Best Upright Exercise Bikes Under $500

Get the Best Upright Bikes Under $500 and Reach Your Fitness Goals Without Heavy Gym Fees

Cardio sessions are incomplete without the perfect upright bike to keep your heart pumping. A stationary bike is helpful, especially because pedaling does great in decreasing your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Exercise sessions on an upright bike can also help you improve lungs and heart quality through increased oxygen intake. The versatility of indoor upright bikes means that you can adapt them to different cardio needs, including sprint workouts and high-intensity training. The compact, low-impact feature of the upright bike means it can provide a heart-pumping workout independent of how much effort you invest.

Upright bikes are popular for their indoor efficiency that allows you to attain similar results like the athlete hitting the road. The science of their designs equips you to make headway towards your fitness goal. The ergonomics of these cardio machines are tuned towards strength and resistance building. The benefits of cycling abound still if you have the right cardio machine. Several upright bikes are on sale in marketplaces, but not all support low budget purchase. A comprehensive research and extensive reviews of guides our choice of the best upright bikes you can find under $500.

Top 10 Upright Bikes for Under $500:

Nautilus U616 Upright Exercise Bike Series

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The series is packed with a number of uptight bikes certain to tickle your fancy, including the Nautilus U618, which is the best upright bike under $1000. Our focus is however on bikes you can get for less than $500. The Nautilus U616 Upright Bike fits perfectly, its U618 model sells for $561 even though they share nearly exact features. A low priced home bike, the Nautilus series combines cardio features and solid qualities that make them suitable for low-impact cardiovascular workout.

With a maximum user weight of 300lbs, the convenience feature of the bike includes a sound-rich stereo speaker, water bottle and magazine holders. On the feature side, it has a balance flywheel that creates a quiet workout session free of distracting vibration.

It possesses a 25 level ECB magnetic resistance with 10 resistance levels ranging from easy to difficult. The brand comes with 25 programs, including 2 fitness tests for advanced and beginner riders. It provides 12 profiles, 9 heart rate control with two being user custom-defined. Balance is endured through levelers, one integrated and the other large enough to withstand your weight even when you speed up things.

If you’re looking for that “one size fits all” cardio machine that doesn’t need you breaking the bank and sweat to get, the Nautilus series is a worthy choice packed with a plethora of features certain to get you going. You’ll enjoy the super-compact two LCD window system that allows you to see up to 13 displays at a time. You can also download the data to an external drive for later analysis of your progress. Considering all the features, we believe it is the best upright exercise bike under 500.

  • ECB magnetic resistance with quick keys
  • Bluetooth connectivity and backlit screen
  • Built-in speaker and cooling fan 
  • Up to 25 workout programs
  • Highly durable and great value for the price
  • Tablet holder, bottle holder, and elbow pads
  • The seat can seem a bit too hard and lacking in comfort

Circuit Fitness Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

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Under $500 bikes are readily available, but not always with the array of features that are qualities of bikes in the elite league. The Circuit Fitness Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike breaks tradition by combining the finest of elite features with affordability.

One of the many exercise bikes released in 2019, the Circuit Fitness Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike is furnished with Eddy current resistance comprising 24 levels. 15 preset programs simulate the effect of biking on different terrains. You can control you training level according to your skill using dynamic resistance screen with LCD feature that tracts pulse rate, speed, distance covered and amount of calories burned.

The Circuit Fitness Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike adjustable,  large seat allows for different body sizes to fit in perfectly without losing balance.  It supports a weight of up to 300lb, and has a heavy duty framework that makes it adequate for everyday use.

The perfect addition to a home gym, this fitness upright bikes under 500 features a dynamic water bottle holder, a set of wheels that makes it moveable, comfy pedals that make peddling more fun. If you’re looking to burn some calories and have your heart pumping fast, this under $500 bike will do just fine.

  • 15 workout programs plus recovery 
  • Led Backlight Display 20 magnetic resistance levels
  • Little maintenance and easy to assemble
  • Adjustable media holder for iPad and phones
  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • Bottle holder and USB charing port
  • No online connectivity to track your daily workouts
  • 1-Year manufacturer warranty is not impressive

ProForm 225 CSX Upright Exercise Bike

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Measuring a footprint of 96cm x 54cm, the ProForm 225 CSX Exercise Bike occupies around the same space as most upright bikes under $500. It’s 160cm height however distinguishes it from the rest. This bike features a fine jet black finish stained with silvering and red tint that makes it visually appealing.

