Want the Best Shoes for Peloton Bikes? You Need These

When it comes to the best shoes for the Peloton bike, it is a tough market. I feel over the years. It took me a long time to find what shoes to use for the Peloton bike. Some are wider, some are lighter, some have softer insoles, and you also want them to look amazing.

Having the wrong shoes can cause destructive issues such as ingrown toenails or even a riding problem called “Hotfoot,” which will cause your feet a tremendous amount of pain on those longer rides.

Before I start telling you about my most rated shoes to use for the Peloton Spin Bike, we need to talk about what makes these shoes unique, so they fit on the Peloton pedals. When we start talking about professional cycling shoes, we are talking about cleats.

These cleats are plastic or metal attachment that clips to the bottom, meaning they can attach to the pedal itself. You first have to make sure they match upright. For example, the three main types are Look/Delta, SPD, and SPD-SL.

Peloton uses Delta Pedals, so we need a pair of Look/Delta Cleats to match. You also have the option to change the pedals on your Peloton or use Peloton pedal adapters to suit the other types if there’s a particular thing that you want.

When you have the correct pedals and cleats, you also have to think about setting them up. I would recommend a bike fit for your Look Delta Shoes for your Peloton Bike to ensure you’re at the right saddle height.

Failing that, I would spend some time looking at Youtube videos to get yourself roughly there. Cleats make a massive difference in the comfort of the bike, and getting it wrong will make the riding feel horrible, especially at the knees.

Like Peloton bikes saddles, shoes are a very personal thing and best shoes for Peloton bike
isn’t always the most expensive that will work, but unfortunately, you will find more chances of getting good shoes at a higher price.

The technology in a higher price shoe is much better. I would also heavily advise that you take your time in bedding them in when you get a new pair of shoes. I always give my shoes about ten rides before I know if they’re the right ones for me. Unfortunately, it’s a very personal thing, as I said before.

Also, the durability of a Look Delta Shoe for your Peloton bike, typically a more expensive shoe, will last be very valuable in the fact it will last you five years, not just one. So how do we judge a good shoe? I look firstly at features, style, attachment options, durability, and price. So here are my top five rated shoes for the Peloton bike.

Best Shoes to Use with Peloton bike

SHIMANO SH-IC100 Peloton Cycling Shoes with Single Strap Closure

 in stock

You would have probably heard of Shimano cycling shoes in places like the Tour De France or other very big cycling events. They are light, fast, and last long. Recently, Shimano designed these new SH IC (Indoor Cycling) shoes that I had to try with my Peloton bike and immediately loved it.

They are one of the best shoes on this list and in the Peloton world and to be honest much more comfortable and also cheaper than the actual Peloton Shoes. Here is why they are at the top of my list and why I think they are the best shoes for Peloton classes.

Firstly let’s talk about style, they look unique but quite plain, they come in black with a blue tag. They are very well-ventilated with 6 vents to allow airflow during summer rides. They are also designed with a nice heel and natural curve. It runs a system of a single-strap system.

The actual strap is pretty wide so I never feel hot spots even during longer Peloton indoor cycling rides. I love this system as you have the reliability of a grippy strap. Plus, the strap system makes it easier to put on the shoes. You don’t need to deal with ugly and boring shoestrings either.

Although they say they are only compatible with the SPD (two bolts) and SPD-SL (three bolts) cleats, I personally tried them and they work seamlessly with the Look Delta cleats. So, they are 100% compatible with the Peloton pedals.

If your spin class bikes have MTB/SPD, you can also use these shoes without any problem or modification of the need for a converter. Both the SPD and Look Delta cleats can be adjusted forward and backward to fit your feet.

As far as durability goes, they are built to last; you’re are going to get a lot of years out of these Look Delta shoes for Peloton bikes. Their sole is made of rubber so they are a little bit more flexible than carbon soles but that shouldn’t be an issue unless you are an elite indoor cyclist who wants extreme power efficiency.

The Shimano IC100 is a fantastic unisex shoe for Peloton bikes. I love the subtle looks and have time for what they are making to come to around $99. I think they are excellent value for money, and I wouldn’t blink at that price when purchasing.

