Best Budget Spin Bikes 2020 Reviews & Comparisons

Pedal Your Way to Your Dream Shape with One of These Affordable Indoor Cycling Bikes

Are you looking for cheap indoor exercise bikes for your home gym and want to know what is the best home spin bike for those on the budget? You landed in the very right place. We picked the best selling indoor cycles that won’t break your bank account. In this best cheap indoor cycle review, you’re going to get all the information on the top choices on the market.

Our comprehensive cheap indoor bike buyers guide not only shows you the top 11 spin bikes but also teaches you what to look for when you buy a spin bike for home. You will also learn what indoor cycle accessories to consider when you buy a spin bike for home gym. So, to help you find the best value piece of home gym equipment without breaking your budget, here’s a list of the best moderately priced indoor cycling bikes on the market in 2020.

Last updated on July 11, 2020 12:14 pm

Best Cheap Spin Bikes Compared

Comparison Table For The Best Budget Spin Bikes
Name & RankPictureFlywheel WeightResistanceBike MonitorMechanismDevice Holder
MaxKare low-cost Indoor Cycling Bike30 LbsMagneticTime, distance, scan, speed, calories, and pulseBelt DriveIncluded
Finer Form Indoor Exercise Bike with 35 Lbs Flywheel35 LbsMagneticRPM, Time, distance, scan, speed, calories, and pulseBelt DriveIncluded
EFITMENT IC031 Budget Spin Bike For Home40 LbsMagneticTime, distance, scan, speed, calories, and pulseBelt DriveIncluded
L Now D600 Cheap Indoor Cycling Bike22 LbsFrictionSpeed, time, distance, calories, Odometer, and pulseBelt DriveIncluded
HouseFit Cheap Indoor Cycle40 LbsMagneticSpeed, time, distance, calories, Odometer, and pulseBelt DriveIncluded
Joroto X1s Affordable Spinning Bike35 LbsFrictionTime, speed, distance, calories, RPM, and heart rateChain DriveIncluded
ATIVAFIT Affordable Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer with 44lbs Flywheel15 LbsFrictionTime, calories, distance, speedBelt DriveIncluded
Mevem Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary18 LbsMagneticCalories, Time, Odometer, SpeedBelt DriveIncluded
Goplus magnetic spin bike For Home30 LbsMagneticScan time, speed, distance, and caloriesBelt DriveIncluded
ECHANFIT Affordable Belt Driven Spin Bike30 LbsMagneticTime, pulse, speed, caloriesBelt DriveIncluded
PYHIGH S2 Belt Driven Spin Bike35 LbsFrictionCalories, time, speed, and distanceBelt DriveIncluded

Top Affordable Indoor Cycling Bikes

#1 MaxKare Low-Cost Indoor Cycling Bike

MaxKare low-cost indoor cycling bike

Featuring a multiple-use handlebar, this economical indoor bike provides you with different ways of spinning exercise. The majority of cheap indoor cycling bikes come with a very basic handlebar while this bike offers 4-way adjustment and extra hand grips for a better spin workout.

MaxKare’s stable breathable leather padded seat can easily move forward/back and up/down to fit different heights or arm lengths. The 40 lbs solid flywheel is smooth and consistent when pedaling.

But more importantly, this bike is equipped with top-of-the-line magnetic resistance. Its adjustable resistance creates a quiet spinning workout and a good momentum for longer periods cycling. You can change the intensity of your workout with the easy to reach tension knob.

This budget low-priced indoor cycling bike is belt-driven, which means you get to experience a quiet and maintenance-free workout. On top of that, the MaxKare low-cost spin bike comes with an LCD monitor that displays time, speed, distance, and calories.

When buying this MaxKare low-price and competitive indoor exercise bike, you will get free shipping and assembly tools. The pedals on this reasonably priced spin bike are toe clip but they are standard 9/16″ so you can easily replace them with SPD compatible pedals.

Overall Dimensions: 42.3L x 21W x 45.4H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 300-lb.
Product weight: 90-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Soft Seat Fore/Aft Up/Down Adjustable
    Magnetic resistance system
    THE most affordable fully adjustable magnetic spin bike
    300 Pounds Max User Weight Capacity
    Good Bike Reviews
    Four-way adjustable handlebars
    Non-Slip Pedals
    Water Bottle Holder to Stay Hydrated
    Quiet Belt-Drive System
    Bike Console Comes With it
  • Least-Favorite:
    No RPM reading
    No SPD elements on the pedals

#2 Finer Form Indoor Exercise Bike with 35 Lbs Flywheel

This budget Finer From indoor cycling machine brings convenience and comfort in your every-day training sessions. The Finer Form comes with belt transmission and a solid 35 lb flywheel for strengthening your leg muscles and providing an incredibly smooth ride every time. The frame of this model is more durable than many other budget exercise bikes – it can hold up to 270 lbs of user weight and is made of high-quality stainless steel.

Although the handlebars are only horizontally adjustable, the seat is 4-way adjustable for better convenience and proper posture of the user. You can use the machine on your own or share it with your family members for efficient and comfortable training sessions. Additionally, this budget spin bike also features reliable toe-cage pedals with SPD clips option. So, you can choose the way you want to ride without having to spend on SPD pedals.