Fielding a seamless paddle to ensures you don’t skid off during a ride, the ProForm 225 CSX Exercise Bike is lacking adjustment with the handlebars, a lacking feature that raises questions about ease of manuvering.  Overall, the build appears reasonably sturdy, although its weight range does not exceed 286 lbs, which makes it only suitable for a limited range of people. Unlike the other bikes we have reviewed on this blog, this upright workout bike falls below the 300lbs bench mark.

The bikes console has 20 preset programs running on both automated and manual modes. The manual modes allow for personal adjustment and setting of personal cardio goals. To get started, you may input your body weight to create a theoretical calorie burn data which could include the distance covered, heart pump rates, all displayed on its colorful LCD.

ProForm 225 CSX Exercise Bike includes a stereo speaker, and a cooking fan. It embeds hand pulse sensors that take pulse reading with enviable accuracy. A chest belt also enables you to get a more accurate reading of heartbeat and for way less than $500, this bike is sure worth the bucks. The confidence the manufacturer has in the product is highlighted in the one year part and labor warranty that comes with it.

  • Easy to assemble and highly affordable
  • 18 electronically adjustable quiet magnetic resistance
  • Goal track capability allows for setting choice individual goals
  • 10-Preset programs to kick off the workout immediately
  • Bluetooth technology and iFit compatibility
  • Transport handle, tablet holder, and cooling fan
  • Basic fixed handlebars
  • 250 Lbs of user weight capacity

Sunny Health And Fitness SF-B2883 Bike

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Costing $290 on Amazon, the Sunny Health & Fitness Stationary SF-B2883 Upright Bike helps you harvest the dividends of an active lifestyle. The strong frame is guaranteed to help improve your cardiovascular strength, while you gun for strong muscles below and above.

With a difficulty-free setup process, this under $500 bike can be put into shape within 30 minutes, alone or with a cardio machine expert. The manual is super intuitive and anyone who can read should set it up easily. The weight of this bike may however translate to you needing a helping hand to lift the major units during set-up.

The handle bars are one of the nicer features of the Sunny Health & Fitness Stationary Upright Bike as they are padded,slip-free and ergonomic. They are adjustable for different riding styles for different workout sessions. The pedals also provide strong grip through a strap that doesn’t let go off your shoes even during high resistance actions.

The performance is smooth but relatively noisy. It appears perfect for the indoor endurance workout. The Sunny Health & Fitness Stationary Upright Bike at a reasonable price of $290 comes with a solid 3 year warranty on frame.

  • 16 digital levels of SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • High-quality useful feedback and a blue backlit monitor
  • 24 pre-installed exercise programs to help reach your goal quicker
  • Dual grip EKG heart rate monitor, compatible music port for iPod
  • Tablet/phone holder and bottle holder
  • Maximum weight of 250 pounds
  • No Bluetooth connectivity or app compatibility
  • Short warranty by Sunny Health and Fitness

Schwinn 130 Upright Stationary Bike

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The Schwinn 130 Upright Stationary Bike cuts into the list of our favorite upright bike choice under $500. An affordable fitness machine for the perfect cardio routine,the  Schwinn 130 Upright Stationary Bike features 22 preset workout and 20 resistance levels you can switch through at ease and great speed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, the manual input interface allows you to input personal data for a comprehensive workout plan fitting for your fitness goals. These features you must have noticed are not common with under $500 bikes.

Of the 20 preset workouts,your heart rate controls 9 with 4 specifically tailored for beginners, and another 4 for intermediate and advanced trainers. There’s a preset workout that is user-designed. The bike allows for a maximum of two profiles, it also embeds another 2 workout routines that test your level of fitness during exercise.

The bike has a 300lbs capacity with a compact feel that marries an intuitive, ergonomic and futuristic design.  It’s resistance system harbors enough force to keep beginners motivated for months and years. The Schwinn 130 Upright Stationary Bike consist special features including workout fan, device support for mobile devices or magazine alongside a USB charging port.

