seated cardio workout, blood circulation, and heart improvement, but even more importantly, it is relaxing.

The Cubii Pro is a dedicated under-desk elliptical. This Pro model is the Cubii’s third most advanced elliptical (after Total Body+ and JR1+) made for individuals who are serious about staying active and improve their lifestyle, as well as businesses and corporations who want to improve the desk-work efficiency of their employees.

The Cubii Pro may not offer the same benefits of a spin bike or a traditional exercise bike but 200K app subscribers and their hundreds of 5-star consumer reviews along with its durability and noiseless operation claim were enough for me to reach out to the company to get more information.

Now after nearly two months of using the Cubii, I am so happy with this product that I decided to give it 10 out of 10 for an under-desk elliptical. The Cubii desk elliptical is with no doubt the best under desk elliptical that retails for anywhere from $249 to $399, depending on the model and design.

Made of high-quality materials, the Cubii under-desk elliptical can withstand weights of up to 500 pounds and is equipped with a frame that has been designed and tested under extremely high standards for commercial use.

You pay more than what you would pay for pretty much any other desk-elliptical, but you also get a commercial level smart seat workout machine that is better than any other mini-elliptical on the market.

The Cubii desk workout elliptical offers users the Bluetooth technology with Cubii app compatibility. It is an advanced and smart system that you would rarely find on other desk ellipticals.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to join and compete with hundreds of thousands of users on the free Cubii app. You can easily connect the bike to your smart devices and track your workouts (strides, calories, time, and miles/km), compare your progress, set a workout goal or even have your Cubii remind you when you need to exercise.

Designed and targeted for comfort, the Cubii elliptical has an ergonomic construction and the right distance (6.5″) between the pedals so that your ankles stay aligned with your knees and hips which delivers superior results and low-impact exercise.

Additionally, the Cubii elliptical comes with oversize no-slip pedals with a soft cushioned surface that helps you enjoy pedaling bare feet as much as you would when wearing shoes. But these are only a fraction of what this fantastic desk exercise machine offers.

Some other features include the eddy current system with easy to reach knob controller. The 8 levels of magnetic resistance allow you to tailor workouts with consistent, smooth pedaling motion. The 8 resistance levels range from easy to medium and difficult which means no matter how strong you are, there is sufficient resistance force to meet your needs for a seated under-desk elliptical workout.

Before I go more in-depth into this Cubii Elliptical review, I will mention one last feature that I love a lot about the Cubii Pro elliptical bike. It is the heavy bidirectional drive system. Aside from being bidirectional, which I found crucial for exercise variety and to prevent muscle fatigue, the Cubii offers resistance for both directions. And as far as I know, Cubii is the only under-desk elliptical that offers resistance in both directions, at least for now.

How Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical Has Evolved

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FeaturesCubii Total Body+ Cubii JR1+Cubii ProCubii GoCubii MoveCubii JR1
Arm workoutYesNoNoNoNoNo
Resistance12 automatic magnetic resistance8 manual magnetic resistance8 manual magnetic resistance8 manual magnetic resistance6 manual magnetic resistance8 manual magnetic resistance
Display3×3″ Backlit2×2″ darkNo display2×2″ dark2×1″ dark2×1″ dark
Transport handleYesYesYesYesNoYes
Application connectivityStats synch automaticallyStats synch automaticallyStats synch automaticallyStats must be added manuallyStats must be added manuallyStats must be added manually
Cycling positionOnly seatedOnly seatedOnly seatedOnly seatedOnly seatedOnly seated
Weight22 lbs23 lbs25 lbs20 lbs17 lbs23 lbs
Power sourceBuilt-in batteryBuilt-in batteryBuilt-in batteryBuilt-in batteryBuilt-in batteryBuilt-in battery

When it comes to Cubii’s lineup of under-desk elliptical machines, it’s fascinating to see the evolution and improvements from the Cubii JR1 to the Cubii JR1+, Cubii Move, Cubii Go, Cubii Total Body+, and the now-discontinued Cubii Pro.