Finer Form bike has gained much popularity since the beginning of 2020 – all due to its unbeatable features and low price. In 2020, there is no other indoor bike under $400 with magnetic resistance, SPD pedals, and an RPM monitor.

On top of that, the Finer Form indoor cycle also comes with durable rust-proof crankshafts and adjustable resistance knob that you can twist to increase and decrease resistance level or press it for emergency braking, which results in better safety.

The unit also comes with a bottle holder on the fork, transport wheels, and good saddle for additional workout comfort. More importantly, this affordable spin bike keeps track of your workout duration – it has sensors to calculate your speed, RPM, distance, heart rate, and calories.

Overall Dimensions: 42L x 21W x 45H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 270-lb.
Product weight: 102-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    35-Pound flywheel weight
    RPM spin bike computer
    Belt-drive mechanism
    Easy or no maintenance
    Durability and compact design
    Durable rust-proof crankshafts
    4-way adjustable breathable seat
    Toe-caged pedals with adjustable straps and SPD clips
    Transportation casters for mobility
    Emergency stop brake for increased safety
    Micro-adjustable magnetic resistance to fit each preference
  • Least-Favorite:
    Handlebars are only vertically adjustable
    The monitor doesn’t have built-in backlit

#3 EFITMENT IC031 Affordable Indoor Cycle Bike

EFITMENT Magnetic Cycling Exercise Flywheel

This is the best spin bike to buy for under $400. IC031 belt drive cycle by Efitment features everything you need for a quiet and smooth indoor cycling and costs next to nothing compared to other magnetic bikes. Efitment exercise bike is made for elite and beginners featuring a 40-pound flywheel that provides a smooth spinning workout for users up to 275 pounds.

The heavy flywheel is combined with a quiet and maintenance-free magnetic resistance and belt drive system. These three features are usually found in spin bikes under $1000 and not $400 but Efitment made it possible. The resistance can be adjusted to meet your fitness level and needs. It can also be used as an emergency brake.

This cheap indoor bicycle trainer is also fully adjustable. Meaning you can adjust the seat and handlebars both up and down. So you can perfectly fit your bike to minimize the risk of injuries or hurting your back. The two built-in pulse sensors on the handlebars provide you with your heart rate feedback on the screen. The digital monitor shows all your basic fitness static feedbacks such as time, distance, scan, speed, calories, and pulse but not RPM or WATTS.

This best price spin bike has a narrow Q-factor which keeps your lower body joint aligned and safe. The toe caged pedals feature adjustable straps to provide a good fit during cycling workout but they are not dual-sided SPD.

A few other features of this top magnetic spin bike include the tablet holder on top of the monitor, water bottle holder, durable transport wheels, and adjustable base levelers. Being one of the best-rated spin bikes, the IC031 doesn’t come with an impressive warranty. It’s 3 years on frame and 3 months on parts.

Overall Dimensions: 41L x 21.26W x 47H
Max weight supporting capacity: 275-lb.
Product weight:104-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Adjustable Magnetic Resistance
    Quiet Belt Drive System
    Up&Down Adjustable Seat/Handlebars
    Soft Cushioned Seat
    7.7″ Q-factor
    Solid Construction
    Heavy Flywheel Weight
    Media Holder
    Water Bottle Holder
    Anti Corrosion Coat
  • Least-Favorite:
    Dark LCD Readings
    Short Warranty

#4 L Now D600 Low-Priced Indoor Cycling Bike

NOW Indoor Cycling Smooth Driven

The best-selling and best inexpensive spin bike by L Now is the D600 with 100+ highly rated testimonials. If you want to buy a spin bike with racing handlebars and low-price, D600 is for you. It has a belt-driven system which provides a smooth and quiet workout.

The heavy-duty steel frame combined with a 22-lb flywheel can provide indoor spinning exercise for users up to 280-pound. D600 home spin bike has friction resistance and a durable plastic guard to keep the sweat away from the flywheel and resistance pads to prevent maintenance issues.

L Now D600 budget spin bike seat is fore/aft adjustable. It’s cushioned, breathable and comfortable for male and female users. As far as the handlebars go, they can be adjusted up and down only, which is not ideal. But the extra racing hand-grips make up for the two-way adjustable handlebars allowing you to benefit the best spin bike workouts. There are also pulse sensors on the handgrips to let you see your heart rate information.

L Now comes with an LCD monitor that tracks your speed, time, distance, calories, Odometer, and pulse. The computer is not backlit so you might need to exercise with the light on in dark-room conditions. Pedals are non-slip and have the adjustable strap to keep your feet fit during an intense workout.

Other features include a tablet holder, water bottle holder, transport wheels, and adjustable foot levelers. Last but not least, this excellent inexpensive spin bike has one year warranty for the structural frame and other components. It is also one of our best spin bike picks for this year. Don’t forget to read our L Now indoor cycling bike reviews and comparison. if you are interested in this budget spin bike brand.

