Discover the Best Foldable Exercise Bikes in Canada!

You know that feeling when your home starts to feel like it’s shrinking because of those bulky traditional exercise bikes? Been there, done that! But let me tell you about a game-changer we’ve got here in Canada: foldable stationary bikes! They’re like the superhero version of regular exercise bikes, but lighter and way more convenient. Imagine effortlessly tucking them away when you’re not sweating it out, freeing up that precious floor space for, well, living! And the best part? They won’t put a dent in your wallet. Okay, so they might not be as hardcore at torching calories as those heavy-duty air or spin bikes, but their collapsible frames make up for it with sheer convenience.

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Comparison of Folding Exercise Bikes in Canada Reviewed
Explore the ultimate comparison of folding exercise bikes in Canada reviewed in this article, helping you find the perfect fit for your fitness journey

Best Foldable Exercise Bike in Canada Compared

Dive into the foldable exercise bike showdown! From laptop holders to resistance bands, compare the features of these space-saving heroes in Canada. Whether you're after versatility, convenience, or strength, find your perfect match in this handy comparison table
Exerpeutic 7150 Folding Exercise BikeNo, Only Semi-RecumbentLaptop Holder & Storage DrawerDual Bottle & Cup HoldersSide-Grip Handlebars with PulseWithout Resistant Band300 PoundsMin: 154 cm
Max: 192 cm
FitDesk Folding Desk Exercise BikeYes, Recumbent & UprightLaptop Holder & Storage DrawerNo Bottle HolderWithout Side-Grip HandlebarsWith Resistant Band300 PoundsMin: 146 cm
Max: 198 cm
leikefitness Foldable Exercise BikeYes, Recumbent & UprightTablet HolderNo Bottle HolderWithSide-Grip HandlebarsWithout Resistant Band220 PoundsMin: 150 cm
Max: 185 cm
XTERRA FB350 Folding Exercise BikeYes, Recumbent & UprightNo Tablet Holder (Only Phone Holder)No Bottle HolderSide-Grip Handlebars Without PulseWithout Resistant Band225 PoundsMin: 148 cm
Max: 177 cm
Songmics Collapsible Exercise BikeNo, Only Upright PositionPhone HolderNo Bottle HolderWithout Side-Grip HandlebarsWithout Resistant Band220 PoundsMin: 149 cm
Max: 182 cm
Marcy Stationary Folding Exercise BikeNo, Only Upright PositionPhone HolderNo Bottle HolderWithout Side-Grip HandlebarsWithout Resistant Band300 PoundsMin: 147 cm
Max: 174 cm
Exerpeutic 1200 Folding Exercise BikeNo, Only Upright PositionPhone HolderNo Bottle HolderWithout Side-Grip HandlebarsWithout Resistant Band300 PoundsMin: 150 cm
Max: 185 cm
Exerpeutic 525XLR Folding Exercise BikeNo, Only Semi-RecumbentNo Phone or Tablet HolderNo Bottle HolderWith Side-Grip HandlebarsWithout Resistant Band400 PoundsMin: 157 cm
Max: 198 cm

Exerpeutic 7150 1000 Folding Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic 1000 Desk Folding Exercise Bike
Stay productive while you pedal with the Exerpeutic 1000 Desk Folding Exercise Bike.

With an adjustable tablet holder, two cup holders, and a storage drawer, the Exerpeutic WORKFIT 7150 1000 was a strong second. The backrest and seat use Airsoft foam cushioning to make a comfortable semi-recumbent workout. The LCD display shows distance, calories burned, time, speed, heart rate, and has a scan option. Unfortunately, there are no resistance bands for working the upper body, which is a big disadvantage.

Another disadvantage was that the EXERPEUTIC WORKFIT 7150 1000 was heavier than the FitDesk at 65 pounds. While this isn’t a huge difference, it might be noticeable enough for you while moving it. While folded, the Exerpeutic WORKFIT 7150 1000 takes up 21.5 inches long by 25.5 inches wide. When fully assembled, it takes 45.3 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 51.3 inches tall.

