The Best Peloton Bike Mats for Every Type of Flooring

When it comes to having a Peloton bike, there are always ways to improve your experience and get a little more out of the bike.

It might be something as simple as a decent pair of Peloton dumbbells. It could be a Peloton heart rate monitor or even a cooling Peloton fan.

There’s plenty Peloton accessories on the market to help you upgrade and to improve the quality of your rides.

When it comes to Mats, many people don’t know the difference that they can make. It’s a huge difference. They can completely change your experience and improve your riding your bike in so many ways.

In this article, I want to tell you the benefits of using a mat for your Peloton bike and then give you some recommendations of the best exercise equipment mats for Peloton bikes you can currently get on Amazon.

The Benefits of using a Peloton Bike Mat


When you’re using a Peloton, it can get crazy. Those big climbs, the sprints, the high cadences it’s all very intense, and the bike can move around a lot.

Just like Peloton covers, we use mats for protection, a peloton bike floor mat is designed to be sat on a hard floor, and most people will use theirs on a wooden base.

In this intense session or even when being moved around, you can end up scratching the floor pretty quickly.

When it comes to replacing a Mat is much cheaper to replace than a floor is. The next benefit on the protection front is that it can also protect from sweat and water.

We all sweat. It’s an ability only humans are capable of, and it’s full of salt, which can damage floors and create horrible rot.

Although floors can wipe and are good at keeping water out themselves, prolonged attacks from sweat can get in over time.

Noise Dampening

Mats also have a fantastic ability to dampen noise. They are soft and are very good at absorbing the vibrations that create sound.

When living in a terrace house or flat, having a Mat can be essential to keep your neighbors happy. It also dampens the vibrations on the bike too which in turn takes more noise away from how it rides.

Noise is always something most of us worry about when using an indoor bike. It’s tough not to worry when spinning early in the morning about if you have woken your neighbor up and if they will be upset.


When riding, having a rubber Mat provides a lot of grip for the bike to stay stable. We all know in those high-power sprints, the bike and shuffle a bit, a decent Mat will stop that happening.

This gives me a lot of confidence when riding my Peloton to deliver more with the worry of it moving too much.


Not only do Mats serve a purpose, but they also make the bike or Studio you are in look much more professional. They give the bike a stage to sit on, making it blend in better with a room.

Peloton Bike Mats We Recommend

In this guide, I want to run through some Peloton bike floor Mats that we recommend for Peloton Plus and Peloton Original. We look at a few different aspects when it comes to Mats.

Firstly the material is solid or soft. Secondly, the Thickness to see the support it can give. Thirdly, we look at the size and design, color options, and extras.

Cycling-Deal Trainer Mat

 in stock
2 new from $36.99
1 used from $30.00
Free shipping

The Bike Trainer Mat is one of the most bought Mats on Amazon. It is made of PVS and is made to be a soft Mat.

They do offer a hard version, but the soft Mat, in my opinion, is much more suited to the Peloton. It comes in at 6mm thick, which is a good size and will support your bike needs. Though being a soft Mat, I wouldn’t recommend this for Carpet.

It comes in at 30” by 60”, which is a good size where it’s not just under the feet but creates a whole border. You can even get this in 30” by 72 and 36” by 72”, which is nice to have the option to go larger.

They come in only black and are flexible enough to fold up. This mat, plus a Peloton floor towel can help keep things much cleaner and of course nicer.

Size Multiple (30,60) (30,72) (36,72)
Thickness 6mm
Colors Black

Soft and Thick
Size options
Flexible for transport

Not for Carpet

SuperMats Heavy duty

 in stock
4 used from $26.32
Free shipping

Unlike the Bike Trainer Mat, this Mat is designed to be a more solid Mat. This is the kind of Mat you will want if you are putting this on Carpet or the Peloton is going into a lot of use.

Like the Bike Trainer Mat, it is 6mm thick, and you provide more than enough protection.

It comes in one size 24” by 46”, which is slightly smaller than the last Mat, but it’s enough to support the bike. They are entirely made in the USA and are known for heavy noise dampening.

Size (24,46)
Thickness 6mm
Colors Black

Tough and Thick
Noise Dampening

All Surfaces

Velotas Peloton Mat

 out of stock

The Velotas Mat is very different from the others as it is a bit thinner. It’s much more flexible, and I would highly recommend this Mat if you find yourself moving your bike around a bit more than most.

It’s very thin, coming in around 3mm, so it will still protect but not as heavy-duty as the others. Made in PVC, it works slightly differently from the other Mats, rubber is more durable, but PVC has less odour.

It is available in at least 4 sizes. You will lots of variety to pick from but if you are only using the mat for Peloton, the 2.5 feet x 5 feet size should work just fine for you. It is the most lightweight and much easier to fold and store than the some other Peloton bike mats.

Single Size (36,72)
Thickness 3mm
Color Black

Good Value
Flexible for transport

Thin PVC
No variety of size

Motiontex Bike Mat

 in stock
6 used from $21.13
Free shipping

The Motiontex Mat is very different from the others. It isn’t like the SuperMator the Velotas. It’s completely different and made of Rubber instead.