The Cubii JR1+, the latest in the JR series, stands out as a budget-friendly option with some notable enhancements. One significant improvement is the inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity, which was lacking in the basic models. This addition allows for seamless stat synchronization, saving you the hassle of manual data entry.

The Cubii JR1+ also boasts a screen, it’s small and dark but a feature absent in its predecessor, the Cubii Pro. This screen provides a convenient way to monitor your workout progress without needing to access a separate device. For those mindful of their budget, the JR1+ becomes an attractive choice, striking a balance between affordability and enhanced features.

Moving up the ladder, the Cubii Total Body+ emerges as a masterpiece in Cubii’s collection. Priced at $399, it introduces automatic resistance, a game-changer that eliminates the need to awkwardly reach under your desk to adjust resistance levels. The Total Body+ also offers the flexibility to control intensity directly through the free application, available on various devices, from your phone to your Mac or PC.

Another remarkable feature of the Cubii Total Body+ is its incorporation of arm workouts, providing a holistic approach to fitness. However, it’s worth noting that the resistance for upper body workouts with the included armbands is fixed. While lacking adjustability, this does simplify the user experience.

In summary, if budget constraints are a primary concern, the Cubii JR1+ stands out with Bluetooth connectivity and a small screen, offering a solid balance between features and affordability. However, for those seeking the pinnacle of Cubii’s innovation, the Total Body+ shines with its automatic resistance, total body engagement, and app-controlled intensity.

Make your choice based on your priorities – whether it’s budget-consciousness with the JR1+, Cubii Go, comprehensive workouts with the Total Body+, or a balance of both with the Cubii JR1.

An Alternative to Cubii Elliptical to Consider

Let’s dive into the world of under-desk ellipticals and explore an alternative to the Cubii that might pique your interest – the Niceday desk elliptical. First and foremost, the Cubii is one of the best under-desk ellipticals and has rightfully gained a reputation for its reliability and cutting-edge technology. The Bluetooth and App connectivity enhance the overall user experience, providing a seamless way to track and sync your workout stats. At its current standing, the Cubii elliptical seems like a valuable investment, offering a blend of quality and advanced features.

However, if versatility is high on your priority list, the Niceday alternative elliptical deserves a closer look. Priced at $130, it presents a more budget-friendly option for those seeking both seated and standing workout options. While it might not match the Cubii in terms of durability and technological sophistication, it does offer the flexibility of being used behind both seated and standing desks. It also has a set of resistance bands that you can use to work on your arms and shoulders.

It’s essential to consider your specific needs and circumstances. If you primarily work at a standing desk or desire the option to switch between seated and standing workouts without breaking the bank, the Niceday elliptical could be a sensible choice. While lacking Bluetooth and App connectivity, it serves its purpose as a more affordable alternative.

In essence, the Cubii stands out for its advanced features and reliability, making it a great value product in its category. On the other hand, the Niceday elliptical caters to those who prioritize versatility on a budget. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences and how you envision incorporating an under-desk elliptical into your daily routine.


  • Height: 10″
  • Width: 17.5″
  • Length: 23″
  • Elliptical Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 500 Pounds
  • Minimum Desk Height: 25″
  • Shipping Weight: 29 Pounds
  • Chair stoppers: Yes, included
  • Anti-skid floor pad: Yes

With a sturdy frame and heavy-duty crank arms, this desk workout machine is built for durability, comfort, and safety. Featuring top-notch design, 500 pounds user weight, and top of the line data tracking accuracy, this complete pedal exerciser offers the convenience of never needing to buy another under-desk workout equipment or bother with maintenance.

The Cubii has been a name you can trust, and this Pro desk-elliptical is no different. The main selling point of this particular model is Bluetooth technology, free app tracking, and unique durability. As for the specs of the Cubii desk exercise bike, I love every bit of it. It is compact, has a non-slippery bottom, comes with chair wheel stoppers and carrying handle.

