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Ready to set your fitness levels up a gear?

With experienced advice from fitness experts at Your Exercise Bike (YEB), you’ll find a wealth of digestible information that helps you find the right bike for your routine. Regardless of whether you’ve just embarked on a fitness journey or if you’re getting back into the sport, looking for up-to-date advice, we’re here to help.

At Your Exercise Bike, our true ambition’s to support our readers in discovering the correct route, along with tried and tested expert advice on market-leading equipment. Although mainly focusing on exercise bikes, you can find a wealth of knowledge available to form a refreshed, healthier lifestyle; that works for you.

Who Are We?

We are represented by fitness experts, all bringing a wealth of experience within the field. All our contributors brought together with one sole purpose, offering honest, professional advice and ultimately encouraging people to start working towards their fitness goals.

Our team is updating you worldwide, contributing to our page from the US, UK, Canada and Italy. Built from a group of passionate individuals, we genuinely care about your specific needs behind the screen; ultimately, we’re real people, offering honest advice. We go to great lengths in trialling, testing and reviewing fitness equipment, so you don’t have to, helping you pick right from the beginning.

Rest assured, all the advice you find here at Your Exercise Bike will be our honest product recommendations. We’re not, nor will we ever be paid to write a positive review that includes any sample products. Proudly giving our customers the satisfaction of knowing our reliable support shines through.

As real people, we also consider natural life barriers that can offer distractions during your fitness journey. Gyms aren’t for everyone, neither are various product aspects, including price, size and additional features. We’re in the business of tips and guidance; our goal is to give practical advice, genuinely here to help you.

Alongside eating a balanced diet, regular exercise plays a more significant role than just losing weight; this can support lower stress levels, control cholesterol and sugar levels in your blood. Mainly, activity (in moderation) helps build a stronger mentality, bring on better moods, and overall support your self-esteem.

Our Mission

As you may have realised, we’re all about exercise bikes; however, our support goes beyond the realms of simply breaking down advice. We take great interest in building passionate, robust relationships with developing a healthy lifestyle. At Your Exercise Bike, it’s our sole mission to support our readers, educating them on the benefits of welcoming a healthy lifestyle, as well as writing honest, valuable reviews for the best exercise bike and indoor equipment available on the market. Our strong community, over the years, has become part of this journey; we want to help dedicate this platform to you. If you have any questions, opinions or just want to seek some extra support, we welcome you to reach out to us at yourexercisebike [at] gmail [dot] com.

As a fitness experts page, we’re here to support our community; bringing you the latest, best and exclusive fitness advice just comes as part of the package. If you want to keep up to date with our latest posts or product reviews, then be sure to sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on all our social media platforms.

Press Samples

If you are looking for a review posted on our page, please note that we only accept sample product, no payment. We write all our reviews honestly, giving a complete insight into the product to be happy to share with our consumers if you’d kindly like to reach out to or/and for all business enquiries.


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