ASUNA Lancer 7130 Exercise Bike Review | Too Expensive

Compact but capable, the Asuna Lancer rear-drive magnetic commercial indoor cycling bike is ideal for shoppers with small workout areas and who prefer high standards.

The ASUNA lancer 7130 has one of the smallest footprints of any Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike, yet it is commercial grade and has a moderate weight capacity of 285 pounds.

It’s equipped with many of ASUNA’s best performance components for commercial and home indoor cycles. Most importantly, like most Sunny Health and Fitness spin bikes, the Asuna lancer cycle has great ergonomics from the SPD pedals to the adjustable handlebars.

For an extra quiet spinning workout, the Asuna lancer exercise bike has a magnetic resistance system. And to help with comfort and convenient adjustment, it has “lever adjustment” rather than knob adjustment.

A favorite feature of the Sunny Asuna Lancer and other ASUNA bikes is the commercial quality and near to silent operation that we will talk about more in-depth in this Asuna Lancer review.

To make the Asuna Lancer cycle exercise bike especially effective for all riders, you get a 4-way handlebar adjustment instead of just a 2-way adjustment (up/down). Indoor cycling bikes without horizontal and vertical handlebar adjustment shade in comparison!

For a near to silent cycling workout and less maintenance, the Asuna Lancer rear-drive magnetic commercial indoor cycling bike has a belt instead of a chain that doesn’t require oiling or frequent cleaning.

Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bikes Comparison

Sunny Health and Fitness is a leading manufacturer of low-cost fitness equipment, and their line of Asuna indoor bikes is no exception.

The Asuna Lancer is a mid-level model that features a sturdy frame and a smooth-riding experience. The Asuna Minotaur is the top model in the series, and it offers a premium cycling experience with its adjustable resistance and commercial quality.

Although Sunny Health and Fitness offers some of the best magnetic indoor bikes on the market, they are often considered overpriced and outdated compared to other brands like Bowflex, Schwinn, Nordictrack, and Peloton.

That said, there are a few Sunny Health and Fitness spin bikes that are actually good value for the money. For example, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1709 and the SF-B1509, have great features and available for as little as $500.

So, if you are going to buy a Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike, I would say buy one that is good value. Unfortunately, the Sunny Lancer is not one of them at $999. I would recommend it if it was under $550 but not more.

Comparison Table for Sunny Health and Fitness indoor Cycling Bikes
Asuna Minotaur Cycle Exercise Bike 7150Not included33-LB184MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
ASUNA 6100 Sprinting Commercial Indoor Cycling BikeRPM, HR, speed, distance, time, and calories (no Bluetooth)37-LB176MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B1986RPM, HR, speed, distance, time, and calories (no Bluetooth)40-LB216MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness Asuna Lancer Cycle Exercise Bike 7130Not included33-LB184MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1709 Magnetic Belt DriveRPM, HR, speed, distance, time, and calories (no Bluetooth)7-LB203MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805 Indoor Cycling BikeNot included44-LB182MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)TOE CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro Indoor Cycling Bike SF-B1714Not included44-LB216MMBELTManually adjustable magnetic (not motorised)TOE CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1509 Belt Drive PremiumNot included40-LB216MMBELTManually adjustable friction (not motorised)SPD and CAGE
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002 Belt Drive Indoor Cycling BikeNot included49-LB216MMBELTManually adjustable friction (not motorised)TOE CAGE
Sunny SF-B1001 Indoor Cycling BikeSpeed, distance, time, & calories30-LB209MMCHAINManually adjustable friction (not motorised)TOE CAGE

Asuna Lancer Indoor Cycle Alternatives (2022 Update)

The online sale price of $899 was a good value in 2018 and 2019. But in 2022, for this price, you can buy a better indoor bike with bells and whistles. Therefore, it is no longer one of our best spin bikes in 2022.

Asuna Lancer is a great indoor cycling bike, but it’s not the only option out there. Some of the other indoor cycling bikes that offer great value are the Sole SB900, the Diamondback 1260, and the Schwinn IC4.

All of these indoor cycling bikes offer a comparable level of quality to the Asuna Lancer, but they also come with some additional features that make them worth considering.

For example, the Sole SB900 comes with an LCD console that tracks your heart rate, calories burned, and distance covered, while the Diamondback 1260 has a Zwift compatible Bluetooth monitor, commercial quality, an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate different users.

Meanwhile, the Schwinn IC4 comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can track your workout data on your smartphone or tablet. So if you’re looking for an alternative to Asuna Lancer, any of these bikes would be a great option.