Overall Dimensions: 41L x 21W x 46H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 280-lb.
Product weight: 77-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Adjustable Magnetic Resistance
    Quiet Belt Drive System
    Up&Down Adjustable Seat/Handlebars
    Soft Cushioned Seat
    7.7″ Q-factor
    Solid Construction
    Heavy Flywheel Weight
    Media Holder
    Water Bottle Holder
    Anti Corrosion Coat
  • Least-Favorite:
    Dark LCD Readings
    Short Warranty

#5 HouseFit Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

When looking to buy cheap cycles, the HouseFit is one of your best bets on the market. On Amazon, you have the option to buy the HouseFit indoor bike in brand new conditions with free shipping. The HouseFit is one of the top 5 spin bikes under $500 with some unique features such as an easy adjustment system on the seat, high weight capacity and even more importantly a 40-lb flywheel.

This affordable exercise bike comes with a 40 pounds flywheel for a natural and smooth pedal stroke. The sturdy frame and durable parts can withstand 330-pound users weight. The grey corrosion resistance shiny color adds to your home decoration and protects the bike against humidity and scratches.

It has the belt drive mechanism that makes the bike quieter compared to chain-drive cycles. And it has a strong magnetic resistance system which is much better than friction resistance. It has less maintenance and makes less noise compared to some other budget indoor cycling bikes. Considered one of the best spin bikes for home use under $500, the HouseFit belt drive indoor cycling bike has a fully adjustable seat.

The handlebars offer multiple cycling grips and they are both vertically and horizontally adjustable. On top of that, this budget indoor cycle comes with a nice LCD monitor to track your workout progress including speed, time, distance, HR, and calories. Although it doesn’t read the RPM/cadence and lacks in wireless connectivity (Bluetooth and ANT/+) there is an easy fix that adds RPM and wireless connectivity to this bike. By purchasing a set of speed and cadence sensors, you can connect the bike to your devices and receive the RPM feedback.

Other features of this affordable spin bike include two water bottle holders, adjustable toe caged pedals, transport wheels, and base levelers. Overall, it’s a good bargain spin bike that comes with free shipping, 1-year all parts warranty. To find out about other magnetic budget cycling bikes, make sure to read our magnetic spin bikes review and comparison.

Overall Dimensions: 50L x 23W x 48H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 330-lb.
Product weight:130-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Assembly Tools Included
    Quiet Belt Drive and Magnetic Resistance System
    Up&Down Fore/Aft Adjustable Seat
    Sturdy Frame
    7.5″ Standard Q-factor
    Solid Construction
    40 Pound Flywheel Weight
    Dual Water Bottle Holder
    Shiny Anti Corrosion Coat
    Easy Adjustment System
  • Least-Favorite:
    Misses backlit on the LCD Computer
    No SPD elements on the pedals
    No RPM reading on the monitor

#6 Joroto X1S Indoor Cycling Bike For Home

JOROTO Indoor Cycling Bike Trainer

Featuring a sturdy frame, the X1s budget spin bike by Joroty is made to last for years. It has a thick stainless steel frame that adds to the stability and durability of this cycling bike. The professional, comfortable and ergonomic design makes you want to hop on to exercise every day. What is really nice about this budget spin bike is the 1-year guarantee for the whole exercise bike.

Joroto X1s budget exercise bike has a 35-pound flywheel combined with friction resistance system that offers unlimited resistance force and an optimal cycling pedal stroke. The Joroto X1s comes with the chain-drive system which requires a bit more maintenance than the belt system.

A really good feature of this cheap indoor cycling bike is the iPad holder that allows you to follow your Peleton bike classes or YouTube spinning workout videos. The LCD is small and non-backlit but it offers all the information you need for home indoor cycling. You can track your time, speed, distance, calories, RPM, and heart rate.

The seat is fully adjustable but the handlebars are only up/down adjustable. When buying the Joroto X1s budget bike, you have the options to send an email to the third party seller and ask for a wide seat instead of a narrow spinning seat. Hint, we recommend the narrow seat that it comes with.

While the pedals are toe caged only, they have adjustable straps to keep your feet in place. Or you can buy two Shimano SPD compatible with bike pedals for less than $50. Other features include a bottle holder, transport wheels, and a nice shiny coat. Bottom line, it’s a solid good home spin bike that costs less than $350. There are 3 Joroto indoor cycling bikes and the X1s is their entry-level. To see the Joroto exercise bike comparison, click on the link listed above.

Overall Dimensions: 42.9L x 19.7W x 42.5H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 280-lb.
Product weight: 64-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Easy Assembly
    Fully Adjustable Seat
    Durable Stainless Steel Frame
    Displays the RPM
    Tablet Holder
    Good Warranty
  • Least-Favorite:
    2-Way Adjustable handlebars

#7 ATIVAFIT Affordable Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Atifavit affordable magnetic indoor cycling bike

This belt-drive indoor exercise bike with 15-lb flywheel is one of the best cheapest spin bikes with many happy customer reviews and lots of good features. ATIVAFIT exercise bikes came out to the market recently but managed to become really popular due to their low price and good quality. This Ativafit spin bike has a sleek ergonomic design that comfortably fits most users between 5 to 6 feet. It has a nice compact frame coated with corrosion resistance black and white colors.

