What Are The Most Comfortable Seats for Air Resistance Bikes

When it comes to exercise bikes with extensive, user-directed resistance, nothing compares to air resistance bikes. Unlike magnetic-based resistance spin bikes, the resistance decreases and increases with user effort ─ nothing like maximum or minimum (automatic) resistance levels. Though I adore magnetic resistance bikes, I can’t help but appreciate the flexible resistance mechanism of air bikes.

However, I have to admit that the seats that come with these bikes leave a lot to be desired. No matter how well-put-together and efficient an exercise bike is, your workout quality will be significantly affected if the seat is poorly structured. I particularly don’t enjoy nursing seat-induced sore butts! Wondering how to make an air resistance bike more comfortable or how to ride a stationary air bike without seat pain?

Wonder and worry no more because technology and innovation present a practical solution to this problem. Most bikes that utilize air resistance give room for saddle replacement. As such, you can swap the original seat with a more comfortable one. And because I know how difficult and tricky it is to scout and buy the best exercise bike seats for air resistance bikes, I have compiled and highlighted a list of the best of the bunch, so you don’t have to. So what are the best seats for air bikes? Read on and find them below!

The 5 Most Comfortable Seats For Air Resistance Bike

LINGMAI Comfortable Exercise Bike Seat

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First on my list is the fantastic LINGMAI bike seat. The main selling point of this futuristic bike seat is its padding technology built on memory foam. The memory foam integration exerts zero pressure on the gluteal region by slowing the compression of the associated blood vessels and nerves. As such, the comfort that comes with sitting on the LINGMAI seat is unreal!

If anything annoyed me about subpar seat bikes, it was the irritating “squeaky” noise. So you could imagine my joy when I discovered the noise-free operation of the LINGMAI seat — all thanks to its high plastic ball design, which absorbs noise from bumps and whatnot.

With its quality waterproof leather exterior, the anti-wear and tear factor of the Lingmai seat is top-notch, so I was assured of its longevity. And how delightful it was that it came with installation tools too! You can install it on pretty much any stationary exercise bike including the Assault air bikes and Schwinn Airdynes.

IPOW Unisex Seat For Air Bike

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The IPOW bike seat is one of the most comfortable air bike seats you can lay your hands and butt on. It was a delightful find for me, and I bet it will be for you too. Like the LINGMAI bike seat, it also utilizes high-density memory foam padding, providing unparalleled comfort for the rear end.

But while the LINGMAI bike seat utilizes high plastic balls to eliminate noise and motion friction, the IPOW seat integrates anti-shock rubber balls to effectively eradicate shock that results from bumps, road cracks, and frost heaves. Its waterproof wear and tear-resistant leather also gave me a similar impression as the Lingmai bike.

Its unique pressure relief channel was another feature that gave me good value for my money. It only has one but all-important job; to expel pressure points from the sensitive areas and keep sweat discomfort at bay. Need I say more? It executed this job to the tee. At no point of my ride was I sweaty or uncomfortable.

Wittkop Air Resistance Bike Seat

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If “innovative” were an air-resistance bike seat, it would be the Wittkop bike seat. This exceptional bike seat is heavy on technology. Starting with its innovative 5-zone-concept, a fancy phrase that translates to the seat is divided into five individual sections.

The manufacturers incorporated this design to promote unequaled comfort, and I can attest to the efficacy. I rode for hours on end without experiencing the slightest discomfort! I would say this feature even beats the comfort of the IPOW and the LINGMAI bike seats.

But that isn’t all; the technology-savvy manufacturers also included an advanced ventilation system that utilizes internal braces to distribute airflow to the intimate parts. Compared to the relief channel of the IPOW bike seat, this is top-tier! On top of this, its 8.5 inches saddle width is equipped with waterproof welded seams to repel moisture and the damaging effects of wear and tear.

Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat

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Given its stellar specifications, there was absolutely nothing to fault about the bikeroo Oversized bike seat. From its cutting-edge design to its comfy feel, the bikeroo bike seat completely stole my heart and kept my rear end comfortable. I was impressed with its generous padding, which was supple, smooth, and firm. Its gel padding particularly stands out, which is far more comfortable than the memory foam padding of the Wittkop and IPOW bike seats. Additionally, it boasts one of the best cushioning in the market, which is better than the LINGMAI seat.

I am always worried about slipping off the seat during workouts with some other brands, but the Bikeroo oversized seat was super smooth, dispelling my worries instantly. In addition, the added suspensions delivered supreme comfort and support. And the best part? It didn’t make any noise as I moved. Plus, it sports a universal construction, which means it is ideal for just about any type of bike and not just air resistance bikes.