This makes it really heavy-duty, grippy, and much heavier, although thinner than all the other Mats at only 2.5mm.

It comes in five different sizes, which are 24” by 48”, 24” by 60”, 30” by 66”, 30” by 72”, 36” by 72”. The variety is more than other Mats on this list.

Being Rubber has some advantages, such as it is completely water-resistant, though sometimes it’s better to have it absorb some of the workout sweat.

Size Multiple (24,48) (24,60) (30,66) (30,72) (36,72)
Thickness 2.5mm
Color Black

Size options

Not Water Absorbent

Exercise Bike Pads

 in stock
9 used from $17.63
Free shipping

The Exercise pads are completely different from any other product on this list and need to be spoken about.

Not everyone wants a Mat. Some like the minimalist side of things, which I can completely appreciate. Instead of being a big Mat, they are just tiny pads that go under the feet of your Peloton.

They are much harder to set up than a mat and require some light lifting but will protect it well. They are made of sticky Rubber and are nearly 13mm thick.

They come in one size 4” by 4”, and you get six in a pack. They will not absorb any sweat but will keep you solid on the bike and protect the floor from the feet. As much as I like these, they don’t do the same job as the Voltas or the Motiontex, but they are not trying to be like that.

Size (4,4) x 6
Thickness 13mm
Color Black / Blue


Not Water Absorbent
No sweat Protection
Hard to Set up

How big is the Peloton Bike mat?

The Original Peloton bike mat is 36 inches wide and 72 inches long. It’s made of a durable, slip-resistant material that will keep you safe and stable as you ride.

Plus, the extra-large size ensures plenty of room to move around and get the most out of your workout. Although the same quality of any other mat I compared, the bike mat by Peloton brand is overpriced.

Can I put a yoga mat under my Peloton?

Yes, you can put a yoga mat under your Peloton, but it’s not recommended. Yoga mats are less durable and softer. They are designed to protect your floor and offer traction during your practice.

However, they won’t do much to protect your floor from scratches or damage, and they may wear down more quickly as a result. I would recommend using PVC or rubber mat under your Peloton bike.

How big should be the Peloton bike mat?

2.5 feet wide and 4 feet long is the minimum size for the Peloton bike mat. Anything smaller may cause your bike to snag on the edge of the mat or let your floor get sweaty.

If you have the floor space, I would suggest you buy a Peloton bike mat that is 3 feet wide and 5 feet long. It gives more protection for the floor. Plus, you can keep other Peloton accessories like dumbbells on the floor.

What size mat do I need for peloton tread?

You need a mat that is at least 6 feet long and 3 feet wide in order to use the Peloton Tread comfortably.

There are also a variety of factors that can affect the size of mat you need for your Peloton tread, including the amount of space you have available and your personal preferences. However, we can give you some general guidelines to help you make a decision.

For starters, it’s important to note that the Peloton tread is a bit larger than traditional treadmills, so you’ll need a mat that can accommodate its size.

Additionally, the Peloton tread has a very low profile so it’s important to find a mat that will provide enough cushioning and support.

Do you need a Peloton mat on carpet?

You don’t need a Peloton bike mat on carpet, but it’s better to use one because the carpet is not easily washable. The bike will still work without the mat.

However, it might be a little more difficult to keep the bike and your floor clean if you don’t use a mat under your Peloton bike.

The Peloton bike mat helps to protect your floor from sweat and dirt buildup, and it also makes the bike quieter when you’re riding.

Plus, carpets are not as grippy as a mat so you might feel a little bit of instability and moving while doing intense indoor cycling sessions on your Peloton bike.

Overall, on all types of floors including hardwood and tile floor, it’s good to use a protective non-slippery mat under your Peloton bike.

What is the Peloton Bike mat made of?

The bike mat by Peloton brand is made of a synthetic rubber called neoprene. It is non-toxic and latex-free. That’s for the mat that Peloton brand makes for its bikes. The mat is also easy to clean and can be wiped down with a damp cloth.

Generally speaking most of the mats for Peloton bike are either made of PVC or rubber. They have non-slip surface that helps keep the bike in place and prevents it from slipping.

The Final Verdict

There are many choices here to pick from, and when it came to looking for a Mat for my Peloton, I was surprised by how many options there were on the market.

In my opinion, and as someone who has used a lot of these products can honestly say although the pads are cheaper, they don’t offer the same as a Mat. The Rubber is good but does just put the sweat elsewhere. The Foam is excellent but not as protective.

My top choices were PVC, and personally, as I have my bike on a hardwood floor, which had to be the first option, the Bike Trainer Mat. If I had my bike on Carpet, I would have used the Superman, and if I owned a private gym, I would be using the Motiontex.

They are all excellent Mats, but they do suit different situations. I would go for what suits your area and environment the most. I also found that the cheaper the Mat, the sooner it will need replacing, so if you spend more, it will last much longer.


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