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If you’re looking for a fantastic full-body workout but have limited space in your home gym — you should consider purchasing an air bike in Canada. While other traditional upright bikes are popular due to the promotion of high-intensity cardiovascular activity, stationary air bikes in Canada are unique as they promote full-body wellness. Air exercise bikes burn a significant amount more calories than traditional upright bikes in Canada or recumbent bikes in Canada because these machines incorporate the arms; this creates an intense and effective full-body workout.

While other exercise bikes in Canada such as recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and spin bikes in Canada offer lower body high-intensity interval training — air stationary exercise bikes are designed to offer high-intensity interval training for the full body. Subsequently, air resistance bikes burn more calories and fat than most of the other exercise bike options. Indoor air bikes have become increasingly popular due to the convenience and overall effectiveness of this specific exercise machine.

However, finding the best air resistance stationary bike in Canada is not an easy task. There are tens of similar airbikes with significant price differences which is why we decided to narrow down the options to top 8 fan exercise bikes in Canada and make your research job a bit easier. With no further ado, let’s jump into the list and see which models have been featured in our best air bike reviews in Canada for this year.

Compared the Best Air Exercise Bikes in Canada

Compared Best Air Resistance Air Bikes in Canada
Schwinn Fitness AD7 Air Resistance BikeBest ValueYesBluetooth and ANT350 Pounds4-Way adjustableYesWind-Screen included
Schwinn AD6 AirDyne HIIT Exercise BikeGood ValueYesNone300 Pounds2-Way adjustableNoOptional Wind-Screen
Sunny Health and Fitness Tornado Air BikeGood ValueYesBluetooth330 Pounds4-Way adjustableYesNo Wind-Screen
Schwinn AD2 AirDyne Exercise BikeGood ValueYesNo250 Pounds2-Way adjustableNoWind-Screen included
Marcy AIR-1 Upright Fan Exercise BikeOverpricedYesNo300 Pounds2-Way adjustableNoNo Wind-Screen
Sunny Health and Fitness Motion Air BikeLow Durability & Cheap Monitors but AffordableYesNo220 Pounds4-Way adjustableYesNo Wind-Screen
Marcy NS-1000 Air Resistance BikeLow Durability & Cheap Monitors but AffordableNoNo250 Pounds2-Way adjustableNoNo Wind-Screen
Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B2618 Air BikeLow Durability & Cheap Monitors but AffordableNoNo220 Pounds2-Way adjustableNoNo Wind-Screen

Top 8 HIIT Air Bikes in Canada:

Schwinn AriDyne AD7 Air Resistance Bike


The Schwinn AirDyne AD7 Bike is probably the best value and most durable air resistance bike in Canada and features a high-tech screen that will perform for years to come. The LCD display that tracks the time, speed, calories burned, distance, heart rate, and pace will even hookup to your devices via Bluetooth for data tracking. You will have to reach deep into your pockets if you’d like this modern bike as it’s being sold on Amazon for a standard.

This airbike is high quality as it’s made with a massive steel frame, solid steel cranks, corrosion resistance, and a solid aluminum seat post and slider. There are multiple grip variations that you can choose; changing your grip variations on the handlebars as you workout will allow you to isolate specific muscle groups.

The dimensions of this machine follow: 134 x 76 x 134 cm. It’s important to note that the maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds. There is an additional a product warranty available for CDN $287.99 that Covers failures due to power surge and other mechanical and electrical breakdowns for five years.

The AD7 is equipped with the ability to pedal forward or backward for workout variation. While there is great versatility to customize your workout on this airbike, this is reported to be quite loud amongst user reviews. The loud wheels can be quite distracting, but the overall stability of this machine proves to be very durable. Make sure to read out Schwinn Airdyne bike reviews and see if another model fits your needs better.

9Expert Score

Although this is one of the more expensive air workout bike options, you certainly get what you pay for as this machine is extremely modern and reliable. This machine is a heavy piece of equipment that was curated for someone who wants to customize their workout on their air bike. The ability to forward pedal and backward pedal along with the multiple grip variations prove to be effective ways to alter your workout. This option is great for someone who is a seasoned user of stationary bikes with air resistance as this option has a very comprehensive design.

