Advenor Indoor Bike Review: Good Value For Money

The Advenor Indoor bike is everything you want in a simple to use Spin bike for home. It’s low range as far as price goes but mid-range in terms of capabilities and quality. It really is the best of both worlds with this indoor cycle! Firstly, it’s a proper spin bike, unlike the fold-up bike you would typically see at this price, it’s the real deal. It comes with a 12-month warranty, generous compared to the usual 28 days that it’s competitors offer.

I found the assembly straight forward, it comes with all the needed tools, no last minute rush to the shop to buy an exotic screw! They also provide a simple ‘how to’ video,which made the set up process easier and much more enjoyable. The company has an email support team that operates 24/7, they usually reply within twenty four hours, I find this support line refreshing.

There are two bikes in the Avendor range, and this is the superior of the two. It’s similar to other budget spin bikes on the market but does boast some higher quality components and features. The quality of the parts are excellent, it’s entertaining to train on and easy to adjust for each family member. It looks like an expensive spin bike and wouldn’t be out of place in a professional gym environment.

  • Pedals: Standard Metal & toe Cage
  • Flywheel: 35lbs
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Transmission: Belt Drive
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Height capacity: 5’1″ – 6ft
  • Backlit screen: No
  • Bike weight: 75lbs
  • Bike dimension: 42.5” X 20” X 45.7”
  • Connectivity: None
  • Applications: None
  • RPM tracking: Yes
  • Speed tracking: Yes
  • Watt tracking: None

Display: 5/10

It comes with an LCD computer on the front of the bike, usually spinning bikes of this design wouldn’t have this. Usually they would be bike only, however the Avendor is one of the few to break the mold and have this. It tracks the time, your speed, distance, and calories burnt; it even has an RPM meter to track your cadence.

Cadence is how quick your legs are rotating, which is great for those online classes where you are encouraged to alternate your RPM. It’s a basic unit but saves you from starting and stopping a stopwatch or looking at a clock. Although the cable doesn’t run internally through the frame, it runs alongside, it doesn’t get in the way.

Below the LCD display is a holder for an Ipad, tablet, or phone. A feature I particularly enjoyed, although this doesn’t seem like much, in the past I have used many indoor bikes and found it challenging without a holder for my workout. You can set up a big screen directly in front of you so that you can watch films, control music and even participate in classes via an app or follow Youtube spin classes. On top of that, if you were using a tablet, you could link Ant+ and Bluetooth devices to it, such as heart rate monitors or power meters. It has the best of both worlds available for you to enjoy.

Perfomance: 8/10

Now we get to talk about the transmission on the bike, which I believe to be the best part. The regular spin bike would use a flywheel like this at the front and a brake pad. When you apply resistance, the brake pad grips the flywheel. Not with this bike though it works differently. It has a robust and sturdy spin bike flywheel but is actually slowed down magnetically.

It uses six magnets that control the resistance, and this is done by turning the dial in front of you. The closer they get, the harder it is to pedal. Not only is this quieter and much smoother it also means you will never need to change a brake pad again. Another great thing about this is the fact it’s belt drive making this bike much quieter than most bikes in the range and will require little to no maintenance on the transmission for the bike’s life. It has a spin bike resistance set up, so you don’t have a level like other spin bikes. You can adjust it to exactly the resistance you want, just like in local spin classes.

When it comes to indoor bikes like this, I’m a believer the heavier is better. Usually that is a good indicator for quality and how sturdy it will be to ride. This bike has a heavy flywheel at 35lbs. For a bike of this price that benefits from my experience, I find this to make the bike much more stable to the ground, and paired with that belt drive system will be silent. It might be a bit heavier to move around the house, but it will be worth it as the quality of a bike with a heavier flywheel will give you a much better experience when you are riding. The pedals are metal with toe cages, so you can strap in for extra comfort, or if you want to use clip-ins as they do on high-end bicycles, these pedals can be taken out and swapped.

Sturdiness: 8/10

The bike has a nice big tubed steel frame; this is great because it will absorb the noise and keep nice and steady as you power through those sprints and up the hills with heavy resistance. The bike has a capability for the user to weigh up to 330lbs. This bike in size is 40” by 21” on the base and 44” tall at maximum handlebar height, so it’s a good size and won’t take over your whole room. It’s very adjustable.

The seat goes up-down, back and forth and the handlebars are adjustable up and down. The bike doesn’t wobble during the ride even when you do really intense rides. Its seat and handlebar posts are also pretty sturdy and solid.