This folding stationary bike is a semi-recumbent style and can support up to 300 pounds. It can accommodate users between 5 feet and 6 feet, 3 inches. There are built-in pulse sensors and handgrips by the seat for support.

The Exerpeutic WORKFIT 7150 1000 folding recumbent exercise bike has a limited 3-year warranty and 8 levels of resistance to accommodate multiple experience levels and goals. While the extra weight was a problem, there are transport wheels to make it a little easier to move this one around.

9Expert Score

The Exerpeutic WORKFIT 7150 1000 is a great bike. I love the storage drawer and the cup holders. They make it easy to build a daily routine around the bike, which leads to an increase in exercise.

  • Has pulse sensors, Great quality, Has a table holder, Has a storage drawer, Handgrips on the side of the seat.
  • There are no resistance bands, it is not two-in-one design (it’s adjust to full upright or full recumbent, it is semi-recumbent).

FitDesk Folding Desk Exercise Bike

FitDisk 3.0 Folding Exercise Bike
Compact Convenience Meets Power-Packed Performance FitDisk Exercise Bike

Being able to multitask while exercising is the biggest benefit of a fold away exercise bike with a built-in table holder. With the FitDesk Exercise Bike it is possible to work on your laptop, watch shows on a screen bigger than my phone’s, and even write down my schedule. It is so convenient to workout because it doesn’t change your schedule. There are resistance bands for working the upper body, and the digital monitor shows mileage, calories, and time. There are handgrips by the seats for when doing a semi-recumbent workout.

The FitDesk exercise bike is a great compact exercise bike with a white and black design that looks good in any room. It’s not heavy, weighing only 47 pounds, so you can easily move it around as needed. When ready to use this compact folding stationary bike is only 28 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 45 inches tall. When folded it’s only 20.5 inches wide, 26 inches long, and 58 inches tall.

The FitDesk can be used as an upright or as a semi-recumbent bike with a comfortable backrest. It can support users up to 300 pounds in weight and can accommodate anyone from 4 feet, 10 inches to 6 feet, 6 inches tall. It would be better if there were built-in pulse sensors, however, the convenience was enough of a benefit that the FitDesk beat out all the others for the best folding exercise bike in Canada.

There are 8 levels of resistance so you can increase or decrease depending on what your specific goals are. While the folding frame and lightweight already make it easy for you to move it around, the transport wheels make it even more so. There is a 1-year limited warranty on the frame and a 90-day limited warranty for non-structural parts.

9Expert Score

The FitDesk exercise bike an excellent choice. It is easy to fold up and store away, and you might find it helpful to be able to work right on the bike.

  • Has a tablet holder, Can be used as an upright and semi-recumbent, and Has resistance bands for upper body workouts.
  • There are no pulse sensors and no side-grip handlebars.

leikefitness Foldable Exercise Bike

Leikefitness Folding Exercise Bike with Desktop
Introducing the Leikefitness Folding Exercise Bike with Desktop – your multitasking fitness solution.

Of all the bikes, I think the leikefitness looked the best with its light blue flywheel casing and monitor area. It makes for a nice spot of color. There are resistance bands for targeting the upper body and handgrips by the seat for extra balance. The digital monitor shows time, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate through the built-in pulse sensors on the handlebars. Unfortunately, this one is currently couple hundreds overpriced which dropped it down on our list.

The leikefitness weighed a little less than the FitDesk at 45 pounds, which makes it incredibly easy for you to store it away, and it only measures 53 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 22 inches tall when folded. When assembled and ready for use, it takes up 42 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 42.3 inches tall.

The user weight limit on the SerenLife collapsible exercise bike is 265 pounds, so it doesn’t support as much as the FitDesk or the EXERPEUTIC WORKFIT 7150 1000.

This fold up stationary bike can be used as an upright or as a semi-recumbent style and has 8 levels of magnetic resistance. You might be a bit disappointed with the lack of transport wheels, but the lightweight makes up for that.