Tommaso Pista Aria Elite Knit Quick Lace Women’s Peloton Indoor Cycling Shoe

 in stock

It’s important that we look at women’s shoes and just unisex shoes, and the Tommaso is a great place to start. These Shoes and Delta cleats for peloton bike may not be the most mainstream cycling shoes, but they have some really special features compared to some of the big shoes on this list.

The first thing to note about these shoes is unlike the Fizik. They are made of a special indoor material that is extremely breathable but is made for cycling indoor or in dry conditions. I like this as it’s very rare you will use your Peloton outdoors.

The benefit of an indoor shoe compared to an outdoor shoe is very important but limited at the same time. The style is ok they look nice but not close to the Fizik beauty. They sport a single boa fitment which is a nice touch.

They also have compatibility for all types of cleats on the bottom, which is an amazing feature and means they will come in useful for many different types of cycling. The durability won’t be as good on these as indoor use only, but they will still work for years proving well looked after.

The Tommaso Pista Aria is a lovely shoe, and honestly, I think well worth the $110 they are asking for. If I was looking for a shoe for both my Peloton and outdoor bike, this wouldn’t be my choice, but for indoor-only, I’d be very interested.

Tommaso Strada 200 Dual Cleat Compatible Indoor Cycling Shoe with Buckle

 in stock

The second installment of a Tommaso shoe in this article and is different from the last. Again not a mainstream name, but it still holds some clout in the specifications. These shoes to use with Peloton spin bike are made for indoor and outdoor use, which is good.

They are good-looking shoes, but out of the three we have looked at today, I’m putting these under the Fiziks but above the Ladies Tommaso’s. It probably offers the most support with three straps, which will offer some good support.

They only support Look/Delta and SPD-SL, so mainly Peloton and road. You’re not going to want to take these out on a mountain bike. They are made of solid material, and you will find them very durable for both indoor and outdoor use.

They are simple no thrills shoes, and they will last and come in at less than $100. You definitely will get amazing value for money on these Peloton indoor cycle shoes, but if you were going to be using them a lot.

Venzo SPD and Look Delta Women’s Peloton Spin Bike Cycling Shoes

 out of stock

The second lady’s shoes on this list are the Venzo Lady’s shoes. They are nice and colorful and have a flare compared to the other ones. They come in a lot of colors and sizes and have some cool features.

One thing I rate about this shoe is the many options of color and choice. They do make the shoes personal to you. I think that’s a nice feeling having something to set yourself apart.

They come with a simple three-strap option which I rate but is seen on less expensive shoes. They can accommodate all the cleat types, and that’s a massive feature.

They are a solid waterproof material used both indoors and out with great ventilation. These shoes come in about $80, which is an absolute bargain and one to recommend. It is very basic technology and very good.

Santic Unisex Women’s and Men’s Peloton Bike Cycling Shoes

 in stock

The Santic is a cool shoe, and honestly, it’s a heavy hitter on this list. I think it brings a bit of every shoe, which is very exciting.

Firstly look at them. In my opinion, these Peloton bike shoes could be a mistake for the high-end Fizik shoes, and they do stand out bold in that beautiful white color, but you also have about 15 other designs to pick from as well.

The design is very technological, using a strap and a boas strap. It comes with attachments to fit every type of cleat on the market and can be used indoors and outdoors with its durable waterproof material. The shoes offer great ventilation and suit both men and women.

These are just excellent shoes full stop. Coming in at the lowest price, around $60, it’s an absolute bargain and probably where I put my money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Peloton Shoes

What kind of shoes works with a Peloton?

The Peloton Bike and Bike+ come with Look Delta Pedals and are compatible with Look Delta Shoes. The Peloton shoes have three holes at the bottom of the sole to install Look Delta cleats. Peloton bikes don’t include shoes so we encourage you to buy a pair of Peloton bike shoes for an optimal and safe Peloton class ride.

Are Peloton shoes worth it?

Although the Peloton indoor cycling shoes are a little expensive, they do have the quality to justify their price tag compared to some alternative Peloton-compatible shoes I tried. That said, I think Peloton could have done better to make these shoes more comfortable. I tried the SHIMANO SH-IC100 compatible shoes and I found them to be far comfier than the actual Peloton shoes.

Can you wear regular shoes on Peloton?

