10 Best Spin Bikes in 2022 – Reviews By A Cycling Coach

You’ve been mulling over the idea of buying the perfect spin bike for your home workout but can’t decide which one best fits your needs. Don’t look further, you are in the right place.

We spent weeks researching to pick the following top 10 spin bikes for you. We also help you figure out which spin bike is the best for your cardio workout.

There are hundreds of indoor spin bikes, which is why it’s hard to pick the right one. Often, individuals make mistakes and buy the not so recommended indoor bike and later they throw it away, stop using it or soon after purchasing it they put their spin bike for sale.

Our best spin bikes review and comparison article makes it super easy for enthusiast cyclists to choose their indoor cycling bike and prevent regretting your purchase.

Best Spin Bikes Comparison Chart

Top Spinning Bikes Comparison Chart
Keiser M3i spin bike bundleGood ValueFIXED, 8-LBS7.5″MAGNETICSPD & CAGEBACKLIT LCDMultiple
NordicTrack S22i Studio CycleGood ValueFIXED, 32-LB6"MAGNETICCAGE ONLY22" TOUCH HDiFit Only
Echelon EX5-S Smart Connect Fitness BikeGreat ValueFIXED, 28-LB7.9"MAGNETICSPD & CAGE22" TOUCH HDEchelon Only
Bowflex Velocore 16 Indoor cycleGood ValueFIXED, 33-LBN/AMAGNETICSPD & CAGE16" TOUCH HDMultiple
MYX Fitness Connected Indoor BikeGreat ValueFIXED, 41-LBN/AFRICTIONSPD & CAGE21.5" TOUCH HDMYX Only
Bowflex IC7 Indoor BikeGreat ValueFIXED, 40-LBN/AMAGNETICSPD & CAGE7" TOUCH HDMultiple
Schwinn IC4 Spin BikeGreat ValueFIXED, 40-LB7.4"MAGNETICSPD & CAGECLEAR TO READ LEDMultiple
Sunny Health & Fitness 6100 Indoor BikeGood ValueFIXED, 37-LB6.7"MAGNETICSPD & CAGENO-BACKLIT LCDNone
ECHELON EX15 Indoor Cycling BikeGood ValueFIXED, 20-LB7.9"MAGNETICCAGE ONLYNONEEchelon Only
Echanfit Indoor Cycling BikeGood ValueFIXED, 35-LBN/AMAGNETICCAGE ONLYNO-BACLIT LCDNone

Editor’s Choice For April 2022

NordicTrack S22i review
NordicTrack S22i Indoor Bike

Regularly our team at Your Exercise Bike updates and introduces you to two top spin bikes for home use. In this part though, we pick the three best spin bikes that are good value for the money and affordable for most people.

We also keep a close eye on the market and update the list on a weekly basis if necessary to make sure you get the best spin bike offers for your investment. Currently, based on our weekly research and extensive experience, we believe the the Nordictrack S22i is the best choice for under $2000, the Schwinn IC4 is the best choice under $1000, and the Echanfit is the best choice under $500.

Although they might seem to be the same or offer the same type of indoor ride, based on nearly a decade of experience, I have to say that it’s not true. You literally get what you pay for, IC4 or Echanfit are nowhere close to Keiser M3i or Nordictrack when it comes to cycling feel, pedal stroke, built quality or ride data accuracy feedback. So, if you can afford to spend a little more, I highly recommend the Nordictrack S22i indoor bike. It’s literally the smoothest, quietest and overall best quality spin bike, I have ever used and will last for decades to come.

