8 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes in the UK

Get In Your Dream Shape With One Of These Recumbent Exercise Bikes In The UK

In this review we’re going to be looking at the best recumbent exercise bike UK has to offer, for home, commercial and office use. Gone are the days of spending thousands of pounds, recumbent bikes in the UK are now more affordable than ever before.

When people look for recumbent exercise bike reviews in the UK, they come across tens of options. That’s because there are so many choices and everyone has a different opinion on which recumbent bike in the United Kingdom is the best value.

In order to put together the list of the top recumbent bikes in the UK, we have done weeks of research. Our picks of UK recumbent bikes include budget, mid-price, and high-end products. Therefore, there is an exercise bike in this review for everyone, no matter your budget, fitness level or floor space.

With these 10 best recumbent stationary bikes in the UK that we chose and reviewed, getting started is easy. They all ship for free or at a low price from Amazon within a few days nationwide.

From the comfort of your home, you can buy a recumbent exercise bike in the United Kingdom and start getting in your dream shape. Within the first few days of workout, you should be able to notice those awesome recumbent bike benefits and save money on gym memberships.

Aside from helping you find the best recumbent exercise bike in the United Kingdom, with this guide, we also want to help you resource the top recumbent exercise bike seat cushions. You might need these accessories with your recumbent bike for comfortable exercise.

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8 Recumbent Exercise Bikes Compared in the UK

Comparison Table For The Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes In The UK
Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Exercise BikeElectronic magnetic 16-level18BluetoothBacklitCushioned
DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise BikeElectronic magnetic 32-level12BluetoothBacklitCushioned
JLL RE600 Pro Recumbent Exercise BikeElectronic magnetic 16-level12BluetoothBacklitMesh
Schwinn Fitness 510R Cardio Recumbent BikeElectronic magnetic 16-level13BluetoothClear but not backlitCushioned
V-fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Home BikeMagnetic
Sunny ​Magnetic Recumbent Exercise BikeMagnetic
JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise BikeMagnetic
Exerpeutic 525XLR Folding Recumbent Indoor BikeMagnetic

Overview: Find the Top Recumbent Bike in the UK

#1 Sportstech ES600 Recumbent Exercise Bike

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as of September 22, 2023 5:54 am

Thanks to the unique 14kg heavy flywheel, you can pedal your way to a healthy lifestyle with the Sportstech ES600 recumbent exercise bike with very little impact. This best buy stationary bike in the UK is built with a durable steel frame to endure the toughest workouts.

So, even if you tire yourself out and push to your limits during a recumbent workout, the sitting recumbent bike machine will be ready to endure your workout every time as this bike is sturdy.

The highlights of this exercise bike are the backlit display, Bluetooth, 18 preset programs, and 16 electromagnetic resistance levels. Additionally, this indoor stationary recumbent bike includes a padded seat and an awesome cushioned back support.

Thanks to German engineering, the Sportstech ES600 home recumbent bike is fully ergonomic from the seat to the handlebars and device holders. Everything is well-thought to provide maximum comfort which leads us to why we picked it for the best recumbent exercise bike in the United Kingdom.

You can easily adjust the seat to your preference without having to get off the bike. And unlike most compact stationary recumbent bike machines in the UK, it has a clear screen with a nice tablet holder. So, you can see your stats while keeping a tablet on the top-shelf.

On top of all the features I mentioned, the ES600 has a “step-through” design which makes it one of the top recumbent exercise bikes for seniors. Overall, this static bike is known for its smooth ride and advanced features.

#2 DKN RB-4i Recumbent Exercise Bike

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as of September 22, 2023 5:54 am

If you are wondering why the DKN RB-4i is listed second in our best recumbent bikes in the UK reviews, here is a short explanation. Despite the fact that RB-5i is £60 more expensive, it doesn’t have a phone holder, a transport handle, and also it has only one screen.

So, if you put your tablet on the shelf to watch a movie, you can’t see your recumbent exercise bike workout progress. And moving this best-rated recumbent bike is difficult because it doesn’t have a transportation handle in the back. But if these are not huge factors, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you buy the RB-4i because it is one of the best stationary bikes for home.

Some of the features that really stand out about this recumbent sitting exercise bike are the 11-kg heavy flywheel, Bluetooth, and 32 electromagnetic resistance levels.

