Chaoke Exercise Bike Review: It’s best to avoid it

I’ve been using the CHAOKE indoor cycling bike for my exercise routine, and here’s an overview of my experience with this equipment.

The CHAOKE spin bike is designed for consumers seeking an affordable exercise bike for their home workouts. So, it doesn’t have any high-end technology like automatic or manual magnetic resistance or decent backlit screen that you would normally find in spin bikes under $500.

It’s a very simple exercise bike that utilizes a belt drive system coupled with a manually adjustable friction resistance, providing an okay cycling experience which is not as smooth and quiet as magnetic resistance exercise bikes.

In terms of durability, the CHAOKE indoor bike hasn’t disappointed me. Its sturdy frame is constructed with steel tubing, ensuring stability and longevity. The crankset is robust, capable of withstanding frequent and intense training sessions right in the comfort of your own home.

Plus, it’s equipped with a 37-lb flywheel which offers a substantial amount of resistance for a challenging workout. Additionally, the handlebar have horn and drop grips with pulse sensors allowing you to monitor your heart rate during your workouts.

In my experience with the CHAOKE indoor cycling bike, there are also a couple of aspects that I found less than ideal. Firstly, the display of the bike left much to be desired. It is a small 1.5″ by 1″ screen without a backlight, making it challenging to read the exercise metrics, especially in low-light conditions during my early morning and late-night workouts when visibility is limited.

Furthermore, one feature that is noticeably absent from the CHAOKE bike is Bluetooth connectivity. For me this meant that I couldn’t connect the bike to my favorite fitness apps like Zwift to save my daily workouts or compete with other online indoor cyclists.

But my biggest issue with this exercise bike is its friction-resistance system and the fact that it’s a Chinese based seller which can go out of the business or stop selling this bike any day (which is very common) and you wouldn’t be able to source a spare part in case things go wrong. Here is tablet to give you some information and then I will be explaining further about my experience with the bike down the article.

Pedals:Toe cages with adjustable safety straps
Flywheel:37 lbs
Resistance:Friction (wool pad)
Weight capacity:300 lbs
Height capacity:5’0″ and 6’4″
Bike weight:95 lbs (43 kg)
Bike dimension:41.3” x 20” x 44.49”
Box dimension:41.5″ x 33.5″ x 9″
Monitor:Single button with scan mode. No backlight
Stats:Speed, Time, Distance, HR, Calories.
Quantitive Measurements

Bike Specifications:

The CHAOKE indoor bike weighs 82.4 lbs (approximately 37 kg) when fully assembled. This heavy weight makes it a stable platform specially for heavy users and during vigorous workouts, preventing excessive movement even when the user pedals forcefully out of the saddle. The CHAOKE has a maximum rider weight rating of 300 lbs (approximately 150 kg), and heavy riders can have the peace of mind of knowing that the bike will be adequately stable during intense training sessions. The bike has two small wheels affixed to the front frame base tubing, which can be used to easily transport the bike from one place inside the house to another.

Many people thinking about buying an indoor spin bike worry about the size, and having a dedicated space taken up permanently by the bike, which can be an issue inside smaller homes. The CHAOKE indoor exercise bike is relatively compact with assembled dimensions of 41.34 x 20.08 x 44.49 inches, which makes it a spin bike with a fairly small footprint.

When not in use iIt can be stored in smaller out-of-the way spaces such as below a staircase or tucked away in a corner .The base tubing has four independently adjustable stabilizers which allows the user to easily setup the bike for use on a floor that is not perfectly level. A water bottle holder is included and is conveniently attached on the top tube of the frame, just beneath the tension adjustment knob, allowing users to keep a water bottle easily accessible for hydration during hard workouts.

Digital LCD Monitor:

The CHAOKE indoor spin bike comes with a digital exercise LCD monitor than tracks time, distance, speed, calories burned and pulse (via the EKG sensor contact grips integrated in the handlebar). The displayed exercise metrics are scrollable by using the single button located in the centre of the display unit. The unit will enter a power saving mode after several minutes of inactivity, and will automatically power up as it detects pedaling motion. It requires two AAA batteries.

There are a few negatives to the digital LCD monitor on the CHAOKE, but they are to be expected at this price point for basic home-user spin bikes. Firstly, there is no Bluetooth connectivity for using your own heart rate monitor (or any other Bluetooth-compatible sensors, like cadence, for that matter). Secondly, the LCD screen is not backlit which makes it hard to read in dimly lit environments.

Finally, the LCD display is fairly basic and can show one line of data only, but it has a useful scan mode which, when turned on, automatically cycles between the different metrics every few seconds when turned on.