Editor's Best Spin Bike Choices
Under $2000NordicTrack S22i BikeNordicTrack S22i review32-LBCompatible with iFit350 PoundsToe Cage22-Inche HD touch, Wifi, Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, HR, Distance, Resistance, Watt, Time, & Calories3-Year warranty, convenient bottle holders, incline and decline, plus two weight holders
Under $1000Bowflex C7 BikeBowflex C7 indoor cycling bike review40-LBCompatible with Zwift, Peloton, & many more330 PoundsSPD & Toe Cage7-Inch HD touch, Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, HR, Distance, Resistance, Time, & Calories3-Year warranty, convenient bottle holders, good tablet holder, & two weight holders
Under $500Dmasun BikeDMASUN indoor cycling bike review40-LBNone330 PoundsToe Cage OnlySpeed, HR, Distance, Time, & Calories (No Backlit or RPM)4-Way adjustable handlebars with drop-bars

Overview: Best Spin Bikes in 2022

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycling Bike Bundle

Keiser M3i Review

To begin with, in this indoor cycling bike comparison and review the M3i has taken the first place. Keiser M series in general, is an excellent choice for indoor cycling. This brand earned the reputation of one of the top manufacturers of exercise equipment worldwide.

Fully manufactured in the USA, M3i indoor cycle, on the higher price side of the indoor cycle market, is an excellent addition to their M Series bikes. It’s solid, high-end gym-quality has a beautiful minimalist look and gives you a workout better than any spin bike you’ve ever tried.

The real key to this machine’s excellence is its groundbreaking magnetic resistance system that the company spent years developing. One of the latest releases, what sets Keiser M3i apart from Keiser M3 Plus is a new Bluetooth-enabled wireless computer, the ability to download workout data wireless via various indoor cycling apps, a redesigned bike pedal, and a great new ergonomically designed V-shaped handlebar.

Like other Keiser M Series models, the Keiser M3i uses a magnetic resistance system that creates the feel of a real road bike while helping the bike keep a lot quieter than other indoor bikes. The Keiser M3i also features great portability with wheels as well as a compact profile for easy storage.

For all these reasons, not to mention its great durability, the M3i is popular in indoor group cycling classes and one of the best spin bikes in the world. Your workout sessions with M3i will be totally hassle- and noise-free. The high resistance or hard spinning workout program doesn’t affect the functioning of the machine.

Easy assembly
Easy to change resistance through with the shaft and also displays the gear
Positive reviews
Made in the U.S.
Rear-flywheel design for protection from sweat and corrosion
24 powerful magnetic-resistance levels
App connectivity
4-way adjustable seat and handlebar
Reliable and low-maintenance single-belt-drive
Can accommodate users between 4.10 and 6.6
Light and easy to store
Classy design

Chest strap is not included

NordicTrack S22i Studio Indoor Cycling Bike

NordicTrack S22i review

The second best spin bike in our review is the NordicTrack S22i. It’s one of the best commercial indoor cycling Bikes with lots of awesome features. S22i is an advanced heavy spin bike with 32-lb flywheel, touchscreen monitor, and belt drive that supports 350-lb user weight.

For beginners or elite cyclists, this is a great choice in this range of price, especially if you like to experience interactive indoor cycling exercise. Featuring electronically adjustable incline/decline, Bluetooth, WiFi, free 1-year iFit membership and tens of five-star consumer reviews make the S22i one of the top-rated spin bikes for home use.

S22i also comes with dual water bottle holders, fully adjustable saddle and vertically adjustable handlebar. The seat and handlebars can be adapted to accommodate users of different heights.

Additionally, it has a 24-level “smart” electromagnetic resistance which makes this bike very quiet and unique on the market. You can do your cardio workout while watching TV without bothering the rest of the family.

The pedaling is comfortable in both directions, forwards and backward, which stimulates different muscle groups. The pedals are not spd and only have one side, the toe cage. However, the thread is standard so, you can swap them for a pair of spd pedals.

Last but not least, the S22i belt transmission indoor cycling bike comes with a 1-year free iFit subscription and a 22″ touchscreen display that shows data such as watt, RPM, time, HR, speed, distance, and burned calories.

22″ WiFi and Bluetooth touchscreen
1-Year free iFit subscription
4-way adjustable and comfortable seat
24 Smart electromagnetic resistance levels
Monitor displays the watt and RPM
Auto-adjustable incline and decline
Generous warranty

Handlebars are only up&down adjustable.
Pedals are not SPD compatible.