On top of these useful features, the RB-4i recumbent exercise cycle is equipped with 12 workout programs and 4 user profiles to allow you to save your data. Thanks to the 11kg precision flywheel, 4i semi-professional stationary bike provides a smooth ride every time as it keeps the pedal strokes balanced.

As you will read later in this UK recumbent bike review, the key to a comfortable ride is a bike that’s fitted to your exact proportions. And thankfully this top-rated recumbent bike in the UK allows you to make tweaks until the bike is just right.

The backrest tilts up in down while the padded seat moves forward and backward with a simple lever located under the seat, allowing you to adjust in the middle of your recumbent workout.

Finally, this recumbent stationary bike can support up to 150 kg weight and comes with 2 years of part and labor warranty which is pretty unique considering the price.

#3 JLL RE600 Pro Recumbent Exercise Bike

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as of September 22, 2023 5:54 am

If you are looking for an exercise recumbent bike in the UK that can offer quality workout, yet take minimum floor space, don’t look further because the JLL RE600 magnetic recumbent exercise bike is one of the best compact recumbent exercise bikes at a great value.

It is around £200 cheaper than the two stationary recumbent exercise bikes listed above, yet, it has pretty much everything you need for a comfortable and fun recumbent bike workout. And as you can see from the images (as well as length dimension), it takes less floor space.

Built to last for home use, the JLL RE600 recumbent exercise equipment is durable and strong. It can support up to 130-kg user weight and comes with smart electronically adjustable resistance.

The smart feature allows the heart rate programs to automatically control the resistance for an optimal heart rate based workout. The JLL RE600 affordable stationary bike also has a very quiet drive system. So, you can cycle at home perfectly without disturbing anyone around you.

With the various resistance options, you can replicate cycling on flat roads or steep hills. While pedaling, you won’t even hear the bike as the belt drivetrain causes the cycle to be ultra-smooth and quiet.

The backlit LCD monitor displays your speed, body fat, HR, time, distance and calories. Additionally, it has Bluetooth technology to allow you to connect the machine to certain fitness tracking apps such as Kinomap and save your daily workout. This way you can see and compare your monthly progress and bring changes accordingly.

A few other notable features of this mid-price quality recumbent exercise bike are the mesh backrest, easily adjustable seat, and step-though design which makes it perfect for those on recovery and seniors with limited flexibility.

Last but not least, this best price recumbent exercise bike in the UK provides accurate heart rate feedback via the handgrip pulse sensors and the wireless heart rate receiver. The JLL RE600 also comes with a tablet holder to keep you entertained during the workout.

#4 Schwinn 510R (130) Cardio Recumbent Bike

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as of September 22, 2023 5:54 am

From Bluetooth to comfort and a 5.5″ screen, the Schwinn 130 recumbent stationary bike has it all. Featured in several best recumbent exercise bike reviews in the UK, this machine is one of our most favorite stationary bikes. And the good news is, that it is highly affordable so it won’t break the bank.

This model comes with an ergonomic seat and that has the proper curves and cuts to support long indoor exercise sessions. The seat can be adjusted fore/aft to fit users of different heights.

Additionally, the back support is breathable and well-designed so you shouldn’t feel hot spots during longer workouts. But even more importantly, it has application compatibility with the possibility to enjoy thousands of workouts online, 13 preset programs, pulse sensors, and wireless chest strap connectivity.

Schwinn Fitness 510R (130) recumbent exercise bike also has a good weight capacity (125 kg). Thanks to its step-through structure, all ages including older users as well as those on recovery can get on and off the machine without any issue.

This fitness exercise bike comes with an integrated phone and tablet holder to keep your devices away from harm by placing them on the built-in shelf. Additionally, it has 16 levels of a motorized magnetic resistance system.

To track how your workout is coming along, you can follow the LED multi-function display. The display tracks your heart rate, resistance, speed, time, RPM, distance, and the calories that you burn during your workout.

Working towards your fitness goals is a whole lot easier compared to similarly priced magnetic resistance recumbent exercise bikes in Britain. All in all, this is one of the top affordable recumbent exercise bikes that you can buy in the United Kingdom.

#5 V-fit G-RC Recumbent Magnetic Home Bike

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as of September 22, 2023 5:54 am

This simple exercise bike is similar to the ones that I listed lower in this most comfortable recumbent bike review and comparison. The only difference between this one (V-Fit G-RC) and other training exercise bikes under 200 Pounds is the tablet holder and larger monitor.

