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Find the top pedal exercisers on the market through our accurate and detailed reviews. Your Exercise Bike team is committed to finding you the best quality pedal exercisers. With the number of companies manufacturing pedal exercisers, it’s difficult and time-consuming to find the best mini pedal exerciser.

Often people end up buying exercise equipment that they stop using after just a few days as a result of not knowing what to look for or how to choose the best product. In addition to providing you with the list of the top-rated pedal exercisers, we also help you learn what you should consider when buying a pedal exerciser.

Things like magnetic resistance, bidirectional pedal motion, the height of the pedal, operation, dimensions and stability and many other factors that could indicate whether or not the exercise pedal can suit your need. We help you discover the top pedal exerciser for under the desk or when you are relaxing in front of the TV.

What is a pedal exerciser and where can you use it?

A pedal exerciser is a small bike used both on the floor for lower body and on the table for the upper body. Pedal exercisers are designed for different purposes such as under-desk exercising and rehabilitation for after surgeries and injuries. They resemble the traditional cycles, however, they are much smaller in size. Before looking for a pedal exerciser you need to decide where and for what purpose you want to have a mini pedal exerciser.

For instance, if you want to use it under your desk at work, there are different things you need to keep in mind, such as pedal height and bike length. Although, if you want to use the pedal exerciser in front of the TV or on a table to work out your shoulder, arms, and back, there are some different feature you need to look for.

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How to choose the best Pedal exerciser for under the desk?

Look for the shortest pedal height, below 10 inches is ideal to use under the desk. If the pedals go up too much, you will bang your knees on the desk every time you pedaling. However, If you really want something good to both burn calories, stay active and keep the blood circulation going, buy yourself the Cubii mini elliptical stepper.

The height and the stride motion of these mini desk ellipticals is the ideal option for under the desk. If you want something cheaper, your best option for under the desk is DeskCycle exerciser with only 10 inches pedal height. Spin Bikes What to look for in a good pedal exerciser is not easy if you don’t know the following details. First of all, let’s say you decided that the pedal exerciser is to be used in the TV room, not under the desk.

This way you don’t have to worry too much about the height of the pedal because there is no desk to bang your knees while pedaling. For a quiet, smooth and non-jerky motion look for a magnetic long range of resistance. Upright exercise bikes

Best pedal exercisers for under desk and for seniors

For a stable mini pedal exerciser to stay in place without rocking look for the wide platform rather than long height and narrow platform. For being able to pedal forward and reverse to work on different leg muscles look for bidirectional pedal motion. If you are recovering from a surgery or injury, look for a motorized pedal exerciser with a good range of resistance.

Our dedicated team always work hard to find the best products for you. If you still want to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of pedal exercisers and why we should use them at work or at home while sitting and doing nothing, read our detailed pedal exerciser review. The best pedal exercisers are great little machines for those who spend hours sitting behind the desk or on the sofa watching TV.

With that being said, anyone who wants to improve the heart rate and get the blood circulation up can benefit from a mini pedal exerciser.  We searched the entire market and picked the top pedal exercisers for under the desk and on the table for upper body workout.

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