No, you can not because Peloton comes with Look Delta pedals and those pedals require you to use special Peloton clip-in shoes to ride. However, if you attach Peloton converters to the pedals, you can wear regular shoes on a Peloton bike. These Peloton pedal converters can cost up to $40 and have adjustable cages for regular shoes.

Are Peloton-compatible shoes or Peloton shoes better?

I bought the Peloton shoes first but I found them to be less comfortable and were giving me hotspots when doing more intense longer Peloton indoor cycling classes. So, I went ahead and tried the Peloton compatible shoes and I loved the Shimano SHiC100 shoes. They fit perfectly on the Peloton pedals and they are less expensive. Although it is highly dependent to every rider, I think some Peloton-compatible shoes are actually better than the original Peloton shoes.

Do cycling shoes make a difference Peloton?

Specific cycling shoes make a huge difference when using a Peloton bike. The pedal efficiency is much better because your shoes are locked to the pedals. With cycling shoes, you use the pedals in upstrokes and downstrokes but with regular shoes, you can only use the pedal pin downstroke. Plus, cycling shoes are more secure because they clip into the pedal so your feet don’t slip.

Should I go up or down a size for Peloton shoes?

Almost always you should go a half size up when buying Peloton bike shoes or compatible bike shoes. You should also consider the width of your feet because Peloton shoes are only good for average and narrow feet, not the best choice for wider feet. I highly recommend that you only settle for a pair of Peloton shoes that fits you perfectly. I normally recommend buying two different sizes and choosing the one that fits best. You can return the ones that don’t fit snugly.

How do you use regular shoes on a Peloton Bike?

There are two ways to use regular shoes on a Peloton bike: The first option is to add “flat converter pads” to the Peloton pedals. It is the cheapest and the easiest because you simply push the pads into the pedals without using screws or clipping. These flat Peloton pedal converters are made of rubbers and can cost around $15.
The second option is adding toe-cage adapters to the Peloton pedals. This option is a little more expensive and costs around $40 but because it has cages, it is safer than flat pedal adapters. I would say they are the best way to ride Peloton using regular shoes without compromising too much on efficiency or safety.
As I said, before, the best way to use a Peloton bike is by using slip-in cycling shoes because they attach to the Peloton pedals and keep your feet safe. Aside from safety, wearing clip-in Peloton shoes rather than regular shoes is more efficient and delivers better results because of their stiff soles.

Why is the Peloton better than a regular spin bike?

Peloton is a better spin bike if you like the Peloton application because it connects and sends all your workout data perfectly to the Peloton application without having to use additional accessories or apps.
Plus, Peloton online virtual instructors give resistance based on how Peloton is calibrated. So, if you have a regular spin bike, it can get annoying figuring out your resistance to keep up with the Peloton class instructors.
But if you like to use a spin bike with Zwift or another indoor cycling application, it’s best to avoid the Peloton bikes. You can get a regular spin bike or buy a spin bike that is fully compatible with the application of your choice.

Is Peloton worthless without a subscription?

Not worthless as you can still use the Peloton bike without a subscription. But if you choose to cancel or not activate your App or All-Access Membership, you will no longer have access to the Peloton workout library and live classes. So, it would be a waste of money to buy a Peloton for $1500 and then use it like a regular $500 offline.
If you don’t like or can’t afford the Peloton subscription, it’s best to buy a more affordable indoor bike like Echelon EX15. Not only it is $1000 cheaper than the Peloton bike, the Echelon eX15 is also compatible with more applications than the Peloton bike. You can connect it to Zwift, Echelon, Peloton, Kinomap, and Strava without any problem.

A Final Note

Let’s be honest there are some beautiful shoes on this list, and it is difficult to pick what shoes to use with a Peloton indoor bike. The prices also vary a lot making it even more difficult. The stand-out shoes for me are the Shimano, though, are by far the best choice. It can be used indoors during the hottest days of the year. It’s best on price and made of good durable material.

They have so many options for color and also that lovely boas attachment. The other shoes are still great value for money, but this is the editor’s choice for sure. Regardless of which shoes, Peloton women clothing, or Peloton men’s clothing you buy, I recommend you also consider a set of Peloton Shoe Hangers as they help keep your cycling clothing in good shape, clean, dry, and organized.


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