If these two features are not important, I suggest you buy the XS or JLL RE100 cheap recumbent bikes and save 50 Pounds. But if you want to keep your tablet on the machine, the G-RC is a good cheap exercise bike choice.

This best affordable recumbent bike for home use comes with 8 resistance levels, a padded fore/aft adjustable seat, grippy pedals with adjustable straps. Additionally, this top-rated UK recumbent bike supports 115-kg weight which should accommodate most users.

Note: There are many specs that I personally don’t like about cheap recumbent bikes in the UK under 200 Pounds. For instance, to adjust the seat, you need to get off the bike, sit/lean then loosen a knob, and then push/pull the entire rear part of the bike forward or backward.

If you have flexibility issues, this can be pretty difficult to do. Other shortcomings of cheap recumbent bikes are their non-backlit dark screens, un-ergonomically design, and manual/knob adjustable resistance. So, if you can afford, buy recumbent exercise bikes in the UK that cost £300+.

Ultimately there are many different budget recumbent bikes out there but combining affordability, review score and features, we believe the V-Fit G-RC is the best inexpensive recumbent bike in the UK under £200.

#6 Sunny HF ​Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

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as of September 22, 2023 5:54 am

One of the best deals on exercise bikes in the budget category is this Sunny Health and Fitness. This fitness machine helps you track the basics of your progress and worth every coin you spend on it. This super popular recumbent bike in the UK from SHF is a suitable choice to monitor the essential parameters during your workout.

It tracks the time, speed, distance, odometer, calories burned and pulse. The step-through design makes it easy to sit down on the bike and start an exercise.

An essential feature of this recumbent bike is the adjustability on the pedals. By adjusting the straps you can get the right fit on the pedals when cycling to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

While it is not a folding recumbent bike, it still can be used for home workouts. It does not take a lot of floor space and comes with transportation wheels to store it away conveniently. Therefore, you can quickly move it from room to room when needed.

This UK recumbent bike allows you to increase your resistance to up to eight levels. The magnetic tension system ensures you have a smooth silent ride and takes off the maintenance burden that you would usually get with friction exercise bikes.

With the large backrest and seat, you can comfortably sit and work out for long hours without feeling pressure on your back. Overall, it is one of the best budget recumbent bikes in the UK that helps you start crushing your fitness goals.

#7 JLL RE100 Recumbent Home Exercise Bike

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as of September 22, 2023 5:54 am

Affordable doesn’t mean minimal when it comes to the JLL RE100 recumbent exercise bike. The workout machine is decked out with a stable frame, LCD computer that displays calories burned, distance, time, speed, and pulse (thanks to heart pulse sensors).

You may not be able to push your workout to the next level with this budget recumbent because there are only 8 resistance levels with no preset workout. But you can do a relatively comfortable cardio workout inside your home.

The magnetic resistance, belt system, and 5-kg flywheel can replicate a smooth and silent ride. You can exercise any time of the day without bothering the rest of the family with annoying transmission noises.

JLL RE100 seat is fore/aft adjustable which ensures a custom fit for a comfortable workout. Thanks to the extra-thick padded seat, you can cycle without feeling sore or backpain.

Lastly, this affordable recumbent bike includes 12 months warranty which is unique considering 100 Pound cost. Note: RE100 small exercise bike supports only up to 100-kg and it includes free shipping in the UK.

#8 Exerpeutic 525XLR Folding Recumbent Indoor Bike

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as of September 22, 2023 5:54 am

If you are looking for folding recumbent exercise bike reviews in the UK, you might want to stick around for this one. The Exerpeutic 525XLR recumbent bicycle is sturdy and can be folded for storage. That makes it suitable for tight spaces.

This budget folding exercise bike allows you to enjoy recumbent exercise and when not in use, it can be stored behind a curtain, door, or even in a cloth locker. This feature makes it suitable to work out in small apartments. Thanks to its lightweight and sliding wheels, you can easily move the bike from one place to another.

The folding recumbent exercise bike has two built-in heart rate sensors that record your pulse and shows in the display provided. The display screen is small and there is no tablet holder.

But that’s’ pretty common for this design because this folding recumbent bike is aimed for the riders who prefer watching TV during recumbent exercise. So, there is a clear view in front.

The bike guarantees comfort with the large size seat which is well padded. It is designed to suit different sizes of people and is adjustable for a comfortable height.

