Concept2 BikeErg Review with Pictures

The Concept2 BikeErg brings enough features to easily justify its price tag of $1000. This model came out recently, yet it has managed to become one of our “Best Buy” recommendations for interactive air resistance indoor cycling bikes.

This exercise bike provides one of the smoothest rides in the industry and supports all skill levels. Key specs include the adjustable and dynamic air resistance system, an impressive 300-pound user weight capacity, fully adjustable handlebars, and freewheel drivetrain for a road bike feel. It even has an industry-leading 155mm q factor for a safe, comfortable and efficient ride.

The Concept 2 stationary bike also features a self-powered backlit display with built-in programs. Additionally, it features a USB port, Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity to allow connect the bike to your smart devices and download/upload, track and save your workouts.

Designed and targeted for elite cyclists, the PM5 monitor accurately measures the Watts, RPM, Distance, Time and other superior performance results.

This model’s warranty package includes 5-year coverage for the frame and 2 years for parts and electronics. Considering all of the above it’s not difficult to see why the Concept2 BikeErg with PM5 is one of our top recommendations for at-home indoor cycling workout and easily justifies its high price point. This BikeErg is one of the elite spin bikes on the market.

Before I go more in-depth into this Concept2 bikeErg review, I will highlight two features that I love the most about this exercise bike.

It is the freewheel drive system and the Zwift compatibility that I know many who appreciate it. Now, with the Concept2 bike Erg indoor cycling bike, you can experience the closest feel to real road cycling on a spin bike.

To make the navigation easier through this Concept2 Bike Erg review, I have made the table of content below. Click on the parts that you want to learn about or read the whole bikeErg review for a better understanding of this indoor cycle.

BikeErg Technical Information:

Concept2 BikeErg Specifications:

  • Height: 40.5″
  • Width: 24″
  • Length: 48″
  • Bike Weight: 58 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Inseam Capacity: 27″ to 37″
  • Shipping Weight: 80 Pounds
  • Shipping Dimensions: One box 15 in x 26 in x 48 in
  • Seat to Pedal Range: Min 31″ – Max 40.5″
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet: N/A
  • Water Bottle Holder: N/A
  • Power Requirement: Self-powered during exercise

With an aluminum commercial-grade frame and heavy-duty three-piece crank arm, this indoor cycle is built for durability and safety. Featuring direct drive and top of the line data tracking accuracy, this complete stationary bike offers the convenience of never needing to switch bikes, clean, or bother with mounting and dismounting every-time you ride indoors.

The Concept2 is a name you can trust, and this Concept2 bikeErg review is no different. This Concept2 BikeErg with PM5 Monitor is the only bike this brand has built so far. While I believe in the future they will build the improved version of it, for now, it is your best bet for the price class.

As for the structure specs of the Concept2 exercise bike, it is flawless. It is compact, has wheels for transportation, and even more importantly, it is very light, thanks to its durable aluminum frame.

But what really stands out is the road bike frame design. It can accommodate all user heights from below average to above average and anyone in between. So, everyone in your family or facility can benefit a good cardio workout.

It keeps the sweat and humidity off the bike at all time. Additionally, there is sufficient space between the floor and the bike so you can access the floor underneath the bike without having to move the bike itself.

On top of everything else, this exercise bike has a simple design which makes it extremely easy to care for.

PM5 Computer and Connectivity:

concept2 stationary bike pm5 monitor
  • Concpet2 BikeErg is equipped with the backlit PM5 monitor.
  • It takes two D cell batteries. During your workout, the monitor draws power from the spinning flywheel to extend battery life.
  • The PM5 monitor is Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled and compatible with IOS as well as Android operation systems.
  • It is capable of transmitting the Watt and RPM data through ANT+ and Bluetooth.
  • PM5 is compatible with third-party fitness apps that support pairing with Bluetooth and ANT+ protocol.
  • Some of the compatible are the ErgData (free), Concept 2 Utility (free) are the Strava, Zwift, Sufferfest, Trainer Road and more.
  • It has a USB port to allow you to save your workouts in a flash drive and upload them to the free “Concept 2 Utility app” to back up your workout data, chart your progress, and analyze your performance.
  • PM5 also has an internal memory that can store over 1000 workouts (when a USB flash drive is not used).

