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The Assault AirBikes are some of those bikes that you look at and think “those are some high-quality bikes”. The Assault AirBike Elite is the more advanced version of the Classic bike, which we’ve covered in another review. In fact, it is the most advanced bike in its series. But just how does it stand on its own? That’s what we’re here to find out.

First, we’re going to look at the price and warranties. It costs around $1,300 at the regular retail price. Obviously, this makes it more expensive than the Classic bike. However, this partially comes from the improved warranties that the Elite comes with. Both bikes come with 5 years on the frame and 1 year on the labour. But the Elite comes with 3 years on the belt and parts, which is an additional year compared to the Classic. The shipping process is a bit less certain than these factors, as it can be affected by different elements. Hopefully it should take around 1-2 weeks to ship, while this could be affected by the ongoing pandemic, weather and simple human error. Once you acquire said bike, you can either order it with some professional assembly (which will cost more) or you can do it yourself. If you choose the latter, it shouldn’t be too much of a headache. The manual is clear enough that you shouldn’t have too many issues getting it assembled, unless you are particularly unskilled working with tools and such. Then it might be more of a headache than you might otherwise prefer.

The monitor of these modern air bikes can be the most crucial and entertaining element to them. Assault knows this and has tried to upgrade their console to match the rest of the bike. It has a larger LCD monitor than the Classic, while also being hi-contrast. It can track statistics like speed, RPM, time, heart rate and calories burned. There are 7 different preset programs available for you to access to get even more fit. These programs include interval programs, time target goals, distance goals, target calories burned goals and target heart rate goals. The interval programs in particular lend themselves to being great for high intensity interval training (HIIT), since they are solely devoted to the whole concept of intervals. The console itself is nothing particularly special, especially in comparison with some of the more advanced monitors available on the market. However, it does stand on its own as a fine console that plenty of people can get some use out of. Up near the console, there are a couple of additional benefits and accessories. There is a spot for a media device (like a tablet or phone) on the console itself, although this will block your sight of the console. This console also has the benefit of having a Bluetooth/ANT+ connection, so that it can at least connect to your home device. This allows you to at least connect to that device that would be blocking the screen.

Another key element of the Assault Air Bike Elite is the resistance that it provides. Since it is a fan bike, the resistance provided is a dynamic one. If you are unaware what that is, it simply means that the harder you pedal, the more resistance you get. The Elite has a 25 inch fan, which does create a decent amount of noise. This is especially true when combined with the chain in the bike itself. However, you will also get that with all air resistance bikes, as that is simply how they work. The drivetrain of the Elite air bike is also fairly important, as it allows the fan to actually spin and work for a long amount of time. The Elite uses an upgraded version of the normal crank on the Classic, called the “ISIS splined crank”, which seems to just offer more durability and a generally smoother experience. It is still a 3-piece crank that allows for a better separation and operation of the pedals. Unfortunately, one of the other aspects that we couldn’t quite find is the Q-Factor of the Assault Elite air bike. Again, for those who don’t know what that is, the Q-Factor is the distance between the pedals of a bike. If it is too narrow, you risk discomfort and even injury. If it is too wide, you can get some serious discomfort and that might discourage you from working out in the future.

One should also be aware of how big the Elite Assault air bike is, both in terms of the actual size and weight. This can affect who might be able to comfortably house this machine. The Elite bike measures out to be 55 inches (140 cm) long, 26 inches (66 cm) wide and 55 inches (140 cm) tall. It does weigh a decent amount, sitting right at 139 lbs (63 kg). This does mean that it can hold up to 350 lbs (159 kg) quite comfortably, which should fit for the vast majority of people. The Elite bike is designed and arranged in such a way that it can measure (in height) between 4’10” and 6’4”. This is actually quite a welcome design quality, as you won’t find that many bikes with a comfortable user range that goes below 5’.

Sticking with the topic of design and general build, we’re now going to look at the handlebars and other physical elements of the bike. The handlebars are only available in one position, as is the case with many air bikes. They are padded though, which is certainly nice. As for the saddle, there are 6 different levels of adjustment available there, allowing you to move it up and down. While this is decent enough, the fact that the seat doesn’t adjust horizontally in any sort of way does make it feel a bit dated and lacking. The seat of the Elite air bike is a tad bit larger than the Classic one, though it uses the same sort of ergonomic seat design. The pedals themselves are not the best that you’ll find out there. They don’t have any sort of bands or holders in order to keep your feet in place, unless you plan on using SPD cleats. The compatibility with those is probably the biggest highlight of the pedals, as otherwise they just match the same stability and durability of the rest of the Elite air bike. Finally, there are foot rests on either side of the fan that will allow you to take a break from pedalling in the midst of a workout session. This is always a bonus, even if it isn’t necessarily crucial.

Assault AirBike Elite Pros:

  • The build quality is excellent and will last a long time
  • The ISIS crank is extra durable
  • Large feet levelers for stability
  • An extra-wide durable seat tube
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum seat post and seat slider.
  • Compatible with non-coded wireless heart rate monitors.
  • A Bluetooth/ANT+ capable console
  • More warranties than the Classic and other air bikes
  • Steel flywheel offers unlimited resistance and unlimited challenge
  • Monitor allows for great HIIT training sessions and statistic tracking
  • Offers both upper and lower body workouts

Assault AirBike Elite Cons:

  • More expensive than the Classic
  • Fairly noisy
  • Single grip handlebars
  • If you put a tablet on the console, you won’t be able to see the monitor
  • Incompatible with any sort of fitness app through Bluetooth
  • The chain drive can make quite a bit of noise.
  • Console is not as advanced as other bike options out there
  • The monitor is not backlit and can be difficult to see in darker spaces
  • Heavy and takes up quite a bit of space


The Assault AirBike Elite is a very good bike for anyone who is looking to get an air bike that is extremely durable and well-built that will offer plenty of resistance. Yes, it makes a fair amount of noise, but in return you get so many options in terms of the workouts. The fact that there is also a monitor that comes with the air bike to help give preset workouts and target challenges simply increases the potential challenges you can get from the Elite air bike. However, this console is not the most advanced one out there, so if you are looking for one that has a lot more features in terms of the technology, you probably want to look at the Schwinn AD7. You also have to keep in mind that it is an expensive machine, and does take up a fair amount of space. But overall, the Assault AirBike Elite is a piece of exercise equipment that most certainly lives up to the name. Especially when you compare it to the features you get from the Classic air bike. Yes, you pay more, but you get an OK amount of additional content alongside it.


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