Echelon EX5S Smart Studio Indoor Cycle

Echelon EX5S Review

This is a unique high-quality spin bike (for the price) that we consider the best spin bike under $1500 on the market made by Echelon Fitness. It’s a commercial-grade indoor bike that can easily give you years of cycling. This excellent exercise bike has a belt drive that makes the ride more enjoyable, smooth, quiet, and maintenance-free.

Echelon EX5s indoor bike features a partially covered machine-balanced 28-lb aluminum and high alloy steel flywheel that provides a smooth natural ride. Additionally, this magnetic indoor cycle features a 32-level resistance system easily adjustable.

The resistance lever allows you to precisely choose the level of resistance that fits your ride. Thanks to the combination of the belt and the Eddy Current resistance, Echelon EX5s provides a maintenance-free, silent, and 360-degree pedal stroke and also gives a close to natural road cycling feel to this indoor bike.

This spin bike is very sturdy and has a solid dual-coated frame that can support up to 300-lb user weight. The feet levelers prevent the bike from rocking at tense cycling levels. This bike also features dual-sided pedals with toe cages and SPD cleats so you can ride in normal shoes and cycling shoes.

Heavy-duty 3-piece cranks, seat, and handlebars of this Echelon EX5s indoor cycle provide years of cycling without having to do frequent maintenance. The seat and handlebars are 4-way adjustable for the rider’s comfort and to fit both short and tall riders.

Another really good feature of this bike are the bottle holders and dumbbell holders which allow you to easily reach your water and stay hydrated and also add upper body workout to your spin workout. But what makes this spin bike stand out from the crowd is its 22″ HD touchscreen monitor that provides lots of feedback on how you do during the ride.

It has speakers, Bluetooth, and WiFi to synch with the popular Echelon cycling application. And allows you to save/track your speed, heart rate, distance, RPM, and even more importantly it records your watt output which is essential for some riders. Overall it’s an excellent indoor cycle on the market built for both professionals and beginners.

Watt and RPM tracking capability
Bluetooth and WiFi wireless connectivity
Magnetic-resistance and belt transmission.
4-way adjustable seat and handlebar.
Sturdy durable frame and parts.
Easy to reach dual bottle holders
Aluminum seat and handlebar posts
Built-in adjustable tablet holder.
High-performance cushioned cycling saddle.
SPD compatible dual-sided pedals.

Only syncs with Echelon cycling applications

Bowflex Velocore 16 Indoor Cycling Bike

Bowflex Velocore 16 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Bowflex is quickly gaining more fame for its innovative and quality indoor bikes. They recently released the Velocore 22 and the Velocore 16 which is a good solid indoor bike for all levels of cyclists who don’t mind spending $2000+. If you are so much into high-end features such as HD touch console and the ability to lean to right and left during the ride (as you would on road curves), this indoor bike is a good option and will give you a great cardio workout.

As a matter of fact, in its initial price range, it’s one of the best spin bikes you can possibly find on the market. This indoor cycle features a precision perimeter weighted flywheel. The drive mechanism is fixed, which means the pedals will turn until the flywheel stops.

Unlike some other cycles in this price range such as Schwinn AC Performance Plus indoor cycle, the Velocore 16 has the belt instead of the chain, which makes it quieter and requires less maintenance. Additionally, it features a good magnetic system which is silent and smooth and much better than friction resistance.

When you tighten the knob, the magnets close down on the flywheel, unlike friction that touches the wheel. Magnetic resistance/Eddy Current System requires less maintenance and doesn’t make noise. To protect the flywheel and the resistance, Bowflex designed a guard all around the magnetic system so it stays away from sweat as much as possible.

The Bowflex Velocore ICB 16 also has heavy-duty cranks and the steel frame that can support up to 325 lbs which is great compare to many other indoor bikes that support less than 300-lb. This bike has a  comprehensive 16 inches touchscreen console which comes included with the bike and really easy to setup.