  • Good warranty, futuristic, seat adjusts forward and backward to accommodate everyone, high quality, multiple grip variations
  • Expensive and heavy

Schwinn AD6 AirDyne HIIT Exercise Bike


Seen in every best air bike review in Canada, the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne features a lot of versatility and options when it comes to your workout. This airdyne bike has a progressive wind resistance system that allows you to adjust the level of resistance you’re seeking for your workout. The single belt operation system creates a very quiet yet effective machine that you can utilize at any time without disturbing your loved ones.

The smooth handle grip design allows you to place your hands wherever you’d like on the handlebars. The theme of versatility for this air exercise cycle continues as you have the option to release your hands from the handlebars completely for an intense lower body workout. This bike is designed to allow you to focus on specific areas of the body while also offering an intense full body workout.

This aribike is one of the more expensive options. If you’re interested in a warranty option because of the hefty price for this bike, expect to pay CDN $153.01; this price includes the warranty option. The warranty includes a four-year warranty that covers failures due to power surge and other mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

The AD6 bike includes a comprehensive built-in LCD console system that showcases your speed, RPM, distance, time, and calories burned as you exercise on the bike. It boasts a very sturdy experience as the machine is made with quality metal that will hold a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The height of this machine is 14 inches while the length is 46 inches — creating a compact air upright exercise bike with great power.

8.5Expert Score

Overall, this indoor air resistance exercise bike in Canada has everything you need to enjoy an effective full-body HIIT workout, and based on many criteria it is the best air exercise bike for the money in Canada.

  • Foot pegs/rest, Infinite wind resistance, four levelers to ensure stability, transport wheels, integrated water bottle holder
  • Monitor without backlit, no tablet holder, heavy, slightly uncomfortable seat and doesn’t adjust horizontally.

Sunny Health and Fitness Tornado Air Bike


The Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Tornado Fan Air Bike – SF-B2729 is a great air bike option if you’re looking for an affordable machine that still proves to be durable. This air bike is unique because of the ergonomic extreme grip handle bars. These handlebars are designed to increase muscle engagement in the arms, back, and shoulders during the push and pull action.

The digital performance monitor tracks your heart rate RPM, speed, time, distance, and calories. The convenient scan mode displays your progress to assist you in tracking all your fitness aspirations. There is also a tablet holder conveniently placed near the digital monitor.

While the air bike will only cost around 1000 CD — you will need to pay an extra CDN $153.03 for the fitness protection plan. The fitness protection plan, or warranty, covers failures due to power surge and other mechanical and electrical breakdowns for four years.

The 25 inch fan wheel allows one’s workout to become increasingly harder as one pedals increasingly harder. The product dimensions of this bike follow: 139.7 x 59.69 x 124.46 cm. The machine is composed of steel that proves to be completely stable up until the capacity of 330 lbs.


8Expert Score

This air bike is designed to allow the user to be in control of the intensity of the workout. The transportation wheels allow the user to decide where to work out before the start of every session. The bike is called the tornado air bike for a reason — you can create a large amount of air resistance with this machine.

  • Large fan, fully adjustable seat to accommodate everyone, tablet holder, ergonomic extreme grip handle bars, performance monitor
  • Short warranty, noisy, several complaints regarding manufacturer issues

Schwinn AD2 AirDyne Exercise Bike


The Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike is a cost-effective option. This bike is designed to emulate natural movement as the arm and leg motion is intended to be synchronized. The design of the fan on this air bike is pending a patent; this design is unique as it supposedly displaces the air in an effective manner that allows multiple resistance levels.

Although there are a lot of unique features about this air bike, the handle grip design does not prove to be one of them. The smooth handlebars are effective due to their synchronicity, but they are not innovative by any means.

The easy-to-use LCD computer displays speed, RPM, distance, time, and calories burned. This bike is designed with a single-stage belt — this ensures that the bike stays fairly quiet.

The product dimensions are 127 x 116.8 x 63.5 centimeters. It’s important to note that the low cost is seemingly associated with the low weight capacity as the capacity of this machine is a mere 250 lbs. It’s also important to note that there is not currently an option to purchase a warranty along with this air bike.


6Expert Score

This air bike is designed with a progressive wind resistance system that proves to be sturdy and effective. This is a great budget-friendly option if you’re looking for an air bike that prioritizes a good workout, but does not necessarily have bells and whistles.

  • Several resistance levels, foot rests, good value, cooling effect, synchronised motion
  • Average handlebars, seat doesn’t adjust horizontally, dark basic monitor, no tablet holder, low weight capacity

Marcy AIR-1 Upright Fan Exercise Bike

Marcy Air-1 Bike Review

Considered Marcy’s top air bike, the AIR-1 Exercise Upright Fan Bike for Cardio Training and Workout is a cost-effective option that works very well. This air bike is a durable option — it’s constructed from 14-gauge steel tubing with scratch-resistant and powder coated finished. The bike is priced at just under CDN 512.68, despite the seemingly expensive and hardy materials used to produce this machine.

The fitness tracker that comes with the Marcy Air-1 is handy, but it’s nothing above average compared to many other air bikes on the market. The lower price is apparent when it comes to examining the LCD screen as it only displays time, speed, distance, and calories. The information appears large and readable as there is not much information on the screen.

This bike is built slightly differently because it’s intended to be an upright fan bike — this is great for building stability in your core. Most exercise bikes with air resistance in Canada are not created to promote a strict upright position for users; air bikes typically have various options when it comes to utilizing the machine. The sturdy machine focuses more on the mechanics of the actual workout over extra bells and whistles.

This option includes a free two year manufacturer’s limited warranty which is quite notable considering the hefty prices that are in other places on this list. This machine has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and the dimensions are 114.3 x 63.5 x 120.7 centimeters.


6Expert Score

This air resistance bike is a viable option for someone who is on a budget and prioritizes the quality of the total body workout. While there are not many options for customization, this bike will certainly get the job done.

  • Cool fan, foot peg, transport wheels for easy mobility, and a high-density foam seat
  • No tablet holder, noisy, and seat doesn’t adjust horizontally.

Sunny Health and Fitness Motion Air Bike


The Motion fan bike is another affordable Sunny Health & Fitness Air exercise bike that is available for under CDN 500 on Amazon. The aesthetics of this design are different from the other air resistance exercise bikes on this list because this air bike is multi-colored. The fun colors will help assist you in a fun workout that produces great results.

The full motion handlebars are built to allow full range of motion so the arms can join the legs in growing stronger with each workout. This machine is not praised for its quiet nature and amazing stability, but this air bike proves to be a fairly priced option.

You can set your own goals with this machine — there is a performance monitor that allows the user to set a mode to create specific times, distances, and calorie-based goals. There is also a convenient device holder that allows the user to utilize their device while pushing through a work out.

The product dimensions of this air bike are 101.6 x 58.42 x 119.38 cm. The theme of a decreasing weight capacity due to the decreasing price seems to be prevalent as the weight capacity is at a staggering 220 pounds. The warranty offered along with the purchase of this bike is priced reasonably and will cover failures due to power surge and other mechanical and electrical breakdowns for four years.


5Expert Score

This air bike proves to be good value for the money spent. Basically, you get what you pay for with this option. This option will certainly allow you to have an intense total body workout because of the nature of air bikes, but the materials are inexpensive and many customers claim to notice.

  • Device holder, foot peg/rest, inexpensive, and fully adjustable seat.
  • Cheap materials, difficult to assemble, low capacity, short warranty.

Marcy NS-1000 Air Resistance Bike

Marcy NS-1000 Air bike review

Here’s another inexpensive and noteworthy low-cost bike from the fitness company Marcy — the Marcy NS-1000 fan exercise bike with air resistance system. This air bike is extremely affordable as it is available on Amazon.

The display appears on a much smaller screen; this bike does not highlight the interface of the LCD because of the tiny screen. Although, the basic display options are included as the LCD system still allows you to track your time, speed, distance, and calories burned as you exercise.

The seating on this particular air bike is quite comfortable because of the high-density foam that the machine was built with. The handles are smooth but also have a curve to the handlebars so the user can decide the placement of the hands; this allows each person to tailor their workout specifically to their body’s needs.

There is an easily adjustable resistance knob that allows you to customize your workout in order to achieve the best results possible for you. You can rest assured that there is a warranty option with this air bike as you can pay CDN 48.99 for a three year protection plan that covers failures due to power surge and other mechanical and electrical breakdowns. It’s important to note that the weight capacity of this machine is 250 pounds.

5Expert Score

This red and black air bike is a great option for someone who values a decent machine that can be paired with a decent warranty plan. The machine itself looks quite slick and runs how it’s supposed to. The machine fan blows cool air to the body; the machine and fan attached run smoothly and pretty quietly.

  • Inexpensive and adjustable air resistance,
  • No foot peg, no tablet holder, seat doesn’t adjust horizontally.

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B2618 Air Bike


The last (and cheapest) air bike that made this list is the Sunny Health & Fitness Hybrid Air Resistance Bike that is available for an affordable price on Amazon.

The full motion arm extenders on this machine are really nice because there are grips that allow you to keep your hands tightly on the handlebars. The built-in grips prove to be really beneficial, but it’s important to note that the handlebars are long for a reason. Users should always find placements that are most comfortable specifically for them.

The resistance knob on this air bike makes it extremely easy for the user to simply adjust the desired resistance. This bike is stable enough to do the job it’s intended for: give you the platform to enjoy a full body workout.

The product dimensions are 108 x 64.8 x 120.7 centimeters. The capacity is unsurprisingly 220 lbs — the small capacity size reflects the smaller price. Sadly, there does not appear to be a warranty option for this air bike.

5Expert Score

There has been a common theme throughout this list: you get what you pay for. You will pay higher prices for higher quality because of the materials used. This air bike is useful for someone who loves the idea of a full body workout, but doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a workout machine. This machine is a great option if you’re looking to invest in your first stationary bike!

  • Inexpensive, built-in grips, the resistance knob
  • Loud, no foot peg, low resistance, no tablet holder, seemingly uncomfortable according to reviews

Buying Guide To Help Find The Best Air Bike in Canada

best air bikes Canada

It’s up to the buyer to determine their priorities and overall expectations for the product that they choose. While all air bikes essentially perform the designated task, it’s important to specify the differences between the options so the consumer can make an informed choice. Every air bike has the following basic features: air resistance, transportation wheels, an adjustable seat, and adjustable foot pedals.

Here’s the truth: the quality of air bikes in Canada increases when the price increases. An example of this would be that weight capacities vary between each machine — it’s clear that weight capacity lowers as the overall price lowers. The great news is that you will thank yourself for purchasing a machine that includes everything you’re wanting or expecting.

The average price of air bikes in Canada ranges anywhere from CDN $300 all the way up to over CDN $1000. You should listen to your body and prioritize the features that will be best suited for you. If you choose an inexpensive air bike that doesn’t include all of the bells and whistles but gets the job done — good for you!

Here are a few pro tips: all air bike seats tend to be uncomfortable when used for a long period of time, so it’s important to note that gel covers are a great option for potential buyers that may be worried about this issue. Purchasing a warranty is a great option (if it’s available) because machinery can always have some sort of defect. It’s also important to do your research about your desired product ahead of time to get every little detail. Truthfully, we did most of the grunt work for you but it’s still important to check the specifications of the machinery out yourself.

The Final Verdict

Whether you choose to buy the most expensive option or the least expensive option, you will love the design of your air bike. Air bikes are incredible because they take the love of stationary bikes and add an extra twist that allows the entire body to participate in the workout. It’s important to incorporate your arms when doing workouts that are generally focused on the lower body because it promotes balance and strength. It’s important to weigh out which factors are important to you before deciding which air bike to purchase. Price and quality are definitely correlated when it comes to the design and overall durability of these machines — so choose your machine wisely according to your preferences and priorities. Happy cycling!


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  1. Looking at the Schwinn AD6 AirDyne HIIT exercise bike it seems like a very good choice but I wonder if it’s worth that much money. I wonder if I should go for it or just get a much cheaper model from Sunny Health or Marcy.

    • Don’t go for Sunny Health or Marcy. It’s better to go with something of higher quality and more options like the Schwinn AD2 AirDyne exercise bike. This is not very cheap, but it is lower priced than the AD6 and still very good.

    • If this seems expensive to you (and it’s not cheap that’s for sure), then what about the Assault Fitness Elite which is almost double the price?

      • Both models are overpriced if you ask me. Schwinn should be closer to $750 and Assault around $1400. A bike that’s over $1700 shouldn’t have any downsides like an uncomfortable seat or loud wheels. It should be much better because the asking price demands it.

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