Xmifer Air Bike Seat

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A prostrate-friendly exercise bike seat, the Xmifer bike seat is an excellent choice. The high-density foam padding withstands the intensity of air resistance without sacrificing comfort. But because gel-incorporated seat lord over foam-filled ones, the Xmifer seat compared to the Bikeroo oversized seat is at a disadvantage here. Its dual anti-shock rubber ball effectively absorbs shock.

Like all the bike seats on this list, it integrates a breathable vent in the middle, so I rode hours on end without feeling “unfresh” and sweaty. I daresay that its pressure relief centre cut is even more pronounced than that of the Bikeroo oversized seat.

There is also something to be said about its unique long nose-like design, which. Prevents the thighs from making “uncomfortable” contact with each other during a ride. An anti-chafing bike seat? Yes, please! its reflective light and incredible water-resistant and anti-microbial properties complete the fantastic package.

Seat Cushions for Air Bike Seats

Air bike seats aside, there are also seat cushions and covers that alleviate air bike seat soreness. So what seat cushions would remove air bike seat sore? I couldn’t think of a better two than these:

Bikeroo large bike seat cushion

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Measuring 11 inches by 10 inches, this Bikeroo wide gel seat cover for women and men is the perfect fit for most air resistance bikes. Filled with ample gel padding, It is specially designed to enhance riding comfort. It also has an interior slip surface that firmly attaches the cover to your saddle so you can focus on your workout goal without bothering with adjustments. And as with quality air bike seats, it features a center groove pressure relief channel. The best part is, it is super easy to install. All I had to do was fasten the attached drawstrings and the straps around the seat post, and I was ready to ride!

Bikeroo Extra Large Bike Seat Cover

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Bikeroo appears to be the leading brand for first-rate air bike seat covers. The bikeroo extra-large seat cover shares all the same features as the Bikeroo large seat cushion except for size. It is larger than the latter. While the preceding bikeroo seat cover measures 11 inches by 10 inches, it measures 11 inches by 12 inches. It also features gel padding, pressure relief channel adjustable drawstrings, and an anti-slip surface.

Buying the Most Comfortable Air Resistance Bike Seat

Selecting the right saddle for your air resistance bike can be a tricky affair. Likewise, choosing a bike seat might seem easy until you encounter many available options with different characteristics.

How do you determine the seat that suits your riding style, comfort, and preferences with so many options to choose from and the odds of landing the wrong one? Its quite simple ─ adopt these three steps, and you are good to go:

Identify the Right Saddle Width

As far as bike seats are concerned, the width of the saddle is a vital metric that determines the comfortability of the seat. The correct saddle width is generally defined as one that fits the rider’s sit bones, but to be on the safe side, it is best to get a professional measurement. Get a tool that measures bone width to compare against any given saddle width dimension. This will go a long way in ensuring you get a wide-enough, sore-free saddle seat.

Consider the Padding

Because a bike’s padding is synonymous with its comfort, you can’t afford to ignore this all-important factor. Comfortable bike seats often have ample padding made with a thick foam or gel material to enhance comfort. This extra padding keeps bruises and soreness away from the ischial bone. But then, if you ride for a prolonged period, it could restrict circulation, which is counterintuitive. As such, overly-generous seat paddings are better suited for brief, casual rides. But if you plan to ride your air bike for more than an hour or two, you should get a seat with moderate padding.

Cutouts are Important

A cutout is an inessential yet essential feature of a comfortable bike seat. Simply put, a cutout is not a must-have feature of a bike saddle, but the comfort it brings to the table is unparalleled. A cutout is a center indentation and a relief channel that minimizes cycling pressure on the soft tissues of the buttocks. Most manufacturers fashion bike seat cutouts to mirror the pelvic anatomy of men and women. Cutouts that are male-specific are often V-shaped, while female-specific cutouts take the U-shape.


Chafing, numbness and soreness are some of the unpleasant side effects that accompany uncomfortable exercise bike seats! However, an enjoyable ride begins and ends with comfort, and the saddle type contributes significantly to this factor. Whether your air bike cycling sessions will be enjoyable or not substantially depends on the shape, breathability, size, and padding of your bike seat. Standard air bike seats are almost always uncomfortable. Some are rock-hard, some are too small, some are not well-cushioned, and some are well…. Just plain uncomfortable!

But the good thing is, most of these soreness and chafing-friendly bike seats are replaceable so that you can ditch them for better-quality seats with excellent comfort appeal. From Bikeroo to Xmifer and a host of other brands, there is a delightful selection of comfortable air bike seats to choose from. The exercise bike seats I captured in this article are some of the best out there and will sooner leave you pleased than disappointed.

They each feature unique specifications that attest to their comfortability and functionality. The Bikeroo oversized exercise bike seat is easily my favourite of the bunch, with its too-fitted-to-be-true size, perfect gel padding, and anti-slip surface. ultimately, all the air bike seats on this list are a treat for your gluteal region, so why don’t you give them a try and “feel” for yourself!


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