525XLR foldable recumbent bike offers 8-levels of resistance which gives novice users a good challenge to push more and work out those leg muscles. The tension control system allows you to adjust the level for a more relaxed workout and take it higher for a difficult one.

Note: If you have limited flexibility or you are thinking of buying a recumbent bike in the UK for seniors, I suggest you consider one of the recumbents that have “step-through” construction.

Mounting and dismounting this folding recumbent stationary bike may not be easy for everyone because you need to have a good balance and be able to cross your leg over the bike.

What to Look for When Buying a Recumbent Bike in the UK!

Manual magnetic:

Among the budget recumbent cycling machines, the most common form of resistance is manual magnetic. There are usually two magnets placed on either side of the flywheel.

This causes a resistance that varies depending on how close the magnets are to the wheel. These UK recumbent exercise machines have a knob to adjust the resistance manually. They are not as precise, strong and convenient as electromagnetic indoor recumbent bikes.

If you are buying the best budget recumbent exercise bike in the UK under 200 Pounds, there is a 99% chance you are going to get this system of resistance. The advantage of these basic stationary bikes is that you don’t need to plug them into electricity to do an indoor exercise bike workout.

Standard Electronic magnetic:

Mid-range amazon UK recumbent stationary bikes come with an electromagnetic resistance system. Rather than adjusting the resistance manually via a knob, a Uk home recumbent bike with the electromagnetic system allows the magnets to be moved via the on-board console.

Additionally, stationary fitness bikes with this type of resistance sometimes feature with preset programs built-into the monitor. So, you have more options to do a good stationary bike workout.

You can look for this feature when recumbent bike cost is not an immediate factor. In this top-rated recumbent exercise bike review, I have included a few of this type of resistance. The only downside to exercise bikes in the UK with this feature is that they need to be plugged in to workout.

Smart electronic magnetic:

The most advanced type of resistance is the “smart electromagnetic” system. It is usually found on the high-end UK recumbent exercise bikes. It is similar to the “electromagnetic” system except it is smart.

Basically, what it means is that it is capable of changing the resistance automatically based on the uphills and downhills of the preset programs. So, it mimics the terrain that you choose to ride on. Also, these good exercise bikes for home use in the UK change resistance based on the heart rate.

Meaning, you can set a minimum and maximum HR and your smart seated bike machine will make sure you don’t go above or below your desired heart rate. This is an option to consider when looking to buy the best recumbent stationary bike in the UK.

Non-Backlit Monitor:

99% Of the time the best budget UK recumbent stationary bikes are equipped with non-backlit monitors. There are several cons to be aware of when buying cheap exercise bikes in the UK that have non-backlit basic onboard consoles.

For start, they are very difficult to see the stats during the day and at night you definitely need to keep the room light on to see your progress. Usually, these sitting stationary bikes also don’t have preset programs, wireless connectivity, and other advanced options.

But there is one advantage to budget fitness recumbent bike in Britain that comes without a backlit monitor. And that is the low battery consumption. Additionally, when using a non-backlit workout bike for home, you don’t need to drag a cable in the room to plug in the bike. We included a few of these models to our best buy recumbent bike reviews in the UK. You can scroll up to check them out.

Backlit Monitor:

Mid-range UK home exercise bikes often come with backlit on-board consoles. Depending on the model and price of stationary bikes for home use they can run on batteries (low-price), electric plug-in (mid-price) or self-charge (expensive).

What I love the most about recumbent exercise bikes in the UK with the backlit monitor is the easy progress reading feature. No matter how dark your workout room is, you can still see your progress without turning the room lights on.

My favorites are the electric plug-in stationary exercise bikes because they are often the ones that come with advance recumbent workout programs. The backlit exercise bikes in the UK that consume batteries require often battery replacement which can be costly in the long term. The very first machines in this best UK recumbent bike review require to be plugged into electricity.

Seat and Backrest:

The advantage of a recumbent in-home exercise bike is the support that it offers on the users’ back. And as far as I know, every best home gym recumbent bike in Canada, US, and UK is equipped with the back-support.

But what you need to look for when reading our best recumbent exercise bike review is the bike’s adjustability. To get the best bike workout to buy a recumbent bicycle that allows you to adjust the seat fore/aft.