But what really stands out is the short height of the pedal that allows you to workout under desks with as little as 25-inch tall, unlike most competitors that require a 27″+ desk height.

Cubii under-desk elliptical trainer can accommodate all user heights from below average to above average and anyone in between. So, everyone in your family or facility can benefit from a seated cardio workout.

Bluetooth and Power Source:

  • Cubii Pro desk monitor comes without a monitor.
  • Desk elliptical Cubii has a smart Bluetooth technology to send the workout stats to your device/s.
  • Pro Cubii elliptical is compatible with MyCubii app and it is also capable of syncing your stats with the Fitbit and HealthKit.
  • MyCubii is available on App Store and Google Play. The app is completely free to use.
  • Under-desk elliptical Cubii has a rechargeable built-in battery. It requires to be plugged in to an outlet up to 6 hours to charge completely.
  • The power adapter and charging cable are included.

Desk-elliptical Cubii Pro doesn’t have a screen to show you the stats but it has Bluetooth which is much better than a little dark simple screen. Bluetooth allows you to see your workout stats on the desk in front of you via the bright screen of your phone. So, unlike competitors, you don’t need to lean under your desk to see your progress.

As for the connectivity, the Cubii elliptical transmits the stride, distance, time, and calories to the Cubii app. And the app is completely free to use so you don’t a subscription. All you need is to download the app and create an account. There are around 200 thousand members and hundreds of groups (increasing every day). You can join those groups or create your own.

As I mentioned earlier in this Cubii review, you can sync your stats to Fitbit and Helathkit. So, this way, all your exercise stats are in one place. Additionally, the Cubii smart under-desk elliptical allows you to share your progress via private message or public posts on social media platforms.

As for the power requirement, the Cubii smart desk bike comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that plugs in to an outlet using the included power adapter and charging cable. You need to charge it until the LED which is located on top of the elliptical turns green. It takes around 6 hours to fully charge and it lasts months depending on how often you use your Cubii elliptical machine.

Note: To prevent damage, it is recommended no to leave your Cubii mini elliptical after the battery turns green. You can monitor the battery via LED colors; red indicates 20%, yellow indicates 20%-70%, and green indicates 70%-100%.

Pedals and Motion:

  • Cubii elliptical comes with 14-inch long and 6-inch wide pedals.
  • The Q-factor is 6.5-inch wide which is excellent.
  • The surface of the pedals is non-slippery and cushioned.
  • Desk Elliptical Cubii can be used comfortably with and without the shoes.

One of the main factors that affect the impact on the joints and comfort while using a desk bike is the distance between the two-pedal (q-factor). Thankfully Cubii has an industry-leading 6.5-inch Q-Factor that increases safety, comfort, and efficiency in every stride.

In case the word “Q-Factor” is new for you, it is the distance between your feet when sitting on the chair. Too much distance between the pedals tends to keep your feet too wide.

And that means your hips, knees, and feet can not stay aligned which brings stress on your joints. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about this problem when buying the Cubii elliptical machine. Because it has a bio-mechanically correct design.

As for the surface of the pedals, they are uniquely comfortable allowing you to exercise with and without the shoes. When working at home, I personally love using it without shoes, it brings pressure on certain parts of the feet that is relaxing.

Cubii Elliptical Resistance:

  • Cubii desk bike features manual magnetic resistance, not the electromagnetic resistance.
  • There are 8 resistance levels that can be adjusted with the marked-dial.
  • While pedaling, the current resistance level is displayed on your Cubii app.
  • Cubii or any other application can NOT change resistance because this model (unlike the Cubii Total Body+) is only manually adjustable.

Cubii desk exercise equipment comes with the knob adjustment manual-magnetic resistance (not electro-magnetic resistance). Therefore, the Cubii Application can not control/change the resistance.

However, the resistance level is displayed on MyCubii app. When you change the resistance on the Cubii under desk bike, make sure to also change the resistance on the app for accurate workout calculation.