On the monitor, you can install entertainment apps such as Netflix, Hulu and the brand’s exercise application (JRNY app) but you can’t install the Zwift or Peloton the monitor. Thankfully, the bike has the ability to sync the works to your personal Bluetooth device (TV, Phone, Tablet, etc). So, at least you have one option to connect with non Bowflex JRNY apps. As for the statistic feedback, you can see Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Resistance level, Heart Rate, watt (estimation), and Cadence.

The pedals have SPD to clip-in your shoes and cages to use your regular gym shoes which is great and comes handy to have the option. The handlebars offer multi-grip options but unfortunately not the drop racing grips or the elbow pads and I hope they add these two features in the next model they release. The Velocore 16 exercise bike also features a four-way adjustable racing saddle to accommodate users of all sizes but it’s not the most comfortable seat out there. So, you might want to use a gel pad but you can wait for that until you ride the bike and see if you actually need it.

Innovative design and durable structure
Magnetic-resistance levels
Dumbbells + weight holders
Sturdy Commercial Durable Frame
Good warranty
Leaning ability to mimic road curves
16 Inches touchscreen HD monitor
Speakers and USB charging port

Doesn’t allow installing Zwift or Peloton apps on the monitor
Handlebars are not horizontally adjustable
High price tag

MYX Fitness Plus Connected Indoor Bike

MYX Fitness Bike Review

It is one of the magnificent bikes in the price range of $1200-$1500 that made the list of the best spin bikes of 2022.  This MYX Fitness spin bike is pretty new but comes with great features and is soon to be one of the popular affordable spin bikes. It’s a heavy-duty spin bike featuring a 41-lb flywheel to provide a smooth ride.

Adjustability on this indoor cycle is excellent, both handlebar and seat are 4-way adjustable to help you have the most comfortable and natural cycling position. Although MYX cycles are built with friction resistance which is not my favourite, they do come with belt drive mechanism to reduce the maintenance and give you a smooth indoor cycling experience.

Aside from the belt drive which requires little to no maintenance and doesn’t make noise during the exercise, this indoor cycling bike also has a durable steel frame that can take up to 350-lb user weight. The handlebars and the seat are both fully adjustable so every member of your family should be able to find a natural position on this bike for a healthy cardio workouts.

You can easily bring the bike to how it fits your height through a lever so all members of the family can use this exercise bike. The seat post is standard which allows you to put any other seat that you like, even though its original one is padded and very comfortable.

This MXY Fitness spin bike features light commercial quality parts and frame so it will give you years of cardio workout. There are 4-foot levelers to prevent the bike from rocking on uneven floors and two transport wheels to make portability easier.

The pedals do come with the spd cleats and toe cages so you have the option to use the bike with regular sneakers or with cycling shoes. Last but the most significant feature of MXY is its giant 21-inch touchscreen that allows you to follow pre-recorded and live MYX Fitness spinning classes (with additional monthly fee). To top it off, this stationary bike also includes free shipping as well as free assembly.

bike assembly included
4-way adjustable seat and handlebar
Sturdy Durable Frame and parts
Commercial grade
Good saddle

No Timing/Toothed belt (less power efficiency)
No direct watt/power tracking
Front Drive, which means drive mechanism is directly under the sweat zone.
Only compatible with one cycling application/MYX (doesn’t synch with Peloton, Zwift, etc)
No iPod/tablet dock
Its resistance is not magnetic;

Bowflex C7 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Bowflex C7 indoor cycling bike review

Bowflex C7 Exercise Bike is a standard hardcore 115-lb spin bike used in many home-gyms and definitely something to consider when you are looking to equip yourself with an indoor cycle under $1500.

It features a 40-lb flywheel combined with 100 levels of magnetic resistance for better stability and natural road feel. The bike is primed for comfort and comes with ergonomic padded seats. Bowflex C7 spin bike has high adjustability and 3-year frame warranty which is pretty unique in the market.

Bowflex C7 indoor cycle supports up to 330 pounds which indicates durability by itself. While burning calories, being comfortable is extremely important for both elite and entry-level cyclists.