  • Dual Track monitor to allow you see stats even with tablet on the bike holder
  • Affordable price and durable structure
  • Device and bottle holders
  • 22 Preset workout programs
  • 20 electronic magnetic levels
  • Cooling fan, USB charging port
  • Angle adjustable handlebars
  • No backlit monitor (difficult to see in dark)
  • No Bluetooth to track workouts

Schwinn A10 Upright Stationary Exercise Bike

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One of the best bikes under $500, the $150 pricing of the Schwinn A10 Upright Stationary Bike doesn’t by any margin make it inferior to other bikes on the hundreds of dollar scale. This cycling upright bikes under 500 offer a compact design that prompts you to use core stabilizing muscle to balance your body while you cycle on.

It’s easy to use features and simple consoles prioritize individual needs while providing a smooth realistic cycling experience. The seat and handlebars feature adjustable designs that make the bike suitable for users of different heights. This ergonomic bike consists of  a weighted flywheel and resistance system with 8 levels from beginner to expert. This feature makes it possible to train in your heart beat range without breaking down.

The fully assembled bike isn’t particulary space consuming making it easy to perfectly fit into small spaces. It is hoever advisable that you leave at least 2 feet of spaces around this bike for the purpose of safety.

The console of the Schwinn A10 Upright Stationary Bike features 6 workouts so you can choose what’s best for you and helpful in the actualization of your fitness goal.

  • 7 preset programs including quickstart 
  • Wide range of electronically adjustable resistance levels for different intensity option
  • Compact design for easy mobility 
  • Simple and easy to understand console and use the bike
  • No backlit on the monitor
  • Not as durable as the other two Schwinn bikes
  • No Bluetooth technology to save daily stats

Harrison Stationary Upright Exercise Bike

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This bike with it’s avalanche of features (including a 14-level magnetic resistance mechanism) makes the list of best exercise upright bikes under 500. It possesses a solid heavy duty built that is noiseless and easy to assemble at light speed.

Harrison Stationary Upright Exercise Bike comes with a 4-way adjustable wide leather that allows it to move in 4 directions. This aids comfort and convenience and makes it perfect for users of different height and built.

That said, it is noteworthy that this stationary bike can only conveniently accommodate users who are between 5 to 6.5 inches tall for a seamless range of motion and hassle-free leg extension. This indoor upright bike under 500 features a seat that is 4-way adjustable, allowing you to move to the up, down, back and front seamlessly.

A removable table holder means you can easily transfer the exercise bike around comfy spots for personal and family use. Like most stationary upright exercise bikes under 500, it comes with an LCD screen that keeps track of your heart rate, time spent and distance cycled. The exterior end is attached with a device holder that allows you to play music while you ride on. As far as our expert opinion goes, this exercising bike is $150 overpriced at $400. Some of the ones listed higher are cheaper, yet, they have tons of better features.

  • Tablet and bottle holders
  • Sturdy built and 300-lb weight capacity
  • Overprice considering features
  • Not electronically adjustable resistance (adjusts via knob)
  • No preset programs or heart rate base programs
  • Monitor is not backlit and it’s difficult to see in the dark

Marcy ME-708 Home Upright Exercise Bike

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This upright bike is perfect for you if you’re gunning for something simple and good enough to keep you in shape. It helps you to track your fitness progress through simplified, easy to decipher data.

The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike feature handlers that are easy to reach irrespective of your height, making it suitable for both short and tall users. The handlers are strong enough to support riders when seated for the perfect strain-free posturing. It’s seat is made from fluffy and soft foam, so you can be sure of that comfortable feel when seated on it.

The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708 has a magnetic resistance system fielding 8 different levels that allows for quick and easy transition. The Led display measures 2.22 inches making it easy to read output in large print.

The low entry price of this workout bike is one of the factors that make it uniquely competitive. The budget tag does not do justice to the quality on its offering because for an entry-level bike of its nature, it transcends the durability measures of its peers. The powder finish of the steel frame to prevent further enriches our conviction of this bike’s strength.

  • 8 magnetic resistance level system 
  • Offers value for money
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to move around
  • Lacks the muscular challenges of the large bikes 
  • Cheap monitor without backlit without Bluetooth
  • No preset programs to help with your goals or keep you entertained
  • Resistance is not electronic (adjust manually via knob)

HIROLLOP Desk Cycle Upright Exercise Bike

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The HIROLLOP Desk Cycle Exercise Bike is one of the best upright bikes under $500. Retailing at about $330, it comes with a fantastic Amazon rating. One of the standouts of this bike is its detachable desk that eliminates the need for a substitute purchase. The desk allows you to keep your phones, laptop, and other paraphernalia safe during exercise.

