What Are the Best Pedals For Air Exercise Bikes?

Using a good pair of pedals is extremely crucial when riding on air resistance exercise bikes because they can affect comfort but also have a huge impact on safety. In this article, I will explain what you need to know about air resistance exercise bike pedals and what are the most important decision-making factors when searching for a pair of pedals for an air bike.

Unlike spin bikes where you are always required to keep your feet on the pedals, on an air resistance bike you might need to keep your feet off the pedals and on the foot-pegs from time to time when you are only working on your upper body. And therefore, you should be easily able to remove your feet from the pedals and put them on the footrests when the time comes. So, the question is, would clipless spin bike pedals or toe-caged pedals allow instant and easy foot removal?

The answer is NO. Removing your shoes from a cage/basket or unclipping from pedals is not easy, bringing us back to what are really the best pedals to use with an air resistance bike? Today, I am here to use my years of experience to help you find the answer to your question and help you get the most ideal air bike pedals that are available. Without further ado let’s take a deeper look into some of the best air resistance bike pedals that I have been able to check and review.

MZYRH Flat Pedals

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as of September 27, 2021 2:42 pm

Yes, you read correct (FLAT), the flat surface pedal is exactly what you should be looking for when trying to get a new pair of pedals for Assault air bikes, Schwinn Airdyne bikes, or any other air resistance stationary bike that you might have.

In addition to a flat surface, you should also take a better look and mark sure the pedals come with grippy spikes. They are particularly designed to keep your feet safe on the pedals at all times so you won’t get hurt.

Although the weight of a stationary air bike pedal is not a factor, the dimensions are. Normally, you would want to opt for the widest pedals with the largest surface so there is plenty of room for your feet.

The next thing you should keep your eyes open for is the pedal thread size. It should always match the size of your air bike’s cranks. It’s a really important factor unless you don’t mind spending time returning the product or spending extra money on the converter so it’s worth double-checking.

Thankfully, most air resistance bikes including Assault air bikes and Schwinn Air bikes on the market are built with the standard 9/16″ thread size. The same goes for the pedals, just like the MZYRH air bike flat pedals, they are mainly built with 9/16″ thread. So, it would fit your bike without any problem.

As for why the MZYRH air bike pedals are my top choice, well, they check all the boxes for a good pair of air bike replacement pedals and their price is unbeatable. They are also made of metal (not plastic) which superior to those plastic pedals below.

With that said, these particular pedals don’t fit toe straps, and if that’s something you will want to add in the future, I recommend you get the Fyxation pedals I reviewed down below.

Pedalxtreme Flat Pedals

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as of September 27, 2021 2:42 pm

Unlike the MZYRH pedals, these ones are made of plastic materials that help to keep the weight of the pedal at a minimum in case someday you want to install these on your road bike or mountain bike.

Thankfully, the spikes are metal so they are durable and extremely grippy so your feet won’t slip no matter how hard you push on those pedals during an indoor ride.

Another important factor that makes these some of the best pedals for air bikes is the large surface that measures 3.5 in W x 4.5 in L. It gives you plenty of surface to be comfortable when doing HIIT.

As for the compatibility, Pedalxtreme pedals are Standard sized (9/16″) and there is a 99% chance your air bike comes with the same size crank so they fit perfectly.

Installing these Pedalxtreme pedals on an air resistance bike is a piece of cake. All you need is a pedal wrench or an adjustable spanner.

To make sure they are maintained, I suggest you use an Allen wrench for the end cap and a pedal wrench for the shaft every couple of months to make sure everything is tight.

Using a bit of oil to lubricate the sealed bearing would also help keep them smooth but you don’t need to do it too often. It could be years before you need to lubricant these pedals (mainly depends on how much you ride the bike).

Puroma MTB Pedals

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as of September 27, 2021 2:42 pm

Shipped directly from Amazon warehouse, you would often receive these pretty quickly compared to the pedals that are sold and sent by the Seller/company (not Amazon).

Aside from the affordable price that so far has attracted thousands of shoppers, what I really like about the Puroma pedals is the dimensions.

They are 4.1″ Wide and 4.8″ Long which gives the needed surface to push through every pedal stroke with comfort no matter the shoe size you are wearing.

On top of that, these Puroma bike pedals have sealed bearings that provide smooth spinning and long-lasting use so you would easily use them for at least five to 10 years on an indoor air bike.

If you are wondering why they are not my top choice, the answer is the plastic frame which makes them a bit less durable compared to the MZYRH pedals that are completely made of metal. But that’s not a huge deal for indoor use so I wouldn’t consider it a dealbreaker.

Lastly, these pedals are 9/16″ so there is a big chance they fit both, your indoor air bike and mountain bike (if you have one). They don’t come with a wrench or Allen tool and require a 15mm wrench or an adjustable spanner to install them on the bike.

ROCKBROS Bike Pedals

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as of September 27, 2021 2:42 pm

What makes the ROCKBROS pedals different from the rest is the extra grippy design. As you can see in the image below, the surface on these pedals is rugged that helps keep the shoes in place during intense rides.

Like Puroma pedals, these are also made of plastic with metal spikes that keep them lightweight and really ideal for indoor as well as outdoor rides.

Additionally, what I really like about these pedals is their wide surface that adds extra comfort and more efficient pedal strokes for those with larger feet.

In terms of compatibility, these 9/16″ pedals will fit pretty much any upright air exercise bike we have tested and reviewed. But if you are not 100% sure what thread size fits your bike, I suggest you remove your bikes’ pedals and measure them before ordering these ones.

And of course, you will need a 15mm wrench or an adjustable wrench (and maybe a little grease) available to put these on your bike when they arrive. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to remove and replace your air bike pedals with these new ones.

A couple of things to keep in mind is that these pedals don’t fit straps and if that’s something you might be interested, I recommend the Fyxation pedals down below as they are designed to fit toe straps. Lastly, these stationary air bike pedal replacements come with a 30-day warranty which is not impressive but for this price, you can’t really ask for much more.

Fyxation Bike Pedals

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3 used from $15.59
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as of September 27, 2021 2:42 pm

These pedals are some of my favorites because they are often available for a great price, they also have the place to put toe straps which are sold separately.

I know I have already mentioned it’s better not to use toe strap or cages for air bikes but it’s good to know you actually have the option in case you decide to put the pedals on a different bike.

Although they are made of plastic, these particular exercise bike pedals have a good feature and that is their rugged surface that makes them extra grippy.

As you can see in the image I put below, there are tens of little plastic spikes in addition to those larger metal spikes that help to keep your shoe firm on the bike. You would need a 15mm wrench or a slim adjustable spanner to put them on for assembly.


I hope I was able to give a few tips and show you a few of the best value pedals in case you ever need to replace your air resistance bike pedals. I know it’s not something you would need to do too often but when you do it’s important to know what to look for and which are the top pedals for an air bike. My pick is the MZYRH, not simply because they look cool but also because they are reasonably priced and they are completely made of metal and not to mention they have a super grippy large flat surface that gives that comfortable and safe experience that we all wish you feel when using an air resistance stationary bike. If you still have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email. One of us will get back to you as soon as we can.

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