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My name is Sayed Hamed (Hosseiny), I am a semi-seasoned professional in the world of fitness and exercise with nearly 20 years of experience. As a former private security contractor in Afghanistan that required daily exercise to stay in peak health and former indoor cycling instructor and personal trainer at Champion’s Gym in my hometown Herat, I bring years of experience between Afghanistan and Italy to my readers at yourexercisebike.com.

After getting married to my better half (an Italian journalist) in Afghanistan and living there for a while, we moved to Italy where I became an avid explorer of the country’s art and culture scene. When I am not admiring the works at the Uffizi Galleries in Florence or the Vatican Museums in Rome, I am likely to be found exploring the Dolomites or soaking up the sun in Sardinia. You can read about my journey at Romeactually.com.

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, I have honed my skills in a variety of areas, including indoor cycling training, strength training, exercise bike repairs, designing cycling parts, importing spin bikes, and rowing machines. I also founded and currently serve as the CEO of the Rock Fitness Pro, an EU-based fitness equipment brand.

I am passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals and make informed decisions about their exercise routines and find the right exercise bike when they are searching for one. That’s why I was excited to create yourexercisebike.com (YEB) in 2017, where I can share my knowledge and expertise on all things indoor cycling and exercise bikes.

The content on YEB’s website is provided not only by me but also by other top-notch studio cycling instructors from the UK, Canada, and the United States. All of our contributors bring a wealth of experience within the field of indoor cycling, and they are united by one sole purpose: to offer honest, professional advice, tips, guides, comparisons, and exercise bike reviews. Thanks to the passion and expertise of our team, we are quickly becoming one of the go-to resources for indoor cyclists around the world.

Who Are The Authors At YourExerciseBike.Com

Yourexercisebike.com is represented by fitness experts, all bringing a wealth of experience within the field. All our contributors are brought together with one sole purpose, offering honest, professional advice and ultimately encouraging people to start working towards their fitness goals.

Our team is updating you worldwide, contributing to our page from the US, UK, Canada, and Italy. Built from a group of passionate individuals, we genuinely care about your specific needs behind the screen; ultimately, we’re real people, offering honest advice. We go to great lengths in trialing, testing, and reviewing fitness equipment, so you don’t have to, helping you pick right from the beginning.

Rest assured, all the advice you find here at Your Exercise Bike will be our honest product recommendations. We’re not, nor will we ever be paid to write a positive review that includes any sample products. Proudly giving our customers the satisfaction of knowing our reliable support shines through.

As real people, we also consider natural life barriers that can offer distractions during your fitness journey. We’re in the business of tips and guidance; our goal is to give practical advice, genuinely here to help you.

Alongside eating a balanced diet, regular exercise plays a more significant role than just losing weight; this can support lower stress levels, control cholesterol and sugar levels in your blood. Mainly, activity (in moderation) helps build a stronger mentality, bring on better moods, and overall support your self-esteem.

Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri writer at YEB (yourexercisebike.com)

Robbie Ferri is a semi-professional outdoor cyclist and a professional indoor cycling instructor who has been biking for almost ten years. During this time, he’s managed to break World Records, Bike-packed all over the World, and race ultra distance at a high level. Robbie loves nothing more than hitting the open road on two wheels and exploring new territory. When he’s not out cycling, Robbie can be found creating helpful and interesting cycling videos on his Youtube Chanel. It’s a pleasure working with such a nice and talented person on this blog. Follow Robbie on social media:

Robby Ferri on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also subscribe to his Youtube Channel by clicking here. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Robbie!

Ryan Petersen

Ryan Petersen is an NCCP Cycling Coach and IBFI and Retul Level 2 Bike Fitter and is a 15-year veteran in bicycle retail and distribution. She has coached beginner and intermediate athletes in road cycling, mountain biking, and indoor cycling. She has competed in road cycling, triathlon, cyclocross, ultra-endurance cycling, downhill, and cross-country but her heart belongs to bike packing and cycle touring. She is shade-grown on the west coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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Our Mission at Your Exercise Bike (YEB)

As you may have realized, we’re all about exercise bikes; however, our support goes beyond the realm of simply breaking down advice. We take great interest in building passionate, robust relationships with developing a healthy lifestyle.

At Your Exercise Bike, it’s our sole mission to support our readers, educating them on the benefits of welcoming a healthy lifestyle, as well as writing honest, valuable reviews for the best exercise bike and indoor equipment available on the market.

Our strong community, over the years, has become part of this journey; we want to help dedicate this platform to you. If you have any questions or opinions or just want to seek some extra support, we welcome you to reach out to us at yourexercisebike [at] Gmail [dot] com.

At Your Exercise Bike, our true ambition’s to support our readers in discovering the correct route, along with tried and tested expert advice on market-leading equipment. Although mainly focusing on exercise bikes, you can find a wealth of knowledge available to form a refreshed, healthier lifestyle; that works for you.

As a fitness experts page, we’re here to support our community; bringing you the latest, best and exclusive fitness advice just comes as part of the package. If you want to keep up to date with our latest posts or product reviews, then be sure to sign-up for our newsletter and follow us on all our social media platforms.

Press Samples

Please be advised that we only accept sample products for review on our page and do not accept payment. Our reviews are always written honestly, providing a comprehensive and informative insight into the product, and are shared with our consumers. For all business inquiries, please feel free to contact us at sayed@yourexercisebike.com and/or yourexercisebike@gmail.com. Please don’t reach out for guest posts or backlinks on my website.


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