Thanks to its high gear ration, the 15-pound flywheel creates a smooth and ideal 360-degree pedal stroke for users up 265-pound weight. This Magnetic Ativafit stationary bike has a durable and really quiet belt system combined with magnetic resistance that offers emergency brake and strong tension. The padded seat is horizontally and vertically adjustable to remain comfortable when riding for long periods of time.

Like many other affordable spin bikes, the ATIVAFIT cycle’s handlebars are only 2-way adjustable which for some users makes it difficult to set up the bike comfortably. It also doesn’t have any built-in heart rate sensors on the handlebars so you won’t be able to monitor your pulse frequency unless you wear separate heart rate trackers.

Other features of this budget spin bike include an LCD monitor that provides some of the basic feedbacks you need for home spinning. You can track your time, calories, distance, speed. Additionally, it has a nice phone holder to allow you to stay entertained. The steel toe-clip pedals can lock in your feet to ensure safety and better control during the workout. ATIVAFIT affordable exercise bike also includes a water bottle holder to stay hydrated during your indoor cycling rides.

It has four adjustable base levelers to fit different ground environments and transportation wheels that allow you to easily move the bike’s location. And if that’s not enough to buy this budget spin bike, ATIVAFIT cycle comes with a 1-year refund policy. This ATIVAFIT inexpensive bike review is about the magnetic version, there are two more Ativafit budget indoor bikes but they don’t have the magnetic system a few bells and whistles.

Overall Dimensions: 41L x 22W x 47H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 265-lb.
Product weight: 63-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Tools Included For Easy Assembly
    Belt Drive Spin Bike
    Vertically & Horizontally Adjustable Seat
    Flywheel and resistance sweat protection cover
    Magnetic resistance system
    Comes With An LCD Monitor
    Heavy Flywheel Weight
  • Least-Favorite:
    2-Way Adjustable handlebars
    No water bottle holder
    Small and dark spin bike monitor

#8 Mevem Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Cycle

One of the best spin bikes under $300 is Mevem. This indoor cycling bike by MEVEM is fully adjustable to conveniently accommodate all user heights. Meaning the seat is both vertically and horizontally adjustable to fit the users comfortably without adding unnecessary pressure on the back, arms and knees. The price is so budget-friendly that you don’t have to look for days to find discount spin bikes or indoor spin bikes on sale. It retails for less than $270.

Mevem budget exercise bike comes with magnetic technology which offers a silent and smooth ride. With a simple twist, you can easily switch up the intensity of your cycling workout with a convenient tension knob. Utilizing the unlimited adjustable resistance allows you to engage in different and unique routines in every indoor workout. By changing the resistance you can do HIIT and mix up your workout to tone up and build muscles.

Featuring an 18-pound flywheel creates a smooth consistent and enjoyable 360 pedal stroke similar to real outdoor biking thanks to its magnetic system. This budget indoor cycling bike has a belt drive system that doesn’t require oiling too much maintenance.

The spinning bike pedals on Mevem are toe clips and can’t be used with spinning shoes. But it has the standard thread size, so you can replace them with dual-sided pedal easily. Other good features of this budget-friendly spin bike include the monitor, tablet holder, the portability wheels that make it effortless to move the bike and transform your home into your own personal fitness studio. After each use, you can simply tilt and roll out for use or away for storage. All in all, this half-price exercise bike is a good value for the money.

Overall Dimensions: 39L x 19W x 43H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 280-lb.
Product weight: N/A.

  • Most-Favorite
    Good warranty
    Vertically & Horizontally Adjustable Seat
    Good consumer reviews
    Belt Drive and magnetic resistance
    Water Bottle Holder
    43 Pounds Heavy Flywheel Weight
    Affordable Price
    LCD Monitor
    Tablet Holder
  • Least-Favorite:
    Lightweight flywheel
    Two-way adjustable handlebars

#9 GoPluse Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Gopluse magnetic spin bike

This Gopluse indoor exercise bike with 30-lb inertia-enhanced flywheel is capable of delivering a more natural ride compared to many other sale-price indoor cycles. The silent and maintenance-free magnetic resistance & quick-stop braking allows you to easily adjust the intensity of your exercise with the convenient tension knob. All it takes is a simple twist to increase or decrease the tension to choose the difficulty level that is best for you. The knob is also designed as quick-stop braking, by pressing it down you can quickly start and stop at any time.

This belt drive indoor exercise bike provides a quieter and smoother workout compared to chain exercise bikes. For extra comfort, the magnetic Gopluse spin bike comes with a fully adjustable seat that has an ergonomic design. The padded seat provides optimum comfort and ease during your indoor cycling ride. For the convenience and stability of your workout and for better bike fitting for your height, you can easily move forward/backward and up/down.

This adjustment allows multiple people in your home to use the equipment comfortably and efficiently without hurting their back. The padded handlebars also adjust in four directions (up/down and fore/aft). There is also a tablet bracket designed on the handlebars for entertainment while exercise. The multi-functional LCD display lets you scan time, speed, distance, and calories and helps you keep track of your progress.

