Best Home Exercise Mats For Indoor Use

If you are working out at home, many consider that a mat to work out on is the first piece of equipment you should buy. While you can do some exercise without a mat, if you are serious about exercising at home, then you need a mat to exercise on. Mats bring several benefits not just to you, but to your exercise and your home.

You will probably find using a mat to exercise on will be a lot more comfortable than the floor. Many exercises, like crunches or sit-ups can get very uncomfortable without a mat, but even upright exercises benefit from a small amount of cushioning, helping protect your joints from impacts. And even using a mat to do stretching helps by minimising uncomfortable pressure.

Using a mat can also help improve the quality of your exercise. Some exercises almost demand a mat. It would be hard to imagine yoga without a yoga mat, for example. However, for other exercises having a mat helps by providing a non-slip surface, meaning that you can concentrate on form and only have to worry about balance when that’s what the exercise demands.

Finally, a mat can help protect your home. If you are using weightlifting mats for home exercise, for example, the mat helps to protect your floor from damage caused by the weights. And even if your exercise is gentler, and you think your lovely, lush carpet is suitable, you’d probably prefer a mat to bear the brunt of a sweaty exercise session.

Whether you are looking for a mat to do cardio or wondering which exercise mat to use without shoes then our best exercise mats review will help.

Best Exercise Mats Comparisons

Best Exercise Mats Comparison Chart
Gorilla Extra Large Exercising MatExpensive but the most durable20 Lbs6mm thick84" L x 60" WFoamIdeal for all exercises
Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise MatExpensive but the most durable24.2 Lbs7mm thick95" L x 72" WFoamIdeal for all exercises
Sensu Extra Large Mat For ExerciseLess expensive but not as durable10 Lbs9mm thick72" L x 48" WFoamIdeal for all exercises
MRO Premium Large Exercise MatLess expensive but not as durable13 Lbs7mm thick72" L x 54" WFoamIdeal for all exercises
Gxmmat Large Workout Mat For IndoorLess expensive but not as durable7.2 Lbs7mm thick72" L x 48" WFoamIdeal for all exercises
CAMBIVO Large Indoor Workout MatLess expensive but not as durable2.5 Lbs6mm thick72" L x 48" WFoamIdeal for all exercises
Prosource Fit Thick Puzzle Exercise MatLess expensive but not as durable8.7 Lbs25mm thick (1")Multiple sizesFoamIdeal for all exercises and equipment
Prosource Tri-Fold Thick Exercise MatLess expensive but not as durable4.2 Lbs38mm thick (1.5")72" L x 24" WFoamIdeal for all exercises

Gorilla Extra Large Exercising Mat

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The first thing to say about the Gorilla Mat is that — if the name didn’t give it away — it’s big. At 7’ by 5’ it’s larger than most mats. This is significantly bigger than most exercise mats you can buy and makes it the ideal mat for cardio workouts that might see you working out over a slightly larger area.

The mat is 6 mm thick and suitable for use on almost any surface indoors or outdoors, so whether your room is carpeted, wood or concrete the Gorilla Mat will provide a protective, non-slip surface. The cushioning should be enough for most people and uses.

However, it might not be quite enough if you are using it for a high-impact workout on a surface with no give, like concrete.
It isn’t a high-maintenance mat either, and won’t dominate a room. Despite its size the mat rolls away for easy storage, and even comes with straps and a carry bag, so you can take it anywhere. The heavy-duty premium material is easy to keep clean and hard-wearing, so you can use it with or without shoes and for any workout whether weight, cardio, or yoga.

A great mat, its size and material make it versatile, offering plenty of room and resilience for different workout types. Its strength is also its biggest drawback, a large mat it needs lots of space, so isn’t suitable for those with smaller homes. The Gorilla Mat weighs 20 lb and, depending on seller and colour, prices start from $147.

Gxmmat Extra Large Exercise Mat

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The Gxmmat provides a large area for a range of uses. At 8’ by 6’ it provides a workout area that’s generous for one person and enough for two people to work out together, making it a good large exercise mat for home gym workout use.

The mat is suitable for any workout type. Made from memory foam, it can even be used as a base for home gym equipment, like weight benches or cardio machines, without permanently damaging the mat. It has a non-slip surface and can be used on any flooring making it a great cardio mat. At 7 mm thick it provides resilient protection to your joints during exercise and can protect floors from damage that might otherwise be caused by weights or kettlebells.

The mat can be rolled away after use and is easy to look after, cleaning requires just water and a few drops of soap. The combination of resilience and easy care makes it an ideal mat for heavier duty uses, whether that’s harder workouts that need more cushioning or heavy footfall areas around weights or equipment.

The mat is non-toxic and safe for a range of uses, including as a child’s play-mat, making it a versatile option. The size might mean it’s not suitable for everyone, and it is best suited to those who have a dedicated workout area to use as a home gym workout mat, but it is probably about the best cardio mat for home use you can buy.