What is even more important than the seat is the backrest. So, make sure the backrest can be adjusted (tilts up and down). This way you can customize the cardio machine to comfortably benefit from the recumbent exercise bike workouts. Note: I recommend exercise bike for home use that comes with the mesh backrest. They allow airflow which keeps you cool during summer recumbent exercises.

Recumbent Design:

Perhaps one of the most important factors to look for when buying recumbent bikes for heavy or light person is the design. Reading the top stationary bikes reviews in the UK, you can notice how often this huge spec is overlooked.

The compact recumbent exercise bikes in the United Kingdom often are equipped either with “Step-though” or “Step-over” frame structure. And here is why it is important to pay attention to this feature when purchasing a good bike for exercise. Step-through recumbents allow you to walk to the machine and sit as you would normally sit on a sofa or chair which is comfortable.

But step-over recumbent bikes in the UK force you to left one leg off-the-ground 50-70 centimeters up and cross it over the frame which is not easy for everyone. Therefore, if you are buying the recumbent exercise bike for a senior family member or someone on recovery, I suggest you look for a “step-through” recumbent stationary bicycle. We have listed several step-through exercise machines in this top-rated UK stationary bike review.

UK Recumbent Bike Price:

The price of home stationary bikes in the UK can vary widely, from those that cost less than 150 Pounds to options in the thousands. While it’s generally true that you get what you pay for, there are good, solid home exercise bikes in the United Kingdom that are inexpensive.

They may not offer all the features of fancier models such as smart electromagnetic and interactive monitors, but they can offer similar to gym bike workouts.

I highly suggest you consider what you really need in an exercise bike and don’t be blinded by all the bells and whistles. For instance, if you want an exercise bike to simply lose weight and don’t want to spend too much, you can buy something like Schwinn 570R sit down exercise bike. That type of semi-professional exercise bike is mid-price, yet offers from easy to challenging static exercise bike workouts.

Sources for Recumbent Bikes in the UK:

I found Amazon UK to offer more options and competitive prices than most other fitness equipment retailers in the UK. But what I love the most about Amazon cardio recumbent exercise bikes in Great Britain is the A-Z warranty, support, and services that you get from Amazon.

No matter which lightweight recumbent exercise bike brand you pick, you always have peace of mind with Amazon UK assurance, support, and services. However, if you didn’t want to buy direct from Amazon, then you could always look at physical fitness retailers.

But keep in mind that the prices are more competitive online because they don’t need to pay loads of costs that usually a physical store does. Overall, when looking for a recumbent exercise bike in the United Kingdom, make sure you take into account your personal requirements. If you need a bike for mildly intensive workouts to help recover from an injury or maintain your fitness, a budget or mid-range option can probably do the job.

Benefits of a recumbent exercise Bike

Weight loss is one of the key reasons why most individuals work out using fitness machines. A popular exercise machine, the recumbent bike is used for so many reasons, weight loss is one of them. However, a percentage of fitness enthusiasts are skeptical or don’t understand how a recumbent bike can aid weight loss.

And those that do, don’t know how to maximize the bike’s weight loss potential. This is why this article will answer all your lingering questions, clear your doubts and teach you how to make the most of the machine.

Joint and knee-Friendly

Besides the fact that cycling is a low-impact exercise that is kind to the body, the recumbent bike is even more low-impact and gentler on the body’s joints than other types of exercise bikes.

The reclining configuration promotes proper riding form and posture. And that’s thanks to the supportive function of the handlebars and backrest.

Works Several Muscles

The recumbent bike works several muscle groups that are concentrated in the lower body. These muscles include the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and shins. The glutes (buttock muscles) are one of the most important muscles utilized in biking.

The muscles concentrated in this region help propel hip extension during pedal strokes. The quadriceps and hamstrings aid knee flexion and hip extension. The shins help point the toes upwards (dorsiflexion), while the calves point the toes downward (Plantarflexion).

Provides a Challenging Workout

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or skilled cyclist, the recumbent bike offers several workout programs. You also get a range of resistance settings that are tailored to suit your skills.

The programs combined with resistance are especially good at building cardiovascular endurance, which improves heart health and minimizes the risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. It also strengthens bone density, builds stamina, and aids in effective weight management.

Offers Ample Comfort

One of the biggest comfort perks of the recumbent bike is its large seat. The reclining position further amplifies the bike’s comfort, especially when the handlebars and backrest are used properly.

Given the ultra-comfortable cycling position, most riders find it easy to cycle for long periods without getting breathless at the snap of a finger!