The magnetic Gopluse spin bike also comes with an adjustable base & bottle holder to help you stay hydrated during your ride and fit different ground levels. The transportation wheels help you effortlessly move the bike and the toe-clip pedals have adjustable straps to lock in your feet to ensure footing and better control.

You can always replace them with two-sided SPD pedals that allow you to maintain constant contact with pedals for better power transfer to these. This Gopluse cheap spin bike also comes with free shipping and it has a 12 months warranty with FREE replacement parts. Overall, it’s one of the best exercise cycles for $400 that lets you enjoy the convenience of working out without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Overall Dimensions: 49.5L x 21.5W x 48.5H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 300-lb.
Product weight: 85-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Sturdy and Heavy Flywheel
    Padded Seat Vertically & Horizontally Adjustable
    Magnetic resistance system
    Wide range of user height and weight support
    Tablet Holder
    Water Bottle Holder
    Belt-Drive Indoor Exercise Bike
    Good Price
    Bike Computer Available
  • Least-Favorite:
    No RPM reading on the monitor

#10 ECHANFIT 1901 Affordable Indoor Exercise Bike

Echanfit affordable indoor cycling bike

Featuring magnetic resistance technology, this budget spin bike is a great deal for all novice. While the computer console of this affordable indoor cycle is basic and doesn’t record the RPM, it does keep you aware of your progress.

The stats that you can monitor on the LCD are the time, pulse, speed, calories, mode selection, reset, start and stop. There is also a tablet holder where you can place your device and follow your spinning videos online.

The Echanfit Cycling Bike is truly the new standard in budget indoor cycling in terms of resistance and drop handlebars. This budget spinning bike allows you to do several different spinning cycling postures using the racing bars. Additionally, it has pulse sensors to keep you aware of your heartbeat during the spin exercise.

Echanfit budget exercise bike comes with a 30-pound flywheel that provides good performance for individuals who like fast high cadence cycling. Combined with maintenance-free magnetic resistance, the Echanfit budget indoor cycle provides ideal tension for all novice cyclists. The drive mechanism is the belt and it’s quieter than the chain and helps to provide an enjoyable authentic cycling experience.

The seat of this affordable magnetic spin bike has is 4-way adjustable to accommodate a wide range of riders. But the no-slip handlebars are only up/down adjustable which can provide a comfortable and enduring cycling experience for many users but not for all because it can’t be adjusted. The pedals have one side for toe clips and adjustable straps for extra safety. Other good features include a durable frame with premium craftsmanship and a nice stylish look, and transport wheels.

Overall Dimensions: 47L x 25W x 49H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 297-lb.
Product weight: 85-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Magnetic Resistance System
    Fully Adjustable Seat
    Large Device Holder
    Drop Handlebars and Belt System
    Fitness Computer
    Overall ergonomic design
    Long warranty and refund policy
    High Weight Capacity
  • Least-Favorite:
    Up/Down adjustable Handlebars (Not 4-Way)
    No RPM Reading

#11 PYHIGH S2 Belt Driven Indoor Cycle

Pyhigh S2 indoor cycle

Manufactured by PYHIGH, S2 cheap spinning bike is known for the exceptionally smooth and quiet belt-drive mechanism that was designed for home use. With a maximum weight capacity of 280 pounds and 35 pounds flywheel, the S2 PYHIGH exercise machine can provide an optimal indoor cycling experience for male and female users.

The 35-lb flywheel will draw most muscle groups of your body into the workout allowing to burn more calories in less time. Being the cheapest indoor cycling bike by PYHIGH, it still comes with the belt drive mechanism that provides a smooth and calm environment for the indoor workout.

The up/down adjustable handlebars and a fully adjustable seat can comfortably accommodate various body shapes. Featuring felt-pad friction resistance system, Pyhigh affordable spinning bike S2 offers a relatively smooth and quiet indoor cycling workout.

The S2, one of the top affordable exercise cycles has the non-slip pedal with adjustable straps and the LCD computer. You can track your calories, time, speed, and distance with the basic console it comes with. It also features a device holder so you can watch YouTube spinning videos during your indoor ride, transport wheels and a bottle holder. The Pyhigh budget spin bike is also backed by 1-year guarantee on all parts and frame.

Overall Dimensions: 40.2L x 21.7W x 46.1H.
Max weight supporting capacity: 280-lb.
Product weight: 75-lb.

  • Most-Favorite
    Soft Seat Fore/Aft Up/Down Adjustable
    Warranty on All Parts 1-Warranty
    Excellent Customer Reviews
    Device Holder on the Handlebars
    Water Bottle Holder to Stay Hydrated
    Belt-Drive Mechanism
    Affordable Price
    Comes With the Bike Console
  • Least-Favorite:
    Up/Down adjustable Handlebars (Not 4-Way)

Budget Indoor Bike Accessories and Features:


Cycling shoes

Spinning shoes

To fully gain the benefits of a spin bike, you need to have the best gears for indoor cycling. Not only it’s safer to exercise with the right spinning clothes but you can also increase the calories burned on a spin bike by exercising more efficiently.