Comfort: 8.5/10

The range of movement is excellent and means it can fit someone as small as 5ft 1” or as tall as 6ft, which is okay on a home exercise bike at this price point. It has some great accessories with it, like the multi-grip dipped handlebars and the extra padded seat with 2″ foam cushion, which will keep you nice and comfortable while you’re working out. These are also really easy to clean and look like they won’t wear quickly over time.

The bottle holder is a nice touch and sits out the way when you’re pedaling but very easy to reach. It’s got a total weight of 75lbs, which comes from the frame and flywheel, which means it’s all in the right place to keep the bike stable and absorb any noise and vibrations the cycle might make. It moves around the house quickly with the transporting wheels on the front and won’t mark the floor. When it does get to its destination, you can adjust the feet for the floor as well.

Advenor Indoor Cycling Bike Pros

  • A well-made, sturdy bike with some weight on it.
  • Very low maintenance and Looks Good
  • Magnetic resistance combined with Belt makes it super quiet.
  • Easy assembly, tools provided, and support email.
  • LCD Screen with data is excellent for the price.
  • Tablet holder means you have options for classes online.
  • The saddle is very comfortable.
  • Good design and easy to move.

Advenor Indoor Cycling Bike Cons

  • Handlebars don’t adjust back and forward
  • Cable runs down the frame for the LCD Screen
  • Turn adjuster for resistance, not levels.
  • No backlit on the screen and the size of the screen is small at 2×2″.
  • Resistance is not automatically adjustable.
  • No SPD elements to use cycling shoes (can be purchased separately).

Advenor Exercise Bike Comparable Alternatives

While the Advenor indoor bike is priced under $300 and offers great value for the money, it’s always good to explore other choices as well, especially if by the time you are reading my review of Advenor bike, its price increases. Let me provide you with information on some comparable products to consider, highlighting their features and potential suitability for different uses or circumstances.

Yesoul S3: The Yesoul S3 indoor bike is a commendable alternative to Advenor. It boasts a solid build quality and a reliable drive system. One notable advantage is its Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync the bike with popular indoor cycling apps such as Peloton and Zwift. This feature enhances your workout experience by providing access to a variety of interactive training programs and virtual cycling routes.

Bancon Bike: The Bancon bike is another indoor cycling option worth considering. Similar to Yesoul S3, it offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling compatibility with fitness apps like Kinomap, Zwift, and Peloton. What sets the Bancon bike apart is its higher weight capacity of 350 lb, making it suitable for individuals who require a sturdier frame. Additionally, the covered flywheel adds an extra layer of safety, especially if you have children at home.

Ultimately, the best choice among these options depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize seamless integration with popular indoor cycling apps and value a quality drive system, the Yesoul S3 may be the ideal pick for you. On the other hand, if you require a higher weight capacity and additional safety features, the Bancon bike could be the more suitable choice.

Last update was on: June 23, 2024 4:03 pm
7.5Expert Score
Advenor indoor cycling bike is worth it

It’s a simple no thrills spin bike. Though they may be essential parts, everything on it is fabulous quality, and the performance is impeccable for an indoor bike at such a low price. Compared to others in its price range, I think it stands out for me. They have got what’s important correct, it’s quiet, safe, easy to assemble, and really strong and sturdy with that frame and big flywheel. I also like the fact it has a tablet holder to do online classes and the small LCD Screen for when I want to do my own thing. I wouldn’t worry about my neighbors hearing it because it’s hushed for a bike in the lower price range. It also looks the part, it doesn’t look cheap, it seems like a proper spin bike you would see in a gym, and I like that. With the belt drive it will require very little maintenance if any, and the magnetic resistance system also means no brake pads to replace.



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  1. Hi Sayad,

    Can you measure how tall the bike is from the ground the highest seat height.

    You said it can fit from 5’1” to 6’5”, however, I’ve read reviews that say people are 5’10 and the seat is at the max height.

    The reason why I’m wondering, is I’m looking to purchase this bike online and I’m 6’5” and I want to make sure I can fit on it before I buy.

    Thanks so much.

    • Hi Alex, I am sorry for the confusion that was caused

      It was an error, the bike can not accommodate users above 6 feet tall. I think you are better off with Echelon EX15 (review found on our website), it’s tested for users from 4’10” to 6’5″ tall.

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