Can a Recumbent Bike Help Lose Weight?

Here comes the question gnawing at the back of our minds! The long and short is, recumbent bikes may aid weight loss because the workout tends to increase daily calorie expenditure.

The bike’s comfortable riding position and its low-impact engineering also play an important role in calorie burn; users get to work out more which translates to more calorie burn and cardiovascular endurance.

However, you should note that weight loss demands a three-pronged approach; cardiovascular exercise, weight training, and proper diet. Working out on a recumbent bike alone won’t help you lose your desired weight, so you need to combine all three measures for effective results!

But what is a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

For the sake of those who don’t know what a recumbent bike is or what it does, it is an exercise machine that is reminiscent of a regular bike. But while most bikes offer upright riding positions, the recumbent bike offers a recliner, so exercisers can seat and pedal.

Additionally, the bike’s pedals are located in front and not underneath, while its handlebars can be seen around the seat.

Tips to Maximise Weight Loss with a Recumbent Bike

  1. Stay Consistent

Consistency is one factor that can make or mar your recumbent-based weight loss efforts. If you are not consistent or diligent enough, don’t expect stellar results. But if you cycle often and religiously, then you’d be pleased with the results. Experts recommend three workouts per week to maintain fitness levels.

However, four to five sessions per week will take your fitness and calorie burning scale to a whole “other” level. 30 minutes on a recumbent bike equals an estimated 200-calorie burn, so imagine the number of calories you’d burn if you do more!

  1. Spend More Time Cycling

The time spent on a recumbent bike affects calorie expenditure. This is relative to the point above (where we emphasized consistency). So if you spend long periods on a ride consistently, then you will be torching calories like nobody’s business. Strive to perform at least three 30-minute workouts per week. However, don’t over-exert yourself.

If you can’t work out at that rate, that’s perfectly fine. And don’t try to go above and beyond; else, you may harm your body and health. You can start by building your endurance and gradually increasing the time spent. Endurance-based workouts are more time-worthy than higher intensity workouts which tend to be shorter.

  1. Add Extra Intensity

The intensity and/or resistance level are critical to a good performance outcome. It is best to vary your resistance levels than maintain a particular level. So play around with the resistance so you can achieve sparkling workout results.

A Tabata workout is often recommended for rapid calorie burn. It offers high-intensity output for shorter periods, resulting in a caloric after burn that is nine times higher than an endurance-based workout.

Final Thoughts

Recumbent exercise bikes are great for building leg strength and improving fitness during recovery. Unlike upright exercise bikes and spin bikes, recumbent stationary bikes in the UK have different positioning of the pedals in relation to the seat.

They are in front of you rather than below you which means that you work your muscles in a slightly different way. With the upright bike, your quadriceps take the majority of the load whereas with the recumbent bike it is your hamstrings and glutes that do most of the work.

Therefore if you are looking to build your dream booty, using a recumbent exercise bike in the UK will definitely help. But finding the best recumbent exercise bike in the United Kingdom is not easy.

There are tens of different models that make it time-consuming and difficult to find the right recumbent for you. In this review, we’ve listed our best UK recumbent bikes to help you make an informed choice and get good value workout equipment.

Although, if you still have any questions about choosing a recumbent exercise bike in the UK, if you want to share with us your experience with UK stationary exercise bikes, please use the comments form below!​ We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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  1. I have a DKN RB-4i recumbent exercise bike and it has changed my life. I couldn’t “work” with a regular bike so this recumbent one is the bomb for me. I’m on it all the time, almost daily and I feel stronger for it.

    • Hello Scarlett, thanks for stopping by

      I am happy to hear that! Great choice by the way! DKN is an excellent recumbent exercise bike in the UK and it’s priced reasonably compared to many other options on the market.

    • Unfortunately the DKN RB-4i is out of stock on Amazon at the moment so I’m torn between the Sportstech ES600 and the Nordic Track GX. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions of which one I should go for?

      • If space is limited for you go for the Exerpeutic 525XLR folding recumbent indoor bike. If not, you can go with Sportstech ES600 as it’s a very good option if you have the room and budget for it.

        • Space is not limited so it looks like Exerpeutic it is since it got 2 votes already. Thanks, gals 🙂 Appreciate the help!

        • I second this. You can’t go wrong with the Sportstech ES600. It’s a best buy in the UK for a reason 😉

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