The Gxmmat starts at $183 and weighs in at a hefty 24 lbs. The manufacturers are so confident of its quality that it comes with a lifetime servicing guarantee.

Sensu Extra Large Mat For Exercise

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Unlike most yoga mats the Sensu Extra Large Yoga Mat is 6’ by 4’ wide. The difference is largely in the additional width that gives a little more scope for yoga practice, allowing you to focus less to remaining on the mat and more on your poses and transitions.

At 9 mm thick this offers a lot more cushioning that most yoga mats, making it extremely comfortable to use, even on hard surfaces. The extra thickness is particularly useful for exercises like yoga or as a stretching mat where poses and positions are held and could, otherwise, become uncomfortable on weight-bearing joints.

While a hard-wearing mat, you can use it on any surface, indoors and out, and easy to clean, a damp cloth will suffice, it is primarily designed for yoga and other low-intensity exercises. The mat should not be used with shoes or to support other items like weights. Like most yoga mats it rolls away for easy storage or transport and comes with its own carry bag.

The design is non-toxic, making it safe for environments that might have children or pets. The material is fully biodegradable at the end of its life, meaning it’s good for the planet’s environment too.

The Sensu is one of the most comfortable mats you can use, but it is only suitable for yoga and other low-impact exercises like Pilates or even just gentle meditation.

MRO Premium Large Exercise Mat

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MRO’s exercise mat measures 6’ x 4½’ so, for a ‘large’ mat is on the smaller side when compared to competitors. However, it makes up for the slightly smaller size with its resilience and versatility.

With a 7 mm three-layer construction, it provides a touch surface that can handle any exercise. The bottom offers a high-grip surface to keep the mat in place while the high-density foam in the top layer provides a heavy-duty surface for workouts that can withstand the additional pressure of weights and equipment. The mat is shoe-friendly, so is as suitable for high-intensity cardio workouts as it is for heavy-weight sessions.

The mat rolls away for storage or transport, coming with straps and a carry bag. It is easy to clean, with most cleaning requiring a simple wipe, or, if necessary, a wet cloth with a few drops of non-bleach detergent. The materials are all BPA-free, so the mat is safe for children and can be used in playrooms or nurseries.

The mat’s main drawback is that its hard-wearing nature can make it seem a little unforgiving. The design does not provide the same feel of cushioning as other types of mat, even at the same thickness, especially when on hard surfaces. This might mean it’s not suitable for exercises where that cushioning might be important, like yoga, or if that sense of ‘give’ is important to you.

However, if you want a hard-wearing mat for exercises like weights or cardio where you remain on your feet (and in shoes) this is for you. MRO also offer lifetime service.

Gxmmat Large Workout Mat For Indoor

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Suitable for most surfaces, the Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat can be used both indoors and outdoors, with a double-sided non-slip construction.

Primarily designed for yoga, this 6’ by 4’ mat is suitable for other low-impact exercises so can be used as a stretching or Pilates mat. However, it is not suitable for exercises with shoes, and those who want a mat to use for high-intensity workouts or using equipment like weights will need to look elsewhere. The thick yoga mat has 7 mm of cushioning and is BPA-, latex- and silicone-free making it safe to use in areas with children and pets.

The mat comes with a carry-bag, and can roll up for transport, it weighs just 7 lb or to store when not in use. Easy to maintain it is a great mat for the less-intense workouts where you need to cushion light impact of provide a comfortable layer between yourself and the floor.

The main difference between this and other yoga mats is that it adds extra width to the usual long and thin yoga mats. This makes it ideal for practices that need a bit more space, or other types of exercise that include a little more movement.

Combined with the thickness this is a top stretching mat for home use. Gxmmat offer life-time service for all their mats, and their large yoga mat starts at just $72.

CAMBIVO Large Indoor Workout Mat

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Following the usual 6’ by 4’ size for large yoga mats the CABIVO offers a larger surface for lower impact exercises like yoga, or body weight exercises like callisthenics.

The CAMBIVO is suitable for any surface, and has a dual-layer design, with a non-grip bottom layer and a non-slip surface. These sandwich a tear resistance mesh that gives the mat its strength. At 6 mm it is a little thinner than many other mats, but still thick enough to provide adequate cushioning for the exercises it is designed for. Like most dedicated yoga mats, it is not suitable for using while wearing shoes or using equipment like a kettle bell that will make damage like tears more likely.

And, like most yoga mats, it is designed to be rolled away. This makes it easy to store away when not in use, or to pack into the included bag to take with you. The mat weighs just 4 lb, so it’s easy to carry if you want to use it at a studio or to take your practice outside. And it is easy-care, so almost all cleaning can be done with little more than a damp cloth.

The mat is made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) so it can be recycled when it comes to the end of its life. The CAMBIVO is a great yoga mat which is available for just $70.

