Best Wall Shelves For Peloton Accessories and Clothing

I have been using Pelotons and spinning bikes for years, and since starting at that first spin class I ever went to, I have accumulated quite a few different pieces of equipment for my home gym.

Firstly I ended up getting a fancy cycling sweat towel, and then I got myself a nice water bottle, a pair of Peloton shoes shortly followed, then a heart rate monitor, and finally a sweatband.

These are all great Peloton accessories that improve the experience of me riding my bike but trying to find them all before a workout is a challenge I can’t say I look forward to. It’s like a treasure hunt, and I have no interest in it when I’m short of time.

I had some amazing ideas when it came to storing my goods for example using a small basket, but it just got messy. This brought me to invest in a wall shelf for my Peloton bike.

This Peloton shelf organizer made life so much easier, and I can literally just grab the stuff off the side and get on with my favorite Peloton classes without having to waste my time searching for my Peloton accessories.

In this article, I want to speak about some great wall clothing and accessory shelves that will be a benefit to anyone’s Peloton Setup in their home gym. I found and examined four Peloton accessories that I think you would love them.

They are compact, don’t take up floor space, and have so many compartments. Before reading my Peloton accessory shelves reviews, you can find out based on which factors I picked these Peloton organizers.

How do we compare Peloton Wall Shelves?

When we look at Peloton wall shelves, we are looking for a few different things to compare them with each other and make sure you’re getting good value for money when coming to purchasing one.

  • Design of the Shelf for Peloton
  • What can the Peloton Shelf fit
  • Quality of Peloton Wall Shelf
  • Price of the Shelf

Using these metrics, we can understand if we want to buy the Peloton Bike clothing and accessory shelf and make sure that we’re getting a great deal. Without further ado, here are the top 4 Peloton Wall Shelves I tested and reviewed for you.

1. Wassers Peloton Wall Shelf

 out of stock
  • Great Design
  • Plenty of hooks
  • High-quality wood

The Wassers shelf was one of the first Peloton Shelves I came across when I started looking. It’s got a lovely modern design and is nice and wouldn’t look out of place in a contemporary home. It’s a beautiful pale white wood effect and very complimenting to whatever it goes on.

Wasser shelf organizer for towels and yoga mats has everything you’re going to need, hooks for your shoes, a Yoga mat holder, sweat towel holders, shelves for utilities, and space to mount on top. They say it is capable of holding 50kg, and it attaches with simple screws.

The Wassers Peloton shelf is a simple but effective design, and it works. It’s square, simple, full of attachments, and just works great. I can highly recommend it.


  • Looks Great
  • Lots of Hooks
  • Huge 50kg Carrying capacity


  • Hooks stand out a lot

The Wassers is an excellent shelf and would look fabulous in a modern home with white walls. The attachments stick out, but when equipped, not an issue.

2. Naisi Home Peloton Clothing Shelf

 in stock
  • Looks great
  • All the hooks you need
  • Great value for money

The Naisi shelf, let’s start by saying it is very similar to the Wassers shelf, and it just has a color difference. It does look great and has plenty of space.

The Naisi shelf organizers for Peloton bike shoes have a 50kg carrying capacity, and it is straightforward to mount.

The main difference with this home gym shelf with hooks for Peloton bike+ and Original is not just the color, but this comes with a 12-month warranty. It will hang your shoes, towels, mat, exercise bands, and everything you need will have space.

Naisi is a great wall organizer for Peloton Bike shoes, bottles, and towels. Plus, it comes in at a reasonable price, and I feel it is good value for money. Again the hooks can be a little much for some people, but it is excellent in its own right.


  • It looks Great, Wood Effect
  • Easy to mount
  • 50kg Capacity
  • Hooks for everything
  • High quality product


  • Hooks do stand out a bit

The Naisi shelf is an excellent bit of kit. It’s strong, it holds everything you need, and it looks great in that wood effect.

3. Crostice Peloton Shelf

 in stock
  • Small Minimal Design
  • Easy to Mount
  • Hook Rail System

The Crostice wall organizer for Peloton towel and shoes is very different from the other shelves on this list. Firstly it’s much smaller and has a much simpler design than the others. The Mat black wood finish is excellent, and I feel it is going to suit a lot of rooms.

The best thing about this is the Hook Rail system. Like what you would have in a wardrobe, you have a small hook system where you can mount your shoes, towels, and everything you’re going to need for your Peloton. It also has hooks on the side so you can spread everything out and keep it neat.

The compartments well fit some nice small water bottles or similar products. This wall shelf organizer for Peloton is going to be excellent for your home gym.


  • It looks great, very minimal
  • Easy to Mount
  • Hook Rail System


  • Not a tremendous amount of space

I like the Crostice shelf organizer for Peloton because it is very minimal, and for myself, it’s perfect and just looks fantastic and is great value for money. I have no doubt it is one of the most useful accessories for Peloton bike owners.

4. Sidelinx Peloton Accessory Shelf and Organizer

 out of stock
  • Lovely dark wood design
  • Hooks for everything
  • 30kg Weight Capacity
  • Compact dimensions (17″L x 13″W x 7″D)

The Sidelinx Peloton bike wall shelf is an excellent bit of kit and honestly one of the best, in my opinion. Firstly the design is excellent and looks amazing with the mat brown wooden finish, and it has a much more of compact look compared to the Wassers shelf.

Except for a Yoga mat, everything else has a place, and you can store footwear, towels, resistance bands, and other accessories like headphones with ease.

I am not crazy that you can’t store a Yoga mat at the top, it should have had a place for a yoga mat. But there is the top shelf where you can place a candle, lights, or a pair of speakers to listen to your Peloton spinning classes.

There are curved side panels on the top so you are able to rest your accessories there, and this home gym accessory for Peloton won’t fall off.

It has a high-quality mounting kit and can carry 30kg at its maximum capacity. The Sidelinx wall mount rack with hooks for Peloton has an excellent price and is well worth the money you will be spending.


  • Looks great
  • Strong Mounting
  • Unique Yoga Mat holder
  • Great value for money


  • Although the color looks epic, it won’t suit all rooms
  • You can’t place a Yoga mat on this Peloton shelf organizer
  • There are no side hooks to hang additional Peloton accessories

I think this Peloton clothing and accessory wall shelf is definitely one of the best on this list for the price, in my opinion, and it just works well. But if you have the extra to spend, I would suggest the Crostic or Naisi.

Editors Choice

Crostice Peloton accessory clothing shelf
Crostice Peloton Shelf
Peloton Organiser for Cycling Clothing and Accessories
Check Prices

Personally, I feel it’s very close, as they all offer a very different style. For me, it has to be the Crostice. I love the minimal effect, and it just takes up no space. I feel Crostice wall mount with hooks for Peloton area could be used for so many other purposes too.


All these shelves on this list are great value for money and will do the job you need of storing your Peloton accessories. I feel it comes down to color and design more than anything though, and I think you have to get it suited to the room, and you have to love the way it looks to be the right shelf for you. You could even use these multi-functional home gym wall mount racks to organize a treadmill or workout room, I have seen many customers that purchase these Peloton bike shelves do that.

Peloton wall shelf organisers
Peloton Bike Wall Shelf Organiser


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