Best Music Playlists for Indoor Cycling on Spotify

Indoor cycling workouts are not easy, and they take energy, motivation, and an underline want to self-improve. As someone who has years of experience indoor training, one thing I have found that massively helps me and keeps me entertained while cycling is music. Like in a spin class, we want music to get us in a good mood and help us get the power down.

Being able to chuck some cycling headphones in and just shut the world out and focus on the task of just turning those pedals helps so much. What do you listen to when riding your spin bike though, and what are the best playlists to smash those workouts the best you can? In this article, we will tell you our favorite indoor cycling playlist to keep you going and get you to that finish line.

Why Spotify?

Spotify is one of the leading services when it comes to music streaming. It’s excellent value for money and offers a vast range of music. They provide a free and premium service. The application works on nearly every device, and they don’t just have music but podcasts and other services. It doesn’t use much data and is an excellent website for finding new music.

Gym Floor Energy 2021

  • Style – Dance

If you are looking for some serious upbeat dance music to get that engine revving and get your ride on, this is it. This playlist is fire and will help you take on any hill. The tempo is high, and the party anthems will give you everything you need to smash the hell out of your indoor cycling workouts. If you like dance music, this is a fantastic playlist and will get you motivated.

Our best song picks from this playlist are Ride Alone, Stardust, and By Your Side. The songs are going to help you focus and take you on a real journey while spinning.

Hip Hop Classics Party

  • Style – Hip Hop

When I first became a spinning instructor, I thought running a hip hop class would be a good idea. When the lights went out, and the room became dark, the songs came on, and the support I got from the class was terrific. Everyone was jumping up and down on the bike, and it was a sign that this music works for indoor cycling. Every climb was left beaten, and the legs knew about it. It was a great spin class. If you like Hip Hop, this is an amazing playlist. It is full of classic tunes and some very cool music.

Our favorite tunes on the list are Stronger by Kanye West, Outcast so Fresh and so Clean, and Cold as Ice by M.O.P.

Pop Remix

  • Style – Pop Remixes

I like pop and modern commercial music a lot and love a feel good song, but for spinning, I feel we need something a little more upbeat. I had to jump on this playlist because I thought it offered exactly what you need for when you’re on that power ride going up a climb. The remixes are dance versions of some pop songs, which are just excellent. They are high tempo, well put together, and very cool to listen to.

Our favorite songs on this playlist are Cold Heart PNAU Remix, Bed David Guetta Festival mix, and I got a feeling James Hype Remix.

Chilled Ibiza by Ministry of Sound

  • Style – Chillout Dance

It doesn’t all have to be crazy motivating music. Sometimes on those longer rides where we need to keep the pace down, we need music to relax us and keep the heart rate lower. This is what chillout songs are made for, in my opinion. As you ride along to some smooth, relaxing songs, distracted from the heaviness of the pedals, just enjoying the tunes and letting the body wind down through the process. Endurance isn’t about going crazy. It is about getting a link with the bike and letting the legs turn. This is the playlist for precisely that, and if you’re fond of a bit of chillout, then this will tick all the boxes.

Our top picks of this playlist are Teardrop from Massive Attack, Offshore by Chicane, and The Sun Rising by the Beloved.

Drum and Bass Classics

  • Style – Drum and Bass

So you are not fond of music like Lady Gaga or the Red Hot Chili Peppers when you’re using spin bikes. You want songs more aggressive for that climb. Then Drum and Base is perfect for you. It’s very upbeat music and great for that calorie burn and to get you pumped for a serious workout. This playlist will rock your world after you throw it on and jump on the bike. Enjoy as the music kicks and forget about the pain in the legs.

Our picks in this playlist are Temperature by Marcus Intalex, Brand New Funk by Adam F, and Tarantula by Pendulum.


We hope you enjoy the playlists we recommend. I personally have had some fantastic sessions listening to some of this music. It has helped me stay motivated and hit my fitness goals. And to be honest listening to this list of music on Spotify while cycling indoors has always been more fun than watching Netflix. Ride on!


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