Prosource Fit Thick Puzzle Exercise Mat

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The Prosource Puzzle Exercise Mat offers a different approach to providing a cushioned surface. Instead of having a roll-up mat, these are shaped like puzzle pieces that fit together to cover the floor. The interlocking pieces are available in different size packs to cover anything from 24 to 96 square feet and come in either 18- or 25-mm thicknesses.

The ‘pieces’ have ten interlocking teeth, which hold the pieces firmly in place, while edge pieces provide the finishing touch, providing a smooth edge. The design makes them ideal for spaces that are perhaps unusually shaped, or have obstacles, allowing you to maximise the workout space in areas that might not be suitable to the dimensions of traditional mats, or to cover a larger area than most mats.

Made from non-toxic EVA foam these are suitable for a range of uses, from being a workout surface to supporting even heavy equipment. However, the nature of their design means that — although they can be moved and repositioned — they are best suited to dedicated work out areas where they can be left in place as a home gym exercise mat or just general flooring.

The mat is ideal for home-gyms (or playrooms) and can form a semi-permanent non-slip surface to protect and cushion. Although these are 1-inch exercise mats for indoor use in the home, similar designs are frequently used in commercial gyms.

It also has the benefit that being modular a tile can be replaced if damaged, without having to replace the whole floor. The Prosource tiles start at $38 for 24 square feet of 18 mm thick tiling.

Prosource Tri-Fold Thick Exercise Mat

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The Prosource Tri-Fold Thick Exercise mat is significantly narrower than most mat options, it measures 6’ by 2’, but is one of the thickest mats you can find. At 40 mm thick, these extra thick workout mats provide a deep cushion that is suitable for exercises where other mats would not absorb enough impact.

The mat’s size is a result of a compromise between making the mat portable and storable while still offering enough space for exercise. The mat has three sections that fold together to make a 2’ by 2’ unit that can be easily carried with the integrated carry-handles.

The thickness is designed for workouts or exercises that might be slightly rougher, for example martial arts where there might be falls, or tumbles in gymnastics. The thick cushioning provides some resistance but is designed to absorb pressure cushion and protect joints by being soft and compressable. The surface is a hard-wearing and easy-clean PVC vinyl, while the foam itself is EPE and for use on any indoor surface without shoes.

Although designed for exercises like martial arts and gymnastics the mat is also suitable for those that need more cushioning than offered by other mats. Those that find core exercises uncomfortable because of the pressure it creates where they are supporting their body weight on joints or limbs, for example, would value the additional cushioning.

However, the narrow mat means it is limited for any exercise that involves movement. The Prosource trifold is backed by excellent customer services and prices start at just $25.

Workout Mats Buying Guide

With thousands of exercise mats for home workout areas available the choice can be overwhelming. However, choosing which exercising mat is right for you becomes much easier when you consider three simple questions.

What do I want the mat for?

Thinking about the type of exercise that you will be using the mat for will narrow down the options significantly. The amount of space you need for yoga, is significantly less than you would need for a high-intensity cardio workout. And if you are using equipment like weights you will need to consider the potential damage they can cause. Choose a mat that’s suitable for the exercise you think you will want to do and how you will do it.

Where do I want the mat for?

Think about where you are going to use the mat helps narrow down your choice still further. Not all mats are suitable for all surfaces, but even then, you might want to consider your choice. If you are using it on a hard surface you might want to consider the slightly thicker mats to provide a little extra cushioning (and even insulation, for cold surfaces like concrete).
Also think about the size of your space. If you only have a tiny area then buying an extra-large mat will be a waste of money, as well as potentially dangerous because of the trip hazards of a partially rolled mat.

What extra needs do I have?

Finally, consider any needs you might have. These can be practical, do you want a mat you can easily store or take elsewhere, or do you have an odd-shaped area that would benefit from tiles, for example? You might also have non-exercise related concerns. You might want to consider the environmental impact of the mat to make sure you aren’t just buying something that cannot be recycled. And if you have children or pets, you are likely to want to make sure the materials are safe.

Final verdict

It’s hard to recommend a single mat because people’s needs will vary so widely. In our best exercise mats comparison, we have reviewed some of the best you can buy, so if you’re looking for extra thick workout mats or the ideal floor mat for exercise, and one meets your particular needs, that will be the best buy for you.

However, if you are unsure how your exercise habits will develop, or you need an all-round mat then we recommend the Gxmmat Extra Large Mat. Its main drawback is the size, which means it might be too big for some people, but with that size comes flexibility. It can be used for almost any exercise on any surface. And if you need, it rolls away for easy storage. It does all these with a generous 7 mm thickness ensuring that it will protect both your floor and your joints from whatever exercise you throw at it. It is the best workout mat for indoor use we reviewed.

Although it is one of the more expensive mats reviewed, the Gxmmat offer a generous lifetime service guarantee. So, while it might be one of the pricier mats it offers great value for money and is a great investment for anyone looking to exercise at home.


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