The Concept2 BikeErg monitor has the best bike computer in its price class. It’s the PM5 also known as Performance Monitor which is the most advanced computer by Concept2.

This LCD provides all the feedback that you need to improve performance. On this Ergo Concept2 bike, you can track your pace, watts, stroke rate/RPM, calories and heart rate (using wireless chest strap).

With this monitor, you have the option to click “Just Ride” Mode and start burning calories or set up a variety of workouts. The monitor is self-powered using the energy created on the flywheel during exercise. When you are not pedaling, the monitor draws power from 2 D-cell batteries.

Features of the Performance Monitor is not over yet, the Concept2 BikeErg monitor has internal memory to store all the data of daily progress. It also has a USB port so you can connect your portable flash-drive and transfer the data.

This way, you and your partner can save and track your workout stats on separate USBs and compare your progress later. The very special feature of the Concept2 BikeErg monitor is the Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity.

It allows you to connect your IOS and Andriod devices (phone, tablet, TV, etc) to the bike and to the fitness Apps so you can compete with other rowers online. The Apps also allow to save your progress in your account online or share your progress on social media.

In addition to the Concept2 app, some other compatible apps include the popular and interesting Zwift, the Sufferfest, Simway XC Ski, ROWViGOR, RowPro, LiveRowing, Float, Ergometer Space, BoatCoach, Erg IQ, ErgMate and many, many more. While some features of these apps are free to use, some are paid.

Note: The bike transmits the cadence and the power/watt via both ANT+ and the Bluetooth allowing you to connect to a wide range of fitness apps on IOS and Android operating systems.

Overall the Concept2 PM5 is one of the best indoor cycling bike computers that allows advanced fitness tracking on Apps, has workout modes, and even more importantly, it is self-powered.

Q-Factor and Pedals:

concept2 exercise bike pedals
  • The concept2 bike has 9/16″ non-slip mountain bike style flat pedals.
  • They are not equipped with SPD elements for clipless cycling shoes.
  • BikeErg Q-factor is 155 MM.
  • Crank length is 170 MM.

One of the main Concept2’s selling points is the industry-leading 155mm Q-Factor that makes you feel like you’re on a real bike, increasing safety, comfort, and efficiency in every pedal stroke.

In case you are new to indoor cycling, the Q-Factor is the distance between your feet when sitting on the bike. Too much distance between the pedals tends to keep your feet too wide.

And that means your hips, knees, and feet can not stay aligned which bring stress on your joints. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about this problem when buying the Concpet2 exercise bike. Because it has a bio-mechanically correct narrow Q-factor.

As for the pedals, they are not toe cage or SPD compatible. They are similar to mountain biking flat pedals with a non-slip surface. They allow riding with regular shoes for cross training. But if you want to exercise with clipless cycling shoes for a longer ride and better power transfer, you will need to change the pedals. Thankfully, this bike uses the standard 9/16″ thread so the SPD compatible pedals widely available.

Bike Erg Flywheel:

bike Erg flywheel damper
  • Concept2 BikeErg has a flywheel with fan blades.
  • The air provides a natural momentum similar to road bikes.

Unlike traditional spin bikes with 50-pound steel flywheels, this stationary bike uses a very light flywheel with fan blades to create the momentum and inertia required for an exercise bike with air instead of weight.

And because of the light-flywheel, there is very little pressure on the bearings so they last years and years before any maintenance is needed.

Designed with fully enclosed drive, Concept2 indoor cycle is easy to clean and has less maintenance. Bikeerg flywheel cover is also anodized and painted black which provides an attractive, minimum-maintenance, highly durable exterior.

Finally, the full guard around the flywheel. It protects the flywheel in case it gets hit to an object during transportation inside the house and also keeps the curious fingers away.

Concept2 Bike Resistance:

concept2 bikeerg resistance
  • The concept2 stationary bike features a responsive air resistance system.
  • The resistance increase when your pedal faster and decreased when you pedal slower.
  • Resistance is not limited to 10-20 levels like many indoor cycles. It is unlimited and capable of providing a challenging workout for all fitness levels, including elite riders.
  • You can not manually adjust the resistance with a knob like other indoor cycles.
  • But there is a damper that you can adjust from 1 to 10 to control the air flow into the flywheel which effects the feel of the pedal stroke.