It comes with 4-way adjustable seat and handlebars that move up and down as well as fore and aft. The seat is padded and designed with a ventilation area for when you exercise. The pedals are dual-sided to allow you to exercise both with the cycling shoes and the regular athletic shoes. The combination of a balanced front-drive flywheel and magnetic braking design ensures a quiet and smooth ride.

For the adjustment of seat and handlebars, the Bowflex C7 exercise bike features easy to use durable knobs. Frame and all parts of this magnificent indoor cycle are of top-notch-quality materials which makes it long-lasting for home use.

All the features mentioned above plus a 7″ HD monitor that synchs with most cycling applications make the Bowflex C7 exercise bike one of the best spin bikes under $1500. Overall, it’s a unique indoor cycling bike for home use that features everything you need including dual-sided pedals (and no subscription needed touch screen console)

7-Inch HD Touchscreen monitor
Compatible with most cycling applications
Magnetic-resistance levels
4-way adjustable seat and handlebar
Reliable and low-maintenance single-belt-drive
Can accommodate all user heights
Compact dimensions and easy to store
Sturdy Commercial Durable Frame
Good warranty
Professional design
Reputable Brand

No preset programs or elbow rests (nothing major)

Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

Schwinn IC4 Review

This cardio workout beast is a high-quality bike, one of the most durable and solid indoor cycles on the entire market for under $800. Featuring a magnetic resistance system and a well-thought ergonomic design makes the IC4 one of our favorite exercise bikes.

IC4 exercise bike supports up to 330-lb user weight and can easily provide a high-quality workout for entry and professional cyclists. The Schwinn IC4 indoor training cycle is one of the best spin bikes on the market with tons of features for half the price that you would pay for similar bikes.

An advanced indoor cycle with a 40-lb perimeter weighted flywheel, it works extremely well to provide you with the different varieties of workout most people want from a spinner cycle. The ride is even quieter than you would normally expect from a belt-drive thanks to its bearings. And there are full fore/aft handlebar and seat adjustments possible for your riding comfort.

This indoor cycle features a powerful magnetic resistance that can be adjusted through a dial/knob for high-speed and strength workouts. One of the standout features of the Schwinn IC4 indoor training cycle is the 4-way adjustable handlebars and seat. This feature allows users of different heights to find the correct cycling position. To adjust the seat and hand-grips you can easily loosen the lever, unlike some bikes with a knob that takes more time and brakes easily.

The saddle of this bike is very comfortable and similar to racing-seats with low-frictions. The frame of this exercise bike has gone through a multi-stage painting process to prevent rust and corrosion. On top of that, the Schwinn IC4 spin bike features 4-foot adjustable levelers for a stable ride on uneven floors and ball bearing transport wheels for easy portability.

The crank arms on this Schwinn spin bike are three-piece cold-forged steel and very strong. The pedals are made of aluminum alloy with the cage and SPD side.

They allow you to exercise with shoes made specifically for cycling while the toe cage pedals allow you to exercise with other types of athletic shoes. The console of this spin bike great as well. It tracks RPM, HR, distance, calories, speed, and resistance.

It is also backlit, has Bluetooth, and compatible with spinning apps such as Zwift. Additionally, this Schwinn IC4 spin bike comes with excellent warranty terms for home use.

Silent magnetic resistance
Positive reviews
330-Lb user weight
4-way adjustable seat and handlebar
Sturdy Durable Frame and parts
Dual sided SPD pedals
Quiet Belt drive
High-performance standard cycling saddle
Perimeter weighted 40 Pound Flywheel

Q-Factor is not disclosed
No drop handlebar grips

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 6100 Spin Bike

ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Review

With a fast flywheel and super durable stainless frame and cranks, ASUNA 6100 indoor cycle is one of the best spin bikes on the market. You don’t have to be an expert to see the difference between indoor cycles from ASUNA series and their competitors.

