Sit N Cycle Exercise Bike Review

We have all seen the advertisement for sit and cycles, mini exercise bikes and desk exercise bikes and all the fantastic benefits they have. But, is it possible that a small Sit and Cycle indoor exercise bike can offer so many benefits?

It’s no surprise how much the ads make things bigger than they are, including making the sit and cycle products look even better than they can be without mentioning the cons.

In this review of sit N cycle, we talk about everything a sit and cycle indoor bike can do and we will include both the pros and cons. Regardless of the features this bike has or doesn’t have, it does offer something different, namely the possibility to sit and relax while burning calories.

Sit N Cycle Low Resistance Exercise Bike

This little compact stationary exercise bike weighs 34 pounds, supports 300 pounds, and comes with built-in wheels, making it easy to be carried out from one place to another.

According to the company, you can burn up to 500 calories per hour, but most people don’t burn more than 100-150 because, in the end, you want to be relaxed and able to multitask.

You can burn 500 calories on an elliptical machine exercising the whole body with high resistance level, NOT by sitting in front of the TV on a 34-lb bike with 8 resistance levels that you can’t even change unless you get off the bike.

So, burning 500-lb calories can happen but it’s an unrealistic thought. If you are thinking you will burn so many calories per hour on the Sit and Cycle indoor bike, do NOT buy it as you wouldn’t do it: it’s not comfortable enough for that type of intense calorie-burning workout.

SitNcycle features 8 magnetic resistance levels which make it quiet but are to be adjusted manually, and every time you want to change the tension, you need to get off the bike and turn the dial.

The seat is 2-way adjustable to accommodate short and tall users, even though some don’t find the seat comfortable enough for an hour of pedaling. However, you can easily replace it with a gel seat for more comfort.

The pedals are located forward, nor in front neither below but at an angle that gives you the natural sitting position on a chair.

Sit and Cycle does not have water bottle holder or media rack and LCD display to track your workout data such as calory, time and distance.

This indoor stationary bike doesn’t require electricity which makes it easy for indoor and outdoor use.
Sit N Cycle indoor bike has a 30-day free return policy: if you are not satisfied you can return it in the original packaging and your purchase price will be refunded.

Note: Many users have reported problems with the pedals and the drive belt, apparently the company addressed both issues. Pay attention to a correct assembly of the Sit and Cycle bike.

Keep in mind that the left side pedal has a reverse thread and pedals are marked L and R/left and right. To determine which side of the bike is left and which side is right you need to stand behind the seat, not in front of the bike.

Technical aspects of Sit N Cycle indoor exercise bike:

  • Product Assembled Dimensions: 23L x 15.5W x29.5H
  • Sit and Cycle Weight 34 lbs.
  • Sit and Cycle Maximum user weight: 300 lbs.
  • Sit and cycle Maximum user height: 5 ft – 6 ft
  • Power requirements: No
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Flywheel type and weight: N/a
  • Resistance: 8 levels of magnetic resistance (manually electronically adjustable)
  • User profile: 0
  • Preset Programs:0
  • App Connectivity: N/A
  • Heart rate monitor: N/A


  • Quiet
  • Easy to move around in the house
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable seat
  • Transport wheels


  • Warranty isn’t available
  • No LCD display
  • The reviews about the pedals are not good
  • The resistance level is manually adjustable and you need to get off the bike to do it
  • It doesn’t have heart rate monitor or Bluetooth
  • Flywheel weight is not disclosed

Seat, user height and weight capacity:

Sit and Cycle
Photo credit goes to Sitncycle

The seat is large, cushioned and flat which should make it comfortable.The reviews, however, show that there are many who don’t feel comfortable with the seat and the easiest solution would be buying a gel seat cover to make it softer.

The seat is adjustable up and down to accommodate users with different heights from 5 to 6. It can be done by loosening the knob on the back of the frame. According to the Sit N Cycle company, the max user height is 6.4 feet.

Although, we are not sure users above 6 feet can pedal without bending their knees too much or being able to stretch their legs enough. The same goes for the user weight, it says 300 lbs but there is no way it lasts more than a few sessions for someone close to 300-lbs. We recommend Sit and Cycle for under 200 lbs weight.

Sit N Cycle frame:

The whole bike weighs 34-lb, so it’s obvious that the frame is not durable for a heavy workout. It can easily last few years if taken care of properly and not misused. The way the frame is shaped is key to keep this compact exercise bike stable. The back of the frame is wide, the front is narrow and the middle of the frame is angled toward the back to balance the bike.

The Sit and Cycle pedals:

They are positioned in around 115-degree angle/obtuse angle. The two pedals are large enough to house your feet comfortably, they are not featured with straps. Some users are not happy with the quality of the pedals and they claim they break, however many are happy and don’t have any problem with the pedals.

It might be just the way they assemble it because not everyone has the same problem. Make sure all the parts are tightened, especially the pedals. Keep in mind the left side pedal has a reverse thread and pedals are marked L and R/left and right.

To determine which side of the bike is left and which side is right you need to stand behind the seat, not in front of the bike. Note: You can pedal both forward and backward/reverse on Sit N Cycle.


Sit and Cycle has 8 levels of magnetic resistance which makes the bike very quiet so that you can multitask without being bothered or distracted by any noise.

That’s the beauty of magnetic resistance and if you don’t know the difference between resistance system keep reading. This information will come handy regardless of what kind of indoor exercise bike you want to buy. There are two main resistance systems:

#1 Magnetic resistance system, two pieces of magnetic get close to the metal disk/flywheel to reduce the speed that you create by pedaling. Simple as that, it does NOT come in contact with the disk, it simply gets far from the flywheel to let pedals fast speed or gets close to reduce your speed. When the two items don’t touch each other, they don’t wear out nor tear, neither they make noise.

