Things to know before buying an upright exercise bike

An upright exercise bike is a stationary bike that allows you to pedal with your feet positioned in an upward, or “upright,” position.

This type of stationary exercise bike can provide a more comfortable cycling experience for many people, and it also tends to be less expensive than other types of stationary bikes.

Additionally, upright exercise bikes tend to take up less space than recumbent bikes. If you’re looking for an affordable, comfortable way to get some cardio exercise at home without putting too much stress on your joints, an upright exercise bike may be the perfect choice for you!

When buying a new upright exercise bike, there are many factors to consider. This article will outline what you should be looking for when making your purchase.

From bike type, adjustability, features, price, to customer reviews – they are all important aspects to keep in mind before choosing an upright exercise bike.

By following the advice I provided down below, you can be sure to find the best upright exercise bike for your needs and budget.

Seat and handlebar adjustability

To get in the position for your size it’s important to choose a bike with wider adjustability options. Some bikes come with a 4-way adjustable seat and handlebar which is perfect to get in the right position of cycling.

Magnetic resistance

Some upright exercise bikes still come with pads and brakes that get in contact with the desk/flywheel to bring tension.

The brake system is not good for two major reasons: it makes noise and it requires maintenance quite often.

On the other hand, magnetic resistance does not come in contact with the desk/flywheel and it simply gets close to bring more tension which is both quiet and requires less maintenance.

Especially if you are living in an apartment and don’t want to make a lot of noise to avoid bothering the neighbors, it’s better to go for a magnetic resistance upright exercise bike.

LCD Display

The integrated computer is important to show basic stats of your workout progress, preferably backlit screens. The screen plays a big role in keeping you motivated for a longer session of workout.

Not all, but there are some upright exercise bikes from brands like Life Fitness and Precor that come with HD touchscreen monitors. They are not cheap but they do allow streaming on the web while doing cardio workout on the bike.

Built-in fans and speakers

If you are going to spend 30-50 minutes on your indoor stationary bike, it’s good to have something to keep you from overheating and keep you fresh to continue pedaling for that extra 10 minutes.

A set of speakers is a good feature to keep you motivated and let you listen to your favorite music during the workout sessions without the need for cycling headphones.

Pedals and water bottle holder

Most indoor upright exercise bikes have water bottle holder but because it’s important to stay hydrated during the workout and you can’t leave the bike every time you need to drink. Check and make sure the bottle holder feature exists.

All indoor upright bikes have pedals but some don’t have straps and quite often the users complain about the feet slipping off the pedals, especially if you sweat and it becomes slippery. Look for wide pedals with strapping.

Weight and height limits

Do not spend your money unless you are sure your indoor upright bike can support your weight and can be adjusted to your height.

Go for the ones with a bigger range of height and weight capacity, in case another family member sometimes wants to use your upright indoor stationary bike.

Assembled dimensions and machine weight

Nowadays it’s hard and not so common to own a big house and if you are one of us with a small apartment, make sure that what you are paying for fits in your place.

If you have to carry it to another room after using it every time, you may want to go for a lighter indoor upright bike that has transport wheels. With that being said, most indoor cycles have transport wheels, make sure you pick the right one.

The warranty

It’s always important to choose an upright exercise bike with a longer warranty. This way, if something breaks you don’t have to spend hundreds to get it fixed, at least until the warranty expires.

Plus, remember that when the warranty is longer, it means the company has more confidence in the quality of the product.

Preset programs and levels of resistance

Preset programs are very useful and most bike riders use them to quickly start a program and do the challenge.

The number of resistance levels is important because it’s motivating and if you don’t have enough options, you can’t challenge yourself and you might get bored quickly. To stay more on the bike and lose more calories you need motivation.

User Profile

The more user profiles, the better. Every person who uses the bike can create an account and save their workout progress for weeks, months and even years.

It’s important to know how many calories you burnt in a week or a month so you can either lower or add up to the time and resistance. You can also manage your workout program in your user profile.

The benefits of an upright exercise bike

The stationary bike is the most popular equipment to lose weight and stay in shape used in every home and gym because they are a budget choice, light, compact and easy to use. Wondering what are the benefits of having an indoor bike at home?

 They are safe

With the amount of traffic and pollution rising in every city around the world it’s not realistic to say riding a bicycle in your neighborhood is always safe. However, pedaling at home in your comfort zone on a stationary bike is both safe and less time-consuming. At the same time, it brings almost the same results. Plus, sometimes the weather is rough and you simply can’t go for a walk or cycling outside. This is when having an indoor bike comes very handy.

Low impact

It’s one of the best ways to lose weight with the minimum impact on your joints and muscles as the bike is stationary and you are either sitting or leaning on it.

Fat burning + heart fitness

While sitting on the seat of the bike pedaling you have the comfort to both watch a TV and burn up to 350 calories per hour. By exercising not only you can burn fat, but you also tune your muscles (especially leg muscles) and strengthen your heart.

Leg strength

Not as much leg strength as you might develop in the gym doing squats with the weights, but using an upright bike is still considered great for your legs.

Good for beginners

Regardless of what fitness level you are, you can still use the upright exercise bike. The beginners with a little extra weight usually don’t feel going to the gym as they are shy, so an indoor bike is a great way to start, get your heart rate up and lose some weight.

It’s economical

With today’s economy everyone is struggling so why not save our $ if we can! You can spend $500 on a good bike that lasts for years instead of spending tens of dollars every month for gym subscription and transportation. Plus, you are not going to have control over your surroundings. For instance, if you are at the gym, you can’t watch your favorite TV show or listen to the news. Keep in mind that you can use your upright bike everyday anytime.

Helps you sleep better

Yes, you read it right. Exercising, in general, is a great medicine for proper sleeping. Do you sometimes wake up in the morning still tired and at the same time can’t sleep? Well, it’s because most of the times we didn’t sleep properly the night before due to the lack of movement we had during the day. After 40 minutes of pedaling in the evening, you will experience again how you used to sleep when you were a baby.

Other Health reasons

It’s proven that regular physical exercise helps you manage your weight, boosts your immune system and reduces the risk of developing a chronic disease. Using a stationary exercise bike is also recommended for those with diabetes or joints problems due to its low impact.


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