The HIROLLOP Desk Cycle Exercise Bike features 8-level magnetic resistance system that allows for quick transitioning within seconds.

It fields different exercise plans fitting to different individual needs and directed towards the perfect healthy lifestyle. This bike entrenches versatility in it’s design so much you adjust the seat and desk height through a simple know twitch. Like it, the HIROLLOP Desk Cycle Exercise Bike is noiseless and does not create irksome vibrations of some other bikes in the fitness marketplace.

The ultrasoft seat means your riding time will be prolonged even without you knowing it. The architecture of the design employs an elastic space cotton for the bike’s seat. This provides unrivaled comfort that is not common among bikes in the same price range.

  • Noiseless, versatile design, and separate table
  • 8 Level magnetic tension system 
  • Easy to assemble framework and can be folded after use
  • Large desk/table to keep you laptop and even work while burning calories
  • Seat and table don’t adjust horizontally
  • No Monitor to track your workout
  • No preset programs or Bluetooth
  • Resistance is not challenging for all fitness levels

A Buyer’s Guide to Best Upright Exercise Bike

Upright bikes are cardio equipment designed to bring indoor the fulfilling fitness experience reminiscent of the gym. Buying an upright machine requires that you tick certain boxes, this will help reach your buying objective and dispel the propensity for a bad buy. In choosing the right upright bikes, here are a few factors you may want to consider:

Be sure to try before you buy

Before ordering for an upright bike, you may want to try its workings out in a store before cashing on it. This way you can be sure you’re gunning for what aligns properly with your fitness goals. You can test for the seat, pedals, screens and other features.

Watch the Warranties

Warranties can determine if in the end you’ll get value for money. Choose bikes that provide at least 2-3 years warranties. Some of the bikes we chose in this review have up to 5-years warranties in part of full. 

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitors with chest straps are best, they allow you to move without constriction. If you can avoid contact monitors, since measurement will require you touching them. This can cause some inconveniences. 


Whether you are a beginner or a pro, a machine with multiple adjustment levels can be tuned easily towards your fitness goals. Resistance level should be one of the things you opt for when buying. 


You have to be certain your choice bike is safe for use. All of the bikes in this review of the best upright exercise bikes under $500 have been vetted to pass essentially safety test. Stationary bikes under 500 having many moving parts, especially parts that are exposed may not be safe enough.

The Final Verdict

Upright bikes are the go-to machines for cardiovascular wellness. They replace the hazardous physicality of traditional exercise complicit in measurements of fitness data with enviable exactness. When you’re buying an upright bike, you’re looking for a blend of efficiency and design that doesn’t require you breaking the bank. While bikes of lower-cost made this review, the Nautilus U616 upright exercise bike appears to field the features of most other bikes and more, offering massive value for money under 500 US Dollars. It’s tailored designed pays attention to factors guiding the right, effective purchase and this is why we are settling for it as the best pick.

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  1. A friend recommended I take a look at Nautilus in general, as a brand, and the U616 in particular. She knows my budget and recommended it. If I can find a way to make that seat be more comfortable (that scares me a bit) I am very inclined to buy it.

  2. The seat is not as bad as you’d think. And even if it’s not to your liking, you can always add a seat cushion that will make it much more comfy.

  3. Hello Kayla, thanks for stopping by

    Great choice!!! Nautilus exercise bikes are advanced and priced reasonably. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of the two Nautilus upright bikes (U618 and U616) to anyone. As for the seat, it’s not the greatest but not the worst either and a $20 gel seat cushion can easily resolve the issue or you can easily replace the seat with a more cushioned gel seat.

  4. I was drawn to the Circuit Fitness bike but a 1-year warranty? For a bike? Really? I prefer 3 years and upwards for anything like this so I’m not so sure about this one.

    • It’s not impressive but it’s not too bad either, especially considering what a few other popular brands such as Sunny Health and Fitness offer.

  5. How cool is that desk cycle? I mean, it looks cool, because it clearly has a lot of downsides to it and not worth a buy. I’ll look into other models that are better, sturdier and with more options.

  6. The 1-year warranty says a lot about the manufacturer’s faith in their bikes. I wouldn’t buy from them. Anything under 2 years is just bad and not worth it.

  7. Yeah, you can do your workout while also getting some work in. Especially now when some of us are working from home, this sort of thing can do us wonders.

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