All you need to do is look closely at the frame, welded parts, thick crank, flywheel, and the aluminum posts. This indoor cycle doesn’t have many reviews on Amazon yet but it’s a well-made bike for all levels of cyclists.

It has the Eddy Current magnetic resistance and belt drive system that creates a very smooth and quiet ride and a 360-degree pedal stroke. Aside from the tablet holder, what we like about this indoor bike is that it’s protected from the sweat.

Featuring the rear spin bike flywheel system and with and additional protection covers, the flywheel, bearings, and the resistance always remain dry. Additionally, the seat of this cycle is fully adjustable and has a soft comfortable cushion. It is designed for long periods of cycling so you won’t get saddle sore easily.

The handlebars are also 4-way adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect indoor cycling positions. The handlebars have a soft foam and can be used in many cycling positions.

ASUNA 6100 Sprinter bike comes with a relatively good monitor that tracks your RPM, speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse. It allows you to set your time and speed, reset the data, change mode, or do recovery.

The data on the LCD is easy to read and offers pretty unique features compared to a few other spin bikes in this price range. However, there are no preset programs or Bluetooth, and you can’t save the daily cycling data on the spin bike.

Additional awesome features include dual-sided pedals to keep your feet firm at all resistance levels and allow you to either wear regular gym shoes or use specific indoor cycling shoes.

ASUNA 6100 indoor cycle also has base-levelers to help you adjust the bike on uneven floors for better stability. Also, this indoor cycle has two heavy-duty tall and narrow rubber wheels.

Overall, this indoor cycle is one of the best and we highly recommend it for those looking for a quality affordable indoor cycling bike.

However, it is not as good as Schwinn IC4. It has the same price tag but it comes with universal Bluetooth that enables the bike connect with most indoor cycling apps including Zwift. It also weight holders and a better warranty.

Easy assembly
Fully adjustable handlebars
Solid quality
4-way adjustable and comfortable seat
Quiet Belt Drive
Silent magnetic resistance system
Dual-sided bike pedals

None backlit monitor
No ANT/+ connectivity

Echelon EX-15 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Echelon EX15 Review

The seventh place in the list of the best spin bikes is taken by a brand new release spin bike from Echelon. Solid frame, belt drive, magnetic resistance, app connectivity, 4-way adjustable handlebars, and quick seat adjustment system for under $500? Yes, Echelon made it possible. Good value for money, that is what EX-15 spin bike is. It’s one of the best magnetic spin bikes under $500.

This budget heavy-duty indoor bicycle has a belt drive combined with a 20-pound flywheel. It doesn’t come with a cheap dark LCD screen that you usually get with budget spin bikes, instead, it comes with wireless speed and cadence sensors built-into the bike that easily connects with your personal device (phone, tablet, etc) and synchs riding feedbacks to the Echelon application.

EX-15 features adjustable vertical and horizontal seat and also 4-way adjustable handlebars to get the best and most natural position for your indoor cycling session. It is quick to adjust all positions using the adjustment knobs and pull adjustment system for the seat.

The handlebar design makes it easy to set up your tablet, phone or book to entertain yourself during your workout without blocking the hand-grips. There are no pulse sensors on the handlebars but even if it did come with built-in pulse readers, it wouldn’t be really useful because those are really inaccurate anyway. So, if you actually want to know your heart rate, it’s better to invest in a wireless chest strap or a heart rate reader wristwatch and track your heart rate directly on your device.

This belt-drive indoor cycling bike is a fully adjustable and smooth spin bike, alongside being one of the most highly rated and popular bikes. It comes with a heavy-duty frame and a manually adjustable resistance knob. The resistance of this budget spin bike is magnetic so it doesn’t make noise and requires no maintenance.

This budget-friendly spin bike is for your home workout, good both for beginners and advanced indoor cyclists who want to stay fit and get in shape and don’t want o spend too much on an indoor cycling bike. If budget is not your concern and you want a nice monitor, then I suggest you look at the Echelon EX5S listed 3rd in this top spin bike comparison article.