The damper is the lever you can see in the picture, on the side of the flywheel housing. It controls how much air flows into the cage. The fan cage is also numbered so you can set the damper lever to a particular value from 1–10, indicating how much air is drawn into the cage on each stroke.

It works similar to bicycle gearing: it affects how pedal strokes feel but does not directly affect the resistance. A lower damper setting on the bikeErg is comparable to easier gears on a bike.

“Higher damper settings allow more air into the flywheel housing. The more air, the more work it takes to spin the flywheel against the air. More air also slows the flywheel down faster on the recovery, requiring more work to accelerate it on the next stroke.”

“Many people confuse the damper setting with intensity level or resistance. Instead, the intensity of your workout is controlled by how much you use your legs to move the pedals other words, how hard you pedal. This is true regardless of where the damper lever is set: the harder you pull, the more resistance you will feel.”

The only problem with the air resistance system is that it makes more noise compared to friction resistance bike and magnetic resistance bikes. If that is not an issue, rest assured you will enjoy the unlimited responsive resistance on this bike.

Handlebars and Seat:

bikeerg seat handlebars
  • Concept2 Bike Erg handlebars 4-way adjustable for the finest of bike tuning.
  • For fine-tuning the horizontal position and saddle angle adjustments can be made using a 9/16” or 14mm wrench (not included).
  • The seat and handlebars feature the lever system for quick and easy adjustment.
  • Materials of the seat and handlebar posts are anodized aluminum with soft PVC cover.
  • Concept2 bikeerg has a performance unisex seat.
  • It has drop and hoods for road and track.
  • The handlebars lack in aero pads and bars for the triathlon.

Handlebar and seat feature the levers for adjustment which is way easier to deal with than the knobs. Featuring aluminum materials combined with the lever system make the bike adjustment like a breeze.

All you need to do is to push the lever to vertically adjust the handlebars or seat which means you can do it even without getting off the bike. For someone who always has to dismount to set up his spin bike, I can only imagine how much easier it is to adjust the bike vertically and horizontally so easily.

Some of the features that distinguish the Concept2 indoor cycle from competitors models are the drops and hoods which is something missing on most traditional indoor cycling bikes.

Thankfully, the Concept2 exercise bike comes with the pro handlebars that allow you to target different muscle groups for more workout variety. And to personalize workouts to meet specific individualized goals and workout needs.

Overall featuring a bio-mechanically correct frame, 155 mm Q Factor, and lever adjustment allow you to set up the Concept2 bikeErg as relaxed or aggressive as your training dictates.

Note: Horizontally, the seat is not adjustable via a knob or lever, it can be adjusted using a 9/16” or 14mm wrench. You can loosen the bolts, adjust the seat forward/backward and then tighten bolts (like outdoor bikes). But thankfully not everyone has to do this, because the frame geometry is designed so that raising the saddle also moves the rider back, maintaining the correct relationship to the pedals.

Drivetrain and Gear Ratio:

bikeerg belt drivetrain
  • Concept2 bikeErg gear ratio is not disclosed.
  • This bike a direct Poly-V belt drivetrain for a smooth workout.
  • Additionally, it has the self-tensioning system which minimizes the maintenance.
  • Concept2 BikeErg features the freewheel drivetrain.

Reading my indoor stationary bike reviews, you will notice that one thing I have always wanted in mid-priced bikes was the smart release freewheel drive technology because it has always been available only inexpensive bikes.

Thankfully, Concept2 was designed with the freewheel drive-mechanism. This type of drivetrain emulates the exact performance and experience of your outdoor bike right down to the sound of the bearings and relief of your legs every time you need to stop pushing.

For those who are new to indoor cycling, there are mainly two types of drivetrain; freewheel and the fixed-wheel also known as fixed-gear which is unfortunately what the majority of indoor cycles have.