CHAOKE Resistance and flywheel:

The bike utilizes a friction resistance system, which relies on a wool pad that presses against the flywheel to adjust the intensity of your workout. However, I must admit that compared to the magnetic resistance systems I’ve tried, I found the friction system to be louder and less smooth.

During my time with the CHAOKE bike, I didn’t encounter the need to change or lubricate the resistance pad. However, it’s worth knowing that with friction resistance, regular maintenance becomes necessary after covering a few hundred miles of riding. Unlike magnetic resistance systems, friction resistance does experience wear and tear over time.

The friction resistance mechanism generates resistance by directly contacting the wool pad with the flywheel. This direct contact is the reason why it eventually wears out and why it produces slightly more noise compared to a magnetic system.

Adjusting the resistance level on the CHAOKE bike is simple. The bike features a large knob conveniently located below the handlebars, allowing you to easily modify the resistance to your desired level. Moreover, pressing down on the resistance knob acts as a brake, providing immediate stopping power to the flywheel.

With a flywheel weighing in at 37 lbs (16.7 kg), the CHAOKE exercise bike offers a substantial and challenging workout experience. Considering its price range, this flywheel weight is impressive and meets the standards of other indoor cycles priced under $300.

Handlebars and Seat:

The handlebar has a bullhorn-style shape offering many hand positions, and is 2-way adjustable. The 2-way adjustability range (unlike the saddle, which is 4-way adjustable) may limit the customizability for very tall or very short riders, but it has an adequate amount of vertical adjustment for most riders. Some users have reported that for those over 6 feet tall, the vertical adjustment might not be enough to set the handlebar at a comfortable height for long workouts.

The ergonomic handlebar offers several grips that allow users to use a hand position that suits their workouts. The handlebar is coated in a rubber anti-slip material that offers cushioned and comfortable grip during intense training sessions. There is an integrated tablet holder located just below the LCD exercise monitor.

The saddle is wrapped with a synthetic cover and offers ample padding for a comfortable ride. There is a central groove in the top of the saddle pad to provide breathability during long and intense training sessions. The saddle and seat post attachment system allows four-way adjustability and the adjustment range is wide enough to ensure that it will comfortably suit most riders.

However, many buyers have reported that the adjustment range is not adequate for riders of very tall or very short stature. The seat post uses a standard saddle rail clamp which allows users to swap the seat out for another if needed. There have been reports of the seat clamp loosening with frequent use, so make sure you tighten it adequately and check the mechanism from time to time.

Pedals and Transmission:

The CHAOKE spin bike comes with a set of metallic pedals with rubbery toe cage that has a nylon strap that can be quickly loosened or tightened. The toe clips (cages) are adjustable to suit a wide range of foot sizes.

However, unfortunately the pedals do not have an SPD (clip-in) option to use specific indoor cycling shoes to be safer and more efficient. But not a deal breaker because of it’s common in this price tag and because the crankset on the CHAOKE uses a standard 9/16″ thread so you can easily swap out the included pedals for your favourite pair of dual-sided pedals.

The CHAOKE exercise bike comes with a belt drive system, which offers a smooth and low-noise pedaling motion. Unlike chain transmissions, belt drive transmissions do not require frequent maintenance or lubrication, and do not generate as much vibration during as chain drive systems typically do.

The pedaling motion is reversible, which allows the user to pedal backwards using resistance. While useful, the reversible pedaling feature has the drawback of not being able to coast the flywheel, and it is important to remember to apply the flywheel brake if an emergency stop is necessary.

Price, Assembly and Shipping:

At the time of writing this review, the CHAOKE spin bike can be found priced around $300 (often found slightly above or below this price) and it comes with a 1-year warranty on parts. The company (seller and manufacturer are based in China.

It used to be a good value when they were selling the magnetic version of the bike but now that they are selling the friction version of the bike with a tiny display, it no longer offer enough value to justify the price. Later in the article, I will explain better alternatives that you can buy the for the price.

The process of assembling the CHAOKE spin bike is rather straightforward and does not require a high level of mechanical competence. There is a handful of bolts used for fitting the front and rear base bars, the seat post, the handlebar and handlebar post, the pedals and finally the LCD display unit.

There is a clear instruction manual included in the box, as well as the tools required for assembly. It would take most people between 30-45 minutes to fully assemble the bike and have it ready for use.

Once assembled, the CHAOKE does not need much periodic maintenance aside from making sure that there are no loose parts. As previously mentioned, belt drive systems do not require lubrication.

CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike Pros:

  • Easy assembly with tools included in the box.
  • Strong frame supporting cyclists up to 300 lbs (136 kg) and compact dimensions that fits in smaller spaces.
  • Transport wheels on front base bar for easy transport and storage.
  • Adjustable stabilizers to set-up the bike on an irregular floor.
  • Included water bottle cage.
  • Multi-grip handlebars with included tablet holder.
  • Comfortable well-padded saddle with four-way adjustability.

CHAOKE Indoor Cycling Bike Cons:

  • The included pedals do not have an SPD option.
  • The Amazon and Walmart reviews for this bike is to be consider with caution.
  • Wool pad friction resistance system instead of magnetic resistance.
  • The digital LCD display is not backlit and does not have Bluetooth compatibility for using heart rate monitors.
  • Handlebar adjustment does not go high enough for some users.
  • Some build quality issues, such as the saddle attachment clamp tending to come loose during use and needing frequent tightening.

Comparable Alternatives To Consider

When considering alternatives to the CHAOKE exercise bike, the Dmasun indoor bike stands out as a fantastic choice. With its dropper handlebars and magnetic resistance system and 35 lb flywheel, the Dmasun indoor bike offers a smoother and quieter ride compared to the CHAOKE’s friction resistance. The magnetic resistance also requires less maintenance, making it a convenient option for those who prefer a hassle-free workout experience.

On the other hand, the Bancon exercise bike offers unique features that set it apart from both the CHAOKE and Dmasun bikes. The standout feature of the Bancon model is its Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless integration with popular fitness apps like Zwift and Peloton. This connectivity opens up a world of interactive training possibilities, allowing you to engage in virtual workouts and join online classes, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your exercise routine. Additionally, the Bancon bike’s covered flywheel provides an added layer of safety, making it a suitable choice for households with children.

When deciding between these Chaoke alternative indoor cycling bikes, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize a drop handlebars, the Dmasun indoor bike might be the ideal fit for you. On the other hand, if you value the ability to connect with fitness apps and engage in interactive training sessions, along with the added safety of a covered flywheel, the Bancon exercise bike is likely the better choice.

BANCON Bluetooth Magnetic Stationary Bike

BANCON Bluetooth Magnetic Stationary Bike

DMASUN Magnetic Resistance Indoor Bike

DMASUN Magnetic Resistance Indoor Bike


as of July 21, 2024 8:41 pm

as of July 21, 2024 8:41 pm
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6.7Expert Score
CHAOKE Exercise Bike is NOT Worth it Anymore

Given our experience with the CHAOKE exercise bike, we hesitate to recommend it at its current price tag of $300. The outdated friction resistance system and the lack of a backlit display and Bluetooth protocol are significant drawbacks that hinder its overall performance and user experience.

Fortunately, we were able to explore alternative options within the same price range. Both the Bancon and Damsun exercise bikes proved to be superior choices compared to the CHAOKE bike. These alternatives feature magnetic resistance systems, which provide smoother and quieter operation. Additionally, both models boast better overall build quality, ensuring durability and stability during intense workouts.

However, it is important to note that our recommendation is contingent on the current price of the CHAOKE exercise bike. If, by the time you are reading this review, the CHAOKE bike has dropped in price and is available for under $200, it might be worth considering. At a significantly reduced price, it could offer a viable option for those seeking a budget-friendly exercise bike. Nonetheless, if the price remains at $300, we firmly believe that the Bancon and Damsun models are superior choices that deliver better value for your investment.



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  1. Can I adjust magnet Over wheel? It’s not doing proper resistance.


    • Hello Carole, thanks for stopping by

      Of course, you can easily adjust the magents to stay further or closer to the wheels if you are good with a few simple tools. You will need to adjust the rod that connects the magnets with the knob.

      Update: Unlike the old model, the current Chaoke indoor bike is sold with friction resistance.

  2. Hi,

    How do the AA batteries hold up on the bike? Do they power the bike or just the LCD monitor? Is the resistance engaged mechanically or electrically by the batteries. I am worried about battery cost. Thanks.

    • Hi John, it’s battery operated (AAA) and I suggest you buy a set of high-quality or rechargeable ones as the ones that come with the bike don’t last long. They only power the LCD monitor, the bike doesn’t have any type of electronic parts other than its extremely basic/outdated console so a set of Energizer or Duracell should last quite some time depending on how often you use the bike. Resistance is engaged mechanically/manually via a knob and it’s not motorized so it doesn’t need electricity and there is no automatic resistance change for Zwift or Peloton Power Zone classes.
      I hope it helps, if you have any other questions or need indoor bike suggestions, let me know your budget and I will try to get back to you asap.

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