There are cheap indoor cycling shoes that cost as little as $40 and as they are shoes for spin bikes, they last for a long time. So, you don’t have to worry about buying another pair of spinning shoes for years. Most cycling shoes also include the cleats for spin bikes.


Using the budget affordable spin bikes or top rated spin bikes, spinning workout make you sweat a lot. So, you either let the salty sweat come down from your head to your face and into your eyes, or you can wear a sweatband.

They wick away the moisture during the indoor spinning workout, and in the winter they keep your ears and forehead warm.

Spinning Short

Indoor cycling short

You might as well have heard some indoor cyclists complain about the spin bike saddle sore. Well, it’s true, hard and soft seats can cause the saddle sore. It’s because either the seat is hard or simply because on each pedal stroke your skin rubs against the seat and your clothes causing friction. So, after a few spinning workout routines, you also might experience some bruises in key areas on your lower body.

But don’t worry there is an easy fix to this problem. $20 will get you a nice men’s chamois padded spin bike short to use during indoor cycling workout. And for ladies, you can buy one of our top women’s padded cycling shorts. They are tight fitting and they move with your skin so they prevent chaffing and friction.

Indoor cycling shorts also add an extra layer of padding to your hip bones. If you are wondering if using spin bikes gives a good exercise, the answer is yes. It can be very comfortable with the right spinning clothing. The amount of calories burned on a spin bike is worth the few extra dollars. After all, it’s your health you are investing in.

Seat & Cushion

cheap indoor cycle review

You don’t have to buy either of these two spin bike accessories until you do a few spinning workout sessions. Then you can decide to replace your seat with a softer gender specific seat or just add a seat cushion.

The best spin bike seats are breathable and wouldn’t cost more than $30-40. Keep in mind that even the top-rated spin bikes for home sometimes need a seat cushion.

Exercise Bike Bottle Holder

Intense and beginner spin bike workouts will make you sweat and dehydrated. To stay hydrated you will need to keep your water bottle on the bike in a place easy to reach. While most of the best spin bikes under 500 have the bottle holder, some bikes might lack in this feature.

Therefore, when buying a spin bike, see if the cycling exercise bike bottle is included or if you need to purchase it separately. While it sounds basic, a water bottle holder on an exercise bike during a cardio workout can be a real lifesaver. It’s not practical to stop your workout and dismount your exercise bike every time you want to quench your thirst.

Spin Bike Computer

Cheap indoor cycling bike with computer

Many indoor cyclists simply stick with their budget spin bike’s computer. Because they provide all the basic information for a home spin cycle exercise. But if your budget spin bike doesn’t come with a computer, you may want to consider adding a monitor to your bike. There are several options for bike monitors but two of them really stand out. The interactive Wahoo sensors and the spinning monitor.

The Wahoo is a watt and a cadence meter for the spin bike. You simply attach the sensors on the crank arms and then using the Bluetooth or ANT+ you can connect them to your phone/table/TV etc. The cadence sensor for the spin bike will be connected after you download the free Wahoo app on your phone/device.

Once they are connected, you can see the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) and Watts (the power of your strokes). And if you wear Wahoo chest strap, you can track your heart rate and calories burned on the Wahoo app. Using this interactive cadence computer for spin bike, you can join the indoor cycling apps online and compete with other live cyclists. You can also follow live online classes from popular spinning apps like Zwift.

Your second option is the spinning BIO Wireless Computer Monitor. It’s a package that includes a cadence sensor, a watt sensor, a wireless chest strap, a monitor holder and the monitor. By far it’s the best stationary spin bike computer that you can purchase for under $100. Using this exercise bike monitor, you can track heart rate, calories burned, RPM, Watts, and time. All you need to do is to tighten the computer on the handlebars and attach the magnetic sensors to the flywheel.

This budget spin bike computer is not interactive so you can’t connect it with your phone/device to compete online. It’s not a huge deal for many, you can still do at home spin class following YouTube spinning videos on your laptop. Also, note that the best spin bikes for home that are made by the “Spinning” brand feature this top rated monitor. You can buy it from Amazon or directly from

Phone/tablet holder

Budget spin bike with tablet holder

Exercise spin bike tablet and phone holder is usually missing even on pricey best buy spin bikes. So, don’t be disappointed if your recently purchased Amazon spin bike doesn’t have a device holder.

The HTX2 strap-lock mount is cheap and can be adjusted to fit different sizes. We recommend it in all our best home spin bike reviews and our readers like it.

Exercise equipment mat

Cheap indoor cycles, as well as expensive bikes, can scratch your floor during transportation and intense exercise. We highly recommend you to consider buying a heavy duty exercise equipment mat to protect your floor and also have a quieter smoother cycling exercise. Also, double check the base levelers to make sure your budget exercise bike is stable before riding. During a serious cycling workout, some indoor bikes may wobble or fall over if not adjusted properly.

Bike Pedals

spin bike dual sided spd pedals

Cheap spin bikes usually have basic single sided pedals while the best spin bike for the home often comes with dual side pedals. The difference is that with dual sided pedals you can do indoor biking workout with regular gym shoes on one side or use the other side with specific spinning shoes.