On the fixed-wheel bikes, the pedals and the flywheel turn and stop turning together. Therefore, you can not coast or stop abruptly. You will need to wait for the flywheel to stop turning and then you can jump off or take a few second brakes.

Other good features that some riders might overlook are; the high-quality belt with a self-tensioning system for durability, performance and reduced servicing. And the compact generator that provides the powered needed for the PM5 monitor during the exercise.

Bike Erg Price and Warranty:

  • Concept2 indoor cycling exercise bike price is around $1000 at the time of writing this Concept2 bikeErg review.
  • But it can change by the time you are reading this Concept2 exercise bike review.
  • BikeErg warranty includes 5 years on the frame and 2 years on all the other parts;
  • The five-year warranty applies to the following parts:
  • Front and rear leg assemblies, excluding caster wheels.
  • Main box frame and bottom cover.
  • Seat and seat post (excluding position adjustment components and plastic sleeves).
  • Handlebars and handlebar support parts (excluding position adjustment components and plastic sleeves).
  • Flywheel, flywheel axle, flywheel pulley, flywheel bearings.
  • Cranks, crank axle, crank pulley, crank bearings.
  • Jackshaft, jackshaft pulley, jackshaft bearings.
  • Flywheel cover and perf.

Considering the high-tech PM5 monitor, and durable mechanical parts, this bike is a great value for the money.

Based on years of experience in the fitness industry, I am confident to say there is no other spin bike that can beat the technology and durability of Concept2 BikeErg for this.

Coming from the world’s leading commercial fitness equipment brand, this Concept2 bikeErg is indestructible. And its generous warranty proves that.

“Concept2 will replace or repair, at their discretion, any part (excluding monitor batteries) that fails for any reason for a period of two years from the date of purchase of your Concept2 BikeErg. Whether defective or simply worn out, all parts on your machine (excluding monitor batteries) are covered for the first two years”.

Note: If you need to order parts for the Concept2 BikeErg while it is under warranty, you need to contact Concept2 by telephone (toll-free within the US & Canada 800.245.5676, fax 802.888.4791) or email: to inform them of the nature of the problem. Please make note of the serial number on your BikeErg (The serial number is located on the back of the flywheel housing).

Assembly and Shipping:

  • Concept2 Concept2 indoor cycling bike comes with free shipping.
  • Delivery takes between 2-7 days time depending on what delivery option you choose. Free delivery takes 5-7 days.
  • Concept2 BikeErg assembly is very easy because of its lightweight and little parts to assemble.
  • A few basic tools, as well as the Concept2 manual with loads of pictures, are included with the bike.
  • Shipping weight: 80 Pounds
  • Shipping dimensions: One box: 15 in x 26 in x 48 in

You can buy the Concept2 BikeErg for a good price on Amazon directly from the manufacturer (Concept2).

Note: The delivery will be a slightly longer lead time if you go with the free shipping but if you think it is too late, you can pay for fast shipping which takes maximum 2-days.

As I mentioned before in this Concept2 Stationary bike review, you don’t need to assemble much. The bike comes almost fully assembled unless there is a change in how the company handles assembly by the time you are reading this Concept2 bike review.

The only parts that need assembly are the base supports, seat, pedals, handlebars, and the PM5 monitor. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes maxim.

Bottom line: if you can afford to spend the money, this Concept2 erg bike is a great buy that is an exceptional companion for anyone looking to lose weight, get fit or strength training.

Concept2 BikeErg Pros:

Durability and Affordability:
The Concept2 spin bike is designed with commercial grade quality parts and aluminum frame, so it’s lightweight, reliable, durable and sturdy overall. Surprisingly, this pro commercial grade indoor bike is cheaper than most basic home standard spin bikes.

Aside from the actual top of the line design and high-tech computer of this exercise bike, a big pro is that the BikeErg requires very little assembly and they include all necessary tools plus clear instructions with lots of pictures.

Stepless Lever Adjustment:
For a perfect fit, you no longer need to get off of the bike, thanks to the bikeerg’s step-less lever adjustments. The four-way handlebars adjustments and the typical road bike design make it easy to create the perfect fit for most riders.

