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With our busy and fast-paced lifestyle, often our health takes the bigger toll. We finish late at the office and we are too tired for the gym, our daily chores keep us so busy that we even give up signing up to the gym. We’ve all been there, but now we want to change that with the help of an exercise bike.

Alongside with eating well, however, exercising is one of the most important habits if you want to maintain an ideal shape, be always fit and lead a generally healthy lifestyle.

Why did we launch this website about the best exercise bikes?

Due to our work routine and frequent travels, we realized that we had gained weight. For our liking, a little too much weight. On top of that, to make things worse, our blood tests revealed an increase in bad cholesterol and sugar levels. This was truly a bummer.

We sat and started a very serious chat over a cup of tea (with no sugar), and made a plan: we were going to lose weight and get back to our ideal blood tests.

Did we change our diet? Of course. We cut on cakes, pastries, sweets, chips, fries and all sugar and fat altogether, but we didn’t stop there. We decided to make a change to our desk-bound, sedentary life and forced ourselves to start exercising.

We joined our neighborhood gym and attended pilates classes, aerobics sessions and at least an hour a day of gym machines. After some months we were already noticing an improvement in our shape and we definitely felt better overall.

What are the sports benefits?

Regularly exercising plays a much bigger role in your health than just losing weight. It helps the blood circulation, lower stress levels, control cholesterol and sugar levels in your blood, it gives you positive energy, more strength, a better mood, it helps you focus and build your self-esteem.

Why go for an exercise bike at home?

After more than a year, we decided to manage our workout our own and never looked back. Don’t get us wrong, we love the gym and sometimes we still join some classes, but our exercise cycling? Definitely indoor and in our house. Exercise bike reviews are to encourage you do the same.

We decided to make a small investment and bought our own stationary bike and we love to use it watching TV or just for a small break from work. An exercise bike comes in many shapes and size, you don’t have to have big space or buy something that you can use when you are off the desk and home. You can buy a mini exercise bike or mini elliptical stepper to stay active and keep the blood flowing while sitting.

If you are working in an office most of the day sitting behind the desk, you should know that in the long run it’s going to have tens of serious bad effects on your physical and mental health.

You don’t need to completely rule out some good outdoor exercise, you can do both outdoor and indoor cycling, but stationary bikes don’t really have weather limits and are suitable in all seasons. I wouldn’t want to do outdoor cycling when the road is slippery or it’s snowing, would you?

Indoor cycling is considered one of the safest exercise, especially nowadays with the amount of traffic on the roads and the lack of precautions taken by the drivers. Also, by exercising at home, you have more control over your time management and you can better choose when to use your exercise bike.

Last but not least, with an unstable world economy and job market, if you by an exercise bike for your home you actually save money.

Our gym fee was some 100$ per month, so if you are two people like us and you buy a good spin bike for 400$, in two months you have already effectively amortized the cost. And we are not counting car fuel or public transport tickets to get to the gym.


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