Unfortunately, this is one of the spin bikes parts that you might have to purchase separately even when buying the top spin bikes for home unless you want to use regular athletic shoes.

Bike cover

To keep your home spin bike clean and keep children away from it, we recommend you to cover the bike when not in use. Curious kids could get their fingers trapped in the moving parts.

Chain Lube

If you buy the belt driven spin bike, you don’t need to lube often. But if you buy cheap spin bikes, it’s possible that it has a chain instead of the belt. So, you will need to lube the chain from time to time. In our spin bikes reviews, we often recommend WD40 wet lubes but you can also use a dry lube.

Best spin bike videos

While some like to watch TV during cycling workout, many elite and beginner cyclists prefer following an instructor. Not only it’s motivational, but it’s also educational and you can learn how spin bikes work. There are several free indoor cycling workout videos on the web published by professional spinning instructors. You can also buy the best spin bike DVDs available on Amazon for as little as $10.

Ergonomic design

To gain the benefits of the spin bike and meet your fitness goals, it’s important to perfectly fit the bike and feel comfortable during a spinning workout. Look for spin bikes with adjustment capability, ergonomic seat and handlebars.

Adjustable handlebars

The best affordable indoor cycling bikes feature four-way adjustable handlebars. Meaning you can adjust the handlebars vertically and horizontally to fit your arm length. Adjusting spin bike means better bike fitting which ultimately means more comfort and support for your lower back. Therefore, you can work out for longer without experiencing the kind of discomfort and pain unadjustable spinning bikes can cause.

Heart rate monitor

The majority of cheap exercise bikes tend to come with built-in pulse sensors on the handles for heart rate monitoring. However, the top-rated home spin bikes are compatible with wireless chest straps which is more accurate than pulse sensors. Tracking your heart rate during exercise allows you to better reach your goals and stay within your heart rate range.


Resistance type is a huge factor in how much spin bikes cost. There are magnetic and friction resistance types and the difference is that the magnetic is silent while the friction makes a bit of noise and requires maintenance. Why? Because magnets don’t come in contact with the flywheel while the friction does.

When buying magnetic resistance spin bikes, look at how many levels of resistance the exercise bike you’re considering has. Around 15-25 levels is average for a gym-quality fitness cycle, but basic models may have fewer levels. As far as the friction resistance goes, they don’t have levels. They have a dial/knob that turns 360 degrees. The higher resistance on a bike provides a more intense exercise and allows you to do strength workout in addition to cardio exercise.

Preset Programs

This is something you will only find on some of the best exercise spin bikes. Affordable spin bikes don’t tend to come with preset programs to help boost your workout. Built-in programs automatically change the resistance on your indoor bike and allow you to start out on a low resistance, then build up to a high resistance before going back to a lower resistance. Some of these programs work based on your heart rate so you can choose a minimum and maximum heart rate. This way the exercise bike will change the resistance automatically to make you stay within that range of heart rate.

Best home spin bikes with programs are great if your doctor tells you not to exceed a certain heart rate or if you are not sure how to build your exercise workout. Indoor cycling exercise bike with a wide range of programs will fit people with a variety of fitness levels.

Seat adjustment

Pretty much every best home spin bike in 2020 has adjustable seat, so they’re suitable for adults of most heights. Look for up/down fore/aft adjustable seat so you can get better bike fitting. Keep in mind that each exercise bike has a recommended height range which is often between 5’2″ and 6’5″. If you are not in this height range, it’s important to check the bike’s maximum and minim inseam. While spinning indoor, you want to make sure you can extend your knees to the right length to avoid injuries. Also, when buying the best budget indoor spin bike, look for cushioned spin bike seat and avoid the hard seats.

Max Weight Limit

All exercise bikes from the best spin bikes under $1000 to $50 have a maximum weight limit, so check to make sure you don’t exceed it. In most cases, the weight limit is between 220 and 300 pounds, but this does vary. Heavier users may find some recumbent models have higher weight limits.

Drive System

Majority of newer model indoor bikes feature belt-drive, which is quieter compared to chain-drive and doesn’t require oiling/maintenance. We picked several belt-drive indoor exercise bikes and added them to this best spin bike reviews.

Spin bike flywheel

spin bike flywheel

Flywheel weight is an important factor when you buy a friction resistance bike but when buying magnetic resistance spin bike, it’s not a huge factor.

The best flywheel weight for spin bike that has friction resistance is from 30-pound to 60-pound. The heavier the flywheel, the more natural your pedal strokes will be.

Bike assembly

Indoor cycling bikes are one of the fitness equipment that isn’t difficult to put together compared to ellipticals, treadmill etc. Special offer spin bikes don’t have complicated sensors and computers to assembly. Therefore, anyone who can tighten a few bolts should be able to assemble their indoor bike without the need of a technician. When buying budget spin bikes, usually you will receive the tools needed.

Where to buy affordable spin bikes?

Comparing spin bikes you will notice there are more options among Amazon spin bikes than any other retailers. Not only that, spin bikes on Amazon are usually cheaper compared to other places. Amazon spin bikes feature free-shipping and also the Amazon return policy. From the same place, you can buy all the additional accessories.