The PM5 monitor on the BikeErg has both USB, Bluetooth, and ANT+ wireless connectivity, allowing it to connect to many heart rate belts, fitness devices, and apps. The free Concept2 ErgData app helps you track your workouts and can sync with the Concept2 Online Logbook. It transmits the Watt, RPM and other stats Via ANT/+ and Bluetooth to third-party apps such as Zwift to help keep you motivated.

  • Smooth and low-maintenance Polygroove belts with self-tensioning system drivetrain.
  • The freewheel drive mechanism for a real road riding experience.
  • The BikeErg’s aluminum frame makes it both light and durable, while caster wheels make it easy to move around. At just 58 lbs, it’s lighter than most other stationary bikes
  • Dynamic resistance for a challenging, responsive, and continuous workout.
  • Industry-leading narrow 155mm Q factor for a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum posts and sliders.
  • Pro performance handlebar with drop bar optimized for race training.
  • 4-Way step-less, vertical and horizontal handlebars adjustment.
  • RPM and Power measurement.
  • Wide range of fitness app compatibility for workout tracking.
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.
  • Self-powered generator with LiPo battery.

Concept2 BikeErg Cons:

No SPD Elements:
Concept2 BikeErg comes with anti-slip pedals, they are perfect with flat mountain bike shoes that feature grippy soles. But unfortunately, the pedals don’t have the SPD elements to allow you to ride the bike with cycling shoes. So, if you want a more efficient power-transfer, you will need to buy SPD compatible pedals. Thankfully, the Concept2 Erg bike uses the standard 9/16″ pedal threat so the spd replacements are widely available.

Seat Adjustment:
Horizontal adjustment on the seat is time-consuming as you would need to use a wrench to loosen the seat clamp. Also, the range of fore/aft adjustment is short. Therefore, some riders may not be able to fit the bike comfortably. Thankfully, the frame geometry is designed so that raising the saddle also moves the rider back, maintaining the correct relationship to the pedals. Therefore, the saddle placement on top of the seat post will not always need adjustment.

Not for all, but for some this can be the only drawback of this best buy indoor cycling bike. The Concept2 indoor cycle features a fan flywheel which makes a bit more noise than friction resistance and magnetic resistance bikes. It shouldn’t be a problem unless you live in a very small apartment or have to exercise early mornings and late evenings.

Last Word on the Concept2 Bike Erg Exercise Bike:

Concept 2 is a leading brand in the fitness industry, with all exercise machines designed and tested for commercial use. Built by this particularly admired brand, the bikeErg combines reliability and advanced technology with a natural pedal stroke motion to give you the perfect spin bike for your home gym and spinning class facility.

Carrying on the tradition of Concept2 durability, high tech data tracking accuracy, the Concept2 exercise bike is THE best affordable spin bike for elite cyclists who don’t want to use their road bike to train indoors.

The Concpet2 spin bike with the PM5 console is designed for users who are looking for a professional and attractive indoor cycling bike with entertainment options and high-tech features, and advanced technology like ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility.

This commercial grade indoor cycle is ideal with in-home use with a low-maintenance and low-impact belt-drive technology for smooth operation that is also safe on joints.

Despite its relatively low price tag, it has advanced workout mode options that allow users to get in a great workout that is both challenging and fun. The riders can even use the Bluetooth chest strap to monitor heart rate workouts, choose heart rate based workout modes and set fitness goals.

The adjustable and dynamic resistance system offers sufficient watt for a high cadence workout for all fitness levels. And, Concept2’s industry-leading q factor allows the exerciser’s knees, ankle and hips to align naturally – just like professional road bikes.

9Expert Score
Concept2 BikeErg Review

The Concept2 Bike Erg is easy to clean and maintain with a fully covered drive design which also improves your ownership experience. For the riders, the bikeErg combines the benefits of Concept2’s fully adjustable handlebars and racing drop bars for a comfortable indoor cycling workout. Finally, this Concept2 indoor bike also features a self-powered console system to allow users to save power while working out. Last but not least, the Concept2 offers a generous warranty with excellent support for all the customers.

  • Good quality and warranty
  • Bluetooth connectivity for Zwift riding
  • Not fully adjustable
  • Louder than magnetic bikes

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