For many good reasons, we listed this cycle among the best spin bikes of 2022. Any professional cyclists who can’t afford to go with more expensive models we suggest checking out this spin bike. Overall, it’s a good, smooth, and quiet spin bike that saves you money and has everything you could possibly need to enjoy an effective cycling workout that delivers significant results.

Easy assembly and Bluetooth connectivity
Affordable Price and solid quality parts
4-way adjustable seat and handlebars
Quiet Magnetic resistance
Quiet Belt Drive
Sturdy Durable Frame that prevents any unwanted movement at higher resistance levels
Excellent Tablet Holder and multi-grip handlebars

It doesn’t have SPD pedals.
Only syncs with the Echelon apps

Echanfit Prime Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Echanfit indoor cycling bike review

The Echanfit indoor cycling bike is one of the best spin bikes in the sub-$350 price range. It’s a solid bike that has a durable, heavy-duty crank and several ways to adapt to the rider. This exercise bike comes with a fully adjustable seat and 4-way adjustable handlebars.

The vertical and horizontal adjustment allows all users to find the perfect cycling position with this Echanfit spin bike. While the seat of this indoor cycle has good dimensions, some consumers say it’s a bit hard and we suggest you buy a gel seat cover for more comfort. It’s something you can decide after trying the bike so you don’t need to buy it right away

The frame is dual coated for extra durability and weighs 77-lb. It has two integrated transport wheels in front of the frame to make it easy to store after each use. With a total portability thanks to transportation wheels for easy set-up and hide-away, your home will turn into a gym and back in no time.

The resistance of the Echanfit spin bike is Magnetic which requires zero maintenance and no additional expense of changing brake pads from time to time. Like every magnetic resistance spin bikes it is more quite compared to friction bikes.

There are 4-foot levelers on the indoor cycling bike to keep the bike more stable on uneven floors during an intense workout. This spin bike comes with toe clip pedals and lacks in the spd pedals. SPD pedals are mainly used by elite cyclists with specific cycling shoes. And if you need to use clipless spinning shoes, you can always switch the pedals to a set of Shimano spd pedals that cost less than $40.

Unlike many budget spin bikes, this one has a monitor that allows you to track your workout progress such as time, distance and calories. However, if you are interested in joining online racing apps such as Zwift and a few others, we suggest you get a pair of Wahoo sensors listed at the beginning of this spin bike review.

Easy assembly
Affordable Price and solid building quality
4-way adjustable seat
Belt drive mechanism
Racing handlebars
Sturdy Durable Frame that prevents any unwanted movement at higher resistance levels 
 40-lb heavy Flywheel

Lacks in Bluetooth, ANT/+ connectivity which means no digital entertainment (e.g., iPhone/iPad compatibility).
Front Drive, which means drive mechanism is directly under the sweat zone.
No SPD pedals and RPM reading

Necessary Spin bike accessories

SPD Pedals

☛ Problem: Most spin bikes come with toe clips/toe cage pedals only. So you can ride the bike with regular athletic shoes but not with cycling spd shoes.

☞ Solution: If you ride with both cycling shoes and regular shoes, we suggest dual-sided spin bike pedals.

Tablet Holders

☛ Problem: Most spin bikes don’t feature phone/tablet holders, so you can’t keep your device while cycling.

☞ Solution: We recommend you buy these exercise bike tablet holders. They can be mounted pretty much on any exercise bike.

Bike Computer and Connectivity

☛ Problem: Most indoor cycles lack Bluetooth, ANT+ connection capability and a console. Therefore, you can’t join the racing/training Apps to interact online and share your progress or track and save your daily workout.

☞ Solution: We suggest you buy the ANT+/Bluetooth-enabled speed and cadence sensors or bike power pedals. In two minutes, you can put them on the bike and connect your Android, IOS devices/tablet & phones to the cycle and the cycle will be connected to the virtual environment.
☞ Solution: If the lack of App connection capability is not your concern, we recommend you buy a Spinning BIO HR Wireless Computer. The package is a console, a wireless chest strap, and a wireless sensor that gets mounted on the fork arm of any spin bike. It allows you to track Cadence, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate.