9Expert Score

The leikefitness felt sturdy and looks great. While it doesn’t have certain features that I like, it does have resistance bands, an excellent tablet holder, adjustable seat, and pulse sensors.

  • Great and stylish appearance, Perfect tablet holder, and Can be used as an upright or semi-recumbent.
  • No pulse sensors on the side handlebars and overpriced

XTERRA FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

XTERRA Indoor Stationary Folding Exercise Bike
XTERRA: Where performance meets portability.

The XTERRA FB350 is a great foldable stationary bike with handgrips by the seat and built-in pulse sensors. The monitor will show heart rate, distance, speed, time, and calories burned. You will miss the resistance bands that other bikes have for working the upper body. If you wanted a more full-body exercise, you have to use something else. There is no table holder, which is another negative for a workaholic.

The lack of a table helps this one out with weight. It’s only 42.3 pounds. When assembled it takes up 40.5 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 48 inches tall. When folded and ready to store away, it only takes 20.5 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 50.5 inches tall.

The lightweight frame will only support users up to 225 pounds, and the height requirements can be adjusted to fit users 4 feet, 10 inches to 5 feet, 10 inches, so it won’t be the best for someone who’s really tall.

Although this is an upright only bike, it does have a nice backrest. While it’s already incredibly lightweight, it also has transport wheels to be even easier to move. There are 8 resistance levels and a decent warranty that covers parts for 1-year and brakes and in-home labor up to 90-days.

8Expert Score

This folding exercise bike is great for basic functions. It has the features that make this style of cycling equipment great, but it does lack some other features that are nice to have.

  • There are pulse sensors and There are transport wheels.
  • There are no resistance bands and There is no table holder.

Songmics Collapsible Exercise Bike

SONGMICS Stationary Folding Exercise Bike
Elevate your fitness routine with the SONGMICS Stationary Folding Exercise Bike.

I found the Songmics to be simple in design and function. It doesn’t have many additional features like resistance bands, a table, or support handgrips by the seat. It is simply a collapsible upright stationary bike. It does have pulse sensors in the handlebars and the LCD monitor will show calories burned, distance, time, heart rate, and has a scan option.

One great thing about the Songmics’s simplicity is that it only weighs 34.8 pounds. When folded and stored away, it measures 19 inches long, 17.5 inches wide, and 53 inches tall. While ready for use it measures 32 inches long, 17.5 inches wide, and 46 inches tall.

I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a backrest, though since it’s an upright only style that’s not as important. The Songmics can accommodate up to 220 pounds in weight and can be adjusted to fit anyone between 5 feet and 6 feet tall.

There are transport wheels to help make storing it away easier, and it can be set to 8 different levels of resistance. Progear also offers a 1-year limited warranty just in case.

7Expert Score

The Songmics is great with the basics, which will be perfect for some users. I found that it misses some of the extra features it could have had, but it does perform excellently.

  • There are transport wheels, Tablet holder, and There are built-in pulse sensors.
  • There is no backrest and There are no resistance bands.

Marcy Stationary Folding Exercise Bike

Marcy Sturdy Stationary Folding Exercise Bike
Meet the sturdy stationary folding exercise bike by Marcy, your reliable fitness companion!

Marcy is a fairly well-known name with athletic equipment. This one is similar to the Songmics. Both are very simple in design. Just like the Songmics the Marcy bike lacks resistant bands, a table, and handgrips by the seat. One place they differ is that while the Songmics does have a pulse sensor, the Marcy doesn’t. The monitor will show time, speed, distance, and calories burned. There’s also a scan option for hands-free information.

When folded up the bike only takes up 14 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 51 inches tall. When fully assembled, it takes 32 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 42 inches tall. The Marcy foldable exercise bike in Canada weighs a low 37 pounds and has transport wheels to be incredibly easy to move around.

The frame can support up to 250 pounds for users. The user height limits go by inseam length instead of user height and can accommodate an inseam between 28 inches and 33 inches. I did find the overall black and white frame design to be a little too simple for my preference.

This is an upright only bike with 8 levels of resistance to choose from. Marcy offers a 2-year limited warranty on the frame, so you can rely on having issues covered if any arise.