#2 Direct Contact Braking, meaning two brake pads directly attached to the desk/flywheel to reduce the speed that you create by pedaling. The problem is that it comes in contact with the disk and this action creates noise, and also they wear out over time and have to be maintained more often.

Note: The weight of the flywheel is always important but when your bike features magnetic resistance, you don’t have to worry about the flywheel weight. However, when the resistance is Direct Contact Braking, it’s important to get a heavier flywheel for a smoother ride.


Sit and Cycle is belt drive which adds up to the quietness and less maintenance. There are two major drive systems for all the indoor exercise bike and it’s good that you know them.

#1 Belt: it’s one big rubber piece that moves the flywheel. When a rubber comes in contact with metal it makes zero to little sound and it lasts longer with little maintenance (like the technology most modern cars use);

#2 Chain: the normal bicycle you see on the street has a chain, which is good for outside but not for indoor exercise bikes because when two metals are working on top of each other they make noise, especially because a chain is tens of little pieces connected together. And let’s not forget the chain requires often maintenance (adjustment and lubrication).

The belt drive and magnetic resistance system have taken away the market from chain drive and direct contact systems.

Sit and Cycle transport wheels:

One of the main features of Sit N Cycle is its mobility. Whoever can lift up 34-lbs, will also be able to move Sit and Cycle anywhere in the house, upstairs, downstairs, TV room or even on the balcony.

This indoor exercise bike comes with 4-feet and 2 small transport wheels and if you need to move it, you simply lift up the back of the seat and push the bike.

Sit N Cycle calorie burning:

I know according to the company you can burn up to 500 calories per hour on SitNcycle but this is not realistic. I burn 500 calories striding for one hour on elliptical machines where all my body is involved in the training (not just my legs) and I wasn’t relaxed watching TV.

Are you going to burn calories? Of course. Is it going to be 500 per hour? No, but it’s going to be WAY more than you would burn just by sitting on a sofa watching TV, that I promise.

Sit and Cycle LCD Display:

This bike doesn’t feature a display, which means you can’t track your workout data such as calories, speed, distance, heart rate etc.

Handlebars, power requirement and water bottle holder:

Sit N Cycle doesn’t have handlebars and if you have lack of balance, you better think twice before buying this bike. Sit and Cycle doesn’t require electricity since it has no electronic features.

Sit and Cycle doesn’t have a water bottle holder so if you want to stay hydrated, you need to have something close to put the bottle on.

Final words on Sit and Cycle

My honest opinion about Sit and Cycle? I wouldn’t buy it for myself, not because I don’t like to burn calories but because this bike lacks in adjustability and LCD display.

That said, I already recommended Sit and Cycle to a friend and she loves it. So, it’s really a matter of personal choice.

You should go for a sit and cycle/under desk bike if:

You spend too much time sitting

Why just sit if you can sit and cycle? Either it’s for 5 or even only 2 hours a day, you still sit, right? So, why just sit when you can both sit and cycle and burn calories? This is exactly what this indoor bike is all about. It’s not about replacing a recumbent bike, spin bike or a treadmill, it is meant to replace the sofa and the chair.

Sit and cycle’s efficiency is nowhere close to an elliptical machine, but it wasn’t built to be compared to elliptical machines or indoor recumbent bikes, but rather to be compared with the chair and sofa. And guess what? SIT AND CYCLE is more efficient and burns more calories than both the chair and the sofa!

You don’t exercise

If you are not going to gym, Pilates classes, spin bike clubs or don’t have an upright stationary bike or a recumbent bike at home but want to get the most out of your TV watching time, do yourself a favor and get yourself a chair exercise bike or a sit-and-cycle bike and do some exercising.

You are not so young anymore and out of training

Regardless of how old you are, if you can still sit on a chair and walk without hurting your joints, go for SitNcycle. Especially if you are in the retirement age with less activity and more free time.

You watch TV and browse on the internet too often

If your idea of relaxing is sitting on the couch to watch TV or check your news feed on Facebook, a sit-and-cycle activity is your best home exercise bike.

You are a housewife

If you are a housewife who can’t afford to pay the gym subscription or the gym is not close or you simply don’t have the time to get out but you have an hour break and want to spend it sitting on a soft seat and watch TV, then sit and cycle is the best stationary bike for you.

You have or you are at risk of diabetes 

Sit and Cycle is the best way to keep your heart rate up and burn calories if you have only one hour of free time and want to spend it relaxing.

Although, for those with diabetes (or who are at risk) and heart conditions, Sit and Cycle shouldn’t be considered the main and only element of exercise.

You have a small house

With a rising population, houses tend to be built more compact and smaller. If you own a small house, and don’t have much space but want to have a stationary bike at home, you can choose between Sit and Cycle or fold up exercise bikes.

You are a desk employee

I know that not all the employers would agree with the idea of bringing an under-desk sit-and-cycle bike but if you are lucky to have one of those enlightened bosses, a sit and cycle bikes should be your priority to have.

Spending hours sitting behind the desk every day can have many side effects that you can definitely prevent by using a sit and cycle/under the desk bike.

You are an indoor digital worker

Exercise should be a must if you work online from home because some days can get so busy that you barely have the time to go out for shopping.

Take advantage of your freedom and choose between a chair or under desk workout equipment or a chair exercise bike and a Sit and Cycle indoor bike.


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  1. The Sit in Cycle broke after a few Weeks of Using it.
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