One of the features that I absolutely love about the Cubii under desk exercise elliptical is its silent and powerful magnetic resistance. There is enough resistance force to replicate the desired power output for under desk workout. Unlike cheap desk-cycles and elliptical, no matter how strong you are there is plenty of resistance for under-desk high cadence and high-intensity workouts.

I just wish the resistance was also adjustable through the Cubii application so I wouldn’t have to lean forward to adjust my resistance. Currently unfortunately the only model with the automatic resistance is the the Cubii Total Body+ which is priced a bit higher at $399.

Desk Height and Chair:

  • Cubii portable elliptical can be used under desks that are 25-inch tall.
  • Elliptical Cubii Pro is best to be used with office desks that have plenty of room in the foot area.
  • Cubii elliptical is more comfortable with office chairs without wheels (seen in the image).
  • Two-wheel stoppers are included, in case you want to use the Cubii with office-chairs that have wheels.

Cubii desk exercise machine has an elliptical motion rather than up&down cycling motion. And that is a big selling factor because the pedaling motion has less impact and even more importantly, it allows you to workout under shorter desks.

With elliptical motion, your knees won’t rise straight vertically, it comes up in an 80-degree angle which leaves enough room between your knee and desk. As far as the chair is considered, you can use the Cubii mini desk bike with any office chair as well as sofas.

However, it is more comfortable with traditional office chairs that don’t have wheels. With wheeled office chairs, I found it a bit difficult because you need to adjust first and then put the front wheels on the wheel-stoppers which can be frustrating. In the living room, while watching TV, I personally found the Cubii elliptical very comfortable with our thin recliner sofa.

Cubii Elliptical Assembly and Shipping:

  • Cubii desk elliptical comes with free shipping.
  • Delivery takes between 2-5 days depending on your location in the U.S.
  • Cubii assembly is extremely simple. It is done in 3 simple steps.
  • The required tool (screw diver), as well as clear instruction, are included in the box.

You can buy the Cubii desk bike directly from the company or from Amazon. They both offer the same price and free shipping.

As I mentioned before in this Cubii reviews, the assembly is easy. The entire elliptical comes fully assembled except for the pedals unless there is a change in how the company handles assembly by the time you are reading my Cubii elliptical review.

The only things that you need to assemble are the pedals. Each pedal has two screws that need to be screwed in until they are tight. Make sure they don’t wobble when you are done with them. If you are willing to spend the money, the Cubii will be a good under desk elliptical and an exceptional companion for anyone looking to stay active, lose a bit of weight, and even more importantly, stay relax when there is too much workload pressure.

Cubii Price, Accessories, and Warranty:

  • Cubii elliptical price starts from $250 to $399 depending on the model.
  • It might be different by the time you are reading Cubii under-desk elliptical review.
  • Cubii Pro warranty includes:
  • 1 Year on all the parts
  • 30-Day Free returns with 100% customer sanctification
  • To easy the warranty, you are required to register your Cubii at “”.

The Cubii desk elliptical is more expensive than most chair ellipticals in the market but considering all the high-tech features and durable mechanical parts, this mini elliptical is a good value for the money.

Based on years of experience in the fitness industry, I am confident to say there is no other desk-elliptical that can beat the technology and durability of Cubii desk exercise elliptical (at least not until now). Coming from a reputable brand, this Cubii elliptical is indestructible and its generous warranty proves that.

Note: If you need to order parts for the Cubii while it is under warranty, you should first register your Cubii at the link address I listed above. There you will be asked to provide your serial number, name, order ID, and purchase channel.

Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Pros:


Customer Service:
The high price tag for Cubii machines comes with lots of benefits and one of them is the prompt and helpful customer services. Unlike many desk-ellipticals that come right out fo the factories in China without even an email or phone number to contact them when facing problems, Cubii offers US-based support via phone and emails. Additionally, you can also directly contact the company’s CEO if you still have any concerns after talking to the support team.