7Expert Score

Similar to the previous entry on the list, the Marcy Folding Exercise Bike is a great basic bike. I don’t like the lack of pulse sensors. While it’s not my favorite design, it performs well and will suit someone who really small space and likes to keep their workouts simple.

  • The user height requirements use inseam measurements which is more accurate.
  • There are no resistance bands and There are no pulse sensors.

Exerpeutic 1200 Folding Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Upright Bike
Comfort meets convenience with the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Upright Bike.

The Exerpeutic 1200 is a great foldable exercise bike in Canada. The frame is sturdy and well-built. I was disappointed that there is no table holder or resistance bands for upper body exercising. The built-in pulse sensors in the handlebars are great, and the monitor shows heart rate, as well as calories burned, distance, time, and speed.

The sturdier frame does weigh more than many other folding exercise bikes in Canada, weighing about 43 pounds, and the frame can be folded to only take up 22 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 55.5 inches tall. When open and ready to use, it takes up 31 inches long, 20 inches wide, and 46 inches tall.

The heavier frame can hold heavier users, supporting up to 300 pounds in weight, but the height requirements don’t accommodate users under 5 feet, 3 inches tall. However, it will support users up to 6 feet tall and has handgrips for added support.

The Exerpeutic 1200 collapsible upright stationary bike is an upright only bike with the usual 8 resistance levels. There are transport wheels to make it easier to move, which you will find helpful since it does weigh a little more than some. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

7Expert Score

The frame is strong and feels like it will last longer and be able to handle a more intense workout. It performed well and seems like it will do well for users with larger body frames.

  • There are built-in pulse sensors and It’s a sturdier and stronger frame.
  • It’s heavier than other options and There are no resistance bands.

Exerpeutic 525XLR Folding Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic 525 XL Folding Recumbent Bike - Compact Fitness Solutions Unveiled
Unveiling the Exerpeutic 525 XL Folding Recumbent Bike: Transform Your Fitness Routine with the Exerpeutic 525 XL Folding Recumbent Bike!

This is another one with no tablet holder, which I still find disappointing, but the Exerpeutic 4153 Gold 525XLR has a slightly unusual benefit of having no handlebars in the front. The handgrips at the seat level are all there are and this makes it so that you can easily watch something or interact with things in front of you. You could even move it to be at a real desk if you wanted to, which gave me even more room to work. There were no resistance bands, but there are pulse sensors in the handgrips.

The 54.7 pounds and larger frame can support more user weight at 400 pounds and height of 5 feet, 2 inches to 6 feet, 5 inches tall. The frame can be folded to the size of 27 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 48 inches tall, and will measure 48.5 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 46 inches tall when unfolded.

The Exerpeutic 4153 Gold 525XLR has a higher cushioned backrest and a unique gold colored frame. I did feel this one is a bit overpriced for what it offers. The monitor reads speed, time, calories burned, distance, and heart rate with a scan option.

Since there are no handlebars, I couldn’t use this collapsible stationary bike in an upright position, but it was great for recumbent cycling. There are 8 resistance levels and it has transport wheels to move around easier. It also has a 1-year limited warranty.

7Expert Score

This one has some interesting benefits. Without the handlebars, it can be used at a desk and has a much more open feel. I did miss that feeling of holding the bars in front of me, but this was probably more due to habit than anything else. This one is also great for those who are heavier and will withstand a bit more than fewer sturdy bikes can.

  • No handlebars, with an open front for versatility and Can support up to 400 pounds.
  • Can’t be used as an upright bike and It’s a heavier bike. Also no tablet holder.

Essential Factors to Consider to Find the Best Folding Exercise Bike in Canada

Best folding exercise bikes Canada

When it comes to selecting the perfect folding exercise bike, there are key considerations to keep in mind. Let’s break it down:

Portability and Weight

First off, mobility matters. Look for bikes equipped with transport wheels for easy maneuverability. Weight is another factor; while folding bikes are generally lighter than traditional ones, the difference can still be significant. A lighter model, coupled with transport wheels, ensures hassle-free storage and relocation.

