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Finding the best upright exercise bikes is difficult and time-consuming but we, through our experts’ accurate and details reviews make it easy for you to choose the best indoor exercise bike. With tens of companies manufacturing upright exercise bikes discovering the best indoor upright bike gets overwhelming, especially if you are not sure what you have to be looking for.

There are many upright bikes from well-known brands such as LifeFitness, Exerpeutic, Schwinn 170 magnetic upright Bike, Nautilus U616 Exercise Bikes, Adidas upright bikes, and Sole.

Surprisingly, the majority of them are in the same price range and what sets them apart are little details that you need to know in advance if you want to find the best upright exercise bikes for your home or office or even gym.

Our team at “Your Exercise Bike” board always works hard to keep the upright exercise bikes reviews up-to-date. We don’t pick the best upright exercise bikes based on price only, we chose and rank them based on features such as operation, resistance, durability, warranty, flexibility, price and many other criteria.

We are dedicated to not only write reviews of the best upright exercise bikes but to also help you learn on your own how to choose the best upright bike next time you are in a store.

Why should you consider an exercise bike?

One can have many reasons for owning an upright bike at home but here are some of the reasons I have an upright exercise bike. They are safe compared to road bikes and affordable compared to monthly gym fees. Also, they are a low impact on joints and muscles and lastly, they are available next to my bedroom always, regardless of the weather or holidays.

Plus I love to have the full control of my environment to watch TV or listen to my favorite music unlike being in a crowded gym. Technology in all aspects of life, especially in the gym equipment is making life easier for those with less space. Now I don’t need to have 5 square feet space to have an indoor upright bike because I can buy an Exerpeutic folding magnetic upright bike that can be stored in my closet after use. The same goes for ellipticals, you can now buy a mini elliptical stepper that takes less than 2 feet of your space and weighs only 30 Lbs.

How to choose the best upright bikes?

We are here to help learn what to look for and how to discover the best upright exercise bike. Therefore we write informative and easy to understand upright exercise bikes buying guides.

Most upright bikes are magnetic resistance but it’s necessary to double-check and make sure because magnetic resistance makes the upright bike both smooth, and quiet compare to friction resistance. Look for a long-range of resistance, some upright exercise bikes have only 5-10 resistance levels which aren’t sufficient unless you are just a beginner.

The display is another factor to look at, some bikes have just a basic Black & White LCD to display your workout data but many indoor exercise bikes come with more advanced options such as Bluetooth connectivity, speaker and cooling fan, MP3 cord, preset programs, and last but not least user profiles. What you might consider fancy or not so important on the display, actually play a big roll in keeping you motivated and on the bike for a longer period.

When looking for the best upright exercise bike for your home, make sure to check the warranty, weight capacity and seat adjustability to make sure it can support your height and weight. If you want to find out the ideal model of upright exercise bikes that suit your budget and need, read our detailed articles and discover the top upright exercise bike.

Best upright desk exercise bikes with tablet holders feature powerful resistance, sturdy frame, and high-end LCD displays. To find the Best stationary bike you are in the right place, we reviewed the top 10 stationary bikes mentioning their pros and cons.

Exercise bike reviews are honest and unbiased. Our team here at your exercise bike put together the best upright exercise bike reviews to bring you the top cardio machines on the market. If you are thinking of buying a home exercise bike for seniors, we suggest you check out the best recumbent bikes as they feature step-through design, wider seats, and a backrest to support the users during the workout.

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