Heart Rate Monitor

☛ Problem: Most spin bikes don’t feature pulse sensors and if they do, they are not accurate.

☞ Solution: We recommend this Wahoo chest strap that allows you to monitor your accurate heart rate on your iOS&Android devices through the free Wahoo App.

Spin Bike Seat

☛ Problem: Some spin bikes come with either hard or cheap unergonomic seats.

☞ The solution for the cycles with hard seats: We suggest you buy one of these gel spin bike seat covers.
☞ The solution for the spin bike with unergonomic seats: We recommend you switch your seat to one of these spin bike seats.

Mat & water bottle holder

☛ Problem: Exercise equipment can scratch your floor and most spin bikes don’t come with the protection mat.
☛ Problem: Cycling makes you sweat and you need to stay hydrated but some indoor bikes don’t feature the water bottle holder.

☞ The solution: With this exercise bike mat you can prevent your floor from ugly scratches.
☞ The solution: An adjustable water bottle can help you stay hydrated while burning calories.

Cycling Clothes & Footwear

☛ Problem: While working on exercise equipment and moving parts it’s always important to keep safety and comfort in mind.

☞ Solution: We recommend these cycling short and spinning shoes for women. And these cycling shorts with these indoor biking shoes for men. With the right indoor cycling gears, your cycling session will be more enjoyable and they will also prevent unexpected injuries.

Indoor Bike Workouts

☛ Problem: Beginners often need motivation and professional instruction to workout at home.

☞ Solution: If you have access to the internet, check out YouTube for indoor cycling workouts. There are many experts from popular cycling studios offering free cycling videos. You can also buy spinning workout DVDs and watch them on your TV or computer.

Indoor Cycle Maintenance

☛ Problem: Spinning makes you sweat a lot which is what’s good about it, but it also means you need to wipe down and disinfect your bike often because excessive sweat can ruin the paint as well as the metal of your indoor cycling bike.

☞ Solution: We recommend gym wipes, disinfectant spray, and this lubricant. You can also read more in-detail about spin bike maintenance in our guide.

  1. The devil’s in the details when it comes to the best spin bikes. The NordicTrack S22i Studio Indoor Cycling Bike impresses me because I see some serious thought has gone into it. It may seem trivial but having dual water bottle holders shows the manufacturer recognizes what cyclists need—lots of water. No one wants to get up from a solid session just to fill up their water bottle. There’s much more that appeals to me than just this, but it’s obvious a lot of thought went into the bike’s design.

    • Hello Dallas, thanks for stopping by

      I couldn’t agree more, NordicTrack has done an awesome job with the S22i indoor cycling bike and as you said put a great deal of work into this masterpiece. And the good news is that it is available at an excellent price range (often less than $1950). What I love the most about this spin bike is its smart electronic magnetic resistance, 22 inches HD touchscreen, and especially the incline/decline adjustment which adds a little bit more fun to the ride. The only downside to this spin bike would be the fact that it only connects with the iFit application and doesn’t allow installing any other cycling or entertainment applications. Basically, you either use that huge monitor with the iFit app or disregard it completely.

  2. I always wanted to try a spin class because I hear they’re very good for your health. I’m a bit self-conscious though. That’s changed now that there are online classes and it’s just a case of me choosing from the best spin bikes out there.

    • Hello Leslie, thanks for stopping by

      Indoor cycling can be a really fun and efficient cardio workout. As much as I like the hype of spin classes, I always preferred riding indoor as I get to have more control over my surroundings and of course, save time and money. Plus, you can get the energy of spin studios via live online spin classes that are available on Peloton, Echelon, iFit, and many other applications.

  3. I finally decided on the Keiser M3i indoor cycling bike bundle. It took me some time (been eyeing it for over a month) to actually decide to get it but I did it! Yay me! I can’t wait to start using it; from what I’ve heard this should be great but we’ll see.

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