Versatility in Design

Next, consider the bike’s design options. Does it offer upright, semi-recumbent, or recumbent configurations? Your preference and intended use play a pivotal role here. If multitasking during workouts is your jam, an upright setup might be your best bet. However, if you’re more focused on the workout itself, a recumbent style could suit you just fine.

Handlebars and Handgrips

Pay attention to the handlebars and handgrips configuration. While most bikes feature front-mounted handlebars, the presence of pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring can be a game-changer for progress tracking. Additionally, consider whether you’ll need handgrips at seat level for added comfort during longer rides.

Comfort and Support

Comfort matters, especially for extended sessions. Look for bikes with a backrest, particularly if they offer recumbent or semi-recumbent positions. Optimal cushioning ensures a comfortable ride, but if you prefer the sensation of an upright cycling experience sans backrest, choose a model with a streamlined seat design.

Upper Body Workout Integration

For those seeking a full-body workout experience, the inclusion of resistance bands is key. These bands provide an added dimension to your exercise routine, targeting upper body muscles simultaneously. Whether you’re following a specific regimen or looking for an all-in-one solution, opting for a bike equipped with resistance bands ensures comprehensive workout potential.

The Ultimate Pick in Canada: Exerpeutic 7150 Folding Exercise Bike

Alright, let’s talk about why I’m recommending the Exerpeutic Workfit 1000 as the ultimate folding exercise bike champ in Canada. Picture this: you’re looking for a workout buddy that’s sturdy, whisper-quiet, and won’t take up half your living room. Enter the Workfit 1000! Trust me, I’ve been there. Assembling it was a breeze, despite the many steps involved. Plus, they even threw in all the tools you need.

But here’s where it gets exciting. This bike isn’t just for sweating it out; it’s also your work-from-home dream come true. With its spacious adjustable desktop, you can type away on your laptop or catch up on your favorite show while pedaling away those calories. And let’s not forget the comfort factor—the large Airsoft seat cushion and backrest make sure your workout feels like a breeze.

Now, let’s talk tech. You’ve got 8 levels of magnetic tension control, so whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely ride or a hardcore workout, this bike has your back. Oh, and did I mention it can handle up to 300 pounds? Yeah, it’s a powerhouse. And when you’re done sweating it out, just fold it up and roll it away — it’s that easy.

So why do I consider the Exerpeutic Workfit 1000 the top dog? Because it’s not just an exercise bike — it’s a lifestyle upgrade. From its ergonomic design to its seamless integration into your daily routine, this bike is all about making fitness fun and accessible.


Hi there, I'm Sayed Hamed Hosseiny, the founder and one of the authors at (YEB). I am a former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer with nearly 20 years of experience. With a passion for indoor cycling, I have spent years designing cycling parts, repairing, and importing exercise bikes. All the articles, tips, guides, reviews, and comparisons on (YEB) reflect my personal opinion and expertise in the field. I'm excited to share my knowledge with fellow exercise bike enthusiasts and help people find reliable indoor cycling information and the best exercise bike for their needs. If you have any questions or suggestion, you can contact me at

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  1. Too bad there’s no pulse sensors and no side-grip handlebars on the FitDesk folding desk exercise bike. I would have liked it more with those in place. But even so, it feels like a reasonably priced bike which should help me get and stay in shape.

    • Yes, it will help you get into shape if you use it regularly. And by regularly I mean at least 3 times weekly. And don’t try doing 10 things at the same time while on it. 2-3 things are enough so that you can also focus on the actual biking element.

      • Yeah, I don’t want to overextend myself and multitask too much as that will decrease my focus. If I can get some biking done while on the phone or while working on the laptop I’m all in.

  2. Got the Exerpeutic 7150 and I’m happy with my purchase. It looks durable, feels high quality and has all sorts of extras that I love like the storage drawer or those cup holders.

    • Why do they still make indoor bikes without cup holders? Or without storage drawers? Don’t they know we need space to put our things in :)?

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