If you are a Prime member, you will even have more benefits shopping for indoor cycling bikes on Amazon. Bottom line is that based on a couple of websites that we checked to find out how much the spin bikes are, we noticed that Amazon is the best choice for indoor cycles.

Best cheap spin bike brands!

Sunny Health & Fitness Cheap Spin Bikes

Sunny Health And Fitness Indoor Cycle

With no doubt, Sunny spin bikes are the most sold and popular on the market. Sunny bikes include gym spin bikes as well as top home spin bikes. The cheapest spin bike by Sunny is under $150 while their top indoor spin bikes for commercial use are no more than $1000.

Sunny Health and Fitness bikes are known for being sturdy and low-price. Their products lines also include rowing machines, ellipticals, mini steppers, recumbents bikes, and more.

We highly recommend this brand because they offer the best cheap spin bike that features sturdy frame and parts. Another reason we like this indoor bike brand is that they always have parts available in case you need it.

Ancheer Fitness Affordable Spinning Bikes

Ancheer indoor cycling bikes

This is a relatively new company that has grown very fast due to their high-quality and budget stationary spin bikes. They have recently become very popular with the Ancheer exercise bike, Ancheer folding bike, and Ancheer mini exercise bikes.

Ancheer indoor cycling bikes feature a slim design, belt drive, nice colors, and solid construction. Not to mention all their products are budget friendly. You will rarely see a consumer complaining about their Ancheer bike purchase.

We included Ancheer indoor exercise bikes in this buying guide, you can find them at the top of the list. They also have you covered if you are interested in adjustable weightlifting belts, trampoline, folding treadmill, and other indoor fitness cardio training equipment.

Efitment Economical Spin Bikes

EFITMENT spin bike

One of the best seller magnetic spin bikes manufacturers. While EFITMENT bikes include both friction and magnetic, their is very popular. Efitment set a new price standard for magnetic indoor bikes with IC031. It retails for less than $400 and it was the first budget magnetic spin bike that came out in 2017.

Following that, the company introduced the IC033 with better features yet budget and affordable. You will find Efitment products in many reviews of spin bikes across the web.

With no doubt, both their bikes are the top-spin bikes under $500. If you can afford it, we highly recommend one of the magnetic resistance indoor spin bikes made by Efitment. They also manufacture, steppers, indoor rowers, recumbents, folding bikes, treadmills, fitness ropes, and ellipticals.

L-Now Cheap Indoor Cycling Bikes

L Now indoor cycling trainer exercise bikes

Sturdy and Solid, that’s how I would describe L-Now Indoor cycling bikes. They are built like tank featuring up to 500-pound user weight capacity. It’s one of the fitness companies that strive to provide you with quality indoor cycling bikes at affordable prices. L Now manufactures mainly belt drive spin bikes for home use.

If you are buying a spin bike online and looking for a solid machine, we highly suggest the L-Now indoor cycling bikes.

They will last years for at home spin bike workout. If you are interested to find out which ones are our top favorites, check out the Live Now indoor stationary exercise bikes.

Last word on cheap indoor cycling bikes

Best Cheap Spin Bikes

Spinning is one of the cheap indoor activities that will help you burn more calories compared to any other type of exercise bike. We found the best uncostly indoor cycling bikes worth the money so that you can gain all the benefits of spinning for years to come.

After reading the information on this cost-effective exercise bike guide you should be able to decide which one of the best indoor cycles is best for you. The goal is to start from somewhere and get back to ideal shape.

If you think an indoor cycling bike is not for, you might want to consider other types of exercise bikes. Read below to understand how much burnt calories to expect from exercise bikes.

  1. If you’re short on space, a folding exercise bike is ideal. You can fold it up and store it when it’s not in use. (200-400 calories per hour)
  2. If you’re recovering from injuries, a recumbent exercise bike is ideal. You can mount it with no effort and use back support during exercise. (200-500 calories per hour)
  3. If you’re not flexible and rather exercise upright than leaning forward, an upright exercise bike is ideal. They are effective and easy to use. (200-600 calories per hour)
  4. If you don’t have flexibility and back issues, the spin bike is recommended for you. They offer the most intense form of indoor exercise bike workout. (400-1000 calories per hour)
9.9 Total Score

Any of the ten best budget spin bikes in this review would make a good companion for you and your family. If you can't go with number 1 on the list, go with number 10. They are the best value indoor cycling bikes under $500 that you can use to burn calories in the comfort of your home.

MaxKare low-cost Indoor Cycling Bike
Finer Form Indoor Exercise Bike with 35 Lbs Flywheel
EFITMENT IC031 Budget Spin Bike For Home
L Now D600 Cheap Indoor Cycling Bike
HouseFit Cheap Indoor Cycle
Joroto X1s Indoor Cycling Bike for Home
ATIVAFIT Low-Cost Indoor Cycling Bike
MEVEM Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary
GoPluse Magnetic spin bike For Home
Echanfit Affordable Belt Driven Spin Bike
PYHIGH S2 Belt Driven Spin Bike
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