Cubii desk elliptical is designed with top-of-the-line quality parts and an overall solid structure, so it’s very reliable, durable and sturdy overall. This is one of the reasons these machines aren’t cheap by any means, you get what you pay for and that is a quality seated elliptical that will last.

Bluetooth and App:
Aside from the actual top of the line design and low-impact smooth strides a huge pro of Cubii elliptical is the wireless Bluetooth and App connectivity. You can set your goals, join public groups, compete with others, and track your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress on the FREE Cubii app. On top of that, the Cubii app allows you to sync your stats with Fitbit and HealthKit apps to keep all activities in one place.

  • Heavy freewheel for a natural pedal motion.
  • Full-cover structure for minimum maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Silent and powerful magnetic resistance for a challenging cardio exercise.
  • Industry-leading pedal design for a low-impact, safe and comfortable.
  • Durable handle for easy portability.
  • Patented whisper-quiet design lets you pedal smoothly with plenty of clearance for knees and no noise disruptions.
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions and included required tools.
  • Cushioned and non-slip pedal surface.
  • Non-slip stabilizer feet.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Ability to set fitness goals and receive exercise notifications.
  • Bidirectional drive system with resistance in both directions.

Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Cons:


Heavy Weight:
If you can’t lift-up and move 25 pounds of weight with one hand, the weight of this elliptical would be one of the major drawbacks for you. I personally love the fact that it has heavy flywheel and construction because it provides a smooth pedaling motion and prevents skidding. But when I asked my mother-in-law if she would like the Cubii, she said: “yes, if it was lighter so I could move it out of the way when I am not using it”.

No Screen:
This mini elliptical comes without a tracking monitor which means if you want to see your progress (strides, miles, calories, time, etc) you will need to make sure your Bluetooth device (phone, tablet, or computer) is on and connected to the machine.

  • You can’t use the Cubii elliptical while standing.
  • Cubii works only for lower-body, you can’t use it for upper body workout.
  • Not very comfortable with office chairs that have wheels, specially for smaller corner desks.
  • Resistance is only manually adjustable and can’t be adjusted via application like Cubii Total Body+ does.
9.9Expert Score
Cubii Seated Elliptical Exercise Bike is Worth it!

Cubii is the leading brand in the fitness industry for under desk elliptical machines. They have extremely high standards and their home equipment is subject to the same standards as the commercial exercise equipment.

The Cubii Pro elliptical combines reliability and advanced technology with a natural pedal stroke motion to give you the perfect desk workout for your office and home. Carrying on the tradition of Cubii durability, high tech data tracking accuracy and service, the Cubii Pro is the best seated elliptical for everyone (regardless of the age) who want to stay active, keep the blood flowing and burn calories while seated watching TV or working behind a desk.

Unlike the older version, the Cubii Pro is designed for users who are looking for a desk-elliptical with entertainment options and high-tech features, and advanced technology like Bluetooth connectivity. This commercial-grade desk elliptical is ideal with in-home use and office environment with a silent drive technology for smooth land low-impact operation that is also safe on joints.

While this elliptical has a high price tag, it has unbeatable durability and advanced workout options that allow users to get in a great workout that is both challenging and fun. The 8 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance offer from sufficient watt to provide a challenging cardio workout for all fitness levels. And, Cubii’s industry-leading design allows the users’ knees, ankle and hips to align naturally – so there is zero impact on the body.

The Cubii Pro elliptical is also very easy to clean and maintain with a fully covered drive-system – all to improve your ownership experience. Finally, this Cubii elliptical also features stable and non-slip feet that remain in place during the exercise. On top of this, the Cubii company offers a one-year warranty on all the parts and 30-day free returns with 100% customer sanctification.
We have been using the Cubii Pro and we love this desk exercise equipment and we have no doubt that you will love it too. If you have any question regarding the Cubii under-desk elliptical, leave a comment or send us an email and we will get back to as soon as possible.



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