Schwinn IC4LED with Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, and Resistance Readings.Tablet and dumbbell holders plus magnetic resistanceZwift, Peloton, and JRNY
Diamondback 1260LCD with Bluetooth, RPM, Speed, and Resistance Readings.Tablet and dumbbell holders plus magnetic resistanceZwift and More
Sole SB900No-backlit with RPM and Speed Readings but without Bluetooth or resistance readings.Tablet holder and Magnetic resistance with a heavier flywheel.None
Asuna Lancer 7130 bike alternatives

Technical Information:

ASUNA Lancer 7130 Specs:

  • Height: 47″
  • Width: 24″
  • Length: 42″
  • Bike Weight: 107 Pounds
  • Max User Weight: 285 Pounds
  • Inseam Capacity: 29″ to 37″
  • Shipping Weight: 117 Pounds
  • Transport Wheels: Yes
  • Base Adjustment Levelers: Yes
  • Water Bottle Holder: Yes
  • Power Requirement: None

Is this cardio Sunny ASUNA spin bike sized for you? One key spec for the Sunny stationary bike ASUNA Lancer is 4-way adjustment. It makes the bike ideal for novices and intermediate-level trainees of average to taller heights.

However, people who are significantly taller or shorter than average would appreciate the ASUNA Sprinter 6100, which has an adjustable 28″ to 42″ inseam capacity.

As for the weight capacity, I was expecting more for a commercial quality bike. But that is not a big deal anyway because most riders weigh less than 285 pounds.

This ASUNA exercise bike does not have a monitor. So, it doesn’t need any source of electricity. For easy transportation and to keep the bike stable and the floor in prime condition, the Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA Lancer comes with durable wheels and adjustable base levelers.

Lancer 7130 Monitor:

7130 Lancer monitor
  • The Asuna lancer 7130 does NOT come with a monitor.
  • So, you won’t be able to track your cycling stats.
  • There are at least two cheap solutions to add a bike computer.

Like 95% of Sunny Health and Fitness bikes, the ASUNA Lancer indoor cycling bike does not have a computer. It is both, good and bad. The good aspect is that there is fewer parts and maintenance.

The bad aspect is that you can not track your indoor cycling workout stats. Thankfully, there are two easy solutions that will allow you to see and track your cycling progress.

You can buy a spin bike monitor which costs anywhere from $40 to $200 depending on what stats they track. Or you can buy a Wahoo sensor and attach it to your crank arms.

I would personally recommend the Wahoo sensor because it is cheap and has Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can join online cycling apps and save your daily workouts for comparison.

My personal opinion is that if you want a Sunny indoor cycling bike with a computer, it is better to buy the ASUNA Sprinter 6100. While it is only $100 more expensive than the Lancer exercise bike, it has many superior features.

Pedals and Q-factor:

Sunny Asuna Lancer pedals
  • Lancer Q factor is 184 mm.
  • ASUNA Lancer pedals are dual-sided SPD.
  • It has a three-piece crank-arm system.

The Sunny ASUNA Lancer spin bike features a standard q factor which is acceptable by advanced athletes. In case you are new to indoor cycling, the q factor is one of the most important features to look for when buying spin bikes.

It is the distance between the pedals. The less distance, the better it is. Wide q factors tend to keep your feet wider than your knees and hips. So, your lower body won’t be aligned throughout the exercise.

And that can cause knee and ankle injuries. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about this problem when buying the ASUNA Lancer indoor cycle unless you have very narrow hips.

Then, you may want to consider a bike with a narrower q-factor such as the ASUNA Sprinter or even better, the Life Fitness IC4. They both have narrower q factors compared to the Lancer ASUNA bike.

As for pedals, ASUNA Lancer by Sunny Health and Fitness is SPD compatible. This means you don’t need to spend another $50 to buy pedals if you want to ride with specific cycling shoes for a safer and more efficient workout. The rider has the option to use regular gym shoes and clip-less shoes.

The ASUNA Lancer flywheel:

7130 ASUNA Lancer flywheel
  • ASUNA Lancer spin bike flywheel is 33 pounds.
  • It has a flywheel protection guard all around.
  • The flywheel is made of aluminum and high alloy steel and it is evenly weighted.
  • Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA Lancer exercise bike has a fixed-wheel mechanism.

Compared to many magnetic spin bikes on the market, the Sunny Health and Fitness Lancer Exercise Bike has a heavier flywheel. Which helps to provide a smooth and consistent pedal motion.

It has a flywheel protection guard that helps to protect your knees from the sharp edges of the flywheel. And also protects the flywheel in case it gets banged to a wall or door during transportation.

Earlier in this Asuna Lancer cycle exercise bike review, I mentioned this bike is fixed-wheel. What it means is that the flywheel and the crank-arms move and stop together.

Therefore, if you need to get off the bike in case of an emergency, you will have to wait until the flywheel stops turning. Also, if you need to take a 5-second break while on the bike, you will have to stop the bike completely. There are some expensive spin bikes that feature a freewheel smart release system.

They operate just like an outdoor bicycle. Meaning even after you stop pedaling (because of muscle cramping, or need a second brake), the flywheel keeps turning. Unfortunately, this technology is available only on spin bikes that are $2000+.

7130 Lancer resistance:

ASUNA Lancer cycle exercise bike with magnetic resistance
  • Sunny ASUNA Lancer resistance is magnetic.
  • It has 15 levels of resistance for a challenging cardio and strength workout.
  • The Lancer from ASUNA series has easy to use lever/shaft adjustment.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycle ASUNA Lancer with magnetic resistance provides a near to silent operation. Unlike friction resistance, the magnetic system requires little to no maintenance.

And since it does not come in contact with the flywheel, as the friction resistance does, it does not make any noise. So, you can enjoy cycling any time of the day or night without bothering your neighbors or partner.

When reading the Asuna Lancer rear-drive magnetic commercial indoor cycling bike reviews on the web, you might notice one thing in common (the 15 levels of resistance).

The fact is that the Sunny Lancer indoor Cycle’s resistance is not numbered. It is marked and the last mark is estimated to be equal to the 15th level.

Drive system:

Sunny Health Fitness Asuna Lancer drivetrain
  • ASUNA Lancer features a belt-driven mechanism.
  • It is a rear-drive design.
  • The information on the gear ratio is not disclosed.

Lancer Magnetic indoor Cycle features a belt drivetrain that offers less maintenance and silent pedaling every time. Unlike chain-driven exercise bikes, it does not require oiling, cleaning or frequent adjustment.

Another feature that I like about the Lancer Indoor Commercial exercise bike is the rear-drive design. The flywheel, belt, magnets, and more importantly the bearings are all away from the sweat zone. So, there is less to clean and maintain after each spinning workout.

Handlebars and seat:

ASUNA Lancer seat handlebars
  • ASUNA Lancer bike handlebars are 4-way adjustable.
  • The PVC ergonomic handlebar allows for multiple positions.
  • ASUNA Lancer Magnetic Cycle seat is also 4-way adjustable.
  • It is a unisex ultra-padded sport saddle.
  • The ASUNA Lancer indoor cycle seat and handlebar posts are high-grade aluminum.

Let’s start with the materials of posts: The lancer 7130 features high-grade aluminum safety posts that reduce weight making adjustments seamless compared to heavy steel posts.

This cycle is easily adjustable and completely customizable for any rider. Featuring a patented design that ensures the posts remain in place while allowing you to adjust the fore/aft.

The padded and non-slip multi-grip handles can adapt to any cycling position (except for drop), adding extra comfort when riding for long periods of time.

The seat 4 way adjustable with a simple twist of a knob to ensure the perfect fit. So, your workout can remain comfortable when riding for long periods of time.

Price and warranty:

  • ASUNA Lancer’s price is between $800 to $900 depending on the offers.
  • Lancer bike’s home use warranty includes:
  • 5-Year structural frame.
  • 180 days parts and components.

Unless you find the ASUNA Lancer for sale or discounted, the price is not less than $800. Sometimes the Sunny Health and Fitness also put the Lancer Magnetic cycle on offer.

But it does not happen too often as this cycle is considered well-priced for it’s features and quality. As for the warranty, it is not impressive. But that is normal with Sunny bikes.

In fact, the Lancer cycle has better warranty terms compared to most bikes from this brand because it is from the ASUNA Series.

Shipping and assembly:

  • ASUNA Lancer manual is included with the package.
  • The ASUNA Lancer assembly is fairly easy.
  • Assembly tools are included with the 7130.
  • Lancer 7130 shipping is free in the United States.

According to the company and the consumers, the Lancer Indoor Commercial Cycle takes as long to unpack as to assemble. This cycle comes largely pre-assembled.

However, you would still need to attach the front and rear stabilizer bars, handlebars, and seat posts. This bike comes in one box which means you might have to open the box outside and bring it inside.

ASUNA Lancer 7130 Pros:

  • Sturdy steel frame, capable of supporting users up to 285 pounds.
  • Frame bases with adjustable, rubberized levelers.
  • Durable transport wheels.
  • 4-way adjustable handlebar, with a multi-grip design and PVC cover.
  • The 4-way adjustable cushioned seat,
  • Frictionless magnetic resistance with multiple resistance settings.
  • Balanced aluminum and high alloy steel flywheel for a smooth pedaling motion and solid momentum.
  • Heavy-duty commercial three-piece crank made for spin workouts.
  • Dual-sided pedals, with toe cages and SPD clips.
  • Standard Q-Factor, minimizing the lateral stress on the lower body joints.
  • Smooth and quiet belt drive, good for apartment use.
  • Water bottle holder included.
  • Super easy to assemble.

ASUNA Lancer 7130 Cons:

  • ASUNA 7130 Lancer does not have a monitor.
  • The part warranty is not impressive.
  • This bike does not have a tablet holder.
  • 7130 Lancer can support only up to 285 pounds.
  • It has a relatively less inseam capacity compared to Sprinter 6100.

Last word on ASUNA Lancer 7130 indoor cycling bike:

ASUNA Lancer Cycle Exercise Bike

The Asuna Lancer cycle is very well-equipped for its price. For a silent workout, it has better resistance technology than many other Sunny spin bikes and all of its parts are of respectable quality.

Like pretty much all Sunny Health and Fitness bikes for 2019, the Asuna Lancer cycle exercise bike with magnetic resistance is the top value in its respective price tags.

The Asuna Lancer exercise bike is well worth its $840 sale price, particularly for beginners and intermediate-level trainees. However, advanced athletes might prefer a model with sturdier components and higher weight capacity, such as the ASUNA Minotaur, for more challenge.

The main benefits of choosing a higher model such as the Minotaur 7150 are ergonomic handlebars with integrated bottles, sturdier components, and greater maximum resistance.

Asuna Lancer cycle exercise bike doesn’t have a monitor compared with those from the same brand in around the same price tag. For instance, the ASUNA Sprinter bike. It has everything the Asuna 7130 lancer cycle exercise bike has PLUS a monitor, wireless chest strap, higher weight capacity, and better handlebars.

9.8 Total Score
Good Price

The Asuna Lancer cycle exercise bike with magnetic resistance stands out for being near to silent yet effective. With a 33 pound flywheel and magnetic resistance, this ASUNA Lancer bike offers smooth and noiseless workout experiences. Featuring commercial quality solid basics, belt drivetrain, fully adjustable handlebars and seat, Sunny Health and Fitness's attention to details such as SPD compatible shoes, all fit together nicely in a sturdy and reasonably priced package. The only downside is that it does not come with a bike computer. So, users can track or save their workouts. If that's not a factor for you, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this cycle for you.

ASUNA Lancer Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike
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  1. the lancer looks to have the same type of flywheel as the minotaur. does the 6100 have the same one? since it’s second to best. maybe the lancer is the second best? I’m guessing the flywheel similar to keiser give more resistance even though they are light weight than the cheaper 44-50 pound models.

    • Thanks for the info. I’ll look into the proform. I was thinking the idea behind the back flywheel to keep it out of the sweat zone is a good idea but don’t know how important it is.

    • Hi Janice, thanks for stopping by

      Flywheels for all three (Minotaur, 6100 and Lancer) are heavy and similar. They are capable of providing challenging resistance. As for which one provides more resistance and faster flywheel, it is the Minotaur because of of its higher gear-ratio.

      As for Lancer vs 6100, I recommend the 6100. It has durable lightweight aluminum seat and handlebar posts, better tablet holder, convenient bottle holders, a good RPM monitor, drop handlebars, and comes with a wireless chest strap. Currently, it is only $40 more expensive than the Lancer which is a great value.

      On a different note, if the bike computer is a really important factor, I suggest the ProForm Studio Pro bike. It is a relatively new bike on the market with more features than both of these Sunny bikes. Surprisingly it retails for less than $1000 with one year free iFit membership ($400 value).

      Note that magnetic spin bikes are divided in two categories; those with high gear-ratio and light flywheels (Keiser spin bikes) and those with low gear-ratio and heavy flywheels (Sunny spin bikes).

      Both categories are capable of providing a challenging resistance as long as they feature sufficient high quality magnets.

      Combination of a large belt-ring with a small pulley creates high ratio fast flywheel. This drive mechanism is found on all Keiser indoor cycles which makes them extremely smooth, fast and responsive to magnets.

      Let us and our readers know your experience with these bikes

